The Truth About the Hispanic Vote


Why can’t it just be about the law and doing the right thing?
Check it out:

Here’s this story: “Mexican Immigrants Aren’t Necessarily Democrats — Newly published research suggests that’s a complete misreading of the facts. According to this analysis, politically engaged Mexicans who move to the US fall all over the ideological spectrum, very much like native-born Americans.” Now, we’re not talking right now about Mexicans in Mexico. We’re talking about 11 million people who are already here, not future Mexican immigrants.

Now, the second thing is: What do we want to believe? A poll from or the state of California? The state of California tells us everything we need to know about how illegal immigrants vote. I don’t care about the This poll is designed… I can imagine in Republican staff offices on Capitol Hill, they’re running around waiving this thing today, saying, “See? See? This is right! This is right!

“They’re not all Democrats. There are a lot of people who are Republicans in this group. In fact, the most conservatives ones are more likely to vote. Yeah, yeah, yeah!” But, again, another story: “Poll Shows Latinos Strongly Favor Democrats for 2016.” Neil Munro, The Daily Caller: “The two leading Democratic 2016 candidates for the White House trounce GOP candidates among Latino voters, including the two GOP politicians now prominently working to build Latino support, according to a new poll.

“The nation’s second-most prominent Democrat, Hillary Clinton, scored a 73% ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ favorable response from the 1,200 voters,” and Biden got 58%. The Republicans, Jeb Bush is 27% a ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ favorable support. Marco Rubio, 31% favorable, 29% unfavorable. Okay, so that’s the Daily Caller. Now “Clinton Tops Bush, Rubio Among Hispanic Voters for 2016.” Now, I told the people at Fox I wanted to talk about this today, three or four times, and they wouldn’t do it.

They were not interested in bringing this subject up.



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