Royal Baby, who cares?

Epping high street

Sometimes the media just drives you nuts with what they will cover. Guess they have to have something to talk about all day long. But this royal baby thing is a big huge who cares….
Check it out:

The Royal Baby has already left punters unmoved.

Though the baby looks set to dominate news agendas for the coming week it appears gamblers in Epping couldn’t care less, despite bookmakers reporting a nation-wide flood of money guessing the baby’s name.

Epping High Street’s two betting shops offer novelty bets on the name of the potential future monarch but they have had little appeal to customers.

Scott Furlong, a Jennings Bet cashier, said he has only had four or five punters come in to guess the name since the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy was announced at the start of this year.



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