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  • Richard


  • louluna

    Savage go away you idiot and stop catering to blacks

  • dso1

    Give me a break-Savage crawl back under your rock. He should be found not guilty.

  • Rich

    The firearm has no external safety. This was explained by expert testimony.
    The firearm is useless without a cartridge chambered.

    • ARMYOF69

      And it took an ” EXPERT” to talk about a pistol. I wonder how much tax payer monies was paid to that “EXPERT”. My Rottweiller could have done that job, just for a good bone.


    Savage is just another WORTHLESS LYING SCUMBAG!

  • Gary

    I am eternally great full that I don’t listen to the guys program. He has no idea that he is talking about.

  • John S

    If you choose to carry a weapon you must keep a round chambered at all times because you might find yourself in a predicament where you do not have the use of both hands and arms (which was the predicament Zimmerman found himself in) as you may be in a tussle (as Zimmerman was) or injured or shot. If you cannot bring yourself to carry with a round chambered perhaps you should not carry at all!

    • Mark

      If one carries a firearm, it must be holstered and ready. People have lost their lives because the bad guy didn’t wait for the victim to get his gun ready. As in the Zimmerman case, he was at a disadvantage to the thug beating him and threatening his life. If the chamber was empty, the story would have been the good guy dying and the thug walking away.

  • Obama Bin Badagin

    What do you expect from a Jew? Blacks are their muscle they use to intimidate us.

    • MikeinOK

      “What do you expect from a Jew? Blacks are their muscle they use to intimidate us.”
      “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.”
      Apparently there is no posting policy banning sad irony.

    • HDA

      I do not expect that from a “Jew nor a Black”, I expect that from an idiot.

  • armydadtexas

    Michael Savage is a self absorbed blow hard. His credibility has evaporated into nothing. Take his comments with a very small grain of salt.

  • Randy L Johnson

    OMG, how ignorant. WHen caring a Concealed weapon time is of the essence. The time it takes to chambr a round and take it off safety and aim, a man can easily cover 21 feet. BY his logic, all police officers wnt to kill someone. They all have a round chambered and the safety off. I am a concealed handgun license instructor. It just goes to show that he should stick to what he knows. He has bought into the liberal hype that Zimmerman was looking for a fight.

    • Mark

      The twenty-one foot rule is for a firearm holstered and ready. Doing all that you said would take at least forty feet and that is if the person with the gun is trained and maintains his skills in a pressure situation.

    • AirFrank

      If you were an instructor you would not tell people to walk around with the safety off. I suspect that you are not an instructor.

  • HDA

    Mr Savage is very full of crap, this is why I say this.
    If you carry a gun and you are following someone whom you believe might be a thug, it makes lots of sense that you would load a round to the chamber and move the safety to the off position, just the same as if you hear someone in your home at night, you would not wait to get into a physical confrontation to then do it.

    What if the suspected thug looked stronger or taller than you? what if the suspected thug had intensive martial arts training?

    Will you take the risk of having that suspected thug knock you down on the ground as supposedly Martin did to Mr Zimmerman and take the gun away and use it on you?

    When police enter a home where they perceive that there may be a danger, do they not load rounds to the chamber and remove the safety? Of course they do, they may have to shoot the perp. or perps.

    When you think you may have to use your firearm, you make that firearm ready to fire just in case.

    Mr Savage is nothing but an arse, and I believe he will lose part of his audience over his stupid comment.

    • Troy Berkely

      Except with a Kel-Tec P9 (the actual model of the gun Zimmerman used) has no safety, its a double action, with a 4 pound trigger pressure. Piece of crap gun, one in which I would compare to driving a KIA, as opposed to driving a BMW. Its design is simplistic and is easily concealable, and light weight, which are the advantages of having one.

      • HDA

        That is why I would never own a firearm without a safety switch, nor one that tends to jam.

      • Troy Berkely

        It just depends on how your trained. I personally have a 9mm Barretta P4 Storm, and it does not have a safety. Most law enforcement have similar guns, or use guns without a safety.

      • GeoInSD

        You don’t need a safety switch on a double action handgun that can be decocked. How many double action revolvers have you seen that have a safety? Probably none. I have never seen one. A double action pistol that is decocked doesn’t need a safety. I trust a decocked double action pistol not to discharge by accident FAR MORE than I do a cocked single action with a safety.

      • Phrank Stein

        Well you don’t have to “de-cock” the Kel Tec since it is striker fired. The gun was developed by 2 former Florida State Patrolmen that wanted a small back-up gun that could take their standard issue S&W magazines.

        It is NOT a light gun and not really all that concealable, but it is quite accurate at the ranges that most gun fights happen in (7ft or less).

        Do I own one? Heck yes and have carried and shot it since the day it first came out. It has well over a couplel thousand rounds thru it and has never failed to feed and fire with total reliability. Yes it doesn’t cost a months home payment like the Beretta but that doesn’t make it crap either.

        See when you have to wave around your specific name brand of something I tend to think that you are blowing smoke like the “bench racers” I put up with in High School. They talked big and lost every race on Friday night, all show and no go.

    • ltfbhh

      I agree with the part about a round in the chamber, but disagree with taking the safety off until you are actually ready to fire- unless you are relatively certain of a violent confrontation. I am not a big fan of the traditional safety. That is why I like my Springfield XD’s, which require that the trigger be pressed as you firmly hold the grip (grip safety). You don’t have to think about deactivating a safety. You just point and do what comes natural, but the grip safety prevents the gun from firing unless you have a firm grip on the weapon.

  • mudguy

    While the US burns all of the media is pouring gas on the the Zimmerman trial.The media is doing just what Obummer wants a diversion on what is going on in the country and in the world. Good job media and Fox fell into the trap to.

  • Lew

    Only a fool would carry with out a round in the Chamber !

  • Vic Pelletier, Jr.

    A defensive weapon without a round in the chamber is useless. Zimmerman was right to carry his gun chambered and ready to fire. Otherwise he couldn’t have defended himself after he was attacked.

  • Jeff Carlson

    you’re embarrassing yourself Michael`

  • pissed off conservative

    i use to like savage,no more he is full of crap.. always over analyzing things..i know save has a carry permit i wonder if he carry s with an empty chamber??

  • gvette

    there’s always the thought, Martin could have called 911 himself, if he thought he was in danger.

    • The Bobster

      He was ambushed by a cowardly shearchucking thug.

  • wdcraftr

    Gotta love it when another well known name becomes Judge and Jury all on their own… Why have courts? Why not just ask the Media to judge, and sentence? America is screwed, and if you go to trial, Good Luck on Fair and Just of your peers.. Sorry, Sarcasm just came out..

  • Joe

    So, when I posted that this site is making ad money from all the hits the article is generating, my post was removed. Why give Savage all the attention, if he’s behaving in such an idiotic manner?

  • allen

    Savage is wrong right out of the gate, cause the Kel-tec pistol has a internal safety. You can’t turn the safety on or off. Safe action pistils will not fire unless you pull the trigger. I have a Glock safe action pistol. Wish these so called journalist knew what they’re talking about, before they make fools of themselves. Savage just lost me, as i will no longer listen to him. He is entitled to his opinion on the Zimmerman case, but he should no what he’s talking about. Just saying.

  • Observant_One

    Everyone has an off day now and then. No weapon of personal protection is worth anything without a chambered round. I must depart from the Savage’s belief in this case.

  • Higherstandard13

    This is ridiculous…. whom the hell is going to carry a gun and not have a bullet in the chamber. This is bull. A dead gang banger! If what he is stating is true, then the prosecution would be using it. It has already been disproven that is not what he said…. this is when you hear what you want to hear. So all of what Savage has said is crap.

    Add to this why does he not show outrage that the black guy in Arizona that murdered an unarmed Hispanic is not charged. He was caught in a lie to the police right off the bat. But a year later and no charges.

  • BugaBuga

    Ignorant person, Savage. Most KelTecs do not have a safety. An unchambered gun is a black rock.
    I have a CHL, I carry a SigSauer .40 S&W. It has no safety and I bought it for that reason. The safety is my trigger finger and my brain. I always carry loaded and with 4 extra magazines.
    Savage’s statements are the most ignorant I have ever heard from him. I hope he never has to defend himself.

  • cosmo007

    Wrong, Mike. Kel-Tec small semi-auto pistols have no safety, all are double action only.

  • The Unreal McCoy

    There is no safety on a Kel-Tec 9mm. Chambering a round is standard loading procedure on this and all handguns.

  • Mary

    I have to agree with Michael Savage, as does my brother who is a former police officer. Zimmerman was not a vigilante, he was a neighborhood watch. He was advised not to follow Trayvon. Trayvon was commiting no illegal acts. Whether or not he would have commited any crime is speculation at best.
    My brother has said the purpose of neighborhood watch is to observe and report, not tote guns and get in confrontations. Tragedies like this are the reason.
    Sorry, but if Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle as he was told and let the police handle the situation, Trayvon might be alive and the call may have been nothing more than a false alarm.
    Zimmerman may well have acted in self defense, or he may have initiated the confrontation and Trayvon acted in self defense. It is possible Trayvon initiated a fight, but this could have been avoided if Zimmerman had followed the instructions of 911.

    • Higherstandard13

      Your nuts;
      1. Not required to follow what they say.
      2. If you guys would stop eating doughnuts and get to the scene maybe, but they get away cause your always late
      3. There is nothing that prohibits him from carrying a gun for protection
      4. Trayvon was trespassing when he was walking close to the houses instead of the side walk, just a as person casing a place would do
      I say you sound like another lynch mob pusher like Sharpton.
      So what is you comment about the black that shot a mentally handicapped Hispanic while he sat safely in his care and then got caught lying to the police about the circumstances? It has been a year and he is still walking around uncharged.

      • Mary

        1. You’re not required to do what they say but you would be wise to do so. It may save your live or keep you out of court.
        2. If the police are late or not isn’t the issue. At least you are still alive. Keep in mind the perp may have a gun and be a much better shot than you.
        3.He can carry a gun for protection, he can’t play policeman.
        4.If Trayvon was trespassing, let the police handle it. Hardly a capital offense. He was “casing”? That’s speculation. Tell me what crime he actually committed.
        I sound like another lynch mob pusher?
        Did anyone ever tell you that when you assume you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”?
        My comment about any senseless killing by anyone of any race is that I want justice to be done.

      • Higherstandard13

        1. Sure… it allows the crooks to creep stealing… just like Obama’s wealth redistribution

        2. Then that is my risk… the police cannot get there in time and we do not execute the stealing animals so the do it again and again and it does not stop… tell that to the woman that was beaten in front of her 3 year by a guy like Martin

        3. He is not playing police for he did not place him under arrest, but have you not heard of citizen’s arrest. I would like for you to feel the same while you or your child are being raped and a bystander says sorry I am not the police

        4. The police have failed to handle it for months….You like others say you cannot consider his past, but his parents were in a hurry to take it down from the net and have it made unavailable as the put out a photo over 4 years old to deceive the public about their thug drug dealing teen.

        I say you sound like part of a lynch mob is because of your excuses for Martin and ready to punish George a person attempting to protect the community from the gang banger. I many be wrong and it is just because you may be black and as most blacks have admitted they voted for him because he is black. Or you may be one of those libs that say people have to retreat and let the thieves take stuff for you cannot place a value on a person’s life. If you are that, you seem to have no problem placing no value on the unborn child and executing 56,000,000 of them to date. I also say I place no value on a person’s life whom is trying to steal from me. It is they that have devalued their life the instant their start or perform their act.

        I also ask for you to proclaim that the black man that executed an unarmed mentally handicap Hispanic in front of a drive through while safely in his car and then was caught lying to the police about what happened has not even been charge over a year later… where is your outrage or are you a racist?

    • Nadra Enzi

      I agree. Ive done citizens patrol over 20 years without crossing the line. But the verdict is still up in the air!

    • The Bobster

      Quit listening to the niqqer news. Zman was returning to his truck when Treeboon ambushed and sucker-punched him. He could’ve returned home but nooo……he had to get himself a cracker.

      • Mary

        So you were at the scene of the crime?

    • Tony

      What if GZ was already out of his vehicle before he received his do not follow instructions and the confrontation happened on his way back to his vehicle? Notice when he gets his instructions, his response is “OK” So the issue would seem to be in the timing.

      • Mary

        That has to be determined at trial. However neighborhood watch is not a vigilante group. Getting out of your home or vehicle and playing policeman is not only setting yourself up to be charged and convicted, its also setting yourself up to be killed.

    • tedthebear

      Z was not on duty as a neighborhood watchman. If you watched the trial he was on his way to go shopping when he saw the thug. I carry a Springfield EMP .40 cocked and locked. If you need your weapon there is no time to rack the slide.

    • Bob Honiker

      Maybe Zimmerman should have moved to Alaska a week ahead of time and hid under a bed!

  • gbandy

    No round in the chamber??? Are you nuts? Without being ready to fire you now have a hammer.

    • Bob Honiker

      Can you imagine carrying a revolver with an empty cylinder?

  • Rocketman

    The Kel-Tec P11 does NOT HAVE a conventional safety despite what Savage says. So much for his expert opinion and all the so called research that he has allegedly done.

    • Phrank Stein

      Yep, double action striker fired. Savage every day proves more and more how little he really knows.

  • Rich

    A gun with an unchambered round will kill you. Every person carrying a gun for self defense including the police carry in condition 1. To do otherwise will kill you in a self defense situation.

  • Higherstandard13

    Everything Savage has said here has been disproved by the prosecutions own witnesses. This is crap. This guy is not guilty based on the evidence, but in todays system with Prosecutors not being interest in the truth, but political careers, using emotion instead of fact, Obama weighing in, threats of violence if a Guilty verdict is not given… it will be something if this man get’s a fair trail. This has been Guilty and until proven Innocent by the race batters like Sharpton. Oh… the proven Innocent does not mater, for they say he better be found guilty… sounds like a lynch mob.

  • Donro

    This guy Savage doesn’t know “come here from sic’um.” He has totally destroyed his credibility.

    Martin was nothing but a burglar, drug using, drug selling thug who got kicked out of the Miami school where he was going to school and sent clear up to Sanford. Had Martin not been a thug, he would never have been in Sanford to begin with.

    For some reason, the media, including Fox, refuses to show the photos of Martin as he looked shortly before he attacked Zimmerman. He was a tall, gold-toothed black kid who loved to fight. Not some innocent little 13 year old black kid that the media would have us believe he looked like.

    Can you imagine how surprised and how fast your adrenalin would be flowing if you were attacked by some thug who first hit you square in the nose with his fist and then knocked you down and continued to beat on you! I’m surprised Zimmerman only pulled the trigger once! I would have kept pulling the trigger until the magazine was empty.

  • teedoffatobama

    It’s all about $$$$$$$ for those negroes Martins it is about justice and freedom for an innocent man Zimmerman who was profiled by the Martin family over a year ago when they assumed he was a white Jew and the Martin family was instructed by their negro lawyer to sue the apartments first so they would have money if the DA didnt bring this to trial.The media and the pressure from negroes all over the country want this to be a white/black thing

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    The circus has found its missing clown.
    I NEVER did like that guy.

  • Rich

    The safety on every gun is the trigger. All revolvers have no safety. Glocks have no exeternal safetyt except for the trigger which is needed to pull the trigger. Racist, you mean like crazy white cracker. I think Mikey would think differently when faced with his head being bashed into the concrete. Concrete is a deadly weapon in this case.

  • i2luvmyusa

    Savage appears to want to save or try to salvage his name with salvage Savage crap!

  • Damian

    Michael Savage you are an idiot.

    When carrying a weapon it should always be chambered or as those that know call it condition 1. It does not indicate intent to kill in those split seconds where your life is on the line clambering a round and releasing a safety is too long to defend yourself. Is Zimmerman instead rounded the corner drawn and at the ready Martin may have been alive today.

    The standard you are claiming should exist would place many in jeopardy. Secondly your claim basically stares every Law Enforcement officer intends to murder every day they are armed.

    Short sighted fool.

  • ltfbhh

    Savage has made at least one serious error which is not open to interpretation. He said that Zimmerman should be found guilty of what he is charged with; 2nd Degree Manslaughter. Zimmerman has actually been charged with 2nd Degree MURDER. Big difference. Zimmerman may in fact be guilty of manslaughter, but I think it is quite a stretch to find him guilty of murder.

  • Kilroy

    I am a retired police officer of 35 years. Mr. Savage’s assumptions are totally unfounded. Only a misinformed untrained person would carry a gun without a round chambered. As far as the safety being off, many double action semi-automatic hand guns do not even have a safety. While I’m not aware of the model Mr. Zimmerman was carrying, anytime you are in a situation where you feel you may need to use your firearm you would take the safety off and be prepared. To think otherwise will get you killed.

  • frogman

    Mr. Savage 9mm Kel-Tec firearms have a internal safety and the user has not external means taking the safety off. Learn your firearms before opening your mouth. You, in this case, are as bad as the lamestream media. I am ashamed of you.

    • Phrank Stein

      Hell the lamestream media threw him out. He is a self admitted tree hugger and animal right activist but “dislikes” those left wing groups that champion those causes.

      He only became “conservative” after he got passed over for a job at UC Bezerkly for a black man at which point he “suddenly” saw the light!! Yeah my bleeding arse

  • Markusdecarcus

    I always thought Savage was full of himself but listened anyway for a fresh mid ground perspective to break the monotony. This time idiocy has shown through big time. I carry all the time, I always have a round chambered. Not many criminals will give you the chance to prepare your weapon before they attack. Just like my Ruger LCP that I carry in the Summer, the pistol Zimmerman carried had no safety. Savage saying the safety was off was again a sign of ignorance.while he belittles his listeners with his NY style he is actually putting his foot in his mouth.

  • suzy2

    If they find Zimmerman guilty it will be so unjust of the judicial system. Zimmerman is not a murderer.
    If these young black men would stop wearing their pants below their ass and hoodies trying to look like bad gang bangers, maybe people would not be so fast to shoot. Too many young black juveniles commit horrible crimes against innocent people and too many try to portray themselves as bad asses. This is why they get shot. People don’t want to take a chance on getting shot themselves. Doesn’t matter Travon was only 17. He was at the stupid age of trying to be a prejudice bad ass. Check out his school records will tell you he is not the boy his parents try to portray. He was a young stupid 17 year old that got killed for being stupid.

    • The Bobster

      No, he was a thug.

    • RobertNorwood

      Perfect example. And just take Aaron Hernandez…all he had going and what does he turn out to be? Everything he portrayed, tattoos, all that, was just gang banger. He wanted to be a bad ass.



    • Strangerinastangeland

      He was playing a thug game and paid the thug price.

  • Frank W Brown

    Better get your handgun education before you spout off!

  • Tony

    Savage is wrong right from the start. He says the charge is 2nd degree manslaughter. NO Dr. Savage. The charge is 2nd degree murder. Big difference. You lost credibility right from the start.



      • Phrank Stein

        Does anyone realize that Doc Savage is a comic book hero?? Marvel’s Doc Savage, Man of Bronze…..hmmm wonder why savage chose to call him self that? Could it be that he thinks he is some super hero in his pea brain?

        Used to listen to him but tired of all the shout down of callers and the hours upon endless hours of him talking about the best meatball recipes.

  • jarhead

    what make me sick about all you pathetic people stating what your cop brother or your lawyer dad says is don’t know no more than any other idiot who is trying to convict this man..i don’t care what his mother (martin) says or zimmermans family don’t have any clue what so ever as to what was going on in either one of these peoples mind that night…unless you have been in that sitution just shut the phuck up……

    • Mary

      You’re making my argument. Do you know any more than the rest of us? Were you there? The fact is Zimmerman was told not to leave his vehicle. There is a reason 911 gives this advice. Its to avoid situations like this. Listen to any self defense instructor or police officer and they will give you the same advice. NEVER get into confrontations, always call the police or security. The situation could have been turned around. Trayvon could have had a gun and Zimmerman unarmed. Again jarhead, the reason 911 tells you not to follow and stay in your home or vehicle and let the police handle the situation.



    • RobertNorwood

      Hmmm….yeah, just so.



  • CaptTurbo

    So many talking rectal orifices so few brains out there. Armchair judges.

  • StopObama2013

    Savaging the facts of this case only shows Savage is savagely an idiot.

    • Impeach them.all


  • LAPhil

    Has Savage considered the likelihood that if Zimmerman’s gun hadn’t been ready to fire he just might not be alive today?

    • Impeach them.all

      Of course not he’s an idiot!



  • Carl Stevenson

    Savage is full of crap on this one.

    Zimmerman’s pistol was a double action only semiautomatic. The safeties are internal. There IS no external safety to disengage. The weapon is designed to be carried with a round in the chamber. Otherwise, you’d have to upholster, wrack the slide to chamer a round, then fire.
    Meanwhile, you’re killed by your assailant.
    I carry a Glock … Similar functionality with respect to safeties, also designed to be carried with a round in the chamber.
    I’d have shot Travon, too if he sucker punched me and was beating my head on concrete. In fit, George showed great restraint. I’d have put more than one round int the punk.

    • dHb

      Savage is always full of crap. He has a super sized ego.

      • fliteking

        He is wrong on this one and he ain’t always right. He has a GIANT ego too.

        Still, there is a lot to be learned from this fella, In the end he is a very good Conservative and American .

  • Rose_of_Sharon

    Why should Zimmerman become a sacrifice on the altar of political correctness? As an American, he should be entitled to a fair and impartial trial. Trayvon Martin’s actions were wrong, and that’s that. His past criminal history should be considered by jurors. This trial is clearly being skewed.

