The 2014 Election is Crucial for Democrats


The thought of Obama with a liberal congress and no hindrance of an election to hold him back is very scary.
Check it out:

Why does it still have to be sold?

Why is Obama running ads to familiarize people with Obamacare?

Well, now, the answer has nothing to do with Obamacare — other than the kids. There’s I think the overall answer to the question is it’s more of Obama image building. They know the polling data on Obamacare is very negative. Depending on the poll you look at, we’re down to only 35% of the people like it. So that’s 65% oppose it, and Obama wants to be loved. Like Clinton, he wants to be loved; he wants to be appreciated. He’s got this thing out there about him with his name on it that people hate.

So it could well be nothing more than, “We’re gonna spread propaganda on this to try to correct public opinion on it.” My real question is: Why do they care? It’s law of the land and there’s nothing we can do about it. I mean, we can try to defund it or repeal parts of it, but as far as they’re concerned, it’s been signed into law. It’s being implemented. The exchanges are being set up, and the exchanges are Democrat Party front groups.

So maybe I’m just too thick to see something, but why? What’s the point now in propagandizing it? (interruption) Okay. So you think it’s Mount Rushmore, huh? He wants to be on Mount Rushmore? (interruption) It’s Washington, Lincoln, Obama? You think Washington, Obama, Lincoln? (interruption) Maybe it’s Obama, Washington, and nobody else. Are you serious? You really think it’s all about establishing Obama’s the greatest president ever?



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