The Left Does Not Have the Best Interests of Black America at Heart


Liberals do not have anyone’s best interest at heart. Only power for the tyrant in charge.
Check it out:

Rachel Jeantel was on television with somebody, and she said that she’s educated. She has a 3.0 GPA. At her high school, I guess. She’s 19. I don’t know where she goes to school, but she said that it’s wrong to think that she is uneducated. She’s got a 3.0. I don’t know in what. Just overall GPA? Now, it leads to an editorial here in the Chicago Tribune about Chicago public schools.

“Chicago Public Schools officials revealed Tuesday that only 52.5% of the district’s elementary students met or exceeded state academic standards in the last school year. That’s a nearly 22-percentage-point plunge from a year earlier.” That is horrible. You know the numbers in New York, the dropout rate in New York high schools are 50%. In Chicago, public school officials reveal that only 52.5% of elementary students in the district “met or exceeded academy standards.”

And let’s all acknowledge that academy standards ain’t what they used to be. So it’s pretty pathetic that just barely over half of Chicago public school students with meeting current standards. That is a 22% drop from just last year. “Students didn’t suddenly get less intelligent,” it says here. “They were not doing as well in the past as everyone was led to believe. The state had dumbed down the tests and lowered cut scores to avoid sanctions from the federal No Child Left Behind Act.



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