  • USPatriotOne

    People I have found Savage to be lying right out of the shout on this story…Zimmerman was carrying a Kel-Tec P-11 9mm. Savage said Zimmerman had the safety on, on the gun….LIAR…the Kel-Tec P-11 dose not have a safety it uses the 9 pound trigger pull as the safety so thug Martin did not need 2 hands to pull the trigger…Savage is a LIAR People…!!!! Said he knows guns…LIAR…!!! I used to like Savage but I caught him in and outright LIE to bring Zimmerman down, and destroy a mans life! That is just EVIL, and that ended my listening to this LIAR….!!! Someone beside me need to call this LIAR on this!

    • gingercake5

      I wonder if he’s being paid for this?

    • RobertNorwood

      Has he got his teeth fixed yet?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Trayvon is not a symbol, he is an excuse – an excuse for Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and the lib/socialist media to incite race hatred, further their agendas, and make the opposition cower in fear.

    Let me present another case to show how differently it was covered. Last year a teen-age Shawn Tyson (black) murdered two British tourists (white) who got lost and wandered into his Florida neighborhood. Did white people riot and go bats**t in the streets? Did Rush, Sean, or Neal call for Shawn’s death? Did thousands all over the country encourage kangaroo justice? Did the media cover the case endlessly while inciting race hatred? The answer is no to all, and I’ll leave it to you to determine the difference in these cases.

    • gingercake5

      I just looked it up, and it seems only the British media covered it. Typical. Glad he got life in prison, though.



  • Beepster

    I carry with one in the chamber and the safety off. Iffin’ I’m gonna need to use it, I want it NOW, not messing around with it for some seconds to be able to fire.

    • gparra9

      I hear you & will pop a cap in there A$$!!!

  • GodsAmerica

    That is a pretty STUPID statement about his gun being guilty because of the premise of “having a bullet in the chamber and the safety on”. To begin with, Zimmerman would have been absolutely STUPID to not have a bullet in the chamber doing what he was doing. As far as the safety being off, Michael needs to learn more about weapons because it only takes ONE hand to take the safety off. If Zimmerman had been killed and he did not have a bullet in the chamber then Michael would be talking about how absolutely stupid Zimmerman would have been for not having a bullet in the chamber. All he is doing here is trying to be a “shock jock”, probably to try and get back at all the other talk show hosts that are talking him down.

    • gingercake5

      I agree. I’m pretty sure people with CC permits carry their guns hidden and ready to fire. What other purpose would there be for carrying a gun? “Hold on guys, stop your malfeasance until I can lock and load?”

      • RobertNorwood

        I know. That’s like doctor showing up at an emergency and going to the crowd “anyone have a stethoscope?”

  • The Bobster

    Savage is basing his view on evidence that was debunked months ago. He needs to keep up or shut up.

  • Madmax1450

    Another liberal wacko speaks their mind. The main problem with liberal wackos is if their brains were made of gasoline they would not have enough fuel to power an ant’s motorcycle around a
    track inside of a cheerio. Also you can take a liberals mind, multiply it 10,000 times, shove it up an ant’s ass and it would still roll around like a b-b in a box car

    • Ron

      Well said. I like it.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Savage is one of those folks that need denied the right to bear arms on the grounds of insanity.

  • Larry

    You dont know that savage! You dont know if anything that you said could have happened..just speculating..he knows hes being recorded all 911 calls are recorded.but you are Stupid and just want ratings. .that simple.then your trying to act like you have a different comment on it ..yalldont listen to him …bye mr savage..maybe your ratings will go up now…

  • LK

    Savage hates Savage. Quantum magnetism has been mimicked – or simulated – using ultracold fermionic atoms for the first time.

  • Josea Salazar

    that people want money, give it to them, it will be cheaper, if not, god know how may bad things are going to do.

    • Strangerinastangeland

      Sorry, not a chance in hell if I have the opportunity to hurt them.

  • Greg

    The defense hasn’t presented it’s case and the state hasn’t proved it’s
    case. Is he clairvoyant? He knows nothing of guns or self defense.

    • Nana

      Don’t confuse Savage with facts. His mind is already made up.

  • BigJohnL

    Savage knows nothing about weapons. It is stupid to think that the weapon in question has an external safety.

    • RobertNorwood

      I don’t know what weapon Zimmerman had but I’ve handled hand guns all my life and I wouldn’t have one without a real safety. I recall when Glock first came out something about their safety being controlled by the trigger or some such, something like that. On an M1911A, my favourite, you have two – a side lever and a pressure actuated piece on the top spine of the handle grip that squeezes in when you hold it for firing. The side lever you can flip with your thumb from the firing hand nice! If you’re going to handle a gun be good at it.

      • Phrank Stein

        Gee never had a revolver have you in your “handling guns all your life”, liar. You show how little your really know about guns in your simplistic comment.

        BTW the 1911 even with it’s 2 safeties (actually has 3 but you didn’t know that did you?) is one of the MOST dangerous guns to carry in condition 1 especially with that hammer cocked, but you don’t seem to have learned that in your lifetime of “handling guns”

      • RobertNorwood

        Don’t think I ever used that “3rd” safety you’re talking about, wouldn’t mean the thumb safety? So you’ll have to excuse me, using it in the military in combat sort of limits one I guess to the things that work for you, never had the opportunity to sit there and decide what safety I was going to use on a particular day. Guess I’m just a creature of habit. And yeah my handgun experience is limited – to Smith and Wesson, Models 19 and 24.
        As for what I’ve learned I dunno. Slept with a .45 under the pillow and what do you know – my head is still intact. Got all my toes too stupid so I guess I handled my wheel guns all right. Know what you are talking about before you call someone a liar or do you just look for any excuse to show everyone how freaking smart you are? Hey everybody, he’s a real fart smeller…

      • UnknownUzer

        Nice how you don’t know the names of those “pieces”.

        The only thing a safety is good for is giving you false confidence so you can blow your foot off or kill the dog with a negligent discharge. I have “handled” guns for over 30 years and have carried concealed for almost 2 decades. I’ll be damned if I’ll be caught trying to unlock 2-3 safeties before I can defend my life. If you are that unsure in your abilities, the best safety you can use is the lock on your gun safe at home. Leave it there.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Its pretty simple……Don’t make it complex….What you have here is a perfect cocktail for disaster…An over zealous wanna be law enforcement guy with a weapon and an upwardly mobile growing criminal who meet……this is what you get……………….No one is right here they are BOTH wrong Zimmerman and Martin. Zimmerman will pay his price, Martin already did………….end of story



      • Washington22

        agreed. We need to do the work ourselves many times, do to the the slow response of the PD. We should be thankful for those who will do the work, many times without pay, just neighborhood watch types. I don’t think he was over zealous. His demeanor doesn’t show it. He seems thoughtful and not easily rattled. I leave it to the jury and the entire story that they are privy to.

      • Anthony Alexander

        You have missed the point here Sir. While I agree that protecting their home of neighborhood is paramount…Zimmerman’s prior record speaks for itself. He does not have the mental disposition to make judgments to pull a trigger. It is best left to those who are TRAINED IN IT. Similar to special operations men who are selected based on a special dispositions and mental strengths. This is done to protect the team. In this regard the team is the general public. Anyone can carry a gun, BUT it is quite another on when and how to use it. The flaw in neighborhood watch programs with people carrying guns is this exact problem I set out above, coupled with the left Marxist liberals who LOVE these problems to furthering their stupid contradictory agenda of gun control and spinning it with the propaganda already flowing from Sandy Hook. It has gone from SNAFU to FUBAR.

    • Strangerinastangeland

      Unless the jury decides to follow the judge’s instructions on the law.

    • Reinhard M Weiss

      um … WRONG … but where do you get your facts? The lamestream media? The same guys that doctored the audio to manufacture this story in the first place??? “Over zealous”? Trayvon would never had gotten close enough to me to pound my head into the ground … does that make me overzealous? When a cop walks up to a window on a basic traffic stop, he’s got a hand on his LOCKED AND LOADED weapon … is he “overzealous”? Zimmerman gave that punk WAY too many chances and finally, in the end, put him down … and frankly was damned lucky to do so. On your back getting your head pounded and THEN deciding to pull out your weapon : I would say you have much LESS than a 50-50 chance of winning that one.

      • Anthony Alexander

        Sorry it doesn’t wash………..You missed the point entirely. Zimmerman’s record in wanting to become a police officer is Germaine to what I am referring to. He is like a lot of inept male egos out there who want to be in a position of authority but do not have the disposition or mentality for it. There is a reason he was denied by the police agencies he applied for. Either he is not intelligent or does not have the psychological profile and disposition to carry a firearm and at the same time have skills at encountering and dealing with situations like Martin. Zimmerman is NOT TRAINED FOR confronting situations and people like Martin. THATS WHAT I AM TALKIN ABOUT….. I am referring to two people who meet up who both have wrong mental dispositions. One has no training at dealing with situations like Martin and Martin being a career perp. It is a recipe for disaster…and this is what you get.

        Moreover yes everyone has the right to protect their neighborhood but I am not referring to RIGHTS. I am referring to two people who meet up who both have wrong mental dispositions. In effect they are both wrong. Speaking about rights people in the US have NO RIGHTS. They are a temporary list of privileges that can be taken away or diluted through other laws. You want to talks about your precious rights then look up Japanese Americans 1942 in Wikipedia and read all about your precious rights. It serves as a good example that your claimed rights can be taken away from you at any time and the government can F__K with you anytime they want…..

      • Reinhard M Weiss

        No, sir … YOU missed the point. YOU are getting your information from liars and scoundrels who misrepresented ALL the facts in this case from the beginning, including posting a picture of the ATTACKER from when he was 12 years old. They doctored audios, lied about the victim who defended himself, lied about the attacker who was killed.
        NOTHING about Zimmerman’s past matters, and I mean NOTHING. First off you are making all sorts of invalid assumptions … based on nothing but speculation by lowlifes that have ALREADY lied about all the facts from the beginning … who were stoking a bad situation to instigate political race baiters into a frenzy. FROM THE TRIAL (aka FACTS) … it was obvious NONE of the POLICE felt there was anything to go with … it was not even a case of stand your ground.

        Zimmerman was getting his head bashed in … he had ALREADY sustained severe injuries. He could ALREADY have been dead, could be dying … and the attack was ongoing. There is no more clear case of defending yourself than I have ever heard of. PERIOD … END OF STORY.
        EVEN IF the victim was a flaming Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, who routinely threw around the ‘n’ word like Democrat senate leader Robert Byrd (yeah, I couldn’t resist! ;-) … it should not matter as this is absolutely self defense.

        what is scary is that guys like you, if put on a jury, put regular citizens in an EXTREMELY dangerous situation. This poor guy had to be absolutely perfect in everything he did and STILL is on trial for his life : if he HAD said it was a black guy (instead of being asked first), if any of his childhood friends had EVER heard him say ‘n’ when he was 6 yrs old : he would be facing a lethal injection! Very sick, very dangerous.

    • Nana

      Ever hear of Neighborhood Watch? People have a right to watch out for their neighborhoods and even form legitimate organizations to watch their neighborhoods for suspicious people who don’t live there and loiter. You are perfectly within your rights to ask someone loitering on your street what he is doing there if you know he doesn’t live nearby.

      • Anthony Alexander

        Sorry it doesn’t wash………..You missed the point entirely. Zimmerman’s record in wanting to become a police officer is Germaine to what I am referring to. He is like a lot of inept male egos out there who want to be in a position of authority but do not have the disposition or mentality for it. There is a reason he was denied by the police agencies he applied for. Either he is not intelligent or does not have the psychological profile and disposition to carry a firearm and at the same time have skills at encountering and dealing with situations like Martin. Zimmerman is NOT TRAINED FOR confronting situations and people like Martin. THATS WHAT I AM TALKIN ABOUT….. I am referring to two people who meet up who both have wrong mental dispositions. One has no training at dealing with situations like Martin and Martin being a career perp. It is a recipe for disaster…and this is what you get.

        Moreover yes everyone has the right to protect their neighborhood but I am not referring to RIGHTS. I am referring to two people who meet up who both have wrong mental dispositions. In effect they are both wrong. Speaking about rights people in the US have NO RIGHTS. They are a temporary list of privileges that can be taken away or diluted through other laws. You want to talks about your precious rights then look up Japanese Americans 1942 in Wikipedia and read all about your precious rights. It serves as a good example that your claimed rights can be taken away from you at any time and the government can F__K with you anytime they want.

  • Beedogs

    If Trayvon Martin had not made the CHOICE to beat George Zimmerman’s head on a sidewalk, Trayvon would still be alive today. His thug life choice killed him.

  • Mary

    I have to disagree with Savage on this one. Blacks are aggressive and young blacks especially can be thugs and punks. I saw a picture of what Trayvon really looked like taken a few weeks before his death.
    He was a huge man with tattoo’s all over his body. Nothing like the 12 yr. old picture the media portrays. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch. He had every right to question Trayvon.
    Trayvon took it upon himself to get physical and more than likely may have left George Zimmerman brain dead from bashing his head against the concrete.

    I think Savage occasionally panders to the left to avoid criticism of his over all conservative views.

    • Jim A

      The picture that floated around of the guy with all the tattoos and the fierce look was a rapper named, “Game.” But it is still strange that no one will post a very recent photo of Martin.

    • Washington22

      It’s the media’s fault that we don’t see the current picture of Trayvon. They want to keep the impression of a sweet child in our minds. What you say, Mary, is true.

  • the smartest man in the world

    Michael Savage is an idiot. If you carry a concealed weapon, it is carried locked and loaded. Otherwise there is no reason to carry one. Have the moron check with his local law enforcement officer and see how he or she carries their weapon. If the weapon is not ready to fire, the perp is going to take it away from you and beat you with it or even shoot you with it. Savage it is time to retire to Iceland or some other lib nation.


    ANOTHER OSAMA IDIOT.!!!!! “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” and as far as caring a weapon goes, The People of the United States have that Right and Freedom,Given to Them by ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY ,and Yes even You Mr.Savage. The Right of the People to Protect Themselves from Thugs,No Matter if They could have been Obama’s Son or Not……I sincerely Hope Mr.Savage that You are confronted by some THUG and You have NO MEANS OF SELF DEFENSE. MAYBE YOUR THOUGHTS WILL CHANGE AFTER YOU CHANGE YOUR PANTIES.!!!!!!

  • HappyG

    Wow, the libs have even tainted Savage, what next? Levin too? Now I know we’re doomed. Hey Michael, when someone explains where a 17 year old got the $$$ for the gold grill and tats, then I may listen…but from Day One the MSM types rushed to make this about race and were very disappointed that Zimmerman was Hispanic…

    • Washington22

      Isn’t Travon Maratin Obama’s son? {I’m laughing}

      • HappyG

        Obo probably stole the gold grill from his mouth before they buried him…

  • Sfc

    Mr. Savage please let the trial take place in the court room. If you are the attorneys representing the accused or defendant. As usual trial is by media not in the court room. I do believe there is racist statements by the others connected with this trial and you fail to bring it up. This whole trial is about race. You have done nothing to help or clarify. You definitely think more about yourself than your general viewers do.

  • nonstopca

    Seems Savage has more “evidence” then the court does….If you believe that I have a bridge…

  • USPatriotOne

    Wake-up People I have found Savage to be lying right out of the shout on this
    story…Zimmerman was carrying a Kel-Tec P-11 9mm. Savage said
    Zimmerman had the safety on, on the gun….LIAR…the Kel-Tec P-11 dose
    not have a safety it uses the 9 pound trigger pull as the safety so thug
    Martin did not need 2 hands to pull the trigger…Savage is a LIAR
    People…!!!! Said he knows guns…LIAR…!!! I used to like Savage but
    I caught him in and outright LIE to bring Zimmerman down, and destroy a
    mans life! That is just EVIL, and that ended my listening to this
    LIAR….!!! Someone beside me need to call this LIAR on this!

    • 4USA2

      Love it when someone KNOWS more about something than the “authorative mouths” who don’t verify their facts before they run off at the mouth. Recently corrected Senator Feinstein myself, on her “blooper comments” about hollow points! She obviously didn’t know what she was talking about! Savage gets an ” F” on his gun knowledge of Zimmerman’s gun! Hope the court has it correct? Zimmerman is not getting a fair trial; too much stuff has been denied being put into evidence. And no mention of the fact Martin was a “pot smoker” and had been expelled from school for drug abuse on school grounds. Martin was NOT the cute little football player the press STILL keep showing in a picture; he was a pot head with an arrest record.

  • VanceJ

    No you don’t, I keep my guns locked and loaded all the time, so does that make my intentions Evil ?

    • Nana

      Of course not. It makes you smart and ready. And still alive. Mine are ready at all times, too, and I faced down 3 intruders without having to fire because they saw in my body language that I would and was ready.

  • Reinhard M Weiss

    This MIGHT be the slim, tiniest of possible hopes the prosecution has that the jury could be convinced to convict on, but if it happens then everybody on that jury is despicable. In addition, what possible situation could you EVER justify shooting somebody for, if having them on top of you pounding your skull is not sufficient enough?

    From what I have heard, the basic criteria for 2nd degree has not been satisfied … half the cops testifying have all but said they NEVER would have brought this case. If the judge had any integrity, he would dismiss the case before the defense even presents.

    • Washington22

      Rodger that……….

  • Tsagas

    I just happened to hear Savage when he made his statements about Zimmerman’s gun, claiming that he (Savage) owned a firearm and knew a lot about it. Savage said that since the gun was a semi-automatic and the chamber was loaded, that Zimmerman intended to use it. This is an incredibly stupid statement to anyone who has ever had the most basic self defense instruction.

    If you decide to carry a weapon in self defense, you must have it ready to fire, and be mentally prepared to use it, unless you want to spend precious seconds cocking it and loading it while the attacker kills you. At Front Site near Las Vegas we were taught that to be safe, your gun must be ready to draw and fire in 3-5 seconds or don’t carry one at all.

    This savage guy is not a very bight man, talking about concealed weapons with such ignorance.

  • rog363

    Watching how the prosecution and their star witness appeared before the jury There seems to be no doubt that Zimmerman was acting in self defense. I would also say, to anyone with a military background, if Zimmerman is acquitted, lock and load and prepare for the same response that occurred with the Rodney King fiasco. Protect yourself, your loved ones and your property, this will not be like a video game.

    • Guest

      I don’t know why that would only apply to people with a military background…?Besides that, I agree 100%

    • fiftysevenchevy

      There’s gonna be a Whole Lot of SH&T Goin’ On either way!!!!!!

  • Chained

    F U Savage. What a complete effin moron. Ya always carry in condition one because you may not have the time to “rack” a round and just because people carry in that condition doesn’t automatically make them out to have malicious intent just more prepared.

    We all have a duty to our neighborhood and neighbors to be alert for suspicious persons/activity and if they don’t look like they belong there or are doing something they shouldn’t be doing then it should be reported to the police just like Zimmerman did and followed if possible to keep police informed of the perps whereabouts. Martin in no way should have confronted him, he should have just kept walking but he was a punk and wanted to be a tough guy so he decided to confront and attack Zimmerman and got what he deserved. Zimmerman is not guilty if all the facts we have been fed are true.

    It sounds like Savage is more concerned about riots breaking out when he is found innocent.

  • Jim A

    Savages opinion is just that,-an opinion. A bad one, I believe and no different from many others. No matter whether or not Zimmerman was following Martin and checking on him, Martin was in a private area and Martin was trying to bash in Zimmermans’ head. Martin didn’t have to stop and confront Zimmerman…and wind up on top and trying to kill Zimmerman.
    Oh, and no policeman told Zimmerman to stop following Martin. Please get your lie straight…

  • Strangerinastangeland

    If Zimmerman didn’t have a gun, he’s dead. If Zimmerman didn’t have one in the pipe, he’s dead. Rachel, Trayvon’s g/f, testified that if Trayvon was going to hit someone, he would have told her that on the telephone (that is, HE HAS DONE THIS BEFORE). The important point of that testimony is that Trayvon was a “polar bear hunter” and would cold cock innocent whites, asians and hispanics without notice. Read “White Girl Bleed A Lot” to see how rampant black on white/brown crime is becoming.

    I like Savage, but he is a big city guy and doesn’t know guns. In the meantime, it turns out that polar bear hunting is illegal in Florida. I’ll miss Trayvon, sniff, sniff.

    • cyber_hackster

      I won’t

    • Washington22

      Savage is simply wrong on this gun issue.

  • pennsyltuckian

    That was about the stupidest analysis I have heard. I carry with a round in the chamber but the safety on because it just takes a thumb to take it off. No cop would carry with the chamber empty because by the time he racked the slide he would be dead.

    If you keep a gun at home for self defense then it makes sense to keep the chamber empty so the burglar hears the distinctive sound of the gun being racked and you generally have time to rack it.

    Would you have had the same stupid analysis if he carried a revolver? It should be kept unloaded and only loaded if needed for safety?

    I used to think you were credible but no longer.

  • HarryTC

    Savage says Zimmerman shouldn’t have a fair trial like the OJ Simpson trial! You know like the one where a mostly all black jury found OJ incocent of murder, although there was enormous evidence that OJ was guilty! They knew he was innocent because he was black, one jurist said!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    First of all…Zimmerman is charged with 2nd Degree Murder..not Manslaughter as stated by Savage. Big difference in the elements of these 2 crimes. Secondly, the Keltec pistol carried by Zimmerman DOES NOT have an external thumb safety. The long, relatively heavy double action trigger pull is the “safety” on this firearm…similar to many other brands of firearm including Glocks which are carried by numerous police departments around the country. They are all designed to be carried with a loaded round in the chamber to be ready to fire should the need arise. As far as the law goes, if Zimmerman was reasonably in fear of great bodily injury or death, he was justified in using deadly force to defend himself…no matter what went on before the attack started. The only reason this was charged at all was because of pressure from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama..and the fear that there would be riots around the country if he wasn’t charged. The police that responded to the incident believed Zimmerman’s account of the incident and had written it off as self defense…

    • Pase’ Doble

      10-4 on the external safety, 10-4 on the double action trigger, 10-4 on carrying with one in the pipe. What’s the point of carrying if you gotta take the time to rack the slide to save your own life. Nice work Old C! Jeeeez, Savage, go train with people who will present you with threats so you can see that the time you take to ready the firearm CAN cost you your life. Jeeez, how did Zim know Tray didn’t have his own pistol/knife whatever? Jeeez.

