Taxes Take 61% Bite Out of Mickelson’s Wins


This is ridiculous. When is it enough? To think Obama wants to take even more.
Check it out:

Phil Mickelson, as you know, won the Open Championship, which is the official name of the British Open. It was a come-from-behind win. He shot 66 on Sunday. Forbes magazine has a story detailing how much of his winnings he will pay in taxes, and the rate is 61%. “Phil Mickelson caught some heat this past January when he complained about his supposed 60% tax rate,” living in California. “I even had a little fun at his expense.”

By the way, “This is a guest post from K. Sean Packard, CPA, who is Director of Tax at OFS. He specializes in tax planning and the preparation of tax returns for pro athletes,” and he has this guest post at Forbes, and he admits, “I even had a little fun at his expense,” because you know, when the rich start complaining about their tax rate there’s no sympathy for them, and the rich normally don’t do it. The rich normally don’t complain. They just fix it while the poor aren’t looking.

Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee. And, of course, according to the left, how do the rich fix it? They just make it up by taking money from the poor. That’s how the rich get rich. They steal it from the poor. The mathematics on that has never made sense to me, but that’s what the left claims. So, anyway, the fact that Mickelson was even speculating about it, that caused everybody to say, “You don’t do that, Phil! You’re a rich guy. You’re a champion.



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