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  • blessedtruth

    Harry Reid needs to be in Hell. Now!

    • Vin

      God sure is taking his time sending him there. Please hurry.

      • Winston

        Even satan doesn’t want him.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Introductions were arranged, but Satan doesn’t like competition.

    • Rattlerjake

      Hang him right next to the rest of these race baiters – holder, sharpton, jackson, barber, Obuthead, that black panther prick, and Mooooochelle.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Mad cow disease on two legs.

  • Wayne

    I guess this idiot doesn’t know about double jeopardy. For those who don’t know what it is like brain dead Harry, it means you cannot try someone twice for the same crime. You get one chance and if you lose, you lose. So Harry, it looks like you are a loser.

    • EileenP

      Unfortunately, double jeopardy does not apply to civil suits. He cannot be tried for the same thing in the same court, meaning criminal. But civil suits can be started. OJ lost in a civil suit afterwards to Nicole’s family. BUT I hope that the DOJ doesn’t waste anymore taxpayers money on a civil suit, as it would be unmerited.

      • Wayne

        The government can’t file civil suits. Only civilians can file civil suits, hence the name civil.

      • Winston

        They will try to push for a hate crime. That they can do.

      • Wayne

        They can try, but it is still illegal. It was proven in the trial that it was self defense and not racially motivated. What this will be is another nail in this administrations coffin or in other words another impeachable offense.

  • slickzip

    Dingy Harry needs a baseball bat up his butt

  • shagphil

    No Harry, thanks to you and Nancy it’s more f÷×=%d up than ever

  • alwaysright

    Actually Harry, it IS over. Get over it, Droopy Dog. If you want to get people heated-up to do your dirty work, while your hands remain ‘clean’, then don’t complain when it’s your turn for the reaper.

  • Kari

    Keep your nose out of where it doesn’t below Harry! If this were the other way around you’d keep your mouth shut……try doing that now.

  • Marvs

    Reid has no common sense.

    • blessedtruth

      Just omit word common. There you have it M!

    • Gold

      Yes , where was he in the O.J. Simpson Trial?

  • babsan

    That old bastard has to open his foul mouth.

  • bee

    harry reid is the lowest form of scum on this earth. we need him gooooone.

    • catman

      Dirty harry azz hole is a total retard

      • Winston

        Don’t these old liberals ever die???

    • Winston

      Permanently would be nice if you could manage that.

  • ptrtldy

    it should be done with a jury of his peers made their decision based upon the evidence they were presented with to interject his nose into it makes a bigger idiot than he already is

  • Sunshine43

    Harry Reid is a huge piece of human debris! His comments on the Zimmerman decision are pathetically stupid and monstrously treacherous! He has truly lost whatever mind he may have previously had!

  • marineh2ominer

    Reid is a piece of s–t SOB and a bovine loving communist b–t–d . His election and maintenance in that office tells me more that I ever needed to know about Nevadens , they are ALL filthy trash .

  • Robalou01

    Harry Reid, instigator of the next civil war in America

  • amlux

    Contact Mr. Reid and tell him what you think about his comments.

    • John Stewart

      Here’s what I wrote to the air-waster:

      You stated “I think the Justice Department is going to take a look at this,” Reid told NBC’s Meet the Press. “This isn’t over with and I think that’s good. That’s our system, it’s gotten better, not worse.”

      First – quit ‘thinking’, you suck at it!

      Second – Step in front of a runaway garbage truck. You’re a shit-stain, air-waster. You’re a destructive element to America and society in it. Please do the planet and this country in particular a favor…go catch some painful, incurable and deadly-within-7-days disease so that you can’t harm this once great nation anymore. Your daddy should have never let your momma talk him out of getting you from the garbage can after tossing you in there at birth. The problem is, he reached in and pulled out a filth covered rat instead of the actual infant (he was a drunkard who didn’t care so long as it got your momma to STFU)…if it had been the infant, you might have turned out better.

      • Winston

        She actually threw out the baby and kept the afterbirth. Reid is the afterbirth. Kinda like the antichrist.

  • LittleMoose

    I think Harry Reid is a racist and disrespects the latino community. Maybe the Justice Department should investigate some of his land deals.

  • Margo Lee Watson

    Harry Reid can’t control anything in DC! How dare he make incendiary statements like this! I expect racist comments from Obama. Harry’s desperation to please Obama should be what is looked into. They are the SHAME OF AMERICA citizens. When will enough be enough!

  • stonemike

    How does this ‘imbecile” Reid think encouraging ‘institutional racism” to be used against WHITE PEOPLE is going to make America better? REID NEEDS TO BE REMOVED ‘permanently’, if you know what I mean!

    • Winston

      Isn’t Reid white? Why does he hate his own race. He must hate Hispanics since Zimmerman is categorized and also calls himself an Hispanic.

      • stonemike

        Many of the ‘progressive hierarchy” are white but have succumbed to the years of “militant propaganda ‘in both colleges and politics that basically blame whites for the ills of so-called minorities! One of the real cornerstones of Obammis ‘racism comes straight from his mothers’ BLACK MARXIST HAREM that insist if it were not for “white exploitation” of third world countries, these imbeciles would have societies and lifestyles to rival Americans! While collusion with enemies or acceptance of the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME seems remote, most of these ‘leftist extremists’ appear to hate and despise their own race!

      • Winston

        I believe what you say is true but only part of the story. The unseen, unnamed powers that be have manipulated this “psychosis” in our country that many have succumbed to. Many in this circus of an administration have been groomed and chosen because they are either stupid enough to fall for this grand scheme or are complicit in the grand scheme. Simply put, we are being dismantled as a unified nation in order to use the USA to usher in the new world order. The global elite need our military and technology to strong arm the rest of the world. Once we’re completely subverted, the rest of the world has not a chance of escaping a one-world govt.

  • John Stewart

    Phuque you, Reid, you air-wasting, shit-stain. Step in front of a runaway bus, PLEASE!

  • Steves704

    Reid is looking for votes and that is it. He has already sold his soul to the devil.

    • Winston

      A long time ago, sadly. You can see it in his eyes. A void; no soul; just hate.

  • d s

    Reed needs’ to be sued for his comments. I think a couple of good lawyers could sue these scumbags.

    • Winston

      I think so too. Those are incendiary statements intended to rouse the black rabble and increase the tensions in this nation. The black on white crime is already horrendous. Read Ann Coulter’s “Mugged” and “White Girl Bleed a Lot.”

      • d s

        Good points

  • pissed off conservative

    i wish this guy would die already

  • joepotato

    Reid is just practicing what the regime expects… Divide and conquer… The peasants (sheeple) are so dumb they wont even see it for what it is… Evidenced by the blind loyalty of a poser POTUS who doesn’t appear to qualify as an Art II NBC, he’s not too far off… The BS Media will also lend a hand… That’s what their masters hired them for… Blind loyalty to the transformation and destruction of what started out as a constitutional republic… Sad, it is no more…

  • BrassRing

    Any attempt to lynch Zimmerman would truly start a war.

    • Winston

      That may be what Holder and Obama are hoping for. Then they will implement martial law and we will have to go for broke.

  • junkmailbin

    holder will have plenty on his plate. He will have the lawsuits coming against the DOJ for thier part in railroading an arrest that was proved done on false charges, perjury, and political motivation

  • DefendConstitution

    OK. The trial is over. Mr. Zimmerman is not guilty. Trayvon Martin is
    dead and buried. Move on to another subject; remember the officer on the
    Mexican border that bho, holder and their minions killed? Remember what
    happened on Sept. 11, 2012 over in the Middle East? Remember who told the IRS
    to give conservative minded organizations trouble? Remember what the NSA has
    been doing? We cannot allow the current muslim supporting administration allegedly
    running our country to get away with any more crimes. We are supposed to be the
    rational citizens of this great country. We must set an example for the ones on
    the other side, the ones who are looking for any reason to cause trouble. Don’t
    fall into the left’s trap. Do not write anything that anyone could twist into
    something racist or even derogatory. bho and holder are looking for any excuse
    to stir up more defecation. Don’t give them anything to use. Concentrate on the
    old, outstanding issues. Don’t let them be swept under the rug.

    • grandmaforliberty

      I agree.. all these smoke screens keep us from concentrating on the serious breach of our government In Benghazi which cost 4 American lives and the President is still trying to sell the old video scenario… We need to push our reps to keep diggilng and get us answers…..

  • cookie

    I wish the idiots in washington would look as deep into their own aspects of behavior. Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Drones, NDAA, Fraud and DOJ dropping all charges against Corzine ex gov of NJ. Who decided that one. Billions lost.

    Only little other people things they love to have the dumb public view.

  • jong

    First of all Hairy we should take a look at you. You have repeatedly broken the law in not doing your job. And when did Hairy become a member of that jury???

  • ffajaz

    That homosexual is to old to know what is going on in the world. He can not even stand up straight anymore. Does not want filibuster as is past him bedtime.

  • Eddy marr

    we are waiting to see what;s happening.

  • mjg

    Why do people keep re-electing this dinosaur?

    • Winston

      Vote fraud.

    • monkeypox69

      SEIU controls the voting machines in Nevada.

  • Ignorant Beaner

    Too bad reid didn’t get popped

    • 1stcav

      that would be awesome

  • Janice Foster

    Reid needs to have Petitions signed by Americans to oust him from his position! Threats are threats
    and it should not be allowed at All! Zimmermans Judge should sign an injunction for him to save his life and property!

  • Janice Foster

    This is pure out and out terroristic against Zimmerman and his family! He was not guilty of anything but protecting himself!

  • Janice Foster

    Anyone in Office in our Government positions giving comments against Zimmerman should be ousted immediately from Office! If they were jumped and defended themselves and killed someone to protect
    their life they would want good people thinking and understanding on their jury!

    • Winston

      What about Edward Kennedy? He was not convicted and he willfully caused a death? Resurrect his ass and execute him too.

  • Gary Calhoun

    Harry Reid MUST be EXECUTED!!!!
    The Medical Examiner that DID examine Trayvon does NOT KNOW or SPEAKS English and DOES NOT know ANYTHING about what HE is talking about!!! HOW MANY TIMES has that Medical Examiner been shot in just like Trayvon had been??? NEVER??? Then HE does NOT know how long it would take for ANYONE to DIE from a shot like Trayvon had!!!! ANYONE that has done much hunting knows that, let take a deer for example because of the size and weight, ONE deer shot in the heart may run for a long distance before it dies while another will drop dead on the spot. I have shot a deer at a distance of over 300 yards and the bullet went through the hind leg and testacies and the deer jumped a little and drop DEAD on the SPOT!!! There were NO other wounds the deer at all. So each animal that is shot will die at different rates from the same wounds!!!

    The MEDICAL EXAMINER IS PERJURING himself as ALL of them on the prosecution side has done and the Judge IS doing EVERYTHING she can to have Zimmerman convicted!!! ALL of them should be EXECUTED!!!

    President Barack Obama (MUST be EXECUTED for HIS CRIMES)
    A.G. Eric Holder (MUST be EXECUTED for HIS CRIMES)
    Al Sharpton (MUST be EXECUTED)
    Jessie Jackson (MUST be EXECUTED)
    And many others.
    Florida Governor Rick Scott (MUST be EXECUTED)
    Stanford Mayor Jeff Triplett (MUST be EXECUTED)
    Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr. (MUST be EXECUTED)
    State Attorney Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, Angela B. Corey (She MUST be EXECUTED for ALL of her CRIMES)
    Judge Debra Nelson (She MUST be EXECUTED for ALL of her CRIMES)

    Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda (MUST be EXECUTED) (he said that POLICE OFFICERS WANT to SHOOT SOMEONE!!!)
    Assistant D.A. John Guy (MUST be EXECUTED)
    Medical Examiner Dr. Valerie Rao (She MUST be EXECUTED for ALL of her CRIMES)

    Medical Examiner Dr. Shiping Bao (Should be EXECUTED for HIS CRIMES)

    ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS!!! (All of them MUST be EXECUTED for their CRIMES)

    New York Times
    Nicholas Wapshott

    Daryle Parks and Benjamin Crump Martin Family Attorney (MUST be EXECUTED)

    And of course Trayvon Martin’s Parent, Sybrina Fulton and who ARE the ones that should be going to JAIL for raising the PUNK Trayvon!!!! And ALL there N****R Friends and supporters, like the N****R Rich Benjamin (Senior Fellow at the DEMO) MUST be EXECUTED!!!

    ALL MUST be impeached prosecuted and EXECUTED for the CRIMES they ARE and HAVE COMMITTED!!!!

