Senate Immigration Bill Contains $20 Billion Medicaid Mandate


McCain needs to retire.
Check it out:

Breitbart News has learned the Senate’s controversial immigration reform bill passed in late June contains a Medicaid mandate similar to a provision found in the Affordable Care Act, known to its critics as Obamacare.

A little-noticed part of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score of S. 744 shows that it would in fact impose a $20 billion Medicaid expansion on states. According to the CBO score of the legislation, this provision would occur over a decade-long period after the President signs the bill.

“In assessing the impact of the bill on the federal budget, CBO estimated its effect on federal and state spending for Medicaid. S. 744 would have the result of increasing the number of individuals who would become eligible for either full Medicaid or for more limited emergency benefits,” the CBO writes in the section of its Senate immigration bill score on mandates to states.



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