      • Washington22


  • Rebel-1

    Savage, knows nothing about guns and seem to have lost his marbles. On the other hand, he may wish to kiss-up with the Left.

  • florida47

    His fate was sealed when the jury was picked. These women all have the “white guilt” complex and do not want to be called racist; so they will find him guilty no matter what. None of them hae ever fired a firearm nor does any of them have a “concealed carry permit”. Additionally, they are afraid of the threats the Black Panthers have made if Zimmerman is aquitted. Case closed. He’s going to prison for 25 to live.

    • Washington22

      Florida, I’ve heard this argument many times about the women on the jury and I don’t agree. Maybe I’m in the minority………America is sick of white guilt syndrome. I’m giving the jurors more credit than that. They could also look to the fact that Zimmerman devotes his time to youth and works to help with safety and is clean cut and polite. All are factors. If they have seen the news at all, they know that Trayvon was out late at night and up to no good, prowling around in the middle of the night. If they know more, then they will consider the fact that Trayvon was a juivenile deliquent of sorts. I’m not giving up on our system of right and wrong.

  • Boca9MM

    Michael Savage claims that he’s done more research than “…all the people on Fox News together” – he should set his sights higher as the “senior member of American media”. I carry a KelTec P-11 9mm Semi-automatic handgun, and always – as any LEO would tell you – keep one in the chamber.

    However, The KelTec P-11 LACKS AN EXTERNAL MANUAL SAFETY relying instead on a long and heavy double action only (DAO) trigger pull, which requires nine pounds of pressure, to prevent accidental discharge. A firing pin spring and low-mass hammer are designed to prevent discharge if the gun is dropped.

    Savage, you’re wrong on this one and you’ve lost a lot credibility with the conscientious gun-carrying community nationwide.

    • Washington22

      I don’t want to go overboard on Savage. He’s just wrong this time. He’s
      right thousands of other times and I appreciate his intellect. One mis-step doesn’t cancell out his years of correctness, please.

  • Wayne_1958

    OK mister smarter than a genius, You should probably go to a firearms training center and learn the mechanics of semi-auto pistols. I and many others have learned to chamber a round and disengage the safety with one hand quite easily. And your foolish remarks wouldn’t hold water if this had been a revolver because there is alway’s a live cartridge in the cylinder. I was not there and neither were you only two people know what happened and one of them can’t tell us his side of the story. It’s a shame someone died but in Chicago this is an everyday occurance with very few arrests and your mouth ain’t saying nothing about that. Learn a little about what you speak about and you won’t look as foolish. And by the way Mr Savage I believe it”s not your horn your tooting it”s a pipe filled with a mind altering chemical !

    • powys

      You are correct and as a infantry officer I ALWAYS have one round in the chamber when in combat. It is a matter of life and death.

      • Wayne_1958

        From an old USN vet thank you for your service, And mine are alway’s locked & loaded also.

  • CV

    Time for Savage to retire.

    • Washington22

      Savage doesn’t need to retire, CV………….he’s just wrong this time.



  • Brit Capitalist

    Ironically, Savage went down the wrong path by buying into official PC policy, i.e., that Zimmerman was told to stay in the car by the police. The fact that Zimmerman did not take that order seriously was because he genuinely believed he could further assist the police by ensuring that the perp did not disappear before the police arrived. Savage does not want to forgive that human error, which was NOT the result of Zimmerman wanting to pull out a gun and shoot. Everyone has 20/20 hindsight and no one could have foreseen that the druggy perp would have tried to bash Zimmerman’s brains out, that he would see Zimmerman’s gun and that Zimmerman would have to shoot or be shot. No doubt Savage loves this because he’s getting a bunch of attention from taking this PC position.

    • organicroseski2

      Agree. I am a lady, and if my neighbors had me as a watch, I would not stay or go to the car if the mystery person was walking between residences. People do not wander around unless to case the place. They use the sidewalk.

    • fort9erdon

      First, GZ did ABSOLUTELY comply with the 911 operator’s suggestion that “they did not need him to follow”. GZ, IMMEDIATELY STOPPED FOLLOWING Martin. GZ was on his way back from following, to get to his car when the thug TM attacked him. Remember, the police can and do lie to suspects (it is legal to do so) in attempts to get them to admit wrongdoing. The police told “Z’ that they had obtained a video of the altercation. (they were lying, as they had no video), BUT, what was Zimmerman’s response to that lie? He said “Oh, thank God”. He figured there was some evidence to support what he was saying. So, what does his response tell you? It tells me he is telling the truth. The police NEVER wanted to file charges in this case because they felt “Z” acted responsibly and within the law. There are only 3 reasons charges were brought in this case. 1. Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton. 2. Jesse Jackson. 3. Barack Obama. Those 3 rasist bigots got the black community so stirred up, charges were brought to molify those 3 racist bigots. Hopefully, when the “not guilty” verdict is read, the blacks ONLY burn down their own neighborhoods when they loot, rape and pillage while throwing their normal TANTRUM when they don’t get their way. Trayvon Martin was a “walking time bomb”, that was going to go off, whereby someone was going to end up dead. Thankfully, that little thug punk Trayvon, GOT EXACTLY WHAT HE HAD COMING! i HOPE HIS PARENTS SUFFER IMMENSLY, WHEN THEY REALIZE IT WAS THEIR PARENTING SKILLS, OR EVEN THEIR LACK OF INTEREST IN THEIR CHILD, was what got him killed. Had THEY been better parents, Trayvon would be alive right now!

  • AmericanGram

    all the evidence leads me to believe it was self defense. If you are going into an unknown area that might be dangerous you always have a shell chambered and possibly the safety off or on. Some guns don’t have an external safety.You, Mr Savage do not know what Mr. Zimmerman or Mr. Martin were thinking or planning. And just because he called a suspicious acting individual a f—–ing goon does not in any way mean he intended to kill him.So you can quit bowing and towing now. You aren’t right, just because you say so.

  • kagnu

    (1) Wrong about the weapon; (2) wrong about the alleged-racist-remark; (3) wrong about the likelihood of winning the fight after TM had the weapon; and here’s why:
    (1) The Keltec has no safety, just a very long, very very hard trigger pull; and even had GZ started with no round in the chamber, he’d have been a fool not to chamber a round once there was trouble.
    (2) Others (and I) have heard that allegedly-racist remark and perceived that it was *not* the epithet you imply; GZ was referring to prior criminals whom he had seen and who had robbed his neighbors and gotten away. One very reasonable interpretation under the circumstances of frequent prior crime is “goons.”
    (3a) No way would GZ have won that fight with TM starting on top of him, and
    (3b) If TM had gotten the gun, he would swiftly have pistol-whipped GZ into a bloody unconscious mess … no way would GZ have won that fight.

  • lin

    Savage is just trying to get national attention. He has been trying that for years. From watching the trial and listening to evidence, it seems to me that Zimmerman WAS protecting himself. I think it wrong to not allow Trevon’s life and criminal acts in to evidence. And, it is so wrong to allow his parents in the courtroom but not Zimmerman’s. Suspicious that we may know how this trial will end and a wrong man put in prison. Cowards afraid of backlast, riots and the like. How else do they get their way!

  • RGS48

    Savage has decided to make it all fit together. He has made a big mistake. He is afraid of riots. We did not riot after OJ . If anyone does then let it happen.

  • powys

    Finding him guilty because there was a round already chambered in his semi-automatic pistol is not a good reason. Pistols, to be useful in an emergency, MUST be able to be immediately deployed. Revolvers normally have rounds in all chambers and are similarly ready to fire. As for his language in the phone call that argument is foolish in the extreme. If YOU were a guard how would YOU describe a suspicious prowler found on your beat?

  • Platinum

    The Zimmerman case first and foremost is a Florida case not a case of national importance at all. Because the blithering idiot obama and two other bumbling boobs jesse jacckson and al sharpton all three as racist as racist can possibly be and now savage chimes in with what is nothing but stupidity. Because the four stooges have weighed in on a clear racist delinquent being killed doing something he should not have been doing most certainly does not make Zimmerman guilty of anything apart from defending himself from a racist delinquent who was attempting to kill Zimmerman.

    Here is a novel idea how about the what are called media move on to an issue that actually is important oh say Benghazi, the IRS, the 1st amendment case or an even greater issue eligibility of the Illegal Alien Usurper currently occupying the peoples house. Savage your an idiot…….

  • Washington22

    Round chambered or not, it was still self defence, unless something else is proven. Luckily, it WAS chambered or Zimmerman would be dead. Savage can have his point, but it is not the last word, and I like the guy a lot. But I don’t agree with him on this.

  • Jed54

    Their all afraid of the verdict……. if Zimmerman is found guilty its all HELL breaking loose…. Believe me… find him guilty and keep the peace… If Zimmerman is found innocent Savage better be in another state…

  • Nana

    Savage is abysmally ignorant. It’s not standard to have the safety on and no round in the chamber when carrying. That’s fine for in your house, but a gun that requires several seconds of more than one operation with both hands is useless if you are attacked. I teach CCH, and I’d never tell my students to follow Savage’s advice. His conclusions are way off base. People who are anti-gun have all kinds of wild wrong ideas.

    • MaranathaMark

      I agree, and guess if Michael is going to really carry this moronic logic to the Nth degree, he could argue if Zimmerman had not had the magazine in the pistol, and bullets in the magazine, he would have been able to fight his way out of this. I guess Michael is oblivious to the fact that, training or not, Zimmerman was the dude on the bottom of the fight, and was getting his butt kicked in a very serious manner! I don’t care if he was a Kung Fu master, 15th degree black-belt, when the guy is sitting on your chest beating the devil out of you, including bashing your head on the concrete, the likelihood of mounting a counter-attack with his fist were prettying much a moot point, as he was rattled to the point of screaming for help. No if Zimmerman didn’t have his gun on him with a round chambered, he would have at the minimum had a few days in the hospital or even been dead, and Trayvon would have walked away scott-free! Anyone who carries a legal concealed pistol without a round in the chamber, is truly inviting being killed themselves! Again, ask a cop if they carry their weapons empty while on patrol on the street. When I carry, I am not on any mission to kill anyone or on a power trip, I am merely trying to ensure that I have a means to defend me and my wife should someone threaten or attack us with a weapon!

  • sleepingdog

    As Boca9MM states below, not all handguns have an external manual safety. My Sig 40 does not have a safety either. When I have a bullet in the chamber all I have to do is squeeze the trigger. I love Savage, but he needs to read Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Mr Zimmerman had a right and he exercised his right based on his judgement that his life was in danger or out of fear for great bodily harm. This case would not have went to court if not for the race card being played. If he is found guilty then maybe all of us on the side of justice need to make some noise!!

  • American voter

    People do not seem to realize that this is not ‘white vs Black’. First; Zimmerman is hispanic, isn’t he? This is about a dangerous society to live in and there is NO reasonable excuse to keep this young thug’s past history a secret from the people that are to judge his actions on the night he was killed..
    Every time our local station mentions the case here in Jax, FL. they are careful to show a picture of a 14 years old kid in a pure white hoody!! I have complained several times, but they, the anchors , are mostly black people. (does this make a difference? I bet it does!) As you may or not know, Jax city voters are primarily NOT WHITE. That’s why Jacksonville city limits was changed to include all of DUVAL COUNTY, so we could get a mixed vote in the city government. hummmm

    • RockyMtn1776

      Nothing in the news about the black teenager who shot a baby in the head who was sitting in his little stroller. This nation has been torn apart by race and it was done on purpose. It’s going to get ugly, real ugly by the time this is over.

      • Cairan

        2 young White mothers were murdered BY Negroes this week, simply for Race thrills. They are merely 2, of THOUSANDS. Crime rates would PLUMMET in the USA, if Negroes magically disappeared. Savage’s ethny has been promoting Blacks since they founded the NAACP, to destroy the White majority.

      • American voter

        I can’t believe that they still call the organization for NAA CP. Colored People.
        GO FIGURE!

      • American voter

        Oh we get that news in Jax. the trouble is one of the two is rolling over on the others, and will get preferential treatment because of it. What possible EXCUSE can a teen thug have for having SHOT a BABY.

    • jdangiel

      He’s also part black.

  • chamberjac

    Savage is losing it. He is arrogant, pompous and rude. Tthen he comes up with this BS about Zimmerman being guilty because he was prepared to protect himself ? What ??? Sorry Savage, you are going to hang yourself with your own rope. All for ratings !

  • Joe Russo


    • Roger Berens

      I feel the same way you do. I am tired of living in this retarded, bizarro world of the Obozo years. The cowards and wimps in the U.S. Congress will never impeach Obozo because they are afraid of the backlash and because they are lining their pockets with more and more of our tax dollars. What can we do? Make sure that in November of 2014 the progressives and Rhinos lose office. We can make sure that Obozo’s lapdogs do not get back control of the House. We may end up having to fight another civil war to get our country back.

  • Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    Michael Savage it appears has lost his way. He is supposed to commentate not prosecute. Hopefully the real commentators will speak forth and cut off some of the pressure which Political Correctness is being pushed to do. For some reason it seems that it is PC to convict Zimmerman. It is also PC to show a black Trayvon Martin as a young 12 year old brutally shot by a White Jewish big strong man with a gun. While every thing that is PC is also BS and like Michael’s savage comments should be shoveled into the garbage can,

  • QuincyUDX

    It seems that the Media, no matter who they are, have to have their pound of flesh. They have all tried him and found him guilty before his trial even started. Carrying a firearm without a round in the chamber is stupid. You might as well not even have it with you. If Zimmerman had not had a round chambered in his weapon, most likely, he would have been the one killed.

  • vicki

    I remember when Elizabeth Smart disappeared, it was Michael Savage that repeated and insisted it was her father who was guilty of her disappearance. Not only was Michael Savage completely wrong, he never apologized to this father for accusing him. I lost all respect for Michael Savage at that point. He is not credible and likes to hear himself.

  • diana

    Your nuts he should be rewarded for keeping his neighbors safe, we all know he was up to no good. Dark, raining, and a place he did not belong 123 your out

  • Joe Russo


  • iamcurious

    I like Michael Savage. He provides interesting points of view to the conservative cause. Just like every one of us, he isn’t perfect and he isn’t right 100% of the time. On this issue, his judgement is badly flawed. Obviously, he isn’t as familiar with modern weapons as he thinks. On this issue, he is wrong. If we write off every conservative American, the moment they’re wrong on an issue, we’re going to be lost and lonely. I will not write him off, on this alone.

  • jay

    Looks like Savage is waving the “I am a fool flag”

  • Name

    I think Mr Savage is merely trying to boost his ratings. This kind of thing gets everybody talking-

  • Joe

    I generally agree with Savage but find his logic flawed in this case. If a person utters a racist statement (as Savage purports), then the logical conclusion is that they intend to murder. If those who make such racist statements, whether it be the “N” word, Cracker, etc…., are murderers in disguise, the prisons would be overflowing with these individuals since the logical conclusion is that their “apparent intent” is to kill the object of their racism. Good thing we got Paula Deen before she too committed such an act.

    Savage completely dismisses the racist statement made by TM which, according to his logic, would also result in GM’s murder.

    • Cairan

      PC and “Race Crimes” were created BY Weiner’s’ co-ethnics, in order to dispossess the Founding Stock of the USA. He’ll NEVER talk about that topic.

  • Cairan

    The law is being completely perverted by creatures like Michael Weiner, and that Judge. Why doesn’t savage talk aobut Kelly Hunnewell? The young White mother murdered by savage Negroes for THRILLS, at her workplace this week? Talk about Black crime rates, Weiner.

  • MaranathaMark

    Michael is a moron! I carry my concealed carry with a round chambered, as do cops, the last thing you want to have to do when you find yourself in a life and death situation, have to chamber a round. The seconds it take to chamber a round can cost you your life! I say again, Michael is a moron! If Zimmerman was carrying a loaded gun around with the safety off, he is stupid as well. But how do we know the safety is off, because he had a round chambered??? I’ve not heard how we know that other than Michael’s ranting’s here. If you carry a concealed weapon and it is unloaded, you are inviting being killed, plain and simple. The time it takes you to upholster that weapon, remove the safety, and chamber a round, when you are surprised by an attacker is about 3 seconds longer than you probably have to use it to successfully defend yourself. Just because you have to take the safety off to chamber a round, doesn’t mean that you can’t put the safety back on after the round is chambered, which is what most CCL folks do! Michael is trying to sensationalize this to get ratings and act like he is smarter than he really is, while hoping his listeners aren’t as smart as he is, which isn’t very! That’s one of the reasons I don’t like Miky, and won’t listen to his show at all!

    • GeoInSD

      Personally, I don’t trust safeties for safety and for remembering to take the safety off. That is why I prefer SIG double/single actions with a hammer decock. I have had too many times in practice where I am ready to fire and squeeze the trigger and have no boom from forgetting to take off the safety. Sure, I can train more to get the habit automatic of taking the safety off when ready to shoot but I fear if/when a real situation arises with the inherent high levels of stress, I might still forget.

      • MaranathaMark

        Your SIG has a safety in the grip of the pistol, correct? You have to have the pistol in your hand and squeeze the handle tight enough to depress grip safety in order to fire it, right? If that is true, your pistol has a safety that is on, when it isn’t held properly, unlike other pistols/firearms, which have various push/flick safeties. Some even have a combo safety – grip safety and push/flick safety! If you are going to the firing range, I wouldn’t have a round chambered, but if I am walking the street with my concealed carry, I have a round chambered and the safety on. I think you are right to be leery of safety, which is why any responsible firearm owner never point a firearm in the direction of something they don’t want to shoot!

      • GeoInSD

        Incorrect. My SIG is the P2022. Others have what you describe but not mine. The “safety” for mine is to decock the hammer and the 10 lb double action trigger pull.

        At the range, I have the action open, unchambered, no magazine, and pointed down range when not shooting.

        For defensive use at home, I am not the only one who could be using it. My wife or daughters could be using it too. I especially fear my wife would forget to take off the safety when they need to use it. She commonly forgets the little things when operating a machine. This mistake, when really needed, is literally critical.

      • MaranathaMark

        Ok, it does have a safety, it just isn’t the traditional safety. I had to research it a little, as I don ‘t own a SIG, and have only seen the older ones, and more expensive ones. Whether a grip safety or an block safety with the decock feature, it is still a functional safety. Granted not one you have to manually deploy in the traditional sense. I agree, in a bad situation, the 2022’s safety system would be a definite advantage, as you don’t have to remember to take it off, but you would either have to cock the hammer or fire from the double action position for the first shot. Having several double action pistols myself, though not a SIG, the trigger pull/creep can lead to pulling off target. With a guy sitting on your chest beating the crap out of you, trigger creep isn’t likely to matter when it comes to accuracy, if you are able to get a shot off. All in all, it looks like a nice pistol, but for home defense, I prefer my 590 Mossberg with 00 buck. No I am not shooting to wound if someone breaks into my house, and I pray I never have to do that. My pistols are mainly for CC purposes when we travel. I also have an 20 gauge with 6 shot loaded for my wife to use (Mossberg 12 ga. is a bit intimidating for her), which if she can get to it and put the rounds in center mass, should make the surgeon treating the intruder, earn their pay, trying to find all the shot! Again, I truly hope it never comes to that!

      • GeoInSD

        My father and grandfather and uncle raised me not to trust safeties. My grandfather would remind me never to enter the house with the action to my rifle not open. When I got my firearms education from them (1970s), traditional safeties weren’t trustworthy. I still don’t trust them. Perhaps they are just fine now but I have the prejudice against tradition safeties deeply ingrained in me. That is why I chose the P2022 and double action revolvers. I have other weapons but these are the only I would ever store chambered and the action closed.

      • MaranathaMark

        I know what you are talking about, and it is a good policy. I seldom keep an unloaded firearm. We were raised to treat all weapons as if they were loaded, and to always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction. Typically, when going hunting, shotguns and rifles were unloaded and check thoroughly, but we still treated the weapon as if it were load… if you treat them all as loaded you lower the risk of accidental injury or death. I have a rifle or two with manual safety, and a pistol with a safety, as well as my Mossberg which has manual safety. I still won’t point a weapon in any animal or person’s direction, unless I plan on killing it!

      • GeoInSD

        It seems you were raised or trained in firearms similarly to me. I groan every time I hear it reported on the news of an accidental shooting because the person thought the gun was not loaded – people violating very basic gun safety rules.

        When I took the test for my California Handgun Safety Certificate, the tester asked me how I thought I did. It was a breeze and got 100% correct and considered everything just very basic stuff my father raised me with. I told the tester so. But the person that administered the test to me said a lot of people fail the test. I was very surprised at that. I guess that is why there are accidental shootings.

        Anyway, back to the original point, Mr. Savage doesn’t know what he is talking about with respect to this subject, yet he presents his opinion as being super insightful.

  • Tim

    I like Michael Savage, but he is so wrong on this one. First: You always carry a semi-automatic with a round chambered. Otherwise, why carry it? Second: There is no “safety.” It is a de-cock mechanism that is used after chambering a round to put the weapon into double action prior to holstering.

