The Real Story of the 1995 Budget Battle and Government Shutdown


Liberals like to try and say that the boom of the 90’s was because of Clinton.
Check it out:

Let me, if I can — with some cogency and some real coherence — explain this Obamacare continuing resolution effort to defund it by even shutting down the government if you have to. September 30th is when the current continuing resolution expires. It’ll have to be renewed for the government to keep operating. It be like the nineteenth continuing resolution. We don’t have a budget, and we haven’t had one for four years.

Now, as you know, Mike Lee has a suggestion. We gotta defund Obamacare, and this is the last gasp, this is the last chance — and the last chance is to defund it — and he wants to make this move as part of the continuing resolution fight that. As part of the next continuing resolution, we defund Obamacare. Now, look. The Republican Party could just say to the country, “Look, the president just delayed Obamacare for businesses for a year to help the economy.”

That’s all they would have to say.

“Obama has delayed the employer mandate by one year in order to do two things: To help the economy and to help the Democrats’ election chances in 2014. Obamacare is an albatross around whoever’s neck that has to deal with it. So he has given businesses a one-year waiver so that they will not be harmed by it, so they will not be penalized by it. It’s a tantamount admission that Obamacare is not helpful.”



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