Terrorists Not Involved in 4th Plant Explosion of the Year?


It seems quite a coincidence that there have been so many accidents this year at plants across the country. They still don’t know what happened at the Texas fertilizer plant or the chemical plant in Louisiana. But we keep being told that terrorists aren’t involved. If they don’t know what happened I’m not sure how they can say this. Especially with how easy it is for illegals to get jobs at these places. It certainly seems that something is going on.
Check it out:

Eight workers were injured late Monday night, including four critically, in a series explosions that could be heard from up to 10 miles away inside a central Florida propane plant.

Authorities have not ruled out human error and say it appears workers were on the assembly line when the fire broke out.

One person was listed in critical condition at the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital. Three other workers were transported by helicopter and listed in critical condition at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. There were no injuries outside the plant.

“It was a tremendous fire,” Richard Keith, the Tavares fire chief, said.

The Blue Rhino propane plant, which is located 30 miles northwest of Orlando, is stocked with 53,000 20-pound propane tanks, often used for backyard grilling. There was also three 90,000-gallon bulk tanks of propane at the facility that did not ignite in the fire, The Orlando Sentinel reported.



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