The Injustice of Social Justice


This is exceptionally good, from this week’s guest writer Evan Sayet:

Right-Thinking people were stunned recently by the reaction of so many on the Left to the rightful acquittal of George Zimmerman. It was almost as if these Modern Liberals didn’t care at all about the truth and didn’t care at all about justice, and that they simply wanted to railroad – or perhaps better said, “lynch” – an innocent man.

And, the truth is they didn’t, didn’t, and do.

The reason for this confusion on the part of Right-thinking people is that is that, while they value justice (where every individual is judged on the merits of his actions), the Modern Liberal rejects the very concept of justice and instead, for ideological reasons, seeks its opposite.

Yes, of course, there were those egging on the rabble – the usual race-profiteers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson doing the things that made them rich and famous and have now for decades – those whom I call The Prostitutes. But not much more needs to be understood about their “thinking” or their actions than what is already known about prostitutes.



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