    Angela B Corey MUST be INDICTED, PROSECUTED and PUT IN JAIL for JURY TAMPERING!!! In the Zimmerman trial and when they investigate the other trial she was involved with they will find MORE of the same and many more CRIMES she HAS COMMITTED!!!
    the Medical examiner IS NOT a NEUROLOGIST NOR is she a PRACTICING Medical professional. She does NOT EXAMINE LIVE patients. Make Medial DIAGNOSES, prescribe medication NOR has ANYTHING to do with a LIVE person so she IS NOT QUALIFIED to make ANY “OPINIONS” on any LIVING persons medical condition!!! IT is PLAIN PERJURY and Angela B Corey had put the examiner up to COMMITTING PERJURY as Angela B Corey has done in the past to get a conviction!!!!
    I have got to add that Angela B Corey HAS COMMITTED PERJURY on the Probable Cause Affidavit!!!! She MUST go to JAIL for a LONG time if NOT executed for her convicting INNOCENT people!!!


    IF ALL N****RS were EXTERMINATED CRIME would be cut by 80 to 95%!!!!!!

    In 30 to 50 years YOU will find out I am RIGHT!!!

    • Debbtalk

      well said..thank you

    • semper fie 80

      Gutless hunting bastard and cowardly hurter of animals!!!
      Hope you get the same treatment one day and may you never pollute your children with your same cowardly sickness.

      • James

        @ Semper fie 80. That’s what you got out of that post? Hurter of animals? You don’t deserve to die, because it’s obvious you can’t be alive with a brain that small in the first place.

      • Semper fi 80

        Read through his post again James. He would like to execute so many people. Oh yes, very stable minded – I don’t think. Then he goes on with sick racist rant, but without even the basic courage to use word without asterisks. I feel he needs help and soon.

        I repeat my accusation about hunters. These are the people who dress up in camouflage, hide and wait until some helpless and beautiful animal comes along on which they can inflict agonizing pain – especially if they are only wounded and spend the next few days staggering around screaming in pain. While the so called brave hunters congratulate themselves.

        How many of these “animal hurters” would be out torturing animals if those same animals and birds were able to shoot back? Very, very few, if any, which I feel proves my point, James.

        In my past I’ve had to shoot opposing soldiers and airmen. The ’80’ might give you a clue as to my age and prior service, but my comrades and I never shot an unarmed enemy.
        Thank you for your uninformed comment about the size of my brain: Age 80; IQ 160.

  • MMort

    Of course Reid would say it isn’t over, since it was 100% political from the start. Telling this to NBC is the right spot to start, with them being the major journalists that cut and pasted their news to suit themselves, in this trial. It does seem like NBC is at the top of the list for the defense team to sue. Go to It ! I hope it puts them out of business. We have enough TV stations and rags out there obscuring the truth and we should push to have them eliminated, one by one. There was a day when all the reporters did was give us the facts and we could add or subtract them as we wanted. Now they almost NEVER stick to the facts. We have to dig through all their trash to find the real meat of the subject. Maybe they will learn when the law suits are all over for Zimmerman. This poor man didn’t deserve to have to watch his back the rest of his life, while the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and the major Blacks want to re-live days prior to MLK and even the civil war,while they get rich doing this .I know this and the actions of the Blacks since Obama came on the scene has caused me to re-think my heritage. I had relatives that worked in the underground railroad, in Virginia, to free slaves and called Black people Uncle and Aunt. Now we are all looking at one another with suspicion and distrust. Obama certainly has changed our country, but ALL for the WORST !

    • John Cherish

      NBC even manufactured false evidence against Zimmerman and they should be sued for this

    • grandmaforliberty

      divide and conquer.. blacks against whites, gays against straights, muslims against Christians… was there every a president who caused such divisiveness in our country???When you talk about playing the race card, be aware Obama is the dealer…

  • 83footsailor

    This ** STUPID is as STUPID does ** – bone head – Dingee – Harry Reid – needs to keep his MOUTH SHUT.
    REID – OBOOMASS – HOLDER – PELOSI and other LIBERA:L LEFT WING SCUM BAG COMMIE SOCIALISTS – are the ones who will STIR the POT !!!!!!!!!!
    This is the beginning of the SKIRMISH that will be worse that the CIVIL WAR.
    JOHN Q. PUBLIC CITIZEN – will win this one hands down.
    Shoot to take out their kneecaps – that way they can;t walk – all they can do is to crawl like a baby.- that is just what they are – if they don’t get their way – they start riots in the streets – burn down JOHN Q. PUBLIC’s homes – burn down JOHN Q. PUBLIC’S businesses – ruining what ever they can do to make it tough for any one to earn a living wage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • author5555

      another reason I hate the far left.

  • Puncher

    Harry and Obama, in addition to all the worshiped athletes and movie stars, should stay out of it. Who are they?

  • repubboy

    Yes it is Harry.. a jury of his peers acquitted of all the charges.. You are the one that needs to be over it !

  • jollygreen

    For someone like the Majority leader in the Senate to comment on a legal case is beyond belief. But then again our media are so bias for the Democrats they will never tell that this is just plain wrong. We need to remove the media from the heights they are treated to in this country. They have ruined this country more than any other segment.

    • monkeypox69

      Why shouldn’t he comment? Ovomit did.

  • author5555

    Go to hell Harry. Zimmerman was acquitted. All you want to is appease the blacks so your party can get the black vote.

    • monkeypox69

      Which they will always get anyway.

  • retroranger

    Reid just keeps proving that he has lost any sanity he ever had. I can not believe there are so many stupid people in Nevada that keep voting for this senile fool.

  • author5555

    Will Harry Reid, Obama and their kind demand that the two black teenage scumbags who killed that white baby in Georgia be prosecuted. Harry you are one of the biggest a-holes in govt.

    • John Cherish

      He is a hypocrite what do you expect from a lawyer with ties to the mafia and the Nevada gaming commission

      • Winston

        Democrats are right at home with the mafia and Ponzi schemes. No one does it better than Obama’s administration. They wrote the crime regs.

    • Winston

      White boys are not “protected classes.” Black boys are protected classes. Ever notice that all the votes that the liberals go for are from people in protected classes: blacks, Hispanics, women, homos, etc. They are using protected classes and affirmative action to garner votes. Seems criminal to me, but who am I?

  • onerightstand

    Exactly, author5555! Who does Reid think he is? And, what does the Senate Majority Leader have to do with a trial held in Florida?????? What a bag!

  • Winston

    We must solicit The Thomas More Law Center ( or Alliance Defending Freedom ( and ask for them to sue the DOJ for civil rights violations of those voters who were intimidated by the black panthers. That was clearly a civil rights violation as Holder did not want to go against “his people.” Are only “his people” worthy of civil rights? I think we could implement a stand down if we can get one of these entities help. Thoughts?
    Contact Tom Lynch at The Thomas More Law Center.

  • Docs357

    This isn’t islamville whe only one mans word counts. He was tried and accutited by a jury. Obozo and Ried would never be able to say that because of all the crimes they have commited. Obama has done more than any one person in history to renew RACISIT HATE AND VIOLENCE IN THIS COUNTRY. Every time a person of color is involved in a issue he works the black community to make it a racial thing. Day by day he breaks the law in his attemp to destroy America. He the one that should be on trial.

    • patriot2

      what really must tick off the muslims is the jury was female.good for them,now if the women in islam would just honor kill the men instead of the other way around.

      • Docs357

        Excellent point friend that they should put on that flashy thing at Times Square and 42nd street burn some butts wouldn’t it great point ROTFLMAO.

      • patriot2

        you have to wonder just what the hell goes through their minds.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    I don’t care what the courts or the Justice Department call it or have to say about, if the Justice Department brings charges against Zimmerman, that is double jeopardy in my estimation. I think it is time for Reid to (in Obama’s words) take a pill.

    • manuel

      No, the charges will be “….deprivation of civil rights….”, not murder. As the turdreid says, “…that’s our system….”. I noticed the Dept of Justice(sic) did not bring charges against OJ, but of course, that is another matter all together. He did not kill a Negro.

      • grandmaforliberty

        More importantly he is a negro….

    • jaybird

      His lawyers said they are staying for the fights. They are planning on suing the prosecution to pay for the trial because he should never have been tried.

  • Chet

    Why doesn’t this cranky old man keep his mouth shut and pursue the business of running this nation and stay out of civil affairs… Or better yet, try to find a way to apologize to Romney for your unsubstantiated and accusatory remarks made during the recent campaign.

  • John Cherish

    I wonder if Harry Reid would hire someone like Travon Martin to do work around his house. That is how much of a hypocrite Ried is

  • VanceJ

    You BRAINLESS JERK, it was NOT a civil rights issue.!!!! so you have no case, quit your pandering to the blacks for their vote, every one knows the Dem’s just want to keep them down. (Slaves)

    • bless2live

      Reid,serving with such govermental power and to exert prejudice over a verdict renderd by a District Court of United States ,is not only injustice to the accused ,but a spike of death to the laws of the land!

  • oldgreyhairedlady

    Yeah Harry, don’t pay any attention to what the jury decided. An old fool like you should make all this big decisions. After all you’re a dumbocrat and all knowing. Do use all a favor, Go Jump off Some Overpass somewhere.

    • patriot2

      in front of a semi.

  • mydogpopo

    What a stupid old man…………….

  • slick

    That Martin kid was a punk, a low life who would have grown up into an adult destined for prison or killed by the police or by a rival drug gang. It only goes to lend credibility to the thought that many males between the ages of 14 and 24 should be locked up.

  • Marie Kalivas Devine

    The evidence was manipulated to deceive blacks that this was an innocent little boy; when he is a very full grown young 17 year old. They still keep up the deception.

    • Winston

      Not only that but that ba$tard, Trayvon, had actually walked all the way home and then WENT BACK to have that confrontation with Zimmerman. The attack was not spontaneous. Therefore, this attack by Trayvon Martin upon Zimmerman was premeditated. Why didn’t he just stay at home? Because he wanted to beat the crap out of Zimmerman.

  • Patriot41

    If Reid supports the system, then why is he sicking the Justice Department on Zimmerman? I truly hope that one day, Harry Reid will be brought to Justice for all of the evil he has brought upon this nation.

    • SandraJ

      Not exactly the poster boy for his mormon religion, is he?

      • Patriot41

        I have never heard any Mormons bragging about Reid being a part of their organization, have you?

      • SandraJ

        Come to think of it, I have not. I can’t think of anything with him that is worth bragging about. He is persistent, though…like a toothache!

      • Patriot41

        One can extract a tooth, but getting rid of Reid is something else. Apparently the people in Nevada don’t mind electing corrupt leaders.

  • The Political Commentator

    After a not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, a case that everyone involved said had nothing to do with race, why is the Obama DOJ going to investigate whether there is the potential to bring a civil rights charge against the defendant?

    Obviously in an attempt to maintain it as a race issue and to divert attention from administration scandal.

    Typical Obama administration flim flam Florio

    At The Political Commentator here:

    • patriot2

      nothing to do with race? right.obama & holder wanted Zimmerman to be sent to prison to further divide the country over race.obama has wanted that for his own nefarious reasons ever since he managed to weasel his way into our political system.

    • 1stcav

      that’s the same trick that willie clinton did when he was in office with monica and he came out smelling like a rose !

  • Doctor_M7

    I vote for Harry Reid — to walk through a Black neighborhood unarmed. He would make a terrific White “scape goat” for Blacks to reek their revenge on.

    • patriot2

      how about chicagos south side,I hear he would recieve a particularly gracious welcome there.they’ve shot over 1,000 people this year & I don’t know how many deaths.a fine record for gun control,wouldn’t you say?he also needs a sign to carry,F you guys,I hate N******.I just want to help harry out,good?

  • Elton Robb

    He should know better.

  • Fran

    If Reid sanctions more persecution of a now “innocent” Zimmerman than it points directly to the Democrats trying to take away more Liberties…such as the Justice by a Jury. I still wonder Why there are so many killings of black youth in Chicago, Detroit, Miami etc. WHY is the Zimmerman/Martin
    case the one that has been fanned into the site of a Liberal media??? As far as I am concern it
    is Another Scandal from the WH. Didn’t Obama state publically that Treyvon looked like his son…
    if he had one. I just don’t get it.

  • 1catfish

    I hope the latino community is paying attention. Civil rights only applies to you know who.

    • monkeypox69

      Nope..they’ll stick suck the DemocRAT d1ck no matter what.

      • Beachtennisguy

        Is this site rated PG?

      • NotJim

        “Is this site rated PG?”

        Good question — it does have a picture of Reid up there!

  • 7papa7

    Reid never ceases to amaze me on how dumb he is.

  • monkeypox69

    Our system has gotten better…Double Jeopardy no longer applies.

