The Latest Liberal Trick: Freedom

Sean Hannity tonight on his show said, “We believe in freedom.” President Bush regarding 911 said, “They don’t like our freedom.” Therefore, liberals have found a way to deflect criticism by saying that what they promote is in the name of “freedom.”

I think that we now need to take away this trick and change the rhetoric. The new cry from conservatives needs to be based on these words: “standards and values.” And that’s because: if you let freedom run its course, it will topple all of the good standards and values that this country was based on (as liberals have been doing for decades now).

Liberals used to battle cry this damage under the banner of “liberation”. But conservatives would argue against it. So liberals changed that word to a word that conservatives hadn’t worked out how to fight against it because it tapped into one of their main buzz words: freedom. But there is a huge difference between liberal freedoms and conservative freedoms.

Therefore, if we are going to restore good functioning in this nation, the debate has to shift to what our standards and values will be. And in that debate it can be statistically pointed out how the liberal standards and values have caused a degradation in this country that has caused an increasing number of people a LOT of suffering. THAT’S why they should logically, scientifically and compassionately be abandoned. (I’m sure you know a lot of those statistics, but there are too many to be chronicled in this article. But they all can be found in my book The Plague Of Liberalism.) Also, the declines in the health of music, television and movies are good indicators of the bad effect of liberalism. Don’t we wish now that there wouldn’t have been a “freedom” to experiment with those media. And add to that the enormous damage of pornography.

Hopefully the decades-long “racism” trick, that has severely damaged black communities, is starting to be dismantled. Now we need to work on the “freedom” trick by making the cases WHY our standards and values should be the way of the land. I mean even liberals draw the lines against certain behaviors. So it’s not a matter of that there are infringements against freedom, it’s just a matter of where those lines are drawn.

So let the debate begin … but this time without the typical liberal name-calling, like “bigot, prude and censorship.” In fact, the greatest censorship is against the ultimate, perfect source of good values, which is exhibited in college indoctrination and firings of professors who even suggest God, the Bible and Intelligent Design. And yet the Bible is the greatest source of good standards and values that exist, as the founding fathers of this country agreed to and as I statistically prove in my book.

I could go on and on making the case that the Bible’s directives create the greatest personal and societal statistics of peace and happiness. But I do that in the book I mentioned. But let me finish here with one overall point. I call it my “fence analogy”. That is, if we were to be surrounded by a fence, yes that would limit our freedom to go outside of the fence. But, it would also protect us from the wolves and lions that exist outside the fence. Right now the moral wolves and lions are running rampantly through our culture and are taking a lot of victims and causing a lot of suffering. Therefore we need to start rebuilding the fence that once protected the hearts and lives of the citizens of this country.

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