Sex scandals draw ire of Dem party elders


The party of do what feels good and no responsibility, wants to lecture people on scandals? Maybe they need to take a hard look at their lack of core values.
Check it out:

Wherever Anthony Weiner goes on the streets of New York these days, he’s surrounded by reporters, microphones and cameras – a crush that would ordinarily signal intense interest in a surging campaign. For the beleaguered Weiner, it portends his likely demise.

But he presses on, despite the loss of his campaign manager, blunt face-to-face criticism from tough New Yorkers, and a new Quinnipiac University poll showing him in fourth place. “I’m taking a bet basically that people are more interested in hearing solutions to their problems than hearing about things in my background,” he told one reporter Monday. “And we’ll see if that’s the case.”

Even his wife, in her loyalty to her husband, is now being criticized for risking the presidential hopes of her mentor, Hillary Clinton.

In a “Today” appearance Monday morning, NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell said, “This is getting to the point where it is really splashing up against the Clintons because it’s almost unavoidable that people are making comparisons.”



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