  • tomtes

    You don’t end a sentence with a preposition unless you are a complete moron…..I rest my case!

  • ron44

    Please some one remind Reid that this is still America and we still have a Constitution that protects people from witch hunts and false charges brought by a government that already is out of control. he may wish to hang it up before he does some thing really stupid here.

  • WerewolfVm

    Why is Reid involved with this at all? He is a travesty of justice himself. He should be arrested for treason!

  • L.R.E.

    It’s Over, Not Guilty!

  • agbjr

    Harry Reid has absolutely no authority or jurisdiction in ANY court case much less a LOCAL matter in the State of Florida. Harry needs to mind his Ps and Qs and stick with his own kind … the coffin-bound undead.

  • djstorrie

    The only ones to blame here are Martins parents. They are responsible for their child’s death by not teaching him to respect other people.

    • pistofftxpyr

      Like so many ghetto parents I doubt they cared very much about teaching him any values at all.

  • nobozoz

    Hate filled empty headed pencil necked ASS Shut upup continue worshipping ur shmuck

  • GodsAmerica

    Well it looks like harry reid, like so many of them, has declared himself to be a terrorist!

  • tomtes

    What I see coming is very disturbing!

    • pistofftxpyr

      What I see in DC is already very disturbing

  • pistofftxpyr

    When your starting point is “Black is beautiful but everything else is evil,” what else can you expect from Reid? BTW, he also believes the Constitution is crap, the rule of law applies only to non-Democrats, lying in order to advance a liberal goal is commendable but lying by a non-liberal is a capital offense, etc., etc. Reid must belong to the middle Eastern ward of LDS, the same ward the Kenyan belongs to..

  • bless2live

    Our goverment stands in the way of our freedom! Thank you Mr. Reid for expressing your thoughts and opinions of this trial and the outcome of the trial! You give me the dignity and strength to go forward with nothing less than victory, to defeat you and this enemy regime! You do inspire us Americans to lift up our Faith to God as our Forefathers did all those years ago! God Bless the United States of American,Forever!
    Be always sure you are right-then go ahead……..Signed……………Davy Crockett

  • Dink

    “I think the Justice Department is going to take a look at this,”

    ……….. if it truly were a ” Justice Department “, Harry Reid and a few others would be the folks ‘ Being looked at ‘.

  • A. Hole

    I started out trying to be fair minded. BUT, now because of people like this and Sharpton, (who isn’t too Sharp), all I can say is; Martin should not have taken a fist to a gun fight!!

  • ClicknConnect Clubs

    Without racism they cannot win elections!!! IDIOTS!!

  • klsparrow

    It seems that Reid does not care for the rule of law. He believes that the law and justice should be based on what politicians think it should be. In this case what Reid thinks it should be. Do you think Reid would have made this statement if martin had killed Zimmerman?.Reid would have been praising the justice system as doing the right thing. Reid does not have enough brains to make a slug function.

    The media and people like Reid Say Zimmerman caused this by getting out of his car. Here is a fact that doofus Reid does not want to admit. If Martin had continued to walk he would have been home in minutes. No he chose to turn and confront Zimmerman. All he had to do is keep walking. Yet he was going to be the tough gut and confront Zimmerman. martin was a smart as dope head and if i had to guess he also belonged to a gang. It would be of no surprise if he was not involved in the break-in arpound the area. AS for the parents the first thing they did after there son was kill is trademark his name. You would think they would have been thing about what happen to their son not a trademark.

    • J. D. Bible

      Martin did more than confront Zimmerman, a more correct term is that Martin attacked Zimmerman in a way that caused physical damage and bleeding to Zimmerman. Martin was younger, but much larger, stronger, and had a history of using violence. Zimmerman reacted to the violent attack by Martin, a younger but much larger and stronger individual, by using his pistol.

  • Frank_O

    Reid should get the Senate to pass a budget or be impeached.
    He should have no time to get involved with Zimmerman… nor is it his business or place to do so.

    • pistofftxpyr

      He should be impeached regardless of his failures on the budget front.

  • Stryker

    Obama and clan only want to get your mind off them, while they screw us all. Tell Obama to go walk and clean up his own home town at night and see what he has helped build.

  • firemanfred

    Reid is an absolute idiot. He’s trying to make this into another Rodney King episode…but this time there is no video to show over and over again a black man getting beaten, just a tape of Zimmerman screaming as this thug youth beats on him. Our justice system and these political goons need to be kept apart, way apart. Politics and our justice system coming together is like oil and water they never can mix without disastrous results. Someone needs to admit this altzimer patient Reid into a care facility before he hurts someone else.

    • LAPhil

      Maybe he’ll fall and won’t be able to get up.

  • LAPhil

    Harry Reid needs to go away forever. What’s wrong with the voters of Nevada anyway that he keeps getting re-elected? Not that I have room to talk, I live in the state of Feinstein, Boxer, and Pelosi!

    • SandraJ

      I’ll pray for you. I am so sorry.

  • smart gramma

    Harry Reid has come to the end of the line…..the next position for him is on a crap table and I do mean CRAP…..and I am sure I don’t have to paint a picture. He is a jerk….always was and will never change.
    He is the one who should be on trial along with his “mate” Nancy Pelosi………

  • Christopher Beattie

    It is ironic how much Harry Reid wants the full extent of the law to come down on a Hispanic while at the same time wanting so desperately to bestow amnesty on Hispanics.


    Seems that the King (obummer) and his gang of lackies want to push for a race war.

  • savage24

    Dingy Harry stands for everything that is rotten in our political system today. On this issue, he is fanning the flames of racial unrest and should be treated like scum he is. He is a perfect example of “liberalism is a mental disease” and the extent of damage this disease is doing to our country. Dingy Harry makes Benedict Arnold look like an American hero.

  • Mary James

    Why is Harry Reid getting involved in this case? he should be doing the peoples business. Also when Mitt Romney was running for President he mentioned about his Income Tax not been released. He should have been taken to task on this issue. Now the IRS is in trouble. I wish he would retire as he is an embarrassment.

    • Guest

      Reid owes back,back,back taxes and he wants to to tax us some more.
      He is disgusting

  • giant33

    These liberals never stop, this old phony should eat s–t and die.

    • Kent2012

      hopefully a lot of $hit first…………..

  • pistofftxpyr

    Harry needs to take a walk out behind the. wood pile with a couple of good ole boys.

    • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      The fat man is smiling and grinning but, the fat lady hasn’t sung.

  • Jim

    I said this at the OJ civil trial and I’ll say it again. “THE JURY SAID NOT GUILTY! END OF STORY!” We don’t have double jeopardy in this country!

    • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      We don’t? I can personally tell you different.

      • Jim

        That’s very sad. What would happen if he went into the civil trial and for any question asked, respond, “The jury said, ‘not guilty'”? And at closing arguments ask the jury, “How many of you would like to risk being tried twice for the same charge?” Our Founders would be appalled by this system!

    • Robert Courtney

      Yes, it CAN be double jeopardy as a Civil Rights case is not a self defense case.
      However, it won’t happen, as too much info on the REAL Martin will have to be allowed as evidence in a character Civil Rights case.
      Never happen.

    • Kent2012

      no just continued harassment of of Real Americans…..a$$holes in DC want zimmerman hung with a new rope to keep the welfare takers mollified….

  • Attakdog

    Yes it is over Harry, just like you.

  • citizenpolitics

    harry reid can stick it where the sun does NOT shine!

    • Watching_and_Waiting

      He already HAS – stuck his head there, that is!

  • Beachtennisguy

    The race baiters wanted a guilty verdict or riots. So far they got neither one. So these control freaks turn to more abuse of power to get what they want. This is the best a formerly great nation can come up with for a Senate majority leader? He should be shining shoes in a bus depot.
    Let’s remember this until the November 2014 elections. Every vote for a Demonicrat Senate candidate is a vote for Harry Reid.

    • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      I am a republican but I am with the democracks on this on. They finally got it right.

  • skipgainer

    Harry you are a pathetic little troll! If you or your little monkey do anything to George lets just say you better protect George like he was yourself or come what may.

  • robert

    If you have ears listen Latinos the Dem’s are speaking..

  • bkool

    arrest Harry Reid for inciting racial tension

  • Robert Courtney

    Yes, it is over Reid.
    The DOJ, like the State, has no case.
    What these dolts just can’t seem to get is IF a Civil Rights case is started, it won’t be like the State self defense case, it will be a character case.
    Which means all the bad stuff on Martin to show his character, and his REAL images (like the one of him in the 7-11 that night) that was ruled not applicable in the self defense case, will be allowed in a Civil Rights case.
    And believe me, the DOJ does NOT want the truth about the “child” (actually a young man well along the path to being a cold blooded thug) to be aired.
    Watch and see. A Civil Rights case meme will fade away.

    • Oldsailor65

      By killing TM Zimmerman has probably saved the life of one or more innocent people in the future!!!

  • david

    Harry Reid, drop dead!

  • Kent2012

    of course not, we have to hear from that squirrel communist from Nevada…..It is a shame that the great USA is faced with some major problems, from the economy to world issues and this sawed-off clown has to open his mouth for something other than food…..a stick of dynamite would be well used right about now…………..

  • Chad bowlin

    Harry should walk off into the sunset and count his lucky stars for being a literal liberal Democratic idiot of the first order. He has ti be mentally ill!

    • Kent2012

      no he is just an unsatisfied communist that has a hard on for Real Americans that screw up his criminal activity…..he has the “I am important” mentality………….

  • sickandtired

    Evil never sleeps and you can’t fix Stupid !
    Remember when seconds count the Police are only minutes !

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Hey old man — it IS over M-F’er! But if you want to keep pushing it, we will be happy to finish it.

  • 63Marine

    Seriously, none of the dumborats and a good share of the repubrats are not playing with a full deck.
    It has to be the Kool-Aid the obobo is feeding them. AKA, BS!!!!

  • Dale

    Reid is a first class IDIOT

  • Larry

    This old Bastard can’t even stand up straight and were paying. The only thing Harry knows how to do is run his mouth….

  • Delores109

    HARRY REID – Who died and made you God? It is not for you to say what is over and what is not over. You are an employee of mine, subject to recall. You don’t know a damn thing about George Zimmerman. But, let me help you. The Prosecution in the Zimmerman case has committed almost as many crimes as you have. The Judge colluded with the Prosecution, the Mayor of Sanford, the Martin Family, the City Manager, etc. They had a shady meeting in the Mayor’s Office to listen collectively to voices on a tape to present their combined evidence in the court, under oath. Each testified that the voice on the tape was that of Trayvon…to convince the jury that it was Zimmerman on top of Trayvon & it was Trayvon screaming. This is a crime. Prosecution evidence was withheld from the Defense that proved, Mr. Zimmerman was not quilty. That is the tip of the iceberg. ANGELA COREY, Chief Prosecutor, also withheld evidence when she obtained a Warrant for Zimmerman’s arrest, charging him with 2nd degree Murder.
    ANGELA COREY has been indicted by a Citizens Grand Jury. Two constitutional lawyers have said that Ms, Corey’s actions are criminal. Wait until you hear it all. I am not going to allow anyone to play the race card in this case. This is not a civil rights issue. All of the crimes by the Prosecution were to try to prove Mr. Zimmerman guilty, because the Prosecution never had a case. This is criminal! Harry Reid, you and Obama had better do what is best for this nation or soon Obama and his radicals will be convicted of TREASON.
    Delores Smith Delores109@cox,net

  • Dale

    How could anyone with half a brain vote for this idiot?

    • Kent2012

      over and over too, after he has been raping the countryside…………….

    • mudguy

      Anybody with a half of brain would never vote for him. Only the brain dead and dead people voted for him.

    • Watching_and_Waiting

      (LOL) That brings up a picture of Zombies voting for Zombies. That would explain a lot!
      They’ve all had their brains eaten out and turned into zombies, which is why they talk, act and vote the way they do – like they are brain dead!!!

    • ANDAMO

      Because they are idiots as well

  • jim_shipley

    Sure am glade I din’t live near his heep of Mormon stupid empty headedness.

  • MrCReed54

    Who the hell dose he think he is? It looks like he is trying to make a bigger name for him self! Killing a black had nothing to do with anything! Maybe a punk who is a black! But we have so many but stains out there who want to bend the truth so they can sound right! There are none so blind then those who will not see! And that is a sad thing for we as the people! Because with this that is why Obama is able to get away with all that he is doing to our country! They just want to see a black man as our president and not for what he is, A muslim out to kill our country! Obama is the one who made this whole thing into a black an white thing! He is bringing down our country by dived an conquer! And Obama knows we have to many people that are not smart enough to see it! And it seems to be working for him! And by the time people wake up and see this it will be to late! Obama is just using the race card to bring this country down! Impeach this curd Obama NOW!

