The Democrats Want the GOP to Exist as a Permanent, Beatable Minority


Every time there is a compromise it is to make things more liberal.
Check it out:

I’ve searched, and I’ve had my theories, and you’ve heard them, to explain why it is the Republicans want to listen to Democrats tell ’em how to win elections. I’m telling you, it baffles me like I can’t believe. Look, very quickly here are the reasons. First, money. The big money Republicans want the cheap labor, so this is what it takes to make sure there’s an endless supply.

Second, the Republican consultants have a lot of sway over candidates, telling ’em, “This is how you gonna win election. You’ve got to break out!” The third thing is the Republican establishment not really fond of its base, knows that this will irritate the base, and wouldn’t mind if the base split. There are any number of explanations, but none of ’em make any common-sense. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this. I’m blue in the face.

Bob Menendez and any of these other guys, Chuck Schumer, tell us, “You know, you guys are never gonna win another election unless you do this,” as though they’re really interested in us winning? The main thing about this is, if we’re to believe them, the Democrats are saying, “You know what? We’re willing to share some of these Hispanic votes with you just so you guys survive.”

So maybe they want a Republican Party to survive that is a constantly beatable minority so they always have an… You know what? This does make some sense, because the Democrat Party cannot exist without villains and demons that it impugns and criticizes and discredits. And if there were not an opposition party, they’d have to invent one.

So who knows? Maybe they know what they’re doing is they’re creating a permanent-minority, always-beatable Republican Party — with the Republican Party’s assistance. Now, the Republican Party thinks that what they’re doing is their route back to victory. Don’t forget that. They really do. Don’t ask me to explain it. None of it’s rooted in common-sense, and, as such, I can’t.



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