Sheriff to Local NAACP President: I Cannot Support Your Agenda


The racists who tried to make race in the Zimmerman case might have finally overplayed their cards as the backlash of people ignoring them has dramatically increased.
Check it out:

Lee County, Florida Sheriff Mike Scott sent a letter to Lee County Branch NAACP president James Muwakkil explaining his disdain for the way he believes the NAACP ignores “epidemic” black-on-black violence in certain parts of Florida while allegedly trying to recast the Trayvon Martin shooting as white vs. black violence to score political points.

Sheriff Scott was invited to the NAACP’s “Freedom Fund Awards Banquet” and was even asked to sponsor the event financially, but as he made clear in his July 16 letter, “[he] will not be doing either.” Regarding the lack of NAACP response to black-on-black violence, Scott writes:

Record numbers of young, black males have been gunned down in Ft. Myers in an epidemic of alarming proportions over the last few years. In virtually every instance the killer was also black and the majority of those cases remain open… To date I am unaware of any appreciable attention or public outcry the NAACP locally or nationally have afforded these issues in our own, proverbial backyard.



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