  • nanellen

    I realize this was a tragedy; however, it is people like me who in the minority. We can’t say anything against people of color, hispanics or those of another faith for fear of upsetting someone. No one can be honest or agree to disagree, I am so glad I am in my 70’s and do not have to deal with the garbage and PC nonsense of today. My Revolutionary ancestors are turning over- for sure. Harry needs to resign. The whole trial was political and run by the media and our useless government!

    • Delores109

      senper fie 80
      Never fear speaking the Truth without fear. Reid and the threat of going Eric Holder is a form of controlling us. Never be silenced, semper. Take care. We are going to get through this soon.
      Delores Smith

  • 1stcav

    nevada what gives with your stupidity of keep re-electing that hater of America harry reid ! are you people that extremely stupid ! it sure seems that way !

    • Watching_and_Waiting

      Unfortunately, we could say the same for just about every state. Some are worse than others, but all have put really stupid people into Washington. You can fix just about anything but stupid, and it seems that is what the U.S. is these days – STUPID enough to twice elect an America-hating, commie, LYING, despicable p/resident, and all sorts of senators and congresspeople to support his policies. We are stupid because of turning our backs on God. Turning back to God will be the only way we can re-gain wisdom, morality, prosperity – and the only way we can avoid the worst of God’s judgment which is coming on us if we don’t repent.

      • Curtis Deen

        The only way now to get rid of stupid in our country now is with our guns!!

      • Delores109

        Curtis Deen
        Obama would love it, because he’s been looking for a Revolution for so long to declare Martial Law in order to gain greater control. Let’s make sure we all own guns to protect ourselves. Take care.
        Delores Smith

      • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™

        Yeah right. You been saying this Martial Law thing for five years now.

      • Delores109

        Are you blogging for Obama to get your food stamps? Now, go annoy someone else who might pay attention to what you say. If there is any such thing as a Traitor Citizen… are IT.
        Delores Smith

      • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™

        Unknowable and untrue. I don’t get food stamps but I hear you do.
        Loaded questions are for the weak.

    • ANDAMO

      That guys been in everybodys pocket since the mob ran Las Vages.There is anew mob they call themhacks

  • downs1

    Told you! This case has been highly politicized and therefore justice will never be done! Obama stuck his nose in early on with his comment, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Then The DOJ got involved to make sure there were demonstrations and riots! This whole thing smells to high heaven! America is finished! The intellectual dishonesty is unbelievable!

    • Delores109

      I agree with you except….America is NOT finished. We just need to tell it like it. I am to respect those who respect me. No one will try to instill fear in us. George Zimmerman has been to Hell and back. Now it is time to appreciate the fact that a jury, despite the corruption of the Prosecution, found Mr. Zimmerman…NOT GUILTY. We can keep Trayvon in our prayers, but we are not going destroy an honest person to make others further their cause.
      Delores Smith

  • Gilbert Pazo

    Can you believe this little pathetic mole. who at the time Obama was running for President made comments in reference to his skin color. What pitiful excuse of a man.

  • MrCReed54

    Give it a rest old man! I think one Obama is enough! Don’t you?

  • BriceD

    The Jury heard all the facts the judge would allow. The judge proved to be prejudiced against the defendant, would not allow character info on the victim and the defendant was still found not guilty. Getting the DOJ involved is an extreme stretch. Maybe the defense, should it go that far bring up the credibility of the DOJ.

  • Oldsailor65

    That’s our system, it’s gotten better, not worse……WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!
    The last and possibly really honest Democrat was Harry Truman. JFK may have been good but he wasn’t around long enough to know for sure. He left people holding the bag at the “Bay Of Pigs” in Cuba and didn’t come across with what was promised. But ALL Democrats since have been lying “POS” and the one we have now is a Muslim to boot.

  • DenverKitty

    Just who in the he11 does Reid think he is? Lord, it’s time for Reid to go to his kingdom…and I hope he takes plenty of iced tea with him (I hear it’s pretty darned hot down there).

    • MARK


  • Dale

    Time will soon take care of this guy and he will be before the real Judge. He’s going to need more than luck after what he’s done. Sleep well while you can Idiot.

    • Hoodoo H

      Reid between the lines you ol’ crusty Geezer!
      Go F Yourself !

    • Watching_and_Waiting

      I’ve thought that too for a long time. Dinghy Harry has obviously outlived his lifespan (which explains why he looks like a walking zombie). I think the devil in him is keeping him alive into overtime – just to inflict more harm on the U.S. It will be a very sweet day for the U.S. when time is finally up for this piece of old dung dredged up from the bottom of the outhouse.

    • ANDAMO

      Are talking about Reid or Zimmerman?

  • Jack

    Dingy Harry likes to waste taxpayers’ money on political nonsence.

  • Rightleaning

    Once an a–hole always an a–hole. You just can’t take stupid out of stupid.
    Maybe the DOJ should work on something important like BENGHAZI, the IRS Scandal, The AP Scandal, The FAST and FURIOUS scandal, the ROSEN Scandal. It might be a better use of time since our courts have spoken on the Zimmerman trial. It is over, get over it.
    We have bigger criminals to go after Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Eric Holder. The Clipper Clapper fella, and many other liars in the Federal Government. This is just another smoke cloud.
    By the way Harry, this is not going to win any Hispanic votes.

  • Beedogs

    Filthy Harry. Burn in the hell you have built for yourself. Just a matter of time you dung heap.

  • Popeye

    This corrupt bastard needs to be arrested immediately for incitement to riot by the Grand Jury system.

  • tantalus24

    It is over. Double jeopardy and all. He should never have stood trial anyway.

  • antonio7curves

    Zimmerman, should never have to be judged. by the death of a criminal drug addict. how much would have saved our taxpayers?

  • jerry1944

    Reid and the thugs in the mafia don’t like for another thug to get it I guess They are the mafia and run the irs and the nas just like the mafia. But maybe reid should read the law some. Even the mafia have to know the law some don’t they. thanks gop for putting a mod like Romney so we got obambo and the mafia

  • bob

    Would he be saying this is it had been Zimmerman who was killed. Would there be threats made if Zimmerman was killed and his killer acquitted. Truth is, if it was Zimmerman who was killed and Martin was found guilty, there would still be threats of riots and Reid would be protecting Martin’s right to kill him. It is about race and right to protect yourself and your property. It is about gun ownership. If Martin had taken the gun away and killed Zimmerman with it, Reid would have still been against Zimmerman for owning a gun. Reid lives off minority, welfare vote and that means he will support that crowd every time. Reid is clueless to principles of right and wrong. I don’t know who was at fault in this case and neither do virtually everyone making threats. We are not privy to all the evidence and we are not knowledgeable of the laws. Probably both men were wrong to some extent, but obviously, there was reasonable doubt of guilt and therefore they could not convict. Reid should trust the system he thinks is getting better but instead he wants another trial where he can better control the outcome and please his constituents.

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    Reid should just go do what he does best. Uhhh never mind, The ONLY thing he knows how to do is LIE and spout twisted perverted demoncratic talking points (but I’m being redundant).

  • rath150



    • linb0315

      That was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time! Did my heart good! Go Texas! Thanks for sharing. People, this is how we need to respond to all these types who threaten us and beat people up, and think they can intimidate people. They sure don’t look like big brave men to me – they look just like the cowards they are. One difference here is that people peacefully but forcefully told them to get out – if this had been a typical black neighboorhod the white protesters would have been attacked. WE ALL NEED TO RESPOND TO THREATS THIS WAY AND PUT AN END TO IT! I, for one, am sick of it. So many blacks have become terrible racists.

  • Alupara

    Reid once again shows his contempt for the rule of law. Zimmerman was hauled through the justice system and found Not Guilty by an all female jury. Both sides presented their case.

  • bobbynea

    If wisdom comes with age , reid must have been one stupid so and so in his younger years and failed to mature

  • Al Chemist

    I guess what liberals like Reid want to do is keep hauling Zimmerman into court until they get the verdict that they want.

    • linb0315

      They thrive on poking their noses into everything that has NOTHING to do with them and yet you can’t get them to read a bill they are passing. These people have to be voted out – they are disgusting!

  • Sunshine Kid

    Reid is a politician. Laws mean nothing to politicians, it seems.

    • MARK


  • linb0315

    He thinks our system got better – it did – before he and his low-lifes came along. HOW DARE YOU – think that you are above the law of the land. You make me ashamed for you. HOW DARE YOU and your kind feel that you are such tyrants that you can change what a jury voted on – and don’t forget they had all the evidence. YOu probably know as much about this case as you did the Obamacare Bill. Which amounts to a big zero! You make me sick! What kind of idiots voted you in.

  • sue

    What is it about not guilty that Harry Reid does not understand. The Sanford police and a unanimous Jury say he is not guilty. The real problem is not Reid, Obama and the rest of the democrats, it is the 50% of the country that keep electing them. If this bunch win another election this country is doomed !!!!

  • mcw

    I hope George sues them all!

    • medivac

      —And wins the lawsuits !!


    I feel sorry for the parents of Trayvon Martins family, but when is it going to stop..A black man dies every day through out our nation and yet I don’t see THE SO CALLED REV. JACKSON OR SO CALLED REV SHARPTON proteseting and marching on the black on black killings.Who pays Jackson and Sharpton for their presence at these marches? The blacks got thir justice in the travesty called the O.J. trial. Why is it when a non black kills a black that there are riots and marches.All those ignorant a***** don’t the first thing about our justice system.They are hung up on justice but I did not see the blacks or anyone else march when Casey Anthoney went free.There were no riots. Is that because the non black community is more respectful of our laws and understand riots don’t help? The black people say Martin was minding his owen business and was put upon.Why did he confront Zimmerman and say quote (the poor choice of words are Martins) “WHAT ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME FOR”. That does not sound like a man trying to avoid trouble.Those words were heard over a telephone. Zimmerman was not even charged with a crime and Jackson,Sharpton,and other so called black leaders organized a march had professional signs made and marched.Jackson ought to look at his own sorted life and start counciling his jailbird son who also is a disgrace to our polictical system.There were no whites marching against him.All these black Rev. ARE THE PROBLEM AMONGST THEIR OWN.They walk away with big money and the blacks hold their hands on their ass.WISE UP.

    • llo

      yea Chicago needs these idiots

  • John P

    Why do people keep on electing idiots like him, Pelosi, boxer, shumer, ect.

    • llo

      reid and Pelosi still haven’t read odumbass care so why would they want to take on something else?

    • Tim

      Because of all the hand outs they will get from those losers…..and we’ll be the ones they take from to buy their votes, which is by the way the only reason Reid is doing anything about the Zimmerman verdict. He could care less about Martin.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Inside sources tell me that Reid actually despises blacks, but he sees an opportunity to add to his own constituency and the national media by appearing to be rabidly in favor of again trying Mr. Zimmerman. I guess the “Honorable” Senator Reid doesn’t understand our legal system. At least the liberal left wing isn’t concerned about letting Americans know what they think of our justice system.

    For those of you in Nevada, you cannot possibly be happy with the lunatic you’ve sent to Washington and is the Senate Majority Leader? History will not be kind to the “Honorable” Harry Reid and his fall from grace will always reflect the time that Nevada voters had an opportunity to send this small time crook packing, but failed to act.

    I put the word “Honorable” in quotes simply to make sure I got the message across that there is absolutely nothing honorable about Dingy Harry Reid.

    • USAonlydotUS

      he’s a slimy weasel. he beat Sharron Angle by having the hotels bus hotel workers to the polls, with a Pizza lunch and Walmart gift card. Remember when he commented about the tourists who toured the Capitol, and he said he could “Smell them” after they left?? No Harry…. that was you giving off that odor.

  • Jim

    That shriveled old As*hole is so Fu*king Stupid! He needs to be tarred and feathered and sent to Kenya with his Daddy! It is really hard to tell who does more to Promote Racism, the Media or the Government?

  • Tired of Uncle Sam

    Harry Reid needs to be removed from office. Our justice system has deemed Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!!! If he thinks he can throw the BIG BROTHER government in the mix, he has lost the perspective.

    • medivac

      “Dingy” Harry never had the perspective in the first place !!

  • USAonlydotUS

    As a former resident of Nevada,” I have never been more ashamed of my Senator”……………actually he has shamed the nation for decades. They can’t try Zimmerman again. 1st it’s a state court not federal, and 2, that would be double jeopardy . Sure lets get Holder down there again to gin up the masses.

    • Vazir Mukhtar

      There very well may be a civil trial; you are of course correct — there cannot be another criminal trial.