  • tbonpc

    From all the witnesses, Zimmerman should be found Innocent and that so called Judge should have her licenses revoked. She is about the most Biased Judge I have ever seen. The prosecution has proven way beyond a doubt that Mr Zimmerman was attacked first by Martin and that Mr Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin from Martins actions of trying to bust his skull open on the concrete and trying to go after Mr Zimmerman weapon. Mr Zimmerman was in fear for his life and in any situation where one puts another in fear for their life, it is justified to protect ones self with the use of deadly force. Savage is just another idiot.

  • Mike “mayormike” Mortimore

    Michael Savage is generally one of the most insightful radio hosts. On this issue, he is wrong about the gun. Even police will tell you they always carry a chambered round. When danger presents, it rarely announces itself and time is of the essence. I listen to Savage regularly but did not hear this argument. I did hear his argument declaring GZ guilt due to his decision to continue following TM after being told not to by the dispatcher (a common police enforcement policy). This was a far more sound argument, not for 2nd degree murder, but for negligent homicide. We will see a civil suit regardless. Savage also states many times that this should not be a national media case, but it was used by the media and people like Al Sharpton for their own pc agendas.

  • BikerBill

    If Mr. Savage spent less time patting himself on the back and more time researching his topic before babbling about it, he might look less like an idiot. Since I can’t find an email address for him, I’ll tell him here. I’ve been licensed to carry a firearm in Texas for 10 years and have taken a number of professionally trained self-defense courses. No self-defense instructor I’ve ever heard of would recommend that you carry a defensive weapon with the chamber unloaded. Mr. Savage, Zimmerman’s gun is a “double-action” design which means pulling the trigger both cocks the gun and releases the hammer. Double-action guns normally don’t have a safety, because the trigger pull is far heavier than a single-action gun, like a 1911, which offers a manual safety. In any case, having the chamber unloaded on any firearm you are carrying is foolish for two reasons; the time it takes to operate the slide is time you may not have, and you are giving up a round that could mean the difference between living and dying. I didn’t hear the slur, but I’ve heard it described as a non-racial epithet. Also, it’s my understanding (not being Michael Savage, I could be wrong) that he’s being tried for second degree murder, not manslaughter, a far more serious charge. Zimmerman may have been a dope, but IMHO and based on the evidence I’ve read, there is no “beyond a doubt” version of this tragedy which doesn’t send him home a free man.

  • 7papa7

    He should have never been brought to trial. Remember the local prosecutor wouldn’t try him so the racist in thief sent out a federal prosecutor to try him. IMHO I think that this may be the scenario for obama to call out for marshal law because of the riots. I honestly think that obama WANTS Zimmerman to be set free. He knows it will cause race riots and he knows that it will require troops to bring it back under control. This is all part of obamas plan to implement marshal law.

  • Take 2

    it is very likely that part II with Martin showing back up with his boys to kill Zim and his family. It is what it is or how it goes 8 or 9 times out of 10. No excuse…except in the asphalt jungle there are no rules other than it’s him or you. Sounded like Martin indicated that to Zim just before he died. or for you lay folks with cheery childhoods rolling in green grass etc., That is what Martin meant if you listen to Zim and Hannity interview.

  • GeoInSD

    Though he says it is his opinion, he touts his analysis as being the most brilliant and only valie. I say Mr. Savage is a pompous arrogant *ss, at least with respect to this issue. Having a round chambered does not mean the gun bearer is hunting. Not to have the gun chambered is not only slower to use, but it requires two hands to ready it. In a defensive situation, one might not have that luxury of time or have two hands available. In fact, the situation that Mr. Zimmerman and at least one witness described (Mr. Martin mounted Mr. Zimmerman), Mr. Zimmerman did not have two hands available to rack the slide of a semi auto handgun.

    Mr. Zimmerman having only minor injury does not prove his life was not in danger. That is really poor reasoning on the part of Mr. Savage to conclude Mr. Zimmerman could not feel his life was in danger. A person can have NO INJURY yet truly have his life in danger in such a situation. A street fighter or martial artist in the position that Mr. Martin was in (mount) could kill a person in one blow. The person in the mount position has great mechanical advantage plus the fact Mr. Zimmerman’s head was on concrete made the situation especially dangerous for him.

    A lot of people are yakking about this case that present their opinions as fact yet have no expertise on the subjects discussed. (My background: a firearms enthusiast and studied martial arts for 20 years, but I will yield to those with even better experience like an experienced police officer or trained soldier. Does Mr. Savage qualify?)

  • BobbyC_2

    Having a bullet in a chamber is not a violation of Florida Statues 776 or 790. Also, having a bullet “already” placed in the chamber is good “defensive” tactics. A person CANNOT based an opinion supported by Florida Law, and come to a conclusion of that fact of law whether a person is guilty of manslaughter or 2nd degree murder. That is dangerous speculation in anyone’s opinion. I respects Savages opinion, however, I disagree with his biased opinion. As a Florida resident, I suggest many to read and study the Florida statues.

  • charles17121

    What Mr. Savage is really saying is he is afraid there will be riots is Mr Zimmerman is not found guilty . I have news for Mr . Savage this is a constitutional republic with laws that must be obeyed and not a democracy with mob rule . And for the lame stream media to advance the thought of riots is an act of treason .

    • joepotato

      Irresponsible yes, treason NO… Look up US Code for definition….

    • ChuckGF

      If you think the law should be obeyed then Zimmerman is guilty. Vigilantism is mob rule.

      • NM Leon

        If you think the law should be obeyed then the only question is whether it is reasonable to believe Zimmerman feared for his life. If you think it is reasonable to believe he did, you must acquit.

      • John

        Even if the evidence shows he had no reason to be? Leon- are you crazy? Do you think that TX man was justified for shooting the escort in the neck? Because he thought sex was part of the arrangement? And when she walked out with his money without having sex, he shot her in the neck and was found not guilty. God bless the law!

  • flwfg

    Sorry, Dr. Savage, but you are 100% WRONG on this one… Local police and prosecutors agreed that no charges were warranted, .. that is until the race baiters came out and made it a RACE issue… Now you have a special prosecutor and an obviously biased judge in what amounts to a Kangaroo Court…When he is acquitted, those who claim they wanted justice will show their true colors and will seek REVENGE…Which is what this entire trial is really about…

  • Not_in_Denial

    Well, I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve liked Savage for a long time, but this tears it. He is full of himself on this and has no knowledge or experience with Florida concealed carry laws. I hate losing good sources of information like this.

  • repubboy

    I am sorry Mr. Savage but in this case, I humbly disagree with your assessment, You have said that Zimmerman must be found guilty because of his severe action action he took to defend himself That The the criminal that was assaulting him was not armed and therefore should not have been shot to death.
    Sir, in the split second it took for Trayvone Martin to be shot and killed the same could have happened to Mr. Zimmerman in that same split second..When you are attacked you have no idea wether its, life threatening or not, and in the case where your assailant is on top of you and pummeling you and slamming your head into the concrete you are thinking that this person means to kill you ! Deadly force to defend yourself was required and taken.
    Mr. Martin should have thought twice about being a ‘PUNK” vs. ” A Good Boy” and should have went home.
    He got what he deserved, He was the aggressor, and he is dead I hope that his death will be thought about by other “Tough Punks” that think they can break the law and get away with it.
    The trial is about RACE period.. There was no criminal wrong doing by Zimmerman. He was defending himself.

  • nancy miller

    I disagree, Mr. Savage. You have looking at the picture of the dead man that was taken when he was just a little boy and not a current one where he is a thief and a drug dealer.
    The press has used this case to make news, not tell the truth. As usual.

    • ChuckGF

      You are wrong! Zimmerman had know way of knowing if Martin was a Thug and/or a drug dealer. What Martin looks like has nothing to do with what happened. Zimmerman was not a policeman and had no right to act as policeman. He called the police as he was supposed to do, then if he had waited for them there would have been a different outcome. But, Zimmerman decided to cross the line and become a vigilante. He is guilty of 2nd degree murder.

      • blessedtruth

        Maybe a thug will attack your holier than thou backside some day loser!

      • NM Leon

        It would be the first time in history that a murderer called the police and kept them updated in real time before the crime.

      • ChuckGF

        That probably isn’t true but is irrelevant anyway. Zimmerman was a Neighborhood Watch volunteer and did what he was supposed to do. Then he changed is mind and broke the rules. That is when he became a vigilante. If he had wait for the police as he had been trained to do, we would not even be talking about this. Martin would be alive, maybe in jail, and Zimmerman would still be out on Neighborhood Watch. But he messed up. He knew better. But in all the years of nights(10 years I believe) he probably never had anything to really report. Now he got excited forgot what he was supposed to do and because of some died. Nothing else matters! Don’t matter who hit who first, who was physically bigger, who was the racist or who was the thug. Zimmerman messed up and now he should pay.

      • NM Leon

        Sorry, you don’t get to make up your own facts.

        Zimmerman had plenty of previous calls to 911, the prosecution wanted to play them for the jury.

        Listening to the 911 tape from that night he certainly doesn’t sound excited.

        Your opinion notwithstanding, according to the law, who hit who first certainly does matter in establishing self defense.

        The only question is whether or not it’s reasonable to believe that Zimmerman was in fear for his life, which is the legal justification for using deadly force.

      • mhchaos

        You’re a good slave.

  • PepperPete

    Definition of MS; dumb ass

  • joepotato

    The investigator was forced to file charges because of political pressure. This should never have been a murder 2 trial… At the most… man 1…. Savage has gone stupid on this issue…

  • Brian P.

    Savage is completely WRONG in his assessment that the way Zimmerman was carrying his gun makes him guilty.

    Savage suggests because he was carrying a loaded gun, with a round in the chamber and safety off that he should be guilty of murder.

    I’m a firearms instructor, and from a tactical perspective, many handgun and concealed carry instructors teach students that you SHOULD carry your weapon with a round chambered because you are not guaranteed the use of both hands and Zimmerman’s case is a classic example. You may be fending off an attacker with one hand while attempting to draw you firearm and use it with the other. Some very popular guns like Glock (most popular handgun in the world at the moment and standard issue for 60% of the world’s police departments), Springfield XD, and some models of Sig Sauer and any other ‘striker fired’ pistol do NOT have an external safety and the natural act of pressing the trigger disengages the ‘trigger safety’.

    To carry it as Savage suggests, goes against popular tactical instruction for many armed citizens and law enforcement alike and would have essentially rendered Zimmerman’s firearm useless and allowed Trayvon Martin to pound Zimmerman’s head into the ground until he was unconscious.
    And just because some is a racist, as Savage suggest by a comment Zimmerman allegedly made, doesn’t mean they committed murder. Even if Zimmerman is a 3rd generation Klan member, it still doesn’t mean he should be charged with murder because of it. The rule of law is supposed to judge factual evidence and what you can prove.
    This is pretty intense PC, race-baiting and liberal feel good ‘logic’ from a supposed ‘conservative’.

  • SickofPoliticks

    Wrong, Mr. Savage. Absolutely wrong.

    • Taquoshi

      Unbelievable. We need to let the court system work and not try him in the court of public opinion. There are already websites devoted to killing George Zimmerman, regardless of whether he’s innocent or not. Is this the kind of justice we want? The kind that creates fan clubs for the surviving Boston marathon bomber, declaring he couldn’t have done it because he’s cute? Really? There are some who may be looking at this as payback for O.J., but they’ll sing a different song when it’s their friend or relative in the testimony box.

      • SickofPoliticks

        Savage, the media and all of the jerks out there saying he’s guilty seem to forget the presumption of innocence. They all ought to keep their mouths shut and let the jurors do their job with the evidence they have to evaluate.

      • Roger Berens

        Yes, the prosecution has to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • ACE

    Savage is wrong. He is not street savvy. He needs to put himself in Zimmermons position

    • ChuckGF

      Zimmerman put himself in the wrong position. Street savvy my ass. You obviously do not know the law. Street savvy is for Thugs. Zimmerman was supposed to be a Neighborhood Watch volunteer and act under a specific set of rules to prevent these acts of vigilantism.
      Michael Savage is right.

      • blessedtruth

        Another damn fool heard from!

      • NM Leon

        If Zimmerman broke Neighborhood Watch rules he can be kicked out of it, not prosecuted.

      • ChuckGF

        Yeah right, not when some is dead because of his screw up. This is the definition of 2nd degree murder.
        I sure don’t believe the punishment for murder is being kicked out of Neighborhood Watch. Next your going to tell me that if he was a Hell’s Angel his punishment should be to be kicked out of the Hell’s Angels! Make exactly as much sense and you make no sense at all.

      • NM Leon

        Neighborhood Watch rules are not laws. He can be prosecuted for breaking criminal statutes, not organizational rules.

        This is the second degree murder statute in FL:

        The unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, is murder in the second degree and constitutes a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

        Florida’s standard jury instruction for murder 2 notes that:

        An act is “imminently dangerous to another and demonstrating a depraved mind” if it is an act or series of acts that:

        “a person of ordinary judgment would know is reasonably certain to kill or do serious bodily injury to another, and

        is done from ill will, hatred, spite, or an evil intent, and

        is of such a nature that the act itself indicates an indifference to human life.

        Notice step 2. Under Florida law the mere fact that an armed man kills another who is unarmed does not prove a “depraved mind” (Poole v. State, Bellamy v. State, and Light v. State). Typically, the prosecution proves “ill will, hatred, spite, or an evil intent” through evidence of a long-standing grievance or some unusually wrongful or aggressive conduct on the part of the attacker.

        In this case they certainly have proved nothing of the sort.

  • Roger Berens

    Is Savage serious? Or is he just trying to stir up controversy? The elements in this administration who are myopically obsessed with the issue of race have been manipulating this case from the beginning. They made sure that the news outlets never showed Trayvon as a 6 foot 2 inch punk with tattoos on his face, and a penchant for pot and guns. This is about punishing a man for shooting a young black man, never mind if it was self-defense. This administration is about letting young punks run wild and have “payback” for the past.

    • RBlakeH

      He is a liberal and thinks his reasoning is correct. His reasoning is like a very poorly tuned engine with the distributor 180 degrees out.

  • charles17121

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

  • sgt524

    So much for the compassionate conservative point of view.

    • ChuckGF

      I vote republican, I’m conservative, I believe in strict construction of the constitution. What has any of that got to do with whether Zimmerman is guilty or not. Height, weight, racism or who is the bigger thug have nothing to do with it. Tattoos, or whether or not Martin was a criminal has nothing to do with this. Zimmerman illegally chased Martin with a gun. According to Neighborhood Watch rules he was supposed to wait for the police. Zimmerman was a police wannabe but there were obviously good reasons why he had never been able to get a job as a policeman, he wasn’t qualified! Zimmerman was the aggressor and the aggression began with the 1st step Zimmerman took to chase Martin. Martin was acting in self defense. It does not matter if he was on top, or taller, or a bigger racist or a thug, he still has the right to defend himself from a vigilante chasing him with a gun.
      Michael Savage is Right. Zimmerman is guilty of 2nd degree murder. I’ve been saying this from the beginning, because most of this other so called evidence has nothing to do with the crime that Zimmerman commited. I am glad Michael agrees with me.

      • blessedtruth

        On top of all that you are a damn fool too!

      • NM Leon

        Neighborhood Watch rules notwithstanding, there is nothing illegal about following somebody. You could follow someone all day without breaking the law as long as you were on public property. Unless Zimmerman pulled his pistol and threatened Martin with it (which no one has suggested) aggression in this case (legally) began with first physical contact, apparently a punch in the nose.

        The only question for the jury is whether it is reasonable to believe that Zimmerman feared for his life. If they think it is reasonable they will acquit him.

      • ChuckGF

        I really never thought there were so many stupid people that know how to right.
        When some one you go back to the beginning of the story. If you don’t understand or just want to make things up as you go along I can’t help you.

      • NM Leon

        “I really never thought there were so many stupid people that know how to right.”

        I wasn’t aware that there were that there were so many stupid illiterate people who choose to write about subjects of which they are totally ignorant.

        “When some one you go back to the beginning of the story.”

        What language is that, Chucky? The words appear to be English but the sentence has no meaning.

        “If you don’t understand or just want to make things up as you go along I can’t help you.

        I understand very well, and didn’t ask for your help. If you are interested in gaining an actual understanding, go here for a detailed, day by day, legal analysis by the legal eagle who literally wrote the book the “Law of Self Defense”.

      • John

        And if the person who is followed reports it, you can be found guilty of stalking and harassment. So you’re basically saying, if are you following someone and they don’t know it, it’s okay. Great argument and defense.

      • sgt524

        My reference to a compassionate conservative is because Savage claims he invented the term that was later used by Bush for his election in 2000.

        Savage really believes he is the smartest one in the room.

  • sbryant

    Michael is being Michael. He has been in San Francisco too.

  • Rick_M

    Savage should be ashamed. First, he doesn’t even know what the charges are in the case, nor the relevant criteria for conviction. Second, he has the facts and state of the firearm wrong. Third, it is not required that one be threatened with a firearm after they’ve had your head bashed in to justifiably act in self-defense. Fourth, the alleged “racist” comment that Savage “couldn’t play” was never said! The prosecution hasn’t even made that charge. In fact, the opening words of the prosecution’s opening statement were the very words Zimmerman whispered at that point. The prosecution said them loudly and forcefully, and they have been repeated dozens of times during the trial. Those words were “f*ing punks.” Nothing racist in those words. Savage is not only arrogant, but is flat out lying in saying he has done far more research than others. He doesn’t even know the basic facts of the case. Worse, is his irresponsibility in misleading his audience in this already tragically racially charged national spectacle.

  • I C Black Racists

    The point of carrying a gun is to protect yourself. A semi-auto without a cartridge in the chamber is useless as a gun in a safe, it is of no use when you need it. Under Savage’s reasoning, a six shot revolver should be missing a shot in the upcoming chamber, or the user is guilty of something.

    I have to wonder what Savage’s opinion would be if he were on the ground, straddled by a thug screaming “you are going to die M_ _ _ _ _ F_ _ _ _ _”. This when he was just sucker punched and his nose broken.

    Obviously he does not live in Seminole County Florida. In this county when you are robbed by a black, at gunpoint, you will be told “I didn’t see it, there is nothing I can do”, when you have flagged down a deputy.

    The New Black Panthers issue Wanted Dead or Alive posters with a $10,000.00 bounty, and Sheriff Don Eslinger says, and did nothing about it; they have free run of the county.

    We now live in a country where the Attorney General is a blatant racist, who states he will not prosecute blacks for capital crimes. If Obama had a son, he would look like T. Martin; (does that still apply?) He was buried, that would be a rotting corpse.

    • blessedtruth

      Nice thought though.

  • MaranathaMark

    Every time I hear this clip, it really crawls all over me! If Zimmerman was on a power trip with his concealed carry, he would have had it in hand while out of his vehicle, and went for it as soon as Martin popped out of the bushes to confront him. The fact that Zimmerman didn’t, blows Savage’s theories out of the water!!! Savage is a has-been, trying to use B.S. to get back into completion with the likes of Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh, which he will never do, as he simply lacks the talent or moral fiber!

    • blessedtruth

      Pathetic has been at that!

  • tonyrohl

    And to think I bought a special high powered radio so I could listen to savage when he couldn’t be heard in the Sierra Mountains. Savage wasn’t there. So Zimmerman had a chambered round. It’s possible that if he didn’t, he’d be dead instead of Martin.

    • blessedtruth


  • 01jackie01

    Savage is ignorant. The Kel-tac was show to have no external safety on it.

    And if you have a gun, what good is it if it isn’t loaded?

    This dude is just another self hating white that thinks zimmerman is white as well.

    I imagine he did 0 research.

    I imagine he has 0 experience in self defense.

    I imagine, he expects getting your head beat against a solid object is somehow noble, rather than defending yourself.

    Yeah. Trevon probably went against an armed man, and the results shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    So who cares if zimmerman was racist? That doesn’t make defense a crime.

    • blessedtruth

      Thug attacked wrong man from behind in dark in rain!

  • URKiddinMee

    I used to listen to Savage until he went absolutely bat chit crazy. Hey, Michael! There IS no safety to ” take off” on the Kel-Tec 9. It’s a DOUBLE ACTION pistol which means the trigger must be pulled (At 5lbs pressure) each time a round I fired. The “safety” is that the weapon won’t fire until one WANTS it to. EVERYone who carries a semi-automatic for defense carries a live round in the chamber, dumbass. Who wants to try to jack a round into the chamber when one’s life is being threatened? Your “genius evaluation” shows that YOU don’t know “guns.” (Try calling them guns in the Marine Corps.)
    Now that you have joined the lamestream media in trying Zimmerman via the airwaves, I will never listen to your show again, nor will I patronize any advertiser who supports your show.

    • blessedtruth

      Glad gun experts set this moron straight!

  • skipgainer

    Savage is so full of himself, to bad it is manure he is full of. If there was a recording with racial slurs by Zimmerman the MSM would have pushed it for all its worth. So that makes Savage a liar and unbelievable, that is if you ever believe in this wanna be god of the radio!

    • DrSique

      Yeah, this American isn’t quite ready to crucify Zimmerman in order to promote peace among the thugs and animals who ill go on their looting spree, if a not guilty verdict comes down. It might be good for the country to be reminded of the savagery some are capable of since the media is covering up so much black on white crime. “Justice for Trayvon” seems to be the rallying call to mob violence. Let’s see who answers.

      • blessedtruth

        Justice is blind. Deaf and dumb is USA too!

    • blessedtruth

      Believe guy is loon!

