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  • vet

    People who advocate abortion are denouncing God.They will pay for the lives of 55+ million innocent children when the time comes.I really had know idea that there were so many devil worshipers around.You don’t have to be a Christian or bible thumper to know that killing Gods innocent children is wrong,you just need to know that you choose your path and karma is a bitch.I for one don’t plan on returning to this merry go round of life I choose to go on to the next level.I sometimes feel sorry for these people for what they have done but I feel more for the children that wont even have a chance to experience life because they were not wanted and it was considered a right rather than a wrong.How sad that these same people cried for the children that were murdered at school but then kill millions because they think its a women’s right or choice.I’ve seen allot of things in my life and this one is the worst.God will judge those who don’t believe and for those that do will need not worry about returning to hell on earth.

    • veritas7

      Yep, 157 innocent, helpless babies being exterminated by abortion each and every hour 24/7 for the past 40 years, their only crime being ‘inconvenient’.

      • mari

        Is it any wonder why God has turned his back on this country, and everything is falling apart. I love the constitution, a divine document, but without the blessing of God it cannot protect our country from the evil hoards and ungodly forces that our overrunning it.
        Turn us again, Oh Lord.

      • Elton Robb

        He hasn’t turned his back on this country. He’s marching to save it. The nuclear bombs that will come upon this country isn’t a curse, they are a blessing. Their purpose to get rid of the wicked. So, are you prepared?

  • Joeblk

    They have lost it big time!
    “Call on the Devil and he will come”..(.just dont leave empty handed. )

  • Balok

    Everybody’s coming out of the closet, and out from under rocks, these days.
    Even the satan worshipers.
    At least now the pro-life people know who it is they’re REALLY fighting.

  • Markusdecarcus

    These same idiots are against execution of violent criminals, yet they exterminate the innocent. I want to go back to Mayberry…

    • veritas7

      Yep, to the tune of 157 innocents, helpless babies being exterminated by abortion each and every hour 24/7 for the past 40 years.

  • redpens

    The Democrats should get it over with and adopt the song by Venom, “In League With Satan” as their party’s anthem. It’s who they really are anyways. They peddle deaths of unborn children as reproductive rights

    • veritas7

      So true. I’ve heard many, many hymns advocating the sanctity of life, but I’ve yet to hear one hymn advocating abortion

      • The Doctor

        no one argues for abortion. They argue for the government staying out of it.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    Their true colors are showing through.

    • veritas7


  • gina

    I was hoping not to live long enough to ever hear those words chanted ANYWHERE…

    • Joeblk

      Well…welcome to Barrack Obama’s new world.

      • veritas7

        So true

    • veritas7

      It’s the kind of thing that the DICK-tater-HEAD currently squatting in our White House is overjoyed to hear

  • David

    Well… isn’t that special.

  • VanceJ

    Every one of those hollering, Hail Satan, need to be neutered, to stop the spread of evil.

    • Jessi

      The spaying or neutering of all feral animals is always encouraged and highly recommended.

  • chwills

    Abortion is only part of Agenda 21’s goal of population reduction. Here are some goals and action items that Agenda 21 wanted to accomplish – some already have been.

    1. Free Trade –accomplished;
    2. Universal Healthcare – accomplished;
    3. Global Monetary System (Euro is a regional example – the Amero is
    planned to be followed eventually by a world currency);
    4. Reduction in human population to “Sustainable” levels – generally under
    500 million in Maurice Strong’s estimate;
    5. Make free birth control available to everyone.- accomplished.

    Number 4 is a tricky one because when you ask a purveyor of Agenda 21 how many people of each race will be allowed to live under their communist utopia, they refuse to answer. Maurice Strong, the author of Agenda 21 and proprietor of the Georgia Guidestones, set the sustainable number of humans at under 500 million.

    Ask a purveyor of “Sustainable Development” how they plan to get rid of over 7.5 billion people to reach their “sustainable levels”, and you’ll never get an answer. Free birth control, abortion, and the homosexual agenda takes care of three of their population control requirements because homosexuals do not reproduce.

    However, the only way to reduce the world’s population to what they call “sustainable” numbers, is by forced sterilization, bio-engineered diseases, euthanasia via Obamacare, and extermination in government death camps. Read agenda 21 on the UN web site, and check out the Earth Summit page. This crap is real and being implemented!!!!

    • Markusdecarcus

      The problem is unity. The “low info people”call us conspiracy theorists. The ones who “get it” won’t unite over small idiosyncrasies. If we don’t wake up, swallow a little pride and stand together, the Globalists will win.

      • chwills

        If anyone attempts to expose the Agenda 21 conspiracy, liberals label them a conspiracy theorist – usually in a laughing manner. It’s their way of discrediting the person.

        Unfortunately, Agenda 21 is not a conspiracy theory! It’s a conspiracy fact that was signed by GHW Bush, and has been in the process of being implemented for the past 20 years by every president since. The goal is to establish a UN global communist government, under the disguise of saving the Earth, using environmental fear mongering to accomplish their goals.

        According to Agenda 21 Chapter 28, sec 1.3:

        “The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful.”