      See Alan Dershowitz’s opinion as reported by Newsmax.

      • SailAway

        A federal trial on civil rights violations would be a second criminal trial on the same alleged crime. It should be considered a violation of Zimmerman’s constitutionally protected right regarding double jeopardy. However, the erosion of our rights in this country has been going on for a long time. Do not forget that the police officers that were acquitted in the Rodney King case were later prosecuted in federal court on the same “civil rights violation” charges. Two of the four officers were found guilty in federal court and were imprisoned. It was George H.W. Bush whose Justice Department that perpetrated that travesty of justice. I do not recall if the question of double jeopardy was ever raised in the courts, or how far it went if it was.

        I predict this President will make certain that Zimmerman faces federal charges. I predict the greedy parents of Martin will also file wrongful death suit to try to “get paid”. Apparently (read it on a news site), the mother’s “darkest hour” was not when she was informed her son was dead, but when she heard the Zimmerman verdict. Think about that for a minute. For me, the loss of someone I loved deeply would be far darker than the reason for the death. They did not even wait for the outcome of the Zimmerman trial before suing the Home Owner’s Association for the housing development where this occurred. They “got paid” once and I promise you they will seek to “get paid” again.

        I pray that if Zimmerman is tried again that he is again acquitted. I pray that he gets the civil trial postponed until after the federal trial. I further pray that if there is a civil trial, Zimmerman will win there as well. Then I hope he is able to get on with his life and that he and his family will be left alone.

        Bottom line the man was in danger of being murdered by a thug and he did what he had to do in order to survive. There should ever have been a first trial, much less a second criminal trial and a civil trial. I hope he retains the same attorney’s but also augments the team with attorneys experienced at the federal level. Maybe Dershowitz will work on this?

      • MrInterpid

        Double jeopardy would be if he were to be tried in State court again for the same crime. Look up the concept of dual amenability. Trial in a Federal court is definitely a possibility for Zimmerman but I think the DOJ would be foolish to try it. Holder has enough problems with credibility right now to take on another fools errand for obozo and Hairy Roid.

    • catnip24

      the u.s. justice department could, if they choose to, prosecute zimmerman for violation of martin’s civil rights. that’s a federal charge and totally separate than the state trial. you are correct zimmerman cannot be tried again for this crime on the state level because like you said that would be double jeopardy.

      with a civil rights prosecution bias and a lot of other elements have to be proven. there is no way the justice department should even consider charging zimmerman. but obama and holder are two of the biggest racist this country has ever known.

      obama may want revenge for martin, since obama said if he had a son he’d look like martin. actually if obama had a son he’d look like a muslim terrorist.

  • TJB

    When does the desire for justice turn into the desire to persecute because you didn’t win ??? This seems as criminal as anything that happened in that court room.

  • Vazir Mukhtar
  • Wayne Petry

    I take Harry Reid’s comments as a threat to Zimmerman, I also think that should anything happen to George Zimmerman America can attest to the blatant fact that Harry Reid had something to do with it which would amount to terrorism. Thank you Harry Reid for being so up front with your threats.

  • catnip24

    what the heck does harry reid have anything to do with this. it’s none of his business and he should keep his mouth shut. i think the money would be better spent if the justice department investigated reid.

  • Ajax

    Harry Reid can hardly spell his own name. Unfortunately, he probably heard from the DOJ or the Sheik that it’s not over yet.

  • dave.

    He’s just a bitter old man who’s losing the function of all his most important organs.

  • Guest

    He need removed he has done nothing but follow Obama like a lost puppy.

  • An American Hero

    He needs removed! He has done nothing but follow Obama like a lost puppy.

  • 1josephg1

    Don’t be fooled. reid is a dangerous man. I guess our system is not good enough. They want a guilty verdict and will do anything to get Mr Zimmerman. If I was Mr. Zimmerman I would seek asylum. Lets give dirty harry a threat and a promise. Lets promise not to vote for him and get him out of office.

    • Batch

      Sorry, The people of Nevada have tried to vote him out. The level complaints about electronic voter fraud during his last re-election bid was truly frightening. Unfortunately, in Clark County those complaints fell on deaf ears as Harry’s son was responsible for this issue in Clark County.

      • bull57

        Fix it now, don’t wait until 6 mo. before the next election to get started or bring this issue up!

  • Philip Sieve

    Well, of course it’s not over! There’s apparently not enough racial hatred out there for the generation of love, now is there?

    • wild6952

      you are so right!

  • Tuci78

    How the hell can a private person – acting as such – violate anybody’s civil rights?

    Civil rights denote a special category of positive and negative rights defining the private person’e relationship with the officers of government.

    A government thug can violate the special civil rights of a “civilian” because that government goon has a duty to respect the defined rights of the individual human being. If there’s a breach of that duty – above and beyond any consideration of alleged criminal conduct on the part of the government apparatchik – then there’s an arguable civil rights violation.

    But a private person has no such duty to other people, because he’s not a government employee functioning in the performance of tasks to implement government policy. Simple as that.

    • hiernonymous

      Reasonable points, but one wonders how the equation is changed if Zimmerman was considered to be acting in the capacity of neighborhood watch. Organizations such as a watch or a HOA blur those lines.

  • Tony

    Reid and his ilk need to keep their nose out of state business. They have enough of a mess at the federal level that needs to be cleaned up. They are trying to use TM as a symbol. A symbol of what? A dedicated and frustrated neighborhood watch captain killed a 17 year old in self defense. The only real evidence was a dead body and bloodied nose and head. The real symbol will turn out to be GZ for being unjustly tried even though the state said they had no case. The jury spoke and echoed the state. No case/not guilty. If they try to try him on federal charges, I hope his attorneys open up little innocent Treyvon Martins past and show who he really was. Let it go feds.

  • Dude

    This is similar to Lucifer voicing an opinion on how a Priest gives absolution.

    • ChicagoThunder1

      Now your catching on…

  • Richard

    Well I am NOW convinced. America no longer has a 2-party governmental system. It is no longer a Democrat vs Republican thing. It is a Conservative, Patriotic, Freedom loving, Constitution loving, Christian, God fearing nation of true Americans versus a Secular Progressive Socialistic Marxist, race baiting, Muslim loving, ant-American society built on hate, violence and anarchy.

    It’s time for true America to rise and stand up to the challenge confronting our beloved America.

  • kenstaff

    That’s his system! A person found not guilty and a “bozo” like reid off in another state wants him to be railroaded in federal court. Hang on, you aren’t safe when the gestapo administration has their say! Our entire citizenry is in dire danger of these narcissistic gestapo dictators!

  • govtrumbull

    If Harry Reid claims to be a good Mormon, why does he ignore what the LDS Scriptures have to say about our constitution?

    Doctrine & Covenants, 101: 77 According to the laws and aconstitution of the people, which I have suffered to be established, and should be maintained for thebrights and protection of all flesh, according to just and holy principles;…

    101:80 80 And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose, and redeemed the land by the shedding of blood.

    109: 54 Have mercy, O Lord, upon all the nations of the earth; have mercy upon the rulers of our land; may those principles, which were so honorably and nobly defended, namely, the Constitution of our land, by our fathers, be established forever.

    See also Government; Law
    In the Doctrine and Covenants, “the Constitution” refers to the Constitution of the United States of America, which was divinely inspired in order to prepare the way for the restoration of the gospel.
    Constitutional law should be befriended:D&C 98:5–6;
    The Lord caused the Constitution to be established:D&C 101:77, 80;

    Check out the following LDS Conference Talk by Ezra Taft Benson

    Harry Reid isn’t only dangerous, he is also a hypocrite. You can say you subscribe to a belief and then deny a major belief of your faith. He is a progressive liberal first and LDS somewhere farther down the scale regarding his LDS Faith.

    Just so you know, I am a Mormon, and I am not happy at all, with the fact that Harry Reid claims membership in the LDS Church.

    • Higherstandard13

      Reid is upset for he was not there to murder Jesus himself! He would have preferred to do it when he was a child, but he would of enjoyed it at anytime.

  • Arvil Bankston

    The people who live in NV. And voted this IDIOT in office should be locked up !!

    • Higherstandard13

      Boycott Nevada and shut down the tourist industry until they get rid of this traitor.

  • smartgranny55

    This is an example of an attempt to deny an innocent man justice, because he defended himself. Kick Reid out.

  • DaveinUtah

    I thought electing Barry was supposed to put an end to racial strife.
    But his administration is creating more and more unrest.
    Is he trying to cause the race war we avoided in the 60s and 70s?

  • Centurian2010

    Since when does Reid or the DOJ have anything to do with a state civil case?

    • rocketman

      There should not be a civil case. He was found not guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simpson should not have been sued either, when some one is found not guilty that should be the end of it!!!!!!!!!! Suing some one after it is shown that they committed no crime is pure BS! That is saying we know you didn’t do any thing wrong but we are going to screw you anyhow!

  • wild6952

    Then why didnt the Justice Dept file a suit against Simpson???? Cause thats not their job!

    • sandraleesmith46

      Simpson black/ victims white…need anything be MORE clear?

  • terry7170

    United we stand, divided we fall. Just as real today as the day it was written. If good people and people with common sense stand together an demand a stop to all the BS, we could get the country back and on the road to prosperity. These clown keep everyone upset and create one problem after another. We’re chasing our tails and they are causing it, real or not. It’s to keep us divided and it’s working. Harry Reed should be removed from office too.

  • DustyFae

    Reid ,it is time to go change your depends, you made another mess of things….

  • Captain America

    The Zimmerman case should be closed. The Federal government should not get involved and fan the flames as more than they already have done to date. The trial was fair and the verdict is in and that is that. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and that whole gang should go somewhere else to start new trouble. The President, DOJ and the FBI have no business creating more trouble, they have created enough. It is almost as if they want revolution and violence in the streets. Harry Reid should be censured and expelled from the Senate. He is simply a very bad man.

    • cojar

      That is exactly what they want. That is the whole point if their actions. Instead of taking to the streets though, sniping them off would be a better idea.

    • sandraleesmith46

      They shouldn’t ever have been involved to start! But they WERE!

  • TERBE39

    Shut up Harry Reid, you obnoxious, ignorant, outdated, a$$.

  • mthammer

    Reid is a racist and needs to be brought up on ethics charges and the NRA needs to stop funding his campaigns . He a has aleady mocked Obama on how his people speak , the black dialogue, his state has the worst uneployment Records in the country , more illegal aliens n nevada than in Californi and has the worst foreclosure rate on homes in the country. The only way he got reelected was bus people into Nevada to illegally vote in elections and the unions demanded that every member vote for Reid , He stole the election like Obama did and also callled the Republican nominee a fraud said he hadn’t paid taxes in 10 years , said he heard it from a reliable source who the IRS. SOMONE WITH ENOUGH COURAGE IN THE SENATE , LIKE SENATOR CRUZ OR SENATOR PAUL TO REQUEST ETHICS VIOLATIONS ON HARRY REID ALSO CRIMINAL CHARGES AND SLANDER AGAINST ROMNEY ON THE SENATE FLOOR DURING LEGISLATIVE BUSINESS . I have witten to my senators and reps ffom my State, The Washington Post, Fox News & the New York Times , no answers from either of these people..

    • Higherstandard13

      Reid is a Satanist and socialist trying to destroy this country. He is everything that our founders was fighting against.

  • Hurant Karibian

    Since when is double jeopardy justice??????????

    • sandraleesmith46

      I believe since Byron de la Beckwith, although in his case he actually DID commit the cold-blooded ambush murder of Medgar Evers, and white-biased juries had “aquitted” despite often suppressed evidence he had done so, not quite the same as prosecution failing to disclose exculpatory evidence to the defense in order to pursue a “non-case”! But that was the first time double jeopardy was overridden, I believe.

  • Tommy

    I think the prosecution didn’t do a good job on attacking the right areas, like for an example ,911 told Zimmerman not to persue the boy and he did, his job was not to get out of the vehicle but to observe and report, and I can point a lot things that should been pursued and said , An all Female jury? That was fucked up!!!!!!! Too!!!!

    • bull57

      The facts kept getting in the way of the prosecution!

    • Michigan_REB

      If you can see them you can’t observe them. He had every right to get out of his car. The dispatch has not authority to direct him to do anything. =And actually he was aready out of the car when the dispatcher told him “We don’t need you to do that” and he said OK. Had TM kept his hands to himseldf he would have lived. As for what was brought up in court there was nothing to bring up GZ committed no crime TM assaulted GZ which is a crime.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Why? Do you think women are incapable of impartially judging evidence? Or maybe not competent to dicern between evidence and emotions?