  • knowledgeisgood

    So, I guess we have to believe it, because Michael said it,therefore it is the way Michael said it, I mean, Michael is soo darn insightful, and that, Michael could not possibly be wrong, ever right America?

    • blessedtruth

      Grain of salt. Probably much less…

  • Michael

    Michael Savage is wrong on two counts 1) Even if Trayvon took both his hands off Zimmerman to chamber a round and take the safety off, Zimmerman would have found it nearly impossible to escape Trayvon’s mount, unless he studied grappling which as far as I know Zimmerman didnt. I have studied grappling and it is difficult for someone with no grappling experience to deal with being mounted. 2) the “f***ing ****s” comment made by george zimmerman DID come up on fox news and it was finally decided that Zimmerman observed that it was “f***ing COLD out here”.

    Finally, correct me if Im wrong, but don’t most people carrying concealed weapons for protection leave a round in the chamber due to the considerable effort and time required on most pistols to chamber a round? Wouldn’t it be smart to keep a round chambered so the gun is ready to go the instant that its needed? If I am in in a life or death situation and I am busy futzing with the slide trying to chamber a round, that gives my assailant time to realize I have a gun and shoot me with his own.

    • blessedtruth

      Well stated.

  • sargentrage

    Zimmerman has a kangaroo court there is noway that he will get a far trial

    • blessedtruth

      All true American Patriots know that for a fact friend!

  • BS Detector

    -The Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol HAS no safety.
    -You don’t carry a firearm and then purposely make it harder for yourself to use in an emergency. Of course there was a round in the chamber!
    -Even IF Zimmerman used a racial slur, he doesn’t give up his right to self defense. The law does not state, “You can use deadly force to defend your life… except if you’re a racist.”

    • blessedtruth


  • blessedtruth

    This guy is a damn fool!

  • raccman

    Sorry but Savage is not an “expert” in this area – just a very “mouthy Egotist” ! I would have had a round ready to go to ! No one but Savage would try to cock his piece after he was being attacked !

    • blessedtruth

      Astute observation.

  • HappyG

    Savage must think Trayvon’s the twelve year old kid the MSM used to distort the public’s perception in the hopes of spreading more racial unrest…boy were they pissed when GZ turned out to be Hispanic…they had to create a whole new term to keep their propaganda flowing…thus “White” Hispanic…Goebbels would have loved this bunch…

    • Cairan

      Goebbels was trying to warn every-one about “this bunch”

    • blessedtruth

      A big Seig Heil to that!

  • Cairan

    The Judge belongs to the same ethny as Weiner. The “judge” is obviously doing everything she can do, to throw the trial. Why were all of Jeantel’s racist terminology bleeped out?

    Has Weiner ever been attacked? Would Old Man Weiner worry about all sorts of legal technicalities, if he were jumped by a full-grown wannabe gangster? Ask Mikey about the Race Riots in Israel, where-n Jews have been attacking the Black African slaves…errr…”workers” they brought in, to do the grunt jobs that Jews are too good to do. When the African population reached a tipping point, and began behaving like a Trayvon – Israeli Jews (correctly) decide that Diversity was a BAD idea – and are cleaning the Negroes OUT.
    Does Mikey Weiner EVER talk about this subject?

    • blessedtruth

      Worseless dyke who worships halfbreed dictator Hussein Obama. Totally compromised.

      • Cairan

        Are you referring to the judge?

      • blessedtruth


      • Cairan

        Her blatant favoritism is disgusting beyond words. She needs to be impeached.

  • WhiteFalcon

    From what I have seen and read Martin attacked Zimmerman and was attemtping to inflict great bodily harm. Zimmemran had every right to defend himself even if it ment that he would inflict great bodily harm to Martin. This is what happened and unfortunately Martin died as the result. It shouldn’t have happened. If Martin had just kept walking on home, none of that would have happened, but he attacked Zimmerman and Zimmerman defended himself as best he could. There should be no conviction here at all.

    • blessedtruth

      Summed up nicely.

      • WhiteFalcon


  • bjnash

    My understanding that there is no “safety” to take off. It requires a firm trigger pull to cock the hammer like a double action revolver.

    • blessedtruth

      You understand correctly.

  • Nottaturk

    I quit listening to Savage years ago. He is proven over and over to be hyperbolic and sensationalistic talking about subjects I know he is wrong on. I know he is wrong on the pistol. Double action hammer-block safety means no external safety. The trigger has to be nearly fully depressed to release it. Few people carry with no round in the chamber in most modern pistols. When you need to pull is no time to be trying to rack the slide! He is an embarrassment to Conservatism in America.

    • Cairan

      He’s not a Conservative.

  • BigUgly666

    “needed a bandaid” … utter nonsense!
    He required quite a few stitches to close the gash in his head – or, that was the story from the police when this first hit the media.

    • Brama

      He didn’t get stitches, but the fact remains that unless Zimmerman had been “cut”, he wouldn’t need stitches. But rather his head was bashed into the concrete, which is different than cutting. Zimmerman could have had bruising and his skull hitting the concrete, which may not create much of a “gash”, but would definitely knock him up and down. But in the midst of the altercation, did Zimmerman really think, “Gee… I think if I don’t defend myself, I’m only going to wind up with stitches”. Who in their right mind who is being attacked by someone like that ever thinks that way?! No one! When someone is saying “You’re going to die MF” and is punching you, and is on top of you, it is VERY reasonable to think that your life may be in danger. Regardless of how it turns out in the end.

      • BigUgly666

        It was reported that the paramedics who treated Zimmerman that night, that they stitched a gash on the back of his head.
        Personally, I’d like to see the original report.

        I will tell you, however, that if there is some punk on top of me, punching me in the face, and I have a weapon … yes, I’m going to shoot him until he is no longer a threat … and I don’t carry a 9mm.

      • Brama

        Exactly. If everyone could see in the future of such an altercation, I’m sure a lot of people would be alive. But since we don’t have the ability to see the future, taking immediate action to ensure self-preservation is not only reasonable, but it is law in Florida (Stand your ground). I just know they’re going to make Zimmerman an example simply based on political/racial reasons, even though the State has completely fumbled their case (not that they had much to begin with). Their “star” witness? “You want that also?” Really? She said that when asked by the police about certain aspects of the case. Also, who in their right mind uses the same stick to scrape nails? Who DOESN’T take pictures of the victim’s knuckles knowing the facts of the altercation?
        The prosecution fumbled this case in too many ways to count.

      • C, moore

        Again,.Zimmerman is not a cop. Neighborhood watch patrols do not have police power. They only have the same power as any other citizen. There is really no such thing as an off duty cop. They are always on duty. In many jurisdictions if an off duty cop is caught without his weapon then he/she can be disciplined, If . Where I live in Florida the cops take their police vehicles home with them and drive them on errands etc in order to keep a presence. Zimmerman is not a cop. He was not even working in a neighborhood watch capacity night, Anybody that states that they know for sure that Zimmerman acted in self defense and knows what happened is either a liar or a fool as there were not any witnesses. If you were a witness then you need to step forward. We already know that Zimmerman is a liar. He lied about his finances at this Bond hearing and he did not turn in a second passport that he had in a safe deposit box after he claimed he had lost the first one and got a duplicate. Zimmerman also lied when he stated that he was unaware of the “Florida Stand your ground Legislation ” as testified by his former instructor that taught it. Anybody that takes the word of Zimmerman at face value is brain dead. Finally in Florida if Zimmerman displayed his weapon in any way shape or form and his life or the life of another was not in imminent danger then his concealed weapon permit could be taken away from him so he will never admit it. I have a concealed weapon permit in Florida and am also a Military Vet. What Zimmerman did was irresponsible and stupid. He had no idea whether Martin had a weapon or friends nearby if Zimmerman thought he was suspicious.. If somebody such as Zimmerman follows me and acts like a cowboy then it will not go well for them. Regardless of what happened later , Zimmerman is a cowboy and a wanna be cop and showed irresponsibility

      • eddyjames

        Maybe but he is the one alive. Neighborhood watch isn’t a job. It is a volunteer organization where you report suspicious activity. Such as a unfamiliar kid roaming the streets in the rain casing homes. If you remember Trayvon had been recently caught with both burglar tools and stolen women’s jewelry at school as well as with drugs drugs. Creeping and peeping will get you killed in a lot of places. Trayvon most likely would be in jail or out on bond for some crime by now. Even if he hadn’t attacked Zimmerman.

      • Brama

        Why is he a cowboy? Because he was concerned citizen that was proactive about his neighborhood? Because he was one of few people that worried about those in his neighborhood that HAD been broken into, even while at home? Was he a cowboy for owning a firearm? Was he a cowboy for carrying his weapon? Funny how you make assumptions about whether he ‘flashed’ his weapon without any proof, yet claim anyone who believes Zimmerman has no credibility because they weren’t there…how hypocritical of you. I am not saying he is a saint, but he sure doesn’t have the record at his age, that Trayvon had at HIS age. You blame Zimmerman, yet discount Martin’s thug life, gang glorifying father, gun obsession (not the healthy kind), drug use (which was in his system at the time of the altercation), and the physical evidence that still supports Zimmerman light-years over Martin. Everything else aside, the physical evidence backs Zimmerman, period.

  • Shorty Stuff

    I used to respect Michael Savage, but he just lost it. In fact, his argument against carrying a round in the chamber and needing 2 hands to cock and fire a pistol is a great argument for the need to carry a round in the chamber and being able to fire in a hurry with one hand … FOR SELF DEFENSE PURPOSES YOU IDIOT. This probably saved Zimmerman’s life for God’s sake! Remember to take your meds next time you’re on the air Michael, and I expect your audience is going downhill from here.

  • shamu9

    Travon Martin was an Overtown/Liberty City, Miami Banger! I Babysat these Thugs for 16 a Correction Officer,at a Florida Youthful Offender Prison! Now, Tell Me I don’t Know one when I see one!! I disagree with Mike On THIS ONE! If the Z-Mann did not have a round Chambered, Martin would have TAKEN the Weapon, Racked it and Killed Zimmermann! AND he would have Emptied the weapon, not just one shot!! It’s the “Thug Life” Way. Don’t believe this, Ask some young Black Recipient!!

    • shamu9

      BTW, Travon Martin had eluded Zimm., and Zimm. had ceased following/looking for Martin. [As Requested by Dispatch.] Martin, Thug that he was, decided that no “Creepy Cracka” could “Creep” HIM, [like Martin did to old homeless bums, winos in Miami!] and get away with it. SOOOO— He doubled Back and “Crept Up” on Z-mann and Sucker Punched G.Zimm. The Rest is History!

      • Brama

        Exactly. Few people think about the high probability that Martin doubled back on Zimmerman, which explains why Zimmerman said he surprised him on his way back to his vehicle.

  • dianna

    I totally disagree – Zimmerman should never have been brought to trial at all – He is NOT GUILTY – this case is purely a political ploy – I mean come on – Obama said if he had a son how he would be just like trayvon – heck even trayvons mom patented her sons name – their is no way this man will get a fair trial – if so then the charges would have been dropped long ago – this is nothing but a mockery of the judicial system once again – thank god zimmerman was not a white blue eyed male – all of this would have even been worse – its ridiculous that the cops are having to go from door to door telling people that know matter what the verdict their will be no rioting etc – this whole show is crazy! My HEART GOES OUT TO ZIMMERMAN AND HIS FAMILY!

    • BigUgly666


    • Helen

      I agree with you. If he were black and traybon was white it would have been altogether different.

  • UncleBuck

    If Zimmerman carried a concealed weapon, then he would have to have a concealed carry permit or CCP. If he did not have a CCP, he would be charged with an additional charge which would help with an indictment against him. However, it appears that Mr. Savage is ignorant about the issue of concealed carry. It is highly recommended by professionals that there should always be a round in the chamber. If you find yourself in an incident, which would be extremely stressful, you may only have a moment to defend yourself, thus the round in the chamber. The issue with the safety being off is another issue in itself and my question would be, who confirmed the safety was off? And if he was chasing Martin, would he have taken it off during the chase? I haven’t followed the case very closely and there are probably are those that could enlighten me.

  • BigUgly666

    Savage is an idiot who should have his “horn” shoved up his butt.

    I have never, nor will I ever, carry a weapon with one up the pipe.

    Savage, you are so incredibly ignorant when it comes to guns.
    I’m not sure about a Kel-tec, but a 1911 cannot be ‘racked’ with the safety on.
    I’ve carried the Springfield XD-40 and XD-45, neither of which have an “external safety”. They do, however, have an integral trigger safety.

    Anyone carrying a weapon for personal defense who does not have a round in the chamber really should not be carrying the weapon at all.
    For the last number of years, I have carried a full-size 1911 in .45acp – condition 1, in a shoulder rig … that is, mag loaded with 8, one up the pipe, hammer at full-cock, thumb safety on, strapped in the shoulder holster. You can’t get much safer than that.
    By the way, the thumb safety on a 1911 only takes a ‘flick of the thumb’ to take the safety off … then it’s just pull the trigger. The weapon will not fire if the beaver-tail is not engaged or if the weapon is not in full battery. Anyone with experience in 1911s will understand fully.

    • Phrank Stein

      Aw someone that knows the 3 safeties of the 1911. So refreshing to read someone with knowledge instead of the moron comments that keep popping up from the “experts” on here.

      BTW for your info the Kel-Tec (mine is sitting right beside me) has a heavy trigger pull and is striker fired.

      Very safe weapon to carry with a round in the chamber and was designed to be so by the 2 Florida State patrolmen (ironic isn’t it) that designed the gun as a backup to their S&W service weapons. The little Kel-Tec can also take the full size S&W mags. Nice to have when the SHTF.

      • BigUgly666

        Thanks, Phrank!
        The XDs that I used to carry were also ‘striker fired’, it bothered me at first that they had no hammer, but with the built-in safeties, I kinda got used to them.
        I still like the 1911s best of all. I have a pair of Rock Islands with consecutive serial numbers (one set-up for right hand and the other for left – I ride a motorcycle and you can’t hold the weapon and do the throttle in the same hand at the same time) and I also have a Springfield 1911-A1 double stack that holds 13 or 14 in the mag (depends on mfg) and one up the pipe.
        When the excrement impacts the electro-magnetic, rotary, atmosphere displacement device ….. the only way that one can have too much ammo is if you have to leave some of it behind …. so make friends with people who shoot the same calibres as you do.

        Be safe – stay alert – stay armed … at all times.

  • Ralloh

    Savage, sorry but you have no clue what you are talking about. I conceal carry and have a round in the chamber at all times. My firearm, a Taurus .380 has no safety, just like the KEL-TEC PF9. The safety is a longer, harder trigger pull. Anyone who seriously carries a firearm keeps a round chambered. You are out of your league here Savage.

  • StainBuster

    Sorry Michael, but i has been established since about a week after the incident that what George said on the 911 tape was “F$$$ing cold.” Also, if you you don’t have a round in the chamber, you might as well not be carrying a hand gun.

  • Wm

    I disagree with Savage, they guy was casing the neighborhood, Zimmerman was in his rights to get out of this car when this guy attacked him from the rear.


      I could care less about SAVAGE but you are so wrong. I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the State of Florida. This not give you any Police powers. Zimmerman was not performing his duties in neighborhood watch and admits he was going to the store. If you were an armed officer in a Bank on Mondays . Wednesdays and Fridays then you don’t go to that Bank on Tuesdays and Thursdays and act like you are working. Martin was not inside the community. He had gone to the store and was outside the community. If you saw somebody “suspicious: as claimed by Zimmerman and were unarmed I can pretty much assure you that you wouldn’t get on of the and follow them. You have no way of knowing if that ‘suspicious”person has a gun or friends nearby etc. He had no right to get out of that car.Furthermore if you are not a police officer and do have a concealed carry permit then you are not allowed to display it in a threatening manner or in any way shape or form. unless you life or the life of somebody else is in imminent danger . This situation did not exist when Zimmerman saw Martin and any responsible person with any common sense would have to know that this could escalate the situation.Martin was also trying to get away so it makes no sense if he would then attack Zimmerman if he was returning to his car as claimed by Zimmerman. We also now know that Zimmerman lied at his Bond hearing about any money and the fact that he had a second passport that he did not turn in as required and we also know that Zimmerman lied about not being familiar with the ” Stand your Ground Legislation”in Florida as his Instructor testified under oath on the witness stand a few days ago that he was very familiar with it. I am not even including the comments Zimmerman made on the 911 tape..Wake up.

      • Brama

        First off, even off-duty cops continue to perform their duties. It is not unreasonable, even if Zimmerman WASN’T on the neighborhood watch, for him to observe, and even follow someone, if they appear suspicious. Many people believe that Martin wasn’t fleeing, but actually double-backing up on Zimmerman, which is why he surprised Zimmerman while he was going back to his car as he said was doing on the 911 tape. It is not illegal for Zimmerman to get out of his car. You may not like it, or think it may be unwise, but it was not illegal for him to do so. And the closing remarks from the defense said that the State has NO evidence that Zimmerman pursued Martin after getting off the phone with the police. If someone was suspicious in my neighborhood, I might follow that person just enough to get a good description of that person.
        Now… take a look at the physical evidence, and you’ll find Zimmerman’s testimony grossly outweighs the prosecution’s physical evidence, which we heard almost zero of. Why? Because they want to play off of suspicion, assumption, and emotion, instead of the physical evidence.

  • Brama

    Savage’s narcissistic superior intelligence claim is only made worse by his attempt to humbly make such a statement. Already, he is blinded by his own self-absorption, and doesn’t even see some of the flaws of his own arguments. His arrogance already makes his opinion incredibly suspect.
    First, why would you carry a gun for self-defense, yet keep in the most un-ready position to defend yourself? Having a gun, regardless of it being loaded or not, does not mean you are looking for someone to shot or intimidate. Second, having a gun prepared for self-defense in no way proves that Zimmerman was “hunting” for an altercation. Period. Third, it is not unreasonable to think that if two people get into an altercation, the one with the gun is more than likely going to be the one coming out unscathed. Just saying. Not that I’m an expert. (sarcasm there). Fourth, Mr. Z said “F p–ks”, not “f c—ts”. It is not a raci$t remark, but rather one that was said about the anger he had towards people that had broken into the neighborhood in general. Obviously your CIA agents, Mr. Savage, need hearing aids. Finally, Mr. Savage’s assessment totally dismisses anything originating from Martin such has his “cr-zy a– cr-cker” comment. Let’s look at Mr. Martin a little closer, and you’ll see a young man who acted with a thug attitude, and underestimated his own mortality.
    Not saying he deserved to die, but he did initiate a conflict in which he put his own life into possible jeopardy.

  • jacobtheodore

    I used to like Savage, but he is clearly an idiot when it comes to self defense with a gun. He has a concealed-carry permit and carries with an empty chamber. He uses that to say it proves Zimmerman’s guilt because he was looking for trouble. Listen carefully, Mikey! Never, never go out with an empty chamber. That’s the first rule of survival. It takes two hands to jack a round from the magazine into the chamber you dumb-ass. If you bought a Kel-Tec double action automatic you should know that it is intended to be carried that way. That’s why it’s a double-action. Before you leave home you chamber a round and then let the hammer down gently. It is ON SAFE that way. The hammer cannot engage the firing pin. Then, when you have to shoot somebody you can do it with one hand, not two. The whole double action bit means that all you have to do to fire is to pull back on the trigger, which raises the hammer and then lets it fall. In that sequence, the hammer CAN engage the firing pin. When that round has been fired, the action ejects the spent casing and loads the next round into the chamber, and recocks the hammer. You then only have to pull the trigger a little to send another bullet down-range.

    Nobody with even half a brain goes out with an empty chamber if the gun is being carried for protection. Either you are ready, or you are dead.

    • eddyjames

      If Savage has a concealed weapons permit in San Francisco, then he’s a liberal. It is next to impossible to get one here unless you are in bed with Pelosi or Feinstein.

    • Phrank Stein

      Actually the Kel-Tec is one of the safest guns made. It is striker fired and is double action on EVERY round. There is no external hammer on the gun and was designed by 2 Florida State Patrolmen to be a backup to a service issue S&W so it is designed to be extremely safe.

      Have never had any problems or worries with mine since I purchased it in the month it was released (late 90’s)

  • Stealth

    Savage is an IDIOT… What he claims about Zimmerman’s gun- SHOWS he is completely IGNORANT about the FUNCTION of certain firearms…. Savage…are YOU TOO now a TURNCOAT??!

  • mickey

    Savage is a nutcase. The one question pertaining to the zimmerman case is, I put myself in his position, and if I (Martin) were on top slugging Zimmerman, why would I be yelling for help? Usually, the way I see it, is that Zimmerman was being beaten by Martin, and if I were Zimmerman on the bottom being beating, I sure as hell would definetly be the one yelling help. Think about it. Yet I can see that Zimmerman is not going to get a fair trial, they’re portraying Martin as a great kid, his record for being so young proves otherwise.

    • Brama

      Exactly. Why would the aggressor be yelling for help? Why would he call attention to his actions. Also, what other injuries did Trayvon have besides the gunshot and knuckles? None, because Trayvon was the aggressor on top of Martin.

  • Robert James

    Well, another phony Constitutionalist who claims this and that turns out to be a turncoat and get’s X’d off my list

  • Texas Belle

    Since the Jury has been sequestered none of them will hear Savage’s comments, thank goodness. Savage doesn’t know of what he speaks.


    Zimmerman Following Trayvon = Not illegal
    Trayvon Cut through yards = trespass
    Trayvon looking in windows = peeping tom
    Zimmerman confronting Trayvon = not illegal, justified based on Trayvon’s actions
    Trayvon attacking Zimmerman = aggravated assault
    Zimmerman shooting Trayvon = self-defense.
    The only one committing any crimes here was Trayvon.

