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This is a case study. Here you have Weiner publicly saying all this is behind him, that he’s a changed man, that he and Huma have reunited, gotten together, put it all behind them, professed their love for each other, now a little baby in the oven on the way, and they’re moving forward. And Weiner even takes the clothes to the cleaners now just to show that he’s fully committed to the marriage. And all the while saying that publicly, he’s still doing the nasty here on the phone with Sydney Leathers.

Now, some people say, “Didn’t he know he was gonna get caught?” And that, folks, is the rub. Didn’t he know he was gonna get caught? Of course. He lives with that constantly doing something like this. The question is, did he really think he was gonna get away with it? And that’s where the answer is “yes.” And that’s where this is screwed up. That’s where Weiner is a mess. Yeah, doing this stuff’s messy and, yeah, engaging in all this is odd, at least in normal circles would be called perverted. But he still thought he could get away with this. He thought that he could continue to do this and that very little harm would come to him, either in his marriage or politically. And I know some of you, “No, no, Rush, there’s something sick. This is a sickness and so forth.” Well, there’s this simple thing of, you know, Nancy Reagan said, “Just say no.” Just a little self-discipline, a little restraint.

I’m telling you that there’s an arrogance here and a conceit. I guarantee you that Anthony Weiner thinks that he is something special. In his own mind he’s a legend. In his own mind there is nobody better. In his own mind he’s the greatest at whatever. Now, in real life, Anthony Weiner hasn’t done anything. He’s authored no legislation. I mean, he claims that he was the author of health care. He hasn’t done anything. You know what Anthony Weiner is most known for? Arguing on TV with Fox News anchorettes and Sean Hannity. That’s what he’s most known for. The left loves Anthony Weiner because when he would go on TV, he would shout at ’em and yell at ’em just exactly like the nameless, faceless, pajama-clad commentators that post comments on these blogs talk.

He was saying in public to conservatives what they were writing anonymously, and that’s why he was loved, that’s why Weiner was thought to be the greatest guy on earth, ’cause he really told those conservatives. He’d tell Megyn Kelly what-for, or whoever, whatever Fox anchor he was talking to, particularly if it was a woman. He just treated ’em with no respect whatsoever and would shout over them and just prevent them from continuing a conversation, asking questions. That’s all he ever did. But in his mind he’s really something special. So special, so good, probably thinks he’s Bill Clinton Jr. can survive all of this stuff and might even become even more popular, more notorious, more well known for engaging in it.



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