Senate Democrats Want to Increase IRS Funding by $276.5 Million


Democrats see where their bread is buttered. They want to continue the attacks on conservatives.
Check it out:

While Congress continues to investigate widespread IRS scandals, Senate Democrats are calling to increase the Internal Revenue Service’s budget.

According to The Hill, Democrats are using a Financial Services subcommittee bill to push for the changes to take place next year. It would raise IRS funding to $12.07 billion, “an increase of $276.5 million.”

House Republicans, on the other hand, are talking about cutting the IRS budget by 24%, and Senate Republicans are aghast that Democrats appear to be rewarding the agency after a long train of alleged harassment against private citizens and Tea Party groups.

Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) said, “Count the IRS among the winners in the bill despite the political targeting that appalled all of us and eroded the public’s trust.”



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