  • Shane

    Savage is wrong; Martin jumped Zimmerman and was putting a “beat down” on Zimmerman when he was shot.

  • A Patriot

    Mr. (oops, it’s Dr. because he always says so again and again and again) Savage is way off on this one. This is nothing but a racist prosecution on an incident on which there was no doubt of self defense on the night it happened, and no doubt about it now. If you carry a pistol for protection and don’t have a round in the chamber, you are a fool.


    Dr Savage,
    When one carries a semiautomatic (Autoloader) firearm for defense one keeps a round in the chamber. If it is not cocked it isn’t a pistol it’s a club. As for the safety many modern pistols are double action only and I believe that the 9MM Kel-Tec that Zimmerman carried was that type of firearm which does not have a safety by design.
    In other words sir: You know nothing of firearms, carry techniques or concealed carry law. Either study that of which you speak or shut the hell up.

  • eganstew3

    A gun is not worth anything if it is not ready. If you have to take the lock off and put a bullet in the gun, you are dead. If I had a gun, I would have it loaded and ready to go. In times of stress, I do not think I would I would get the bullet in to use.

  • BoneHead

    If he had no bullet in the chamber and or the lock on, he would be dead not the thug! He is innocent!

  • Chuck Holmes

    Sounds like Michael is turning into a liberal and I agree with every other person here that you have a round chambered, the hammer pulled back and safety on or the integral grip safety. he doesn’t know his arce from a hole in the ground on this one and I expect an apology and comeback from him.

  • SoonerAlfie

    Shame on you media — just look how upset you’ve gotten people here on this site. Why are we talking about this case? Why is it being so heavily covered by the media? Thousands of trials are being held daily in courts throughout the land, yet this one and the Arias case hit the airwaves big-time. This is beyond strange, yet no one seems to think it even faintly odd…. Is the Zimmerman-Martin case being used to incite …. or to keep our attention from focusing on what really matters? Think about it — here are two unknown young men in a confrontation, with one winding up deceased. What is unusual or especially interesting about this? An important reminder to the media: There are TV shows dedicated to crime and punishment. Why stray into their area of expertise? Let them cover such trials, and if the public is interested, it knows where to tune in. Stop covering it as mainstream news for all the people — for it is not. Here are two events that actually are mainstream news — the Snowden case, which does concern all — and anything involving possible terrorist activity, such as the deaths of the Arizona firemen, is mainstream news. Local car wrecks, chases, and building fires are other examples of non-mainstream news. The national media can’t seem to distinguish between national and local news, unfortunately. Now, what would be a most interesting story to all would be an in-depth investigative report covering the misdeeds and bad acts of the mainstream media!!

  • Senia

    Yes, if he didn’t have a round in the chamber he would be dead. Savage is wrong on this. Blaming Zimmerman is like blaming a girl who is raped for looking good and provoking the rapist. Martin had no right to attack anyone no matter if Zimmerman was a community watchman or just a private citizen walking in his residential community. In my book Zimmerman showed extreme patience and only resorted to using a firearm when his life was in real danger.

    • Brama

      Exactly. If Martin was a respectful young man, he would have 1). Not surprised Zimmerman but actually gone to the location he was supposed to. 2). Would have politely spoken to Zimmerman from a good distance about what Zimmerman was doing, just to be safe. 3). Would have called 911 or his parents if HE felt threatened. 4). Would have NOT told Zimmerman that he was “going to die, MF”. But hey, maybe the presense of respectful children in Miami is an outrageous thing for me to assume.

  • Mad_Gorilla

    Michael Savage doesn’t know what the H*LL he’s talking about. You NEVER carry a concealed weapon that isn’t ready for use. That means Condition 1 — a round in the chamber, the hammer cocked, and the safety on. What bloody good is that gun if you have to stop and chamber a round first? That’s about the quickest way I know of getting dead post haste. Sit down and shut up, Savage!

  • dagriz

    Savage must not have ever carried a gun except maybe for an anchor

  • Roger Berens

    Is Dr. Savage being sarcastic? Is he mocking the liberal mind set that sees everything through the prism of race, gender, and economics? If he is serious then this gives me more reason to not take him seriously.

  • Old Salt

    Apparently, Savage, who are you really, on your planet, in order to use our defense with a firearm properly, let’s not have any of this, “be at the ready, should you be attacked”, but rather allow your head to be bashed into the concrete for an extra minute or so, then check with you first, to see if maybe the response to getting the stew kicked out of us, can be considered a “knee jerk” reaction to a little neighborhood thug horseplay. You make my azz tired!!

  • SSG

    savage must be jailed fore at least 50 years fore being a STUPID EDDIT AND FOOL,oh i forgot HES BLACK, NO WONDER ; cant find nonguilty people GUILTY FORE DEFENDING THERE SELF I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME.

    • Phrank Stein

      Uh Savage is white as the snow there Skippy.

  • dan

    You must find him guilty in order to avoid the inevitable riot that the blacks will commit and God only knows how many people will die. This is what he really means, but can’t.

    • dagriz

      Full fledged RIOTS???——————-be less blacks in the future

  • Mark

    The Keltec PF-9 which is, I believe, the gun Zimmerman used is a double action only pistol and does not have a manual safety. The P11, which is the other common concealed carry 9mm made by keltec is also a double action only pistol with no manual safety. Carrying a gun without a round in the chamber is a good way to fail to protect oneself in a defensive gun use situation. Savage is wrong on both counts. Carrying a pistol with a round in the chamber does not point to motive as he says.

    • catman

      Your right Mark. My husband carries hi semi-auto with a full mag and one in the tube. His first round out is double action, the remainder are single action. The only “motive” we both have for carrying is for self protection or the protection of others around us in a life threatening situation.

  • willythegeek

    That’s exactly why you would carry a round in the chamber. Savage, you are a Goober.

  • ron44

    he hasn’t watched the trial or he would know the racist comments came from Martin not Zimmerman

  • ron44

    Savage makes no sense, No officer rounds around with out a loaded ready to use gun.

  • Eddymarr

    what really amaze me is the fact that all the people supposed to tell the truth and give the people the real projection of what is going on putting Trayvon as an angel and Zimmerman the son of satan.Nobody knows what the government is hiding but nothing is under the eyes of the public ,and this is the result of a government that seems to have all the privileges on doing and ordering whatever they want to keep under the table .Let’s see what is coming to view.

  • fliteking

    I listened to the show in question, sometimes Savage gets side-tracked and bogged down in details that do not matter. Not sure where his normally brilliant brain was during this program . . . but he was certainly wrong.

    Many listeners called in attempts to make him see the light. Didn’t happen.

    I have been a Savage fan for years . . . . and he does tend to flip-flop a fair amount.

    • stonemike

      Savage must be a screwball too!

      • fliteking

        If you are suggesting I am a screw ball that is fine. but I am certain if we sat across the table from each other you’d be offering to fetch the coffee.

        Take the good, leave the bad, learn.

        Zimmerman? Not Guilty.

      • stonemike

        I dont drink coffee, and I fetch for no man! But your welcome to try! Only a deranged fool threatens another man he doesnt even know!

      • fliteking

        Settle down champ, you are gonna have a stroke. I made an observation and I never veil a threat .

        If you are not an interloper we are on the same team chief, crank it down a notch.

  • govtrumbull

    When I am carrying, I have a round chambered. It is a standard practice used by police, other law enforcement officers, an the military when carrying a semi-automatic handgun. Most people that carry a semi-automatic, follow this rule as well. Why? Because it takes too long to draw the weapon, load a round into the chamber, aim and fire the weapon. Personally I leave the safety on, but my pistol (a Stoger Cougar) has an ambidextrous safety lever, (one on each side of the slide) that is easy to switch to fire mode while drawing the gun. Some pistol safety’s are a little more difficult to find quickly. .

    Also police sometimes carry their pistols with the hammer cocked and ready to shoot. The hold down strap on the holster is placed between the hammer and the firing pin and is used as a safety to prevent an accidental discharge of the pistol. If someone is carrying a revolver the rules are a little different.

    There are two configurations for revolvers. There are pistols that have hammers, and there are those that are hammer-less. In a revolver with a hammer, you always carry with an empty chamber, so if the gun is accidentally dropped and land on the butt end of the hammer, it won’t accidentally discharge.

    If carrying a hammer-less revolver, the gun can be carried safely with all of the chambers loaded, because there is no hammer that can be hit and accidentally discharge the gun. Many police offices prefer this type of weapon to semi-autos, especially detectives and undercover officers.

    I’m not sure how much Michael knows about guns and the different ways that each different configuration of weapon is carried, but the only mitigating factor that could find Zimmerman at fault would be the racial comments that he used to describe Martin. But even then, considering the heat of the moment and the order in which the events that led up to, and during the altercation, have to be considered as well.

    Just about everyone at one time or another has used a racial epithet when they get angry. The one on the receiving end could be an Italian, a Pole. an Irishman, a Chinese, a Black or a White. It just happens, and the remark usually targets the person that we are dealing with at that moment. Black people often use the “N” word when they get angry at another Black person, but it doesn’t make the word racist.

    There are many factors that have to be taken into account in any case of this kind, but “reasonable doubt” has to be considered in these kinds of cases. It is often said that that it is better to let a guilty person go, than convict an innocent person guilty of a serious crime. This is where the rule of “reasonable doubt” has to be weighed when a jury makes their final decision. Sometimes being on a jury is no fun, especially when a decision has a fine line between guilt and innocence.

    • SickoftheBS

      That is why I carry a S&W double double. No safety to mess with and no decock after you fire.
      It is a semi auto but action of a revolver. Same trigger pull every time.

      • govtrumbull

        There isn’t any right gun or wrong gun to carry, except that the gun that you’re the most comfortable with is the right gun for you. I like the Stoeger, it fits my hand well and I find it comfortable to shoot. I am sure the revolver that you have works for you, for the same reasons. I don’t believe that the issue in what Michel Savage said has anything to do with guns. It has to do with the issue of “reasonable doubt.”

        I know that a “hammer-less” revolver has a hammer. Guns have to have a hammer to strike the firing pin, and for the firing pin to ignite the primer. The hammer-less revolver just has the hammer enclosed to prevent the gun from getting hung-up when it being deeply concealed.

    • Phrank Stein

      Sorry Skippy but a revolver with an empty chamber went out in the 70’s. Maybe you should learn how modern revolvers work with interupter plates and you would see that only a m0r0n would carry a revolver with an empty chamber.

      BTW ALL revolvers have hammers just some are shrouded and are better for concealed carry as are revolvers with no adjustable sights.

  • bobbylang

    What a “shill”!!
    Michael Savage never had a moment when he wasn’t assured he’s he smartest guy in the WORLD!!
    He claims he has “studied” the tape and found some “insertions/deletions??
    However no one else seems to have found them or at least, if they did, he is the only one mentioning it!!
    Not the prosecution, who has the most to gain, or anyone else – who have much to gain if they can demonstrate racial motivation!
    Frankly I cannot tell from the tape Savage used, so I feel that until a “Professional” determines the comments, I believe Savage is once “blowing his OWN horn”!!

    • rmagnano

      Correct. But you forgot to insert the word (AGAIN) between -once and “blowing

    • Leon Welch

      If some one calls me a white cracker should that be reason enough to give them 30 years? I don’t think so.

  • SickoftheBS

    Who is Michael Savage? He sounds like another piece of Obama’s Media and by now we all know they are full of more stuff than a Thanksgiving Turkey waiting to be carved for dinner. I think if he is found guilty we should riot in the streets until someone pays attention….What….Oh sorry, that one is being used by the ignorant side. So I guess if he is found guilty, we chalk it up to another case of InJustice to appease Obama and the Blacks who threaten to riot.

  • Mr. Ed

    Martin attacked Zimmerman. I would have shot Martin too.

    • Surfer4314

      Martin would have a lot more than one bullit in him , if it were me….

      • Leon Welch

        I would have put so many bullets in him he would have gained ten pounds in over all weight.

    • eddyjames

      More than once! Always double tap. It really sounds like Zimmerman wasn’t trying to kill Martin at all. He was just defending himself from a vicious punk. I truly believe that if he was determined to kill Martin he would at least shot him twice, maybe even three times. Twice to the body and once to the head.That guarantees they’re really dead. Especially with only a 9 mm.

  • Daniel Gray

    Savage needs to have his lips stapled shut. He is just as ignorant and idiotic as Sharpton is on MSNBC. They are two sides of the same coin.

  • terry thompson

    It’s being prepared.

  • marineh2ominer

    Savage is an ASS , Zimmerman will be railroaded , but he is only guilty of defending himself from a common street thug .

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Hope yer wrong!! I hope they won’t convict him in the name of politcal correctness or to keep the moe-rons from rioting ,them idiots are gonna riot either way, the same cast of troublemakers have already showed up , but whose to say folks who support zimmerman won’t tear ass and riot? I’ve heard some say that this verdict could be the kick-off to race wars & revolution in America.

      • Leon Welch

        This has to stop some where. If Zimmerman is found guilty in any way shape or form we all need to pay a visit to Sanford FL. Letting them railroad this guy is a crime within it’s self. This come straight from Obama after AS and JJ sent him word to hang the guy. How long are we going to let this go on? I am sick of it. When are the blacks going to get off this you owe us trip. I don’t owe you squat. I was born poor of the poor on a red topped hill in GA. We were lower than share croppers. I didn’t figure anyone owed me anything. I just sucked it up and got on with my life.. It is high time they did the same and I for one will make that trip to Sanford if they hang this guy.

      • 820 REDHORSE

        I agree , But I feel like the track has been laid and the train is has left the station and is gaining speed! Not from facts ,but from a type of bloodlust to convict zimmerman come hell or highwater simply because he’s a latino/white, more of the latter I’m sure. But like I said in my comment, I’ve read & heard that this is the kick-off for what obumer is foaming at the mouth for…..race wars, it will give him the opportunity to confiscate guns and call for martial law ,Some would say I’m reading too much into this, but in todays America , you never know. Stand prepared!

  • REID

    Savage has his head up his butt on this one . I suppose if zimmerman had shot martin with a muzzle loading pistol rather than a modern firearm , that would have been better ? Why is it that anyone with that New york / new Jersey accent don’t have an iota of sense when it comes to firearms ??? Look at Bill O’rielly he’s another one of those baboons

    • Phrank Stein

      Probably because most of the big city boys didn’t grow up with guns so really know nothing about them except what they are told by other big city m0r0ns.

  • wesjones21

    Savage needs to get his facts straight. The charge is second degree murder, not second degree manslaughter. Next is his bull crap about the chambered round. It’s insane to carry a gun for protection and have an empty chamber. Either Savage is ignorant of handguns and self defense or he’s jerking our chains to get his ratings up. I prefer the second option as probably the real case.


    When Savage is right he’s right, but when he’s wrong he is usually clean off the reservation. The Kel-tek he refers to has no safety. As I recall, it uses a long DAO trigger sweep like a Glock. He should have carried with a round chambered. That is the prefered mode and the weapon is designed for safe carry on a loaded chamber. In fact, These two features were intended for law enforcement & other users to ease the transition from revolvers to semi-auto pistols as their duty side arm. Mr. Savage is eroneous in his reasoning as well, when he describes switching the safety off & then racking a round into the chamber. What would be the sense of engaging a non-existant safety while carrying on an empty chamber. As far as the alleged racial epithet goes, the audio was played ad nauseum in the week after the shooting. No one to date has given a definitive analysis concluding with certainty, that Zimmerman used the epithet in question. Once again Savage needs to check his facts lest he formulates yet another argument on B___S___. In my opinion & what I’ve seen of the trial on TV, it was self defense.

  • LittleMoose

    I don’t understand his comment? What does the state of his firearm have to do with anything?

  • BoogieMan

    I predict Z will either walk or found guilty of a much lesser crime .. No 2nd degree. No chance.

    • MA_Ed

      Actually, Mr. Z needs a community award and as far as a backlash is concerned, bring it on…I’m ready! Try to come in my house without my say-so and well….

  • Ariviste

    The Kel-Tech doesn’t have a safety. It is similar to a Glock.

  • George Gilbert

    I cant Stand Savage. Hes the only one who thinks hes smart. Hes a Moron

    • Parienve8137

      мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

      Mr. Savage, need hearing aids. Finally, Mr. Savage’s assessment totally
      dismisses anything originating from Martin such has his “cr-zy a–
      cr-cker” comment. Let’s look at Mr. Martin a little closer, and you’ll
      see a young man who acted with a thug attitude, and underestimated his
      own mortality.
      Not saying he deserved to die, but he did initiate a conflict in which he put his own life into possible jeopardy.

    • rmagnano

      I am a senior citizen and have learned throughout my life to be weary of those who constantly tell you how smart they are. Ross Pero when interviewing a prospective employee, Would say
      ” don’t tell me how smart you are, show me.”

      • George Gilbert

        I too am a Senior, And a VIET NAM WAR VET. Savage proves Nothing to me, except, he CAN run his Lips. Gee, Just like OBOGUS Can, and Does.

  • Reb

    Savage, what a shallow minded bunch of bull. Your take doesn’t make sense at all as a gun without a bullet in the chamber is worthless whether or not you are involved in a confrontation. What are you going to do throw it at someone if they run out of the bushes and jump you? When you go fishing do you first find the fish and then get your equipment and bait the hook? I hear you constantly bragging about your self being so smart and now I know that it is mostly just what it sounds like bragging without the real knowledge. You got the smarts you don’t need to brag people just knows.

    I have no real idea if he is guilty or not and obviously you don’t either. You do have an interesting show but I will listen to it a little differently from now on.

  • Surfer4314

    zimmerman is NOT guilty, This is another ram rod of racism against people not of color. The Police had it right when they said zimmermen was defending himself… It took sharpton and Jackson to stir the pot of racism to get this to where it is now. After hearing almost all of the trial I personal think Zimmermen is NOT guilty. Savage is way off base….

  • The Fuzz

    That is dumb, Mike. You don’t carry a weapon for self defense that is disarmed as you would have it. Of course he has a round in the chamber and of course he would have the safety off when approaching a potential menace. All of what you describe as indicative of guilt, are actually practical for the circumstances faced at the time. Moreover, Zimmerman could have taken the safety off as he drew the gun. What you propose is that carriers prepare the weapon to give the suspect the advantage. Decades of law enforcement, much of it undercover, trained me to carry just as Zimmerman did. Further, you have no idea when he took the safety off. You may note also the big deal that Martin’s prints or DNA were not on the gun. It is MOST LIKELY that he grabbed around Zimmerman’s hand to shove the gun away.
    Are you turning Rino? Sounds like Rino logic.

  • k8vf

    No safety on his gun, Fuzz..trigger is the safety.

    Mr Savage, you dont know your guns. Many pistols have NO safety….Kel tec 9 and 11, for example.

    Revolvers have no safety either.

    You dont carry a weapon for protection unloaded.

    And if you ANNOUNCE..”I have a gun”, that is considered ASSAULT!

    ALSO, unless the prosecution changed the charges, he was charged with 2nd degree MURDER. Not Manslaughter.


  • k8vf

    I hoped when the defense moved for a summary judgement of innocent, it would happen. But the judge decided to let this farce continue.

    • D’Bak61

      She holds an elected office and her maneuver was purely political. This should have been one of the few times a case is dismissed on merit, or lack thereof. The prosecution has proven nothing charged.

  • Hoss

    You still need some education, Mike…….

  • WeThePeople

    I have found only 3 shows at this time that tells the truth and one left the air because people wanted the truth but would not donate! The 2 that are still on the air are InfoWars and the Haggamn and Hagmann report, the third was the “Patriot Report” by Dr. Williams by “” this man really brought the truth but “We the People” let the show/him down. We really lost a really strong voice of truth for Americans Contact “” and get The patriot Report back on the air…!!! If not “We the People” lose again..!!!

  • usluv

    Sorry bub….the evidence is showing otherwise. Stop drumming up trouble. The white house already did that.

  • WeThePeople

    Wake-up People I have found Savage to be lying right out of the shoot on this
    story…Zimmerman was carrying a Kel-Tec P-11 9mm. Savage said
    Zimmerman had the safety on, on the gun….LIAR…the Kel-Tec P-11 dose
    not have a safety it uses the 9 pound trigger pull as the safety so thug
    Martin did not need 2 hands to pull the trigger…Savage is a LIAR
    People…!!!! Said he knows guns…LIAR…!!! I used to like Savage but
    I caught him in and outright LIE to bring Zimmerman down, and destroy a
    mans life! That is just EVIL, and that ended my listening to this
    LIAR….!!! Someone beside me need to call this LIAR on this. What he has done is criminal…!!!

    • eddyjames

      If ….Mike can’t dazzle you with brilliance, he’ll baffle you with BS. He should stick with talking about things he really knows something about. Like stuffing his face with cheap Italian food, useless little dogs and San Francisco’s gay agenda.

  • rebart

    Bullshit, Savage.

  • Dept. of Suddn Bangs !