        I don’t know how they could have made their intentions more obvious, and I don’t know why people refuse to accept the facts when they are hiding in plain sight.

  • Vincent

    The people that chant hail satin needs prayer

    • BigUgly666

      Oh, I don’t know … I kinda like satin!

  • The Doctor

    I have to say as a liberal the behavior is abhorrent on the part of the pro-choice members. Its an effort to be intentionally antagonistic and is childish at best. A better response would have been to simply allow the song to be sung and then offer a substantive argument in response to a fluff song.

    • AMM

      YOU are a doctor??

    • Elton Robb

      What kind of doctor?

  • Jessi

    The demons no longer see the need to hide behind their “masks” and we will see many more remove theirs in the days to come. Under the current progressive/fascist administration they now have their ‘leader’ occupying the WH, and his appointees in key positions, which allows them the freedom to oppose Christian Conservatives, and attack our beliefs, with no threat of repercussions. Freedom of speech is alive and well, as long as we agree with THEIR message, otherwise they will attempt to silence us at every opportunity. If that doesn’t work, the head occupier will just issue another Executive Order- for we have already seen, if the king wants it – then it shall be.

  • jong

    All I can hope is that they like it when they meet their master. Lets hope its real soon.

    • Elton Robb

      They won’t. Satanists can be redeemed, in fact there are those who have been. A satanist converted to Christianity was a given a vision where Christ went up to Lucifer and took his contract. Christ then explained that he paid for the new Christian’s life with his blood. Luciferians have no idea what’s awaiting for them.

  • Centurian2010

    So sad that the ones chanting in favor of killing children were young women and girls. Demonstrates the liberal hate indoctrination through media and school propaganda. Why would these young women want to kill their baby after 20 weeks? This is when you typically have an ultrasound and can see the fingers, toes and sex of the child and the child has been moving around inside the mother. I am against abortion at any stage unless to save a woman’s life which is then her choice, but come on, 20 weeks??!!

  • cheri2013

    the gloves are off officially. my heart grieves for those who will go forward with this madness. The Lord can’t come fast enough.

  • i2luvmyusa

    I believe Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a ghetto house for killing babies! That is where Satanism is breeding contempt for life! Those who walk through those doors all have murder on their hands! Panned Parenthood and clinics like them need to be closed and our tax dollars to fund them needs to STOP!

  • yaki534

    Ahhh. Finally the truth is out. Those so called ladies are lowering themselves to being simply life support systems for a vagina. Just another hole.

  • brucefandrews

    These people know what they are doing, they are disciples of Satan. I will pray that they find their way back to Christ. The way Christ teaches us to attack evil (Satan) is to bring Christ into the lives of his followers. I pray that I can reach even one of the woman before they commit murder.

  • stratman51

    One more time for those who missed it:
    A pregnant woman’s “bodily rights” ENDS at her side of the placenta. Her responsibility passes through to the other human with ITS OWN SET OF RIGHTS attached to the other side. That small life (the so-called tissue mass is already human – DNA proves it) deserves every right its mother enjoys from the moment of DNA transfer after sperm penetrates egg, especially the right not to be murdered.

  • Willy Rho

    If souls are sent to babies at conception, can you imagine the mother that aborted her baby(ies) meeting them face to face on the day of judgement? What would a mother say to her murdered babies at the pearly gates? Love you sweetheart? Or, Oh No? Or the Commandment, “YOU SHALL NOT MURDER” flashing in a Neon Sign at the Pearly Gates. So Sad.

    • b glad

      Don’t worry. Unless she repents and turns from her wicked ways, she isn’t going to be there.

  • b glad

    Who did you think their leader was. Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy. Liberals are just his means of accomplishing it.

  • rabrooks

    Finally! They got honest. For GOD’S sake, what more d you need to hear? This was no “Freudian”, or “slip of the tongue”. Those murderous bastards started out as the “ABCL” the American Birth Control League. Their purpose was to eliminate most of the “poor/undesirable” people that may overpopulate the country, due to improved public health practices.

  • Candyman101

    That surely identifies where they stand on the issue. Choose evil over the right, every time. The surprising thing is that some people who claim to be religious still support these people. By the way, why does the press still identify them as “pro-choice” when the proper description is “pro-abortion. There is a difference.

  • Itellthe truth

    I am going to share something with you that came to me during a time of prayer about two weeks ago. I was lead during my prayer by a revelation that I believe God sent to me. It was that he would reveal to me who the antichrist was or who was paving the way for the antichrist. Ii was such an overwhelming feeling that said ok God then tell me how do I find this out? It came to me that I was to go to the site and to go to where the search engine for the site was and type in the question…”who is the Antichrist”. I did as I felt I was being lead to and I almost fell over in disbelief with what came up. I did it several times and even printed what was on my screen so I could show my wife and a friend of mine what came up. It may be that the site has taken down what the response is that I got, but maybe not yet. So, I encourage you to try it for yourself. Just type in Then when you are at the site, where it has the search box, type in “who is the antichrist” and then see what you get? Post it here if you think it is for real.