Rising Again: Bush Family Returns to Public Stage


History is showing that Bush was right on a lot.
Check it out:

Returning from the margins of American politics, the Bush family is reasserting itself.

This week, former President George W. Bush surfaced from a self-imposed political exile to prod reluctant Republicans toward a broad immigration overhaul. He’s also talking up his work on AIDS and cancer in Africa.

His brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has written a book on immigration reform and is keeping the door open to his own presidential run in 2016.

And George P. Bush, Jeb’s oldest son, is running for statewide office in Texas.

For decades, the Bushes were a dominant clan of the GOP, starting in the 1980s when patriarch George H.W. Bush became vice president, then president. But the family fell out of favor with the American public as well as with a chunk of the Republican Party in the waning years of his son’s wartime presidency, and George W. Bush was deeply unpopular in its aftermath. But that’s started to change; a Gallup Poll last month showed nearly half of Americans now view him favorably, a post-presidential high.



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