    There are basically two kinds of repeating pistols. The first type commonly in use was a type of revolver, where usually six bullet loaded cylinders could be succesively discharged (fired) by either ‘single’ actions of the hammer & trigger, or by ‘double’ action of the trigger which rotated the cylinder to an unfired cartridge, & at the same time by cocking and tripping the hammer to strike the primerat thre rear of the cartridge. The so called ‘Automatic’ pistol, or ‘self loader’ must first be cocked by pulling back, then releasing the slide to load a cartridge from a spring operated magazine normally kept in the butt of such a pistol. After loading and cocking, the pistol is rendered safe from accidental discharge by the application of a ‘Safety Catch’ – which can later be releaed by a thumb action, to ready such a weapon for instant use. A so called ‘Automatic’ Pistol requires both hands for operation if it is carried without a cartridge being ready for firing in the ‘ Firing Chamber/Breech’. Dependent upon the way it is so carried, an automatic pistol can be loaded and semi cocked for instant use by releasing the safety catch. Whereas a double action revolver is ready for instant usage at any time, simply by pulling the trigger. Paradoxically many of us consider that a revolver is a simpler and safer weapon for police & miliary officers to carry. Accidents can and do happen with semi automatic pistols for many reasons. The principal excuse being “I didn’t know it was loaded”. All handguns should be treated as loaded at all times and ready for action. By personal preference I carried a Revolver Type Pistol in three Wars. My experience is that women Judges, Attorneys & Jurors have very little experience or undertsanding of the functionings of Firearms, unless they have been so instructed by service in the Armed Forces or Police, which from their general educational levels is hardly likely – but there are some exceptions. So argue about that one.

    • WARIII

      See my comment above!

    • Phrank Stein

      Double action auto is same function as your double action revolver just holds more rounds and reloads faster.

      I carried a revolver for years but due to the weight and size opted for the Kel-Tec in question in fact.

      • Leon Welch

        I carry two 45 model 1911 autos. One under each arm pit. Gives me more balance.

  • Richard Gibbard

    Michael Savage appears to have become as ignorant as Al Sharpton.

    • JohnLloydScharf

      Most people who carry have a chambered round. Savage did not get it right on this.

  • gipbmac

    It’s up to the Jury – besides that take a look at the evidence and testimonies, I think the truth is and will come out… what pisses the hell outta me is how they try to paint up poor little trayvon as some innocent sweet kid – he was the exact opposite! He was up to no good and had no reason to be where he was at that time in the early AM. None of his homies lived there, nor did he or any of his family. He wasnt just out for a walk a long way from home at 2am. He was also considerably taller and bigger than Zimmerman when this happened, has a criminal history and a bad rep around his high school when he was in there has gang tattoos, etc – typical criminal… but on the other hand – just the fact of what stinkin pres obumer said about trayvon, that if he had a son he might look a little like him (ROLLING MY EYES IN SEVERE FREAKIN DISGUST) should be more then enough to declare a mistrial – after the POTUS sticking his damn nose where it has absolutely no reason to be and saying something like that – how could ANYONE get a fair trial… but the evidence is playing out and the Jury will decide…

    • Sunshine Kid

      I have yet to see a picture or any of Trayvon’s tattoos. I have seen an email that showed a highly tattooed rapper that can be found on Truth or Fiction and Snopes websites, but nothing on Trayvon himself that shows any “gang tattoos”. That aside, the fact that Trayvon was where he was is the main question. What should one do, wait until the man is inside someone’s home before you challenge him? The violence of the confrontation was such that the issues of Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt should be considered, and that should be by a jury of his peers, not public debate without facts, but only guesswork, supposition and opinion. Proving guilt is what the justice system is all about anyway; let justice do its thing.

      • Bob2002

        You are not looking in the right place. There are many photos out that show Trayvon Martin with his shirt off and the gang tattoos are glaring at you. Do some proper research before writing next time.

      • Leon Welch

        Then sit back and watch your justice. Watch as that six all female jury finds him guilty of manslaughter and he goes up the creek for thirty years. Will that be correct? Absolutely not because the man is not guilty of anything. But we have that FL burning sitting over our head.

      • Sunshine Kid

        You do know that a jury is twelve people, not six, don’t you?

    • Tony Bianchi

      Timeline wasn’t 2 AM It was 7 pm.

  • marcia

    Michael…Stick to what you do best, uhhhh, not sure what that was but it sure wasn’t guns!

  • markinla

    What a moron, without a bullet in the chamber you have to rack the slide and it may be useless when you need it. His whole argument is that somebody with a gun must be guilty, how stupid.


    I am sorry M Savage, you may have several degree’s but YOU know nothing about firearms! Anyone that carries concealed without a round in the chamber is a fool, most states with concealed carry require that deadly force CANNOT be used outside of 7 yards(21 ft) there is absolutely NO WAY to draw a hand gun , operate the slide(cahamber a round) and defend yourself against an attacker! The Kel Tec PF9 HAS NO external SAFTEY it is double action to keep the user from accidental discharge! So next time you give n opinion, KNOW your subject better!!!!

  • eddyjames

    Savage must be sucking up to the left again. He drinks a bunch of cheap wine and has an opinion formed by too many years growing up in the anti gun capitols of the US. New York and San Francisco.What’s that part called again Mike? Don’t you know, the top thingy ma-jiggy with the bullet holding in the barrel doo-dad. Don’t let the reference “slide” over your head.

  • Dingbat36

    Savage is always playing the “Oh poor me” card. It also appears he knows little about pistols either. Why don’t you just crawl back into your hole Savage and leave us ALONE. It’s obvious we are more intelligent than you!

  • lildonkel

    I have been listening to Savage for years. While he and I are politically in tune, his is the most fragile ego on the air. He was the First. He is the Best. He has the Most, etc. etc. just ask him, he’ll tell you. The reason I don’t ask him is, he never lets a caller finish a sentence, without interrupting. But sometimes, he is the only thing in the air………………..

  • Dean Tucker

    I totally disagree…the whole purpose of carrying and being ready is to carry the gun with a round chambered in a “cock and locked” position. This just shows that Savage though very educated on many issues hasn’t a clue when it comes to firearms.

    • Tony Bianchi

      Zimmerman’s arm could not be “cock and locked”. It is double action only and you can’t cock it.

      • Dean Tucker

        Then it’s even more important that a round is chambered. I see he had a Kel-Tec PF-9 so he was carrying the way every Glock is carried….round chambered and holstered.

  • Bob2002

    Savage is 100% wrong here. He knows nothing about this case and is just being stupid. He needs to stick to politicts where is right sometimes. Perhaps it is his New York upbringing coming out.

    • Cregger

      Amen Bob. How can anybody who has listened to the testimony of this ridiculous trial with half a brain possibly think Zimmerman was guilty? This trial is a waste of taxpayer money. The only reason they are trying to convict this innocent man is because like always our communist and thief deemed him guilty when 1st heard about it. So, Holder put pressure on the DA in Florida to go after this guy. What a joke!

  • Vernon Davis

    I thought Savage had better sense than to stick his nose in this mess.

  • Lee Thompson

    I think I’ll just leave it up to the jury. Savage is nuts here. Of course the gun was chambered. About one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard. Funny how he gets a tape that I haven’t heard. It’s also not a manslaughter case so the 2nd manslaughter charge shows he has no clue what he’s talking about.

  • John Hough

    Hey nut case Savage what good is a gun without a round in the chamber. Maybe if you ask real nice a murder will give you time to chamber a round. Stick to blowing your horn cause you are an IDIOT.

    • ChuckGF

      Hey nut case, you can’t chase some one with a gun legally anywhere. With or without a round in the chamber, unless your are a police officer. Zimmerman had tried to become a police officer repeatedly and was rejected.

      • BigUgly666

        News for ya, Chuckie!
        I can chase anyone I want to …. with or without my weapon …. and it’s perfectly legal and lawful …. UNLESS I have the weapon out and am threatening with it or shooting it.
        Further, the police, being sworn to uphold the law, cannot, by definition, be exempt from the very law that they are sworn to uphold …. any “law” that says they can breach the law is unlawful and IS NOT LAW … just like any law that is in violation of the Constitution – not even the “supreme court” can violate the Constitution … no matter how many times they may do so.

      • NikVa

        He was at best making and reporting an observation. AND, dropped the chase where he was assaulted.

      • DL Hancock

        First, let me address your last ignorant statement. He was denied b/c of his credit report ONLY.
        Second, he did not chase anyone down. Lets assume he was looking for TM to see which way he went. That does NOT give TM the excuse to beat anyone near death.
        IF TM had stayed at home when he made it back there while running, he would be alive and well. If he had waited w/ GZ even for the cops to come, he would have been at home to finish watching the ball game.
        However, as usual, he decided to react in an animalistic mannerand that is the ONLYT reason he is dead.

      • Leon Welch

        Now please pay close attention. It’s the law not what you like or do not like. Zimmerman had a carry permit and he was legal. No law against walking behind some one. But there is a law against smacking some on in the nose so hard that you break it. End of story.

      • ChuckGF

        There is no law against walking behind some one with a legal gun until you shoot the person your walking behind. Then you look back to find the beginning of the story. Which can be days before, but in this case is when Zimmerman left his car, called the police, and began not walking behind some one who just happed to be ahead of him but actually following some one in the dark. He was on Neighborhood Watch and as such he knew was not supposed be engaging in vigilantism. He was supposed to wait for the police. If the police had approached this guy their would have been a different out come. No body would have died. That is the trigger! Then you look back to see what really cause it. It was not Martin hitting him. Martin had noticed him following him and he was following him and there is a difference between following and walking behind some one. When your walking in the dark it is possible to tell if it seems like your being followed. Martin defended himself. Zimmerman put himself in a place that caused him to feel like he had to shoot some one. This is not the wild West. The scenero changes when you fire a gun.

        Oh, and I concede the prosecution put on a lousy case and I would not be surprised if 6 women find him not guilty. Hell, I think I would have a hard time finding him guilty on the case the prosecution presented. That does not change what he did. Murders are sometimes found not guilty. That does not mean they are not murders. Zimmerman is a murder. For life of me I do not understand the political component. I am a white hard core conservative. I do not see how that conflicts with Zimmerman being a murder. Or what one has to do with the other.

  • Kathryn Grammer

    The charge is second degree murder, a more serious charge than manslaughter. Perhaps, the DA should have charged Zimmerman with manslaughter but she didn’t. Like most things about this case, it’s become a political issue instead of a judicial one. It is tragic that Trayvon’s life was cut short but so will be Zimmerman’s if he is acquitted. Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and the other race baiters are chomping at the bit to ignite a riot. How else can these racists make themselves relevant?

    • DL Hancock

      IF, as you say they kill GZ after he is aquitted and we do nothing, we’re the Chicken shits many believe we’ve become.
      IF they do riot, I hope everyone of them rioting gets mowed down like the animals they are.
      That is we’re society made its first mistake. Deciding to appease them rather then mowing them down when they decided to show their ignorance.
      These idiots forget that there are weapons out there today that will easily take someone out at a mile and there are hundreds IF not thousands out there capable of those shots.

    • Johnnygard

      The prosecution knows that second degree murder is a long shot. They are hoping that the 6 ladies will think they have to do something to Zimmerman because that poor 17 year old is dead. They hope the jury will come back with manslaughter. What the jury probably doesn’t know is that in Fla., manslaughter of someone under 18, using a firearm, is THIRTY YEARS IN PRISON. George is screwed.

      • Leon Welch

        And you are correct plus the jury will never be told that manslaughter to a 17 year old carries a stiff sentence.

    • Leon Welch

      Here is what every one is missing. The DA went for 2nd degree murder for a reason. He they knew that this was not 2nd degree murder. But they also knew that if they went for that they had a better chance of nailing him with manslaughter. Manslaughter in FL to a under 18 will get you some serious time, just as much as murder two.

  • myfordtruck

    what kind of idiot would not carry with out a round in chamber this is real life not a tv show I have been carrying more years than I like to think both single and double and always one in the pipe if not you are dead

    • Chiron_Venizelos

      I know what you mean! That’s why, after all these years, I’m still carrying my old and heavy Ruger P-85. I’ve got a Glock 19 that does NOT have an external safety, and so to carry with a round in the chamber, the piece is cocked. The Glock does have a “sort of safety” in that the trigger is two pieces, but if I’m uncomfortable carrying it, then that doesn’t matter. Besides, the Glock 19 sometimes fails to cycle. I don’t know what Zimmerman was carrying but maybe this lends some insight.

  • phoenix 568

    Typically ignorant New Yorker, knows nothing about firearms but has an opinion.

    • Leon Welch

      New York is just two close to Chicago. It rubbed off.

  • Allan5

    Michael Savage would not even be on the controlled airwaves unless he was already sold out.

  • Jugbandl

    How many times did Savage use the phrase “Safety Off”???

    Don’t be too hard on Savage for thinking that people should get themselves killed by carrying a gun without a round in the chamber.

    Since the Kel-Tec PF9 HAS NO SAFETY to be on or off, Savage is obviously speaking from a position of extreme ignorance, pretty much on that whole video clip.

    The PF9 features a very heavy pull-weight on the trigger, with excessive travel also. THAT is it’s only safety… the trigger is hard to pull, and that is all it has for a safety.

  • Tony Bianchi

    The charge is Murder not Manslaughter. Savage didn’t even get that correct.

  • George R. Horn

    Well Michael, as a New Yorker you are a sad example of a knowledgeable one. First off, no one in their right mind does not have a round chambered. He was a member of the neighborhood watch.

  • Carmelo Junior

    Treyvon’s mom said her son was crying for help. Help to beat down Zimmerman. If you believe a man beating down another man is crying for help you are insane.

  • Tony Bianchi

    Also this pistol used a Kel Tec PF-9 has no external safety. Savage makes conclusions without facts. Or makes up things to suit his narrative.

  • schreib

    It is the prosecution who should be charged with negligent incompetence and malfeasance

  • Dodged5

    Anyone that carries a firearm for the protection of self and others and does not have a round in the chamber is asking to be killed. The time it takes to chamber a round on a semi auto can cost you your life plus it takes two hands to do it and you may not have two hands available in a life or death situation. All law enforcement officers always carry a round in the chamber. It is just plain foolish not to do so. To claim guilt for doing so is just uneducated in firearms carry. Sorry Michael, you’re wrong on this one. How about we just let the jury make the call on this one and stop trying to second guess the justice system.

    • Leon Welch

      Blacks have a bad habit of torching things when they do not get their way. So does that make me a racist? I don’t think so because I am just stating a fact. My guess is that jury will find Zimmerman guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. Why? Not because he is truly guilty but because that jury is afraid of what the blacks will do if they don’t stick something on him. Problem is if found guilty of manslaughter then Zimmerman will get the same amount of years as he would for Murder two. Martin was under 18 and that can get Zimmerman 38 years according to FL law. This is something that the jury will never be told.

  • TheRentschmeister

    David Horowitz (another idiot who presumes to tell us what is and is not appropriate in how we exercise our God-given Civil Rights) and Michael Savage have joined Marco Rubio in the Former Conservatives Chapter of the “Jumped The Shark” Club.

    Utterly disappointing.

  • rodrob43

    #1. A self defense weapon isn’t worth a crap if you have to stop and rack the slide to chamber a round and then have to click off the safety before you can shoot. If Zimmerman had to do this, he would be the dead person lying on the sidewalk. A 6 foot heavy man is sitting on you and beating your face and head into a concrete sidewalk, it won’t take long to fracture your skull and lose consciousness. Trayvon’s mother said he was the one calling for help, BS!! #2. Racist remarks-We’ve also been told that these tapes were edited/enhanced. Trayvon wasn’t the sweet little kid shown in his pictures that were sent over the airwaves, newspapers and magazines. He was over 6 ft., close to 200 pounds and heavily tattooed. The liberal camp tried to sell us that this sweet looking boy of 12 or 13 was the same boy that at 17 was still as sweet and innocent.
    I carry a concealed pistol occasionally and when I do, there’s always a round in the chamber and the safety is off. The hammer is down and I have to apply extra pressure on the trigger to make the pistol perform as a double action pistol. That means you can fire the weapon by just pulling the trigger, but the pull is longer and harder than normal.

    • DL Hancock

      Exactly Rob. Everything that Michael Savage thinks he has an epiphany on, everyone else has thought of. However, Savage is proving to the world that he does not carry a firearm nor does he know anything about it.
      ANY idiot that is legally carrying, which GZ was doing that carry’s w/ a round not chambered is a dumbazz
      It pisses me off to listen to people that have NO IDEA what they’re talking about, tell the rest of us how RIGHT they are.
      On this issue, M Savage is a total idiot..

  • Sarah Rungee


  • ADRoberts

    Just finished my CHL classes a few months ago. The instructor stated emphatically, that you had better have a round in the chamber or you will probably be dead. And this, according to the teacher, is the general opinion of CHL instructors. So OBVIOUSLY Michael Savage has NEVER had a gun usage class. Secondly, when you are out in the middle of the night, as a neighborhood watcher, you are not out there because you expect NO trouble. As to his speech, at one time in America, people were allowed to make any statements they wanted to , no matter how stupid they were. As long as you did not incite riot, (which the blacks are now doing) your freedom was to be as bigotted as you wanted to be. NO ONE GOT HURT. Not so now. Freedom of speech is gone. In fact, you can be fairly certain that the NSA is making a list of EVERYONE who makes any critical statement about Obama.
    So Michael Savage seems to have followed the way of Bill O’Reilly. I no longer list to O’Reilly because he has crossed over to the dark side. So has Ann Coulter when she backed up the ONLY candidate who absolutely could say NOTHING about Obamacare.

    • 7734daniel

      I am here today because I carried my 1911 cocked and locked in 1967 through 1968. Savage needs a tractor and chain to remove his head from that dark cavity in his backside.

  • Don August

    Sorry, Michael, but you’re just plain WRONG in your assertion that Zimmerman had a round chambered because he wanted to shoot something/someone. That is pure horse hockey! I carry an automatic pistol and there is a bullet in the chamber, however the thumb safety is on. To not carry a gun without a bullet being chambered is pure folly. In a life-or-death situation, the time you waste pulling the slide back could prove fatal! It’s a lot simpler to draw, flip the thumb safety while still aiming the gun, cocking the hammer and firing. This can be done in a couple of seconds, whereas having to pull the slide back would at least double that time!

    • Leon Welch

      Here here now you are once again talking sense. We do not allow that in this country. smile

  • ArtF

    Any credibility that Michael Savage may have once had is all gone. Hopefully we will follow the same butt burn marks as other radio mouths who turn out to be narcissists and windbags. Most of the time he is at least reasonable, but this pile of hooey should go a long way towards keeping OFF a jury and the radio for quite a while.

    • Hoodoo H

      Pack Sand!
      Zimm’s innocent.

      • Puriah

        That first sentence is so cute!

  • Leon Welch

    Zimmerman had the right to carry that weapon. He had a carry permit. He had a right to have a round in the chamber. I would not carry a weapon without a round in the chamber. That would be stupid. Law enforcement carry a round in the chamber. This is not even close to an argument. So Zimmerman made a racist remark, so did the other guy, they cancel out. End of story. Not guilty.

  • Mary512

    OK!!Michael Savage normally I would agree with you,I find you absolutely one of the most educated, and informative people of our time,but not this time,at the most involuntary manslaughter at the most..

  • Lowell Bailey

    Savage is an egotistical know it all, This audio clip shows his ignorance and his lobsided investigation, It is obvious he is against guns and the second amendment. His stupidity ranks only second to a south Georgia red ant.

  • John Hough

    Chucky you should learn to read. My comment was about carrying a handgun without a round in the chamber. Quit drinking the LIBERAL cool aide and start thinking for yourself.

  • otoman

    Savage is obviously not familiar with gun carry etiquette. Instructors for concealed weapons classes will tell you that if you are going to carry, it makes no sense to carry with the safety on and a bullet not chambered. Innocent or guilty of the charges, Zimmerman was proper in carrying with the safety off and the gun hot.

  • koolnightes

    Fuel-free Solar Impulse
    airplane is finishing up its American odyssey

    (How many of you have heard about this? I bet FEW if ANY!)

    A solar-powered plane took off from Washington, D.C., on Saturday and headed
    for New York City on the final leg of its unprecedented trip across the United

    The airplane, called Solar Impulse, left Washington’s Dulles International
    Airport Saturday shortly before 5 a.m. ET. After roughly 21 hours in the air,
    the plane is expected to land at New York’s John F. Kennedy International
    Airport at 2 a.m. ET Sunday.

    Solar Impulse is the first plane capable of flying day and night
    without using any fuel
    . The aircraft is powered entirely by solar
    panels and batteries, and continuously stores energy as it flies. The
    ultra-lightweight plane generates about the same amount of power as a small
    scooter, company officials say. [Images: Cross-Country Flight in a Solar-Powered Plane]

    • mauna

      Maybe Obama will use one of those for his next vacation. Would keep him away from the Oval office for a longer period of time which would be good.

      • koolnightes

        You people are so pathetically dumb.. it is a beginning… if we can fly with it… we can drive with it. New things are being developed all the time… they now have jet fuel made from algae, that is made cheaper and no pollution…
        Here watch this about a battery..
        Fine tune into your rightwing media… but you need a real news source…. we have the technology of the internet.. go to other countries..

      • NM Leon

        Nobody is against alternate energy, Dipwad, we are for the most cost effective energy we can get.

      • koolnightes

        Then that is renewables… the name itself ought to tell you that there will be no wars fought over it, because it is easily accessible…. look how much money we would save just in NOT fighting a war!!

      • UnknownUzer

        Oil has been a par of the world economy for less than a century. How do you account for all of the wars fought before such time? Considering that your position is that war is only waged over such.

      • koolnightes

        How did you reach your conclusion to what I said? I was talking about renewables… and there would not be any wars fought over renewables…and I said look how much money that would save by not fighting a war over it????!!!!!
        Now you are telling me that the civil war was NOT fought over oil?????? WOW.. learn something new every day… here I thought it was oil….. what was it then??? I would have sworn it had something to do with being independent…Takes oil to be independent doesn’t it?

      • NM Leon

        You live in a fantasy world, Dipwad. Which wars have we fought for oil?