      • Higherstandard13

        Sounds like maybe the guy is a Muslim. Maybe the government should be checking into him. I bet HOW would be a real friend to this pig.

    • Higherstandard13

      Okay you liberal Obama sausage sucking Satanic racist pig. You pay no attention to what you want to, especially all the acts of the Drug Dealing, Criminal Thug Martina and the cover-up by his parents and the press.

      Let’s get it straight you troll. Saying we do not need to do that is not an order to stay in his car, especially from a dispatcher that is not a cop or on site. And if the Martin gangster walked close to my house instead of the side walk, I would have dropped him in his tracks as a trespasser and someone putting my life and families life in dander.

      And if your not a racist scum, give your comments on the Daniel Adkins murder. Where is your screams for justice in this case?

    • retired cop in arizona

      Hey tommy boy, the 911 operator didn’t tell him not to follow, just advised him to avoid a confrontation. In police or security work of guarding someone or something, your job is to challenge persons who may be a threat to what you are guarding. Just doing his job was enough for this criminal to think he was dissed, and decided to give George a beat-down. And what is it about a femal jury don’t you like? Are you a muslim or something?????

  • KittyKittyKit

    Harry Reid is what the BIBLE calls………”A Potsherd covered with silver DROSS”…… translation………Harry Reid is a “Pewter Plated Pile of POOP”…………and for most of HIS CONSTITUANCY who are NOT bright enough to understand that, here it is in “your” language……………Harry Reid is a TIN CAN FULL OF PIG SH–T.

    NOTHING BUT “SH–T” can come out of this mans mouth because he has become one of the MOST VILE creatures in American history. He has a heart as BLACK as coal, and has truly given his life over to the DARK SIDE. There are few men in America that I would call “EVIL” incarnate, but Harry Reid is close to the top of the list.

    He has become UN-AMERICAN, and UN-CONSTITUTIONAL to his CORE. He is truly one of America’s most dangerous DOMESTIC ENEMIES and if there is any law enforcement left in the land, with any integrity and purpose of upholding their OATH of office, they should step forward with boldness and arrest this NATIONAL TRAITOR for his TREASONIST acts against the U.S. Constitution, and thereby the United States of America.

    If I were the next POTUS, I would bring the whole DOJ down on this man, and he live out the rest of his life in GITMO in a cell full muslims.

    • Higherstandard13

      H. Reid, a name that will go down history like B. Arnold.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It is imperative to the leftists in government and the media that Zimmerman be lynched whatever the cost.

    • sandraleesmith46

      The question is WHY this man, at this time?? And over that thug?

      • Vickie

        Looks like they’re getting desperate, and want to speed up the process for martial law! Everyone needs a plan of action just in case he does! Molon Labe!

      • sandraleesmith46

        Could be; it’s for sure not over Trayvon’s innocence! He was anything but that!

  • medivac

    “Dingy” Harry Reid really needs to go to pasture big time. He is an old goat that is so old that his false teeth are made out of wood and his ideas are the same !!

  • John Hand

    Dirty Old Harry wants to fan the flames of racism? He is getting old, very old, and soon he will get to fan some other flames.

  • retired cop in arizona

    sIf Reid thinks going after Zimmerman for civil right violation??? is only fair, how about We the People go after him, and the entire Whitehouse for high treason? Though high treason isn’t a strong enough charge.

    Also, what I don’t understand is why the people of Nevada let him run amok. Don’t they understand that if everything falls into place for the muslim brotherhood, Vegas will crumble into dust from no patrons because muslims don’t gamble and will most likely have the American Taliban shut the casinos down!!!

    • Abiathar

      Why have the people of Nevada let Harry Reid run amok? Because the National Rifle Association has endorsed him every time he has run for the Senate, which is a problem with all “single issue” organizations. All “rights” are interconnected. Just because some scoundrel has supported the Second Amendment is no indicator that he will be consistent with true constitutional government. Harry is a vile scoundrel who has used the NRA to fool the folk of Nevada into believing that he is a good fellow, and the NRA has played the fool at the expense of Nevada.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Don’t drink either,so casinos,shows all stop. Ditto for Native peoples who depend on those revenues to support services on reservations.

  • MrInterpid

    What is needed is some industrial strength crème to eliminate the painful “Hairy Roid” that is the main sore on the behind of congress.

  • Sic-n-tired

    I guess being found innocrnt in a court of law doesn’t count for anything with the Democrats if it isn’t the verdict they want. Why do we put up with this nonsense?

  • ee

    A race war is what “O” wants to further weaken the country so islam can take over with sharia law in place of the Constitution. “O” is just following the Qurans guide for muslim domination. Why can’t U C that?

  • bull57

    Double jeopardy? Who does Harry Reid think he is? Why does this concern I’m? Go home and die Harry, you are a waste of good space and air!

  • Abiathar

    What needs to be “over with” is the likes of Reid and Holder who have no concern for justice and the right of people like George Zimmerman to live in peace without politicians using the power of the government (power over life and death) to destroy anyone for their personal gain. This is wickedness, and those who misuse their position in government in such a fashion need to suffer the penalty for that which they wickedly intended to inflict upon another. This is the law that God has given to man.

  • SadforCA

    Reid and Obama in fact all the liberal are going to go after this like a dog foes after a bone. You see if they can get us all involved in this issue then they can bury Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious and any other of the multiple scandals that this administration has not answered for. I wish Harry Reid would just shut up and be as concerned with all the scandals as he is with this issue. Oh wait what was I thinking he’s part of the scandal problem, my bad.

    • Higherstandard13

      Reid and Obama have asked to do a remake of Broke Back Mountain with them as the key actors and no stunt doubles and lots of close-ups.

  • fedupwidit

    No, what the over reaching communist government of the USA needs to do is keep their noses out of state issues, like murder trials……

  • Jimmy Weber

    I figured they would pull this crap. This should never have been brought to trial to begin with. The only reason it was brought to trial was because of the intrusion of the Federal DOJ and those racist race baiters Sharpton and Jackson.

  • MareCadTITANIC

    HEY…ryed get out of MY country…N O W !!!

  • Jimmy Weber

    Once again we see how accurate Rush’s nickname for “Dingy Harry” really is.

  • sandraleesmith46

    WHAT is WRONG with these people??? First police say there’s no case and they force that, then a jury says they didn’t make a case again. What has this man done that the libs are SO DETERMINED to destroy his life over a KNOWN criminal who was, by all concrete evidence seeking first ti do harm to some of Zimmerman’s neighbors, in some manner, then was trying to kill Zimmerman! And why the insistance on now trying to lump Hispanics as “whites”, simply to foment MORE hatred and division? What are they UP to, that we’re not to notice?

    • djstorrie

      If you really want to know what they are up to, watch the documentary AGENDA Grinding America Down. You can view it on the internet for free one time only.

  • Jed54

    This whole administration needs to be flushed down the royal crapper…. Their useless, corrupt, deceiving, manipulating, and liars…. total trash…….

  • nevergivein

    Harry Reid and his sick party have done more to divide the races than the KKK ever could.. Wake up Black America and see that the Democrat Party is no friend of the Black Man. Reid and his cronies want minorities dependent on government and ignorant of how this government should work

  • TexRancher

    Didn’t Reid get the message? He was acquitted! Double jeopardy mean anything?

  • harley93

    There is something very wrong with Reid, he needs help. Do him a favor and vote him out, or re-call him.

    • Higherstandard13

      Nothing a lobotomy would not fix…. along with a castration!

  • DE Navarro

    Okay, all you Latino/Hispanics, the truth is out. Obama, Reid and the Democrats really could care less about you. When it comes to brass tacks (Trayvon Martin) you are only WHITE HATERS and RACISTS. The Democrats only play to you to garner your votes, pretend they care, get you to support their biased agenda — but when someone of your ethnic group does something that is totally legal and right, like defend themselves or shoot in self-defense, the Democrat/Liberals are not interested in justice, truth or what is right — you violated their agenda and now you will pay.

    Sorry to inform you, but to the Dems/Libs you Hispanics and Latinos are dispensable and disposable. Their true colors came out in this trial. I hope you recognized them. I hope you consider in which party are there real patriotic heroes such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Not that the GOP is better as a whole until we get rid of the RINOs, but it is clearly where some real patriots and statesmen and stateswomen have staked a claim to try to win this nation back. Be a part of it.

    • BBB

      WOW! WELL SAID!!!!!

  • harley93

    Oh Harry, what about that questionable land deal, want to explain that for us?

  • G W

    Go to Hell Harry, you corrupt bastard.

  • QuisPercusit

    Harry “rotten to the core” Reid is completely insane, and any one who gives him the opportunity to have his inane mumblings made public is suspect.

  • Juniorsmom

    Harry Reid. What a disgrace to our country, his state, Congress and human decency.

  • billconner

    First of all there throwing the Constitution and the law out the window and Reid is the best at it. How about reminding Reid he is sup post to have a budget and have had none and that’s by law mister Reid plus after you charge someone with a crime you can charge him again they couldn’t recharge OJ Simpson for the murder of Goldman and Nicole. So don’t get your political panties in a wad, You tried this man politically and not by the Law you had no evidence of wrong doing which means you had no case that wasn’t good enough so you force them to try him anyway and it showed even farther how the racism is on the part of Mr. Martin and how he was on top of Mr. Zimmerman beating the man and how the media left parts of the 911 call out to make Mr. Zimmerman out to be the racist and I still haven’t figured out how you can be a white Mexican. The true injustice is dragging Mr. Martins memory threw the mud and the family reliving it over to score political points and the race baiters ginning up hatred shame on all of you for doing it to the Martin Family.

  • RLM357

    Dingy Harry Reid is an ARSE HOLE! He needs to be investigated himself! ~Rick Magee, FL “MOLON LABE”

  • pysco

    Reid you stupid, ignorant, SOB, keep your mouth shut…………..Or maybe we can launch an investigation about your corrupt dealings in Nevada….Example why you use public funds to build a bridge in Loughlin, to enhance your property holdings in Bullhead City AZ. One of many corrupt deals. They start investigating you are on your way to jail

  • Higherstandard13

    Reid… a closet homosexual that worships at the alter of Satan and someone whom should be in prison if there were real justice. Now he is demanding a second political prosecution of George. Reid probably prefers that he could go a head a lynch him. All Hispanics should think about this and remember this is someone that claims he is fighting for you. You are cattle to him to provide cheap labor for his rich friends and votes to keep him in power. Remember Daniel Adkins, the unarmed mentally challenged Hispanic that was murder by a black thug in Arizona, Reid is silent on that.

    Reid has no conscious for he sold his soul long ago. He has no problem using the DOJ to block the prosecution of real criminals and cover-ups. Reid is a socialist and all the founding fathers would be ashamed of such an animal. Abe would have had him executed for treason. The Democrap Party, no justice and pure evil, part of the axis of evil… Obama, Holder and Reid.

  • Higherstandard13

    I personally hope that Reid , his family and grandchildren experience the horror of a thug like Martin…. then I am ready to vote the thug not guilty.

    • rocketman

      Harry Reid yes, family and grand children no it’s not their fault that Harry is a crooked a$$hole that should be prosecuted for treason!

      • Higherstandard13

        His family support him and will do nothing to help the public get rid of this scum. They get their part of his ill gotten gains and keep their mouths shut, so they are part of the crime and have benefitted from it. So go after them just like fellow organized criminals.

  • gmhunt4

    Reid is senile and should be locked away in a padded cell……..

  • Phaenius

    Reid, “not over with?” You know…stand down. What you ranted sounds like a continuing state of war with the innocent citizens of this country, and when you apply force against right and reason, you set yourself in a state of war that exposes you to the same danger, according to John Locke. As weak as I am, this is not some threat but a warning that you and your ilk are stoking fires already experienced in history and you might be getting the same historical reaction, and since this is the only country I have left with any thinking of Liberty in its founding I really am hoping this country can survive, but not the likes of you and your attitude.

  • 1loyalamerican74

    Maybe when the truth comes out, Mr. Holder can be prosecuted for putting on the fuel to
    flame the violence on the part of those who want to riot over the court’s decision.
    It may be time to get the DOJ to check on Mr. Reid’s financial activities instead of
    causing racial unrest in this great country.

    • Bob2002

      Yea, add the governor of Florida to be prosecuted for firing the original Special Prosecutor and inserting politics into the equasion by having a Democrat female prosecutor run a scam of a trial. This case should never have been prosecuted because Zimmerman was only defending himself. Plus, the new prosecutor did not wait for a grand jury to look at the case before going forward with the prosecution.

  • hagar2935

    Dingy Harry Reid the most senile of all Senators, is a HUGE embarrassment to the people of Nevada!!!!!!!!!

