The War on Football


Liberals seem to be against anything American.
Check it out:

Malcolm Gladwell is an eminent author. He has a book called “Outliers,” and it was a best-seller. Malcolm Gladwell might be a radical, but he’s not some Looney Tunes character out there that nobody has ever heard of. I may be confusing him with somebody. There’s a guy who wrote a book in which he discovered that the profoundly upper echelon of successful people work at least 10,000 hours at their craft, be they athletes or anybody else, and I’m thinking it was Malcolm Gladwell who wrote that book, but I’m not sure. I could be confusing him with somebody else. But I do know who Gladwell is and I do know he wrote the book “Outliers.”

Let me tell you how this is gonna happen. What he was saying is akin to this. You have this game of football and it’s gladiators, and it’s barbaric. And just as you have dogfights, I mean, dogs, you know, they’re just being used, just like cockfighting, dogfighting, just used to entertain a bunch of brute, barbaric human beings, and it’s a shame, and it’s barbaric that we should allow this kind of savagery for our entertainment. So this guy Gladwell goes on Fareed Zakaria and compares football to that. Where this is leading, Tara, the majority of players in the NFL are African-American.

I can tell you where this is headed. Since Gladwell has now made this comparison, if you’re right, if you’ve interpreted him correctly — and I didn’t see this — but if he talked about Vick and Vick was sent to prison for dogfighting and the irony is that Vick is in his own dogfight, that the NFL essentially uses human beings in the equivalent act of dogfighting and they charge a lot of money to see it. Then what’s gonna happen next is somebody is going to say, “Well, now, wait a minute, the majority of players in the NFL are black, and all the owners are white, and look what happens to these players. They get concussions. Their bodies are mangled for the rest of their lives. Some of them end up with dementia. Some of them die early. What are we doing to our players? How can we be this inhumane?” And then add to it that it’s a bunch of rich white guys who own the teams and are hiring a bunch of black men to do this, to entertain, just like at the old Colosseum of Rome.

This is on tap to happen now. Mark my words. Once this guy starts comparing college football and the NFL to dogfighting or cockfighting, it’s not long before we hear that the players, no matter how highly they’re paid, no matter how well compensated they are, they’re still being exploited for the entertainment of a bunch of lazy people sitting in air-conditioned comfort, reveling in this pain and suffering, reveling in these hard hits, reveling in the destruction that is taking place before their very eyes and applauding. This is next to happen. This effort to inflict damage on the NFL is an attack on capitalism and capitalists and so forth. And so this is not far away now that Gladwell has crossed this barrier.



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