The Clintons are Ticked Off at the Weiners


Sometimes liberals are just funny. The sad part is they still get elected.
Check it out:

I love this. Folks, the Clintons are ticked off at the Weiners. Oh, big time. The Clintons are really mad that the Weiners are saying that Huma is just like Hillary. The Clintons are running around behind the scenes saying, how dare they compare Huma to Hillary. Hillary was the First Lady. Hillary was a senator. She was a secretary of state. She was also a doormat, just like Huma is. That’s what the comparison is.

The Clintons are livid. The media, if you watch CNN and some of these other liberal cable networks, apparently some 50-year-old film, now converted to video, of the family of Camelot, JFK, Jackie and two crumb crunchers, they got some 50-year-old film running around showing what a wonderful family it is. And the media, they’re orgasming over it. They’re going gaga. It’s a little snippet of Camelot, and then I saw CNN go right into a story on the Weiners from that without any apparent appreciation for the irony of it.



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