    • angryvoter

      the “dumb-ass-craps” call conservatives “racists”…looks as thiou they are the real rcists

  • DEH

    Why don’t these politicians stay out of these cases? If this kid had been white, would Obama try to sway the outcome? If this kid were white, would Harry Reid & all his bleeding heart buddies be trying to be involved? Doesn’t Harry Reid and his party have enough to do to clean up what they have screwed up instead of trying to affect the judicial system? Shouldn’t our attorney general need to try to clean up his own mess and try to keep his job instead of threatening to bring the federal government into a case that they would not even care about if this were a white kid who was dead? Why does the government not get involved in all the other cases where teenagers get killed and commit crimes? This is only because the democratic party has to keep the people who elect them riled up. The real irony is that this minority president is much more elitist white than he is black. He does not care about his own race except to make sure they are continuing to elect him and other democrats.

    • beebee

      “He does not care about his own race…….” What exactly is his “own race”? From all indications he is a mixed breed of totally unknown race (races?)who has been brainwashed since birth to believe that he is superior to any one single race. And therein lies the dilemma. He doesn’t really know who or what he is. Can anyone say reincarnation of “Hitler” for starters?

  • Dean

    If our system had actually gotten better, not worse, Reid and his cronies would all be in prison now, if of course they hadn’t already been executed for High Treason!

  • Timur

    What a scumbag!!! He, Obama, and the media should be on trial, not Zimmerman. They are the ones who are instilling hatred and racial strife.

  • Joe Russo

    The past week’s uproars about the Obama administration have had some Republican lawmakers revisiting one of the party’s favorite pastimes: impeachment.
    For much of his time in the White House, President Obama has faced threats of impeachment from Republicans on Capitol Hill. His transgressions? Everything from using executive orders for his own agenda to being an impediment to theirs. TPM compiled a list of some of the members of Congress — all Republicans — who have invoked the “I-word” during the Obama years.
    Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK)
    Calling Benghazi “most egregious cover-up in American history,” the Oklahoma Republican floated the suggestion last week. He predicted that impeachment may no longer be a taboo subject. “People may be starting to use the I-word before too long,” Inhofe said.
    Harry Reid on Zimmerman: ‘This Isn’t Over With’

    Inhofe, James (R) Senator, OK Senator Inhofe’s immigration voting record Senator Inhofe’s immigration report card
    Enid, OK
    ph: 580-234-5105 adr: 302 N Independence, Enid, OK 73701
    Washington, DC
    ph: 202-224-4721 adr: U.S. Senate, Washington, DC 205100001
    Tulsa, OK
    ph: 918-748-5111 adr: 1924 S. Utica Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74104
    Oklahoma City, OK
    ph: 405-608-4381 adr: 1900 NW Expressway St., Oklahoma City, OK 73118
    McAlester, OK
    ph: 918-426-0933 adr: 215 E Choctaw Ave, McAlester, OK 74501

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)
    Backing up Inhofe, Chaffetz said Monday that he won’t take the possibility of impeachment off the table because he didn’t know what other details related to Benghazi will emerge. “It’s certainly a possibility,” Chaffetz said, as quoted by the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Provo, UT
    ph: 801-851-2500 adr: 51 S University Ave Suite, Provo, UT 84601
    Washington, DC
    ph: 202-225-7751 adr: U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 205150001

    Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX)
    As the White House readied its gun control proposal in January, Obama said he would implement some of his ideas through executive action. That mere suggestion was enough for Stockman to issue a statement threatening to thwart the White House’s efforts “by any means necessary” — including impeachment.
    Winona Lake, IN
    ph: 574-269-1940 adr: 700 Park Ave, Winona Lake, IN
    Washington, DC
    ph: 202-225-4436 adr: 1728 Longworth, Washington, DC 20515
    Fort Wayne, IN
    ph: 260-424-3041 adr: E. Ross Adair Federal Building, Fort Wayne, IN 468023446

    Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL)
    The freshman Florida Republican indicated he was receptive to Stockman’s idea, saying in January that “all options should be on the table” as the White House sought gun control measures. Congress, Radel said, “needs to hold the President accountable for the decisions that he’s making right now.”

    Naples, FL
    ph: 239-252-6225 adr: 3299 Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL 34112
    ph: 202-225-2536 adr: U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, 205150001
    Cape Coral,
    ph: 239-573-5837 adr: 804 Nicholas Parkway East, Suite 1, Cape Coral, 339902811

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)
    Arguably the least surprising inclusion on this list, Gohmert in January blasted Obama, saying the president had “already abused the law enough times that it’s just been staggering.” Gohmert told Newsmax that using an executive order to implement gun laws would be sufficient grounds to impeach Obama. “It’s not a president who steps up and says: ‘You know what? Previous Congresses have passed the law — and it’s been signed into law, and I disagree with it, so I’m just going to create new law — and as I speak, so shall it be,’” Gohmert said.

    Longview, TX
    ph: 903-236-8597 adr: 101 East Methvin, Longview, TX 75601
    Washington, DC
    ph: 202-225-3035 adr: U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 205150001
    Tyler, TX
    ph: 903-561-6349 adr: 1121 ESE Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701
    Marshall, TX
    ph: 903-938-8386 adr: 102 W. Houston St., Marshall, TX 75670
    Nacogdoches, TX
    ph: 936-715-9514 adr: 101 West Main, Nacogdoches, TX 75961
    Lufkin, TX
    ph: 936-632-3180 adr: 300 East Shepherd, Lufkin, TX 75901

    Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
    It may come as a surprise to some that, when she was asked in 2010 if Obama should be impeached for failure to secure the border, the doyenne of the tea party stopped short of a full-throated endorsement. “Whether or not this is an impeachable offense is one that the Congress would have to make a determination on,” Bachmann said at the time.
    But by 2011, Bachmann was in the throes of a Republican presidential campaign and ready to make a “determination” on impeachment. Asked by a voter in Iowa if she would “impeach him and get him out of the way,” Bachmann said repeatedly that she agreed.

    ph: 763-323-8922 adr: 2850 Cutters Grove Avenue, Suite 205, Anoka, 553034940
    Washington, DC
    ph: 202-225-2331 adr: U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 205150001

  • angelo

    Hey Nevada…this your boy? Can not believe a POS like Reid is your representation…shame on you…why don’t you just annex to CA.

  • Bob2002

    Reid and all politicians need to just butt out of local court proceedings and worry about all the crimes they are committing on the taxpayers by approving such bad legislature as ObamaCare and Amnesty.

  • rocky5usa

    Reid is a perfect excuse for a march on Washington to get rid of the trash. His boss should be the first one to go. It’s unreal how all the garbage creatures are in the political arena. They keep pushing us toward a civil war and we keep getting closer to doing what they did in ’76. The people aren’t the problem……the bums in politics are the reason for all this unrest.

    • bluff bunny

      I agree. Someone smarter than me once said:” politicians go to Washington thinking it’s a hot tub and leave knowing it’s a cesspool”!

  • Mac Boy

    Reid & NBC are obsolete LIB Dinosaurs……

  • PatCindyCunningham

    You stupid useless old man, no Harry Reid, it ain’t over. It has just begun!

    • hazwop

      Send Harry a note and tell him to butt out. you can email him via the senate web site. I doubt he will listen becasue he is an idiot but at least you will feel better telling him that justice worked and so did the jury system.

  • A Patriot

    Reid is nothing but a petulant senile race-baiting pandering piece of garbage. In other words, a real liberal.

  • runnindeer

    Yes, today the black people were in church talking about politics as usual. The separation of church and state doesn’t apply to black church’s where it is mostly talk of politics with God used as a tool to try to force God to act as they wish. Not as HE wills. Not all blacks act like these people but sadly most do. The greater majority. that use of the church to plan and politic go’s way back to pre Civil war days when the blacks were allowed to have Sunday worship. During that time they actually drew maps on church floors and planned devilment from the pulpit. It is their custom to believe that they still have a right to do that . Society has never condemned it as wrong.
    Holder is calling for another Federal investigation. the FBI wasn’t good enough to suit him.
    He wants the Supreme court brought in on it. More tax dollars for his agenda. His buddy from the voting precinct with the billy club that was really a short sword shaped like a billy club , the New Black Panther that stood outside the voting building- is in a New York Jail on $75,000.00 bond for weapons violation and assault charges.


      You actually BELIEVE that black people during the Civil War era, who were LITERAL SLAVES, were practicing DEVILISHMENT? Seems to me, you’re confusing DEVILISHMENT with fighting for LIFE/FREEDOM! Whatever one feels about the Zimmerman verdict, that particular sentiment was WAY OUT OF LINE, and a major reason that conservative whites have been INEFFECTIVE in connecting with the majority of the black community.

      The bottom line is, no matter what the verdict, people will REACT pro or con. While it can be argued that Zimmerman acted in self-defense, what’s missed in all of this, is Trayvon Martin, when he was returning home from the store, was NOT COMMITTING ANY CRIME, and I’d wonder how some of you would like it, if YOU were being followed, when you were MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

      • beebee

        Might I say, being followed is one thing, but turning around and viciously attacking the follower is quite another………..

      • msallyjones

        What would you do if you were being followed by someone first in their truck and then on foot?

      • msallyjones

        Had the situation been exactly the same,the same evidential uncertainties and the same lack of witnesses but Trayvon Martin was neighborhood watchman shooting Zimmerman there would have been no doubt of the guilt.

    • msallyjones

      And conservatives never use God and their church for political purposes. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!

  • Rostis

    My, but he sounds absolutely like that crazy Panther “lawyer” Shabbazz! I can imagine Shabbazz’ enthusiasts very easily, but it’s much harder for me to imagine Reid’s Nevada voters – are they Panthers too? Or some strange aliens? What it takes to vote for a creature like this in a free country? Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    • beebee

      Can you spell “UNIONS”?

      • Rostis

        Yes, Sir, I can – and, thanks to our old omnipresent slogan “Unions Are the Best School of Communism”, I understand their might perfectly well. But even in the USSR the unions had no right of vote, so each of us voted on the base of our personal feelings. It’s true that in ours the most frequent feeling was primitive fear of possible punishment for resistance (after many decades of GULAG it was rather natural), but your country had no GULAG, thanks God, – so Reid’s voters are still an enigma for me, unions or not. Respectfully – Rostislav.


    harry reid is a dipsh-t. zimmermann was equitted. i hope zimmerman sues everybody that has escalated all of this. that stupid as- black congresswoman that wears that stupid looking hats in florida that said travon was hunted down like a dog in the street. how in the hell does she know that? did she see what happenned?. she needs to be accountable for what comes out of her pathetic mouth. these are the people running our country!
    we are in alot of trouble

    • AttMore

      I can’t stand that ‘HAT-WITCH’.

  • mark oheron

    F–K reid he is a real criminal he should be in jail for crimes against our country

  • Jeff Horton

    Reed should go by what was decided in court like we have to when the many liberal things are passed in court. When it is the other way around he makes this statement.

  • jpcec

    Harry Reid would do well to worry about himself and his operation of the US Senate than to be concerned with the outcome of a jury trial that is none of his business and beyond his purview! Of course liberals do have the unmitigated Gaul to involve themselves in things that don’t concern them then ignore those things that do, don’t they? Here’s a good suggestion Harry…shut the pie hole!

    • Pclages

      This was completely foreseeable….The Feds will spend as much of our money to try Zimmerman as many times as necessary to achieves the ‘ correct ‘ verdict…You can see the reason for the Bill of Rights…. for when the arrogance of government knows no bounds.


        …..The Bill of Rights AND THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

  • matthew hagel

    i would like to say 4-q nwo

  • Jack Cramer

    Every time this Idiot (Harry Reid) opens his mouth nothing but illogical garbage is released!!!

  • onlyvato

    This guy thinks he is the President or God what a puke!

  • sturgiz

    can the doj also look at bengazi because that isnot over with

  • USAmerican

    Announce your retirement harry. You have done more than your share to harm this Great Nation.

  • IHateLibs

    Throw REID in Prison for Instigating More Civil Unrest. Which Will lead to Violence. Hairball ?? Youre DISGUSTING to say the Least

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    The lying scumbag known as Dirty Harry Reid strikes against the American Judicial system !
    The police who investigated this tragic event found no grounds for arrest! The first prosecution team found no grounds for trial. Six carefully chosen jurors after careful deliberation found Zimmerman not guilty!

  • jwnoord

    Great, glad to hear about this!! Finally the inner city violence in Chicago and other cities will be addressed, and jail all the gang bangers and other “organizations” for hate crimes whenever a group with differing race is killed.

    There are more murders by noon on Saturday each weekend in Chicagoland to keep DOJ busy for years and years. (But they alreay KNOW that, as they (the star chamber in DC is from there).

    Much of this havoc is a direct response to the recent gun law changes in Illinois. Chicago doesn’t want ANYONE in the state to have weapons, as they (Chicago) can’t control the crime and vice in their city. Now it seems the whole country will pay the price for this. bottom line, if they cant legislate the people to not have guns, they will force the entire country into havoc so that “government ” can save the day and ban weapons.

    Trouble is that that Chicago violence is not being covered (Hispanic gangs versus African American gangs), by definition, those are hat crimes (each and every one).

    I’d be VERY interesting to find the source of the weapons used in the Chicago shootings. How many are from US made / sold / stolen weapons, how many are Communist block?? (ala Norinco, and other foreign suppliers).

    this whole Zimmerman thing was yet another false flag operation (this time on the justice side) to divert attention from what is really going on in the country to fix the problems (nothing) and to foment violence to justify racheting up of the level of unrest in the USA.

    Very sad state of affairs.

  • DonHo


  • DonHo


  • sarcasticswede

    How’s that hope and change working out for everyone????

  • ladyceo

    The justice system has spoken! This whole ordeal is OVER! Give it a rest, Reid!!

    • Pegi

      Right on! Reid has made a ridiculous statement. Just because some folks don’t agree with the verdict, doesn’t mean the verdict was incorrect. Trayvon Martin isn’t what the media portrayed him to be and they along with Al Sharpton have fueled these protests. There have been instances of damage done to innocent businesses for which there is no excuse, period. The DOJ has plenty of other things to investigate that they don’t seem to care about. Reid is pandering, nothing more. I’m sure the folks in Nevada could do better.

    • msallyjones

      The criminal trial is over. The Martin family has the right to a civil trial.

      • rwp24382

        And the same for GZ. He can sue the crap out of the rappers and Hollyweird residents, as well as the normal race baiters and news media organizations that have ruined his life.

  • ceholley01

    Zimmerman had his day in court. A group of his piers have judged him. It is done. Maybe now is time we look at Harry and judge him?

  • rwp24382

    Zimmerman and his family were Democrats. I wonder how these people feel about the Dems now? Will Jewish people see how Dems will persecute their own for political gain? Time will tell.

    • schmidtp61

      They haven’t seen it yet and most of the Jewish Dems I know don’t give 2 cents for Israel anyway.

      • rwp24382

        But GZ is an American Democrat Jew. These are the people they want to defend such Hispanics and blacks. Guess they are creating their own crossfire.

      • mallen11

        This is so interesting; I did not know GZ was a Democrat or a Jew. Thank God he got off because of the facts and as a Jew people better watch out if they go after him since he is still under God’s protection as one of His chosen ones. I am glad I did not know about his being a demoRat since I may have had some prejudice thoughts. So as far as I am concerned, I hope he will be safe and will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior.

      • rwp24382

        Zimmerman’s father is Jewish; I would say his mother is probably Catholic. Which way the children were brought up may be that they were Catholic, not sure. Both religions have restrictions about how their children are raised.

      • rwp24382

        I think the whole family, from what I gathered, voted for BO. Most likely this family has changed their minds about Dems.

      • mallen11

        Lets hope so and lead to other Dems to do the same.

  • Carl Stevenson

    Harry, like Obama, holder, Pelosi, and the other demonrat race-baiters, doesn’t care about the rule of law. They make the laws. The laws are for the serfs, not for the ruling class.

    • dadio1952

      The USA has no serfs unless we choose to accept that role. “We the people” need to do what we have done in the past. Rise up and take back control. Politicians have destroyed what was once a decent country and a civil society. They have also robbed us blind and continue to do so. Our glorious and honorable Constitution was drafted specifically to prevent what we see happening today. But, it has been rendered irrelevant by the Obama administration and by our disgraceful Supreme Court. Unless we become committed to the cause of restoring our country, by whatever means necessary, this country will continue to decline into social chaos and poverty. Anyone familiar with history fully understands that this is a recipe for disaster. The actions of the so called “ruling class” should serve as a clarion call to all patriotic Americans. If the game is now so rigged that we cannot defeat Marxists at the ballot box, other means will be necessary.

  • thegreatamerican

    One person used racist language in the minutes prior to the confrontation and it wasn’t George. The FBI already looked at this and found no civil rights were violated. Did he even watch any of the trial?

  • thegreatamerican

    “Crazy white cracker”

  • SammysDad

    Hey, Harry, get your freeking nose out of states’ business, you punk!

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Yes old man, it IS over! The jury has ruled. Now shut your liberal commie race-bating mouth.

  • PaulN

    Oops! Zimmerman is one of those terrible LAW ABIDING hispancis, not one of those drug-dealing, rapist, job-stealing type hispanics that Reid wants to give amnesty to!

  • colt 45

    I can’t believe the folks in Nevada keep reelecting this clown!!!!!!!!

    • Remington 870

      The people in Nevada don’t elect this clown..the voting machines are rigged by the thug union SEIU who work the election precincts in Nevada. Reid is a nasty, mean, anti-American who has helped Mullah Obama destroy America.

    • SniperToo

      That’s because Nevada is filled with illegal Mexicans, Blacks, and NOW Muslims.
      My last Air Force assignment before retiring was at Nellis in 1996. Soon after the OB Boys

      (oriental gangs, mostly made up of Chinese) and two Mexican gangs (bloods and the crips)
      moved into Los Vegas. Than the Clintons brought over the Muslims from Cosivo, etc.

      and settled them in Parump. It became liberal over night since the Clintons and baby Bush.
      Reid originally ran on a Republican ticket. The left like to play jump the fence all the time,
      depending on the political winds. They should never be allowed to switch political sides when it suits their gain. One time I can see but not every two to three years. It’s called stacking the deck. GOP has been invaded by too many RINOs and progressives. There will be a third

      party because the GOP has lost their moral compass.

  • Eddie G.

    Reid needs to mind his own business and shut up. The DOJ already had gotten involved with throwing taxpayer’s money out for protest marches etc. against Zimmerman. I hope Zimmerman countersues Eric Holder for obstruction of justice with influence peddling and for jury tampering.

  • Remington 870

    America has reached a new low…if Mullah Obama’s neo commies don’t like the outcome of a States judicial process…Mohammed Holder illegally changes the outcome. Time for FL governor to give Holder & Obama the middle finger. Time for all Patriots to give these traitors the middle finger.

    • gitzmo

      I totally agree, but the governor scott should of never appointed a special prosecutor in the first, specially after the police and DA of Sanford did not want to file charges against Zimmerman. In my opinion the governor bowed to political pressure.

  • danhspoonhourdc

    Boy, the left just can’t handle the truth can they! If it had been the other way around there would be no mention of wrong doing. Reid can’t even stand the truth in politics let alone get involved in anything else. Folkes, it’s way past time to wake up and start organizing our strength to go to Washington and excise the cancer that has grown out of control. Are you ready? Ready or not it’s going to fall on our shoulders to get it done. Better prepare for battle and pray for forgiveness as we move to free ourselves from tyranny. There’s just no other option unless you want to becomes slaves.

  • Jerry_Morgan

    If I lived in Nevada I would be so ashamed of having a Senator the likes of Harry Reid I would never let anyone know I did.

  • Jakebrake

    The moron Harry is the proof that ” You just can’t fix stupid” Thank you Nevada for electing this dumb-dumb.

  • R.Young

    Of course it’s not over yet! Nothing is ever Over until the Feral Government says it is! Let’s see wonder what kind of Federal Charges the Greatest American Attorney General will bring against Mr. Z?

  • schmidtp61

    If the feds get more messed up into this than they are it’s WAY past time for the House to step up to their responsibilities and do something. I see a race war coming about and it scares the hell out of me!

  • larryincamden

    If the “Justice Department” needs something to do, they can investigate Reid, Pelosi,… for corruption.

  • Jeanne

    Until there is a huge outcry from millions of Americans the lawlessness of this Administration will continue to overstep their bounds, trample the Constitution and inflame race relations.
    One would think with all the scandals going on in this administration they would have more important things to do other than to get involved in a civil case that has already been tried.
    Zimmerman has been investigated, tried in a court of law and found Not Guilty. By law he cannot be tried again for the same crime.

  • TeamGlock

    Phuque Harry Reid . . .

  • Shane

    Zimmerman was found not guilty despite the efforts by the prosection and the liberal media to convict him. Let’s end this now.

  • javelina

    George Zimmerman has been prosecuted by the state of Florida and acquitted but he continues to be persecuted by the media and members of Congress. I was shocked but not surprised to hear of Harry Reid calling for the Justice Department to investigate Zimmerman for racism and profiling Trayvon Martin. Harry Reid is a vile weasel of a human being and he, along with all in the Black Congressional Congress, continue to call for federal intervention of the Florida case. With the myriad of problems this country has it seems there are more important things to work on than this. I don’t doubt that Eric Holder will do something; only God knows what. There is a new race war in this country but it is not against blacks but is being waged against working Americans and especially whites. Illegals, blacks and unemployed are shown more concern than those that work and provide tax money for the overgrown government to waste. The biggest racists in this country are Obama, Holder and the CBC. This is without a doubt the most convoluted misguided hierarchy that I have witnessed in my 66 years.

    • ladybug


    • coolarrow

      Doesn’t Harry’s ethics, honesty, lying, theiving and etc. need to be investagated ? And then send the scum to jail.

    • nomore516

      Let’s see the death certificate before Reid, Holder and Obama bums harass this poor guy.

  • ladybug

    Good lord, would rather have many more Zims then you evil harry. Where is the recall on him? Sorry his family is in with thugs in vegas. Can’t wait to hear no more from him or the pig………………. This crap you spew should see you OUT the DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VeeDub57

    The liberal/socialist/democrat/progressive/atheist/gay message is… “NO MATTER WHAT THE COURTS OR ANYONE ELSE SAYS, IT’S GONNA BE OUR WAY OR YOU WILL PAY”.

    • japoa

      I like that avatar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mr_DAA

        Me too!

        Reminds me of Harry when he’s experiencing hemorrhoid flare up.

      • japoa

        Or thinking what will be be his life when he is finally caught with his hands in the cookie-jar once too often as Bubba’s biotch in a 6×9…………..

  • Mr_DAA

    Hey Stinkbag Harry! That’s the way we feel about YOU!

    It ain’t over by a long shot, baby!

  • mallen11

    How totally insane. This trial should have never become political. Liberals are such sore losers and show their stupidy by rioting without knowing the truth. -0 did his evil job by continuing to take sides to keep the country divided. Harry the reid and the lying denounced DOJ keep the fires going as part of the problem. Such cry babies. Get the facts before announcing what they want to do to stir up the mobs. Zimmerman will suffer enough the rest of his life because the left can’t let it go and his life won’t be safe. I pray for him and his family as well as the jurors and defense team because the crazies want things their way regardless of the facts.

  • depaz

    FOR WHAT?!?!?!? If “poor little Trayvon” had been the guy on the bottom and had shot Zimmerman, he’d be hailed a here!!! And if Zimmerman were black, there would have been no news of this outside of Stanford Florida. . . .

    • icemancold

      IF poor little POT SMOKING TREYVON GANG BANGER WANNABE had killed Zimmerman it would have been local news only. One line ( Black Teen Kills in self defense ).

  • Jack Broderick

    The people of Nevada should be thoroughly embarrassed that Harry Reid represents their state in the U.S. Senate. He reminds me of the sneaky little Gnome in the story of Rumpelstilskin. He has acted once again to try and make this sad case a political agenda. I am disgusted with the members of the senate except for a few men that have at least a minimum respect for the people that hired them to do the will of the electorate. The best compliment I have for Harry Reid is he is a bigoted little weasel.

    He is acting in his usual sneaky way to try and appease the black population into believing that he really cares what happens to black people. What he is doing by trying to judge this trial according to his sadistic political agenda is the biggest example of hypocrisy I have ever seen, but this not unusual for Harry Reid. The three Amigo’s Obama, Holder and Reid are determined to ignore the judicial system we live under and are trying to send a man to jail that was found innocent by the courts of this land to jail strictly for political gains, this is a travesty of justice.

  • icemancold

    HARRY REID should be charged and prosecuted for violating the civil rights of every citizen of the USA. All he is doing is trying to schmooze OBAMA and the BLACKS for personal benefit.

  • cdegler1

    Oh yes Reid you want more unrest so you all can say see what not having gun control has gotten us. Then the rule of Obama starts and you like other whites will be cast aside. Don’t think the poor blacks will get raised up from poverty, not he will no longer be able to control any of us. Stand up for America, freedom is the choice and it is yours