The Unemployed Today Are Still Eating


Obama keeps them dependent so they’ll vote for more liberals.
Check it out:

There’s a payoff for not working. A, you don’t have to work. But you’re gonna get food stamps multiple ways. You’re gonna have food out the wazoo. You know, I may be making too big a deal of this. It may be a generational thing. I just I remember the first time I got fired, I was petrified. It was the first job I’d ever had after I left home, and I was petrified. There wasn’t any unemployment compensation.

There wasn’t any severance, and I was faced with finding something fast or going home, going back to Missouri. But eating — finding money for food — was a challenge. That’s what it was all about. You have to eat to stay alive. So I always used that as a way to illustrate how that comparative pain there is to being unemployed today. Everybody unemployed is still eating and they’re eating well, and they’ve got cars and they’re driving them and they’ve got their flat screens and are watching ’em and they have their smartphones and are using ’em. There just isn’t as much incentive.

So you’re right about that.

The dangerous thing is this is what Obama’s design is.



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