      • koolnightes


      • NM Leon
      • NM Leon

        You are an idiot, Dipwad. According to the U.S. Department of Energy the U.S. “Average Levelized Cost for Plants Entering Service in 2017″ (that includes the regulatory costs imposed on carbon as well as the subsidies for solar and wind)

        NG: Advanced Combined Cycle $65.5

        NG: Conventional Combined Cycle $68.6

        Hydro $89.9

        NG: Advanced CC with CCS $92.8

        Wind $96.8

        Conventional Coal $99.6

        Geothermal $99.6

        NG: Advanced Combustion Turbine $105.3

        Advanced Coal $112.2

        Advanced Nuclear $112.7

        Biomass $120.2

        NG: Conventional Combustion Turbine $132.0

        Advanced Coal with CCS $140.7

        Solar PV $156.9

        Solar Thermal $251.0

        Wind is $31.3 per MWh more expensive than NG, and PV Solar is $91.4 more expensive.

  • Maggie B Wise

    Now I know why Savage is barred from ever entering England. He is an IDIOT! This man does not have a clue as to what a young man has when he is interested in muscles and being the strongest.

    He also has not been in contact with a young male black with the above muscle mass.
    I have! ATTITUDE runs the mind! My door in the classroom opened and a black boy at least 6 feet tal entered. I had never seen him before. He came at me with his fist! I told him to hit me here pointing to my chin. He asked what? I said if you hit me you had better knock me out or I am going to kill you! he dropped his fist and left! Attitude! I had another of the same kind of adventure. Same finish.
    I asked one of my own black students what he wanted to do after he was out of school–He said be a Pimp and drive a Town car. The last was a black boy who I had had he was standing on a street corner (after he was out of school) I asked how, he was doing he said good. I then asked what kind of job do you have? He said none, whey should I work when they pay me not to!
    I would take the Pimp fellow (honest) above Savage. He put Paula Deen down because she cooked slop. he said he would never eat the stuff. Now please pick and chose better when putting some thing on the air from a pure Idiot!

    • Maggie’s a Bad Teacher

      You are a pathetic teacher. This is why our schools are so terrible. They let klan loving bigots teach. Help is here … remove the bible you have jammed up your ass and go back to school after you lose 70 pounds, you fat stupid cow.

  • gutterfalcon

    This guy is telling you to rack the slide with the safety on. What an insightful man !

  • jasbry

    Apparently Mr. Savage isn’t an expert on firearms, neither and I, the Kel-Tec is generally a double action only pistol without a safety device on it, it has a trigger activated hammer and each round has to have the trigger pulled to even work the hammer, it can’t be cocked with the thumb. There is no purpose to carrying the pistol without one in the chamber. This doesn’t mean he was looking for someone to shoot! My position in life and business causes me to have to be concerned about safety in a public forum. One round in the chamber doesn’t mean a person is looking for someone to shoot. A double action revolver technically has one in the chamber times 6.

    • Ernest_T

      GZ had been a volunteer for years and never shot anyone before. If he had been hunting for someone to shot he could have done it long before. If TM had not attacked GZ he would still been alive, Period. GZ had a right and responsibility to protect himself and his neighborhood.

  • Tired of the Same Old Racism


    Your entire article displays your racism. Pray tell mr savage? Do the police normally carry thier guns without one in the chamber? Not a snowball’s chance ! ! ! Then tell my why you would expect Mr Zimmerman to carry an unloaded gun? Was the safety off ? ? ? How can you tell, are you clairvoyant? ? ? No one with any firearms experience carries a loaded automatic in a holster with the safety off. I know of NO gun that takes two hands to take the safety off. Safeties are made specifically to be activated with one hand on the gun. So the action of removing the gun from it’s holder or holster is not nearly as complex as you in your ignorance and racism, describe. If Mr Zimmerman were indeed “hunting” as you claim he would have had the gun in his hand. Why is it racist for Mr Zimmerman to refer to thug martin as a “f…g c…n as you allege, but it is ok for thug martin, while prowling in private yards to refer to Mr Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker” This entire article is written by a racist who has very limited knowledge of this specific gun and of firearms in general.


    • Michael S Smith NJ

      Zimmerman wasn’t a Cop that is the differerance again I have to keep bringing it up that GZ did not need to shoot and Kill TM he could have just shown his gun and have TV Stop hitting him

      • Tired of the Same Old Racism

        Again you show your racism. Mr Zimmerman’s gun was exposed prior to the altercation. so that the want-a-be thug martin could see it as they fell to the ground. At this point Mr Zimmerman knew that the want-a-be thug martin intended to kill him and he was so arrogant and confident in his intentions that he announced to Mr Zimmerman that he was gonna die. You’re just pissed cause Mr Zimmerman turned the tables on the black racist. Do you mean to say that If an assailant coldcocks you and after you are down he announces to you that he intends to kill you and you have the means to prevent it that you are just gonna let him kill you?

        .Welcome to islam..

      • RonMar

        Where did you get all of the information you posted that conflicts with testimony and forensics evidence in the trial at court, e.g., “Zimmerman’s gun was exposed prior to the altercation. so that the
        want-a-be thug martin could see it as they fell to the ground.”
        Also Islam has nothing to do with this tragedy unless Martin is a Muslim. Zimmerman certainly is not a Muslim, nor have I heard that Martin is either.
        Other than those two major errors I agree with your post.

      • mauna

        Trevon may have knocked Zimmerman down in order to grab the gun. It was probably in Zimmerman’s pants pocket and hard for Martin go get, so Martin started to beat Zimmerman’s head against the concrete, trying to knock him out so he could get the gun. Martin advertised guns on his web site.

      • Ernest_T

        Bull, TM said the cracker was going to die and went for the gun if GZ had not fired first TM would have killed him and would have had a gun.

      • Ncrdbl1

        You NEVER pull a gun unless you are preparing to use it. It is not there to scare anyone.

      • RonMar

        Obviously you are totally ignorant of the facts in the case as presented in court at trial. Martin saw Zimmerman’s pistol, told Zimmerman he was going to die tonight and tried to take the pistol from Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot Martin one time in the chest with a contact shot and Martin died.

      • mauna

        Trevon knocked Zimmerman down and began pounding and grounding him with the intention of killing him. Zimmerman had blood on him, his nose was bleeding and the back of his head was cut. Zimmerman called for help several times which shows he did not want to kill the guy, but when no help came he realized the guy was going to kill him as Martin had stated, and he pulled his gun and shot him. I think anyone in that position with a hugh man on top of you, beating the heck out of you, you would do the same.

      • Mauna means Turd

        The ONLY one who claims that is the killer. Are you really that ignorant that you can’t see that ? You must read the bible – only someone that delusional would accept the story that GZ told. Unless you just hate blacks and you are angry because they dry cleaners lost your klan robes.

    • The Truth

      Well said, Tired… !

  • e1313ruth

    Zimmerman knew the gun was cocked, ready for firing and when Martin had him pinned on the ground and reaching for Zimmerman’s gun , Zimmerman knew his life was in danger , therefore he shot him to save his own life… As you Mr Savage and I might also do…
    By the way was Zimmerman like a custodian or watchman for the neighborhood?? That would certainly explain the gun…Also Zimmerman had much blood and buising on the back of his head,…Did Martin have any brusing or blood on the back of his head????

    • RonMar

      “The gun was cocked, ready for firing,” really? Where did you hear that, or did you make it up just for your post. Walking around with a semi-automatic pistol cocked and a round in the chamber is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot or higher up your leg, in your crotch or elsewhere depending on where and how the pistol is holstered.
      In a gunfight or fight for a gun only a dumbo takes time to cock the pistol or revolver if it is required to fire the weapon. Otherwise you simply pull the trigger for the first shot, and a semi-automatic pistol chambers another round and leaves the pistol cocked to fire again with a slightly lighter trigger pull. The pistol keeps doing that until it is empty of all rounds unless the shooter intervenes to uncock the weapon.

  • Ernest_T

    What good is a gun without a bullet in the chamber. If Trayvon had not attacked George he would be alive Period! If you attack a person with a gun you might be shot. Savage you lose a lot of points on this one. If this was true I’m sure the prosecution would have brought it up.

  • 2ndAmendmetBeliver

    Wow, I never heard anything so ridiculous! Like you think you can step by step plan something out IF he only hadn’t had the bullet chambered! In an emergent situation do you really think you can plan the outcome? My husband used to listen to you, wait till he hears this! Did you hear the witness say, GZ was on the bottom being attacked? Dude, wake up. And like everyone else stated, he had a permit to carry. Just because you carry doesn’t mean your looking for someone to kill. That would be the last thing I would want to do. How many times do you think you can get your head pounded into cement before your brain gets damaged or skull split? TM was not the the little 12 year old they showed all the pictures of. And AGAIN, to carry without being ready to defend yourself if needed makes it pointless to carry.
    GZ called for help because he needed it… you excuse TM for trying to grab the gun? Maybe he could have prevented his death if he hadn’t. If it was an innocent tussle he would not have done that.

  • Gar the Gunny

    Conservative perhaps, but still an “urban Jewish boy ” that wouldn’t know a handgun from a garden trowel. Any one who carries a handgun for protection had better have a round in the chamber. Period.There isn’t a self defense trainer in the world who would train a person to do otherwise. And anyone familiar with the KelTec,( or interested enough in having an opinion about this event, and the pistol’s place in it,) might discover that it’s a DAO,( double action only,) that the “safety” is there for the lawyers, since, being a DAO, the gun can’t go off unless the trigger is pulled. In other words, Zimmerman was carrying the gun the way it is supposed to be carried. Savage’s comments sound like the hand- ringing Liberal MSM that uses phrases like “…with a LOADED GUN!” Try defending yourself with an unloaded gun….they make terrible hammers.

    • Cairan

      I’ve noticed that a LOT Jews are wholly behind St Skittles. The Jewish “judge” has been doing everything she can do to throw trial. I wonder why…

      • mauna

        Because most Jews are for Obama. And, you tell me why they like Obama. After all, Obama does not especially like Jews.

      • Cairan Blew a Camel

        You are just angry because you are not capable of creating any of the important medical and scientific contributions that the Jewish people make. You are either a bible believer aka mentally ill and you’re just ticked off that now the world knows that your religious leaders rape children in every country they have churches in or you have a wife in a burka somewhere. For you, just getting it up is an achievement.
        It must make you so angry that you pray to your god and he ignores you. We are laughing at you. No one outperforms the Jewish people and that is why you are angry. Its not the fault of the Jewish people that you are a failure in life.

  • Gar the Gunny

    Oops! Me bad! The KelTec doesn’t have a safety! I was thinking of the Ruger, which doesn’t need one either.Oh well. ‘Still a valid point about round in the chamber.

  • bahndon

    I always keep a round in the chamber with 15 more in the mag. I carry a Colt model 2000, the only safety is how far the frigger needs to be pulled before the hammer falls.

    • gdbryan39

      no round in the chamber is to protect yourself and your friends. It is not to protect the ass hole
      that you are intending to kill.

      • bahndon

        ok so if i carry a revolver, i am to load the 6 rounds as i pull the revolver out to defend myself, or maybe you?

    • Ncrdbl1

      Only a fool does not carry one in the chamber. The time it takes to chamber a round can be the difference between life and death. Plus it also give you one extra round.

      • bahndon

        my revolver has only 6 chambers and I keep all 6 full, so why would savage expect my semi auto to have an empty pipe?

  • f8crusader

    It will be a shame if they find him guilty, for racila or political reasons. The prosecution has no case

  • ffajaz

    That means every cop who shoots someone is guilt of a crime as they have there weapon ready to fire.

  • gdbryan

    even when a police officer makes a traffic stop, his weapon is loaded. He has no more right to protect
    himself than any other American. How about that? If Zimmerman had been a black police officer and
    Martin had been a white high on pot, the officer would have received a medal and a week off with pay.

  • Donald Joy

    Savage claims here, only one minute into this, that Zimmerman is “guilty of what he’s charged with—manslaughter.”

    Zimmerman is NOT charged with manslaughter, he’s charged with 2nd degree murder.

    Savage has lost his mind. He gets so much wrong here it’s pathetic.

    • Thomas Sharp

      Planting weed seeds in the minds of the jury, thistle from the sound of it.

    • RonMar

      You are right about the charge, but to have lost his mind Savage must first have had a mind worth the designation mind.

    • mauna

      He does get a lot wrong, then shouts at people who call in to tell him he said something wrong. He treats his callers horribly when he should be glad he gets calls.

  • Ncrdbl1

    People should also remember Savage is NOT a conservative. He is a libertarian. Way too many libertarians are being lumped in with Conservatives.

    • jedrin

      I have found that most people that call themselves libertarians are socialists that just want to do drugs and have promiscuous sex and pretty much trample on the rights of others but have the feds take care of them and protect their rights when the time comes to pay the price for their actions. I have no idea why Savage is saying what he is saying but he does like to be contrary to everyone else in general.

      • D Buell

        Who did you hear that from? Nancy Pelosi? Barbara Boxer? Maxine “Motormouth” Waters? I’m a Libertarian and FAR from wanting to see people do drugs and run around with no clothes on! ROFLMAO!

      • jedrin

        Why are you so upset? I lost all respect for the Libertarian Party when Ferret Boy ran for governor in the Grey Davis recall. Listen to the interview where Ferret Boy spit on the commentator, he was sounding pretty leftie right before he spit. Do you even notice the hypocrisy in a lot of “libertarian” comments? As soon as someone wants the Government to give them their “rights” they are not Libertarians in my books. Less government equals more rights. Not the other way around.

      • Jedrin means ignorance

        I have found that most conservatives are mentally ill believers in jesus, who HATE black people and everyone who isn’t white. Just because you can’t get laid doesn’t mean that when others have sex its promiscuous. It just looks that way when you head is stuck so far up your butt that you can’t see the light of reality.

      • jedrin

        If it wasn’t for the tactical use of drugs you would never get laid either, nor would you be able to live with yourself I am sure.

  • UnknownUzer

    The Kel-Tec PF-9 does not have a safety

  • Tom B

    Savage just wants some airtime and a bigger audience.I always liked savage but this is a little to rich.

  • David W. Maloy Sr.

    I have carried a gun for more than 45 years both a 45 ACP and a 9 MM Beretta 92f and I always have a round in the chamber and the safety on which only takes a split second to take the safety off. After all what good is a gun that doesn’t have a round in the chamber, you could be killed in less time than it would take to draw your weapon and chamber a round, ask any cop if they have a round in the chamber of their gun.

  • Bob Honiker

    Savage is from New York City, he wets his pants if he even thinks about a gun.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    Would it make a difference to Savage if Zimmerman were carrying a wheel gun?
    As far as the 911 tape and the “alleged” racial slur… nobody else but biased blacks can hear that.
    You can’t hear what ain’t there… just sayin’ UNLESS you is “prejudiced”


    What Savage is really saying is, The riots will to much to bare, he was found guilty already when Omuslim said,If I had a son.

  • Mary

    George Zimmerman, NOT GUILTY

    • Mary Blew a Horse

      Mary, just because you hate blacks and you are fat and stupid doesn’t mean anything that Zimmerman said really happened. Now you can go back to stuffing donuts into your fat face.

      • Mary

        You are so brainwashed…..why is everything so p.c rather than exploring the truth.

        Mr. Zimmerman had every right to protect himself…therefore, NOT GUILTY should be the jury’s first choice….and only choice….since manslaughter is not on the table.

        BTW, I love donut hoping to gain some weight.

  • EJ

    The facts are; Martin chose not to continue his walk to his destination but to confront Zimmerman.
    Martin chose the path of violence when he physically attacked Zimmerman.
    Given the circumstance of being overpowered and fearful of Martin using his own gun to shoot him,
    Zimmerman had the right to do what he did.
    Everything up to the point of Martin being the aggressor is moot!

    • mauna

      Martin disappeared from his view while Zimmerman was on the phone with the dispatcher, and Zimmerman thought he was gone . He got out of the car, walked over to see if Martin was gone, and Martin came from behind some bushes and confronted Zimmerman. If Zimmerman had wanted to just “kill” him, he could have done it right then, but instead, Martin hit Zimmerman, knocking him down and jumping on top of him. He then began to beat the heck out of Zimmerman who was scared he was going to be killed. He yelled for help, and that also shows he did not intend to kill Martin. A neighbor screamed at Martin to stop, and Martin would not. The neighbor called the police. Martin was the aggressor.

  • Sonny

    Savage is a huge tool. Those who think he is conservative haven’t listened to him in full. This guy makes statements that are ridiculous for anyone who strives to keep the the audience that he wants. I never listen to him anymore, I shut him off, this is not the first idiotic statement that he has made that makes you scratch your head in wonder.

  • scclare

    Millions of Americans with concealed carry permits carry those weapons with a round chambered. Not so they can kill when they get the chance, as you suggest, but because if you are attacked, as Zimmerman was, you will not have to rack the slide before using the gun. When an attack happens seconds count. A person who is responsible enough to carry a weapon for his defense and the defense of others does not know if he may be attacked by those with or without a weapon. How can you say Zimmerman was in waiting for someone to kill? Your “insightful” analysis is so much blather. Maybe you ought not “blow your own horn” if this is the kind of thing it produces.

  • Wayne Recla

    Every revolver carried has a “round in the chamber” and no safety is on.

  • toongail

    Savage at first makes a logical conclusion – but scclare has a point – if he was carrying a weapon he could have just had it ready to fire just in case he was confronted – not necessarily hunting – going to take the wisdom of Solomon in this case..

  • toongail

    Yes a Martin DID confront Zimmerman – he could have just gone home and that would have been the end of it..

    • mauna

      Martin could have gone on home too instead of hunting down Zimmerman and asking if he had a problem. Zimmenman answered no and Martin told him “Well you do tonight. Youz gonna die”.

      • LovesGod

        Are you a complete idiot? Do you really think that boy said that? You disgust me…for being so damned stupid.

      • mauna

        No, I am not stupid. Why do you not look at all the evidence, including the evidence the proscecution withheld from the defense. This is an “Eric Holder and Obama” trial. Eric Holder is the biggest racist in Washington, and Obama is right there with him.

    • Jesus Isn’t Real

      You are incredibly stupid if you believe anything Zimmerman says. Do you think he is going to admit he stalked and shot a kid for nothing ? Its sad to think that there are people as uneducated as you. You probably think jesus is real to because someone said that too. I hope someone is dumb as you doesn’t have a drivers license. This is your big chance though – tell the world that the truth is you just hate black young men. Then post a photo of you wearing your klan robes holding your viagra prescription – someone with yoiur lack of intelligence most likely can’t get it up either, ain’t that right klan boy.

      • toongail

        Do not hate blacks or anyone else – just heard that at the trial..

      • Hayley Tribble

        WOW intelligence at its finest…

  • Peter Furman

    I don’t know exactly what happened and neither do any of you! “innocent until proven guilty” used to be the Law. Well,what do we actually know?

    We know that a young man died which is a horror unto itself. We know that America has turned into a violent,dangerous Country due to Racism,class warfare,a totally dysfunctional legal system where the “Guilty”,the one accused of a crime has much more “protection”,has seemingly a system that is skewed toward the accused as opposed to “fair” and/or Equally balanced for those who are victimized.

    No,the system has failed! Those that call themselves “leaders” use racism and class warfare as “Policy”, incentive’s to promote and use violence as a political weapon. Those who would commit violence are “inspired” by the “failure” of America to instill what we used to have decades ago. The system,the ethics,family,religion,the devolving quality of life,the economic quagmire based on all of this plus an economy left to implode are just a few of the reasons America is “Failed”. The values,the discipline,the American institutions that once produced honorable,law abiding people is long gone and it’s a societal breakdown starting at the top.

    What happened here and pervades the country is a byproduct of prejudice against most depending on race,color,position,power and greed as opposed to a civilized “code”.

    The key witness in this case was an illiterate. She was a liar and yet,the prosecution “used” her knowing that. We cannot send our children out on Halloween as we used to as they are Not safe! We have a failed educational system where kids bring weapons,where they are subject to metal detectors,guards,a lack of activities to keep them involved as we did for so long.

    People like Zimmerman exist out of fear and anger and a society that has failed in most of it’s purpose,it’s meaning,it’s ethics,it’s morality led and encouraged by the most vile of us all.

    The prosicution “Failed” to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman committed a murder as opposed to defending himself! We all lose as society unravels led by those we elect. Why was no one prosecuted in Wisconsin when so many rioted and destroyed property? It was Never a topic mentioned by Obama,Holder,the press,most anyone. It was political,it was allowed because it served the wants of the extreme left,the politicians,the “party” in power which sadly is the basis of law and justice in America today.

    So,prepare for extreme violence if Zimmerman is set free and prepare for another “nail” in the coffin of what used to be America!

  • PeaceNLove

    The voice of REASON! FINALLY someone with some common damned sense!

  • Hayley Tribble

    George Zimmerman deserves a GUILTY verdict of MANSLAUGHTER- RIP Trayvon Martin…But let’s be honest here, Zimmerman made SO MANY WRONG CHOICES that night, he followed trayvon for no apparent reason, he didn’t listen to the 911 dispatcher, and he made the choice of using a gun. BUT this man from my own point of view had NO MALICIOUS INTENTION. He had a loaded gun, because he was a neighborhood watch, and in the event of danger he wanted that for protection, I don’t feel this man ever intended this type of situation to happen. Zimmerman mentored teens, he had a good heart, his intention was not to shoot and kill but to protect his neighborhood. I feel that the altercation started when Zimmerman continuously was following Trayvon, and Trayvon confronted him. I think Trayvon felt that Zimmerman was trying to harm him, and that is when things got violent. BEST WISHES to both families! Especially the Martins!

    • NM Leon

      You say Zimmerman deserves a guilty verdict and then you give a number of legal reasons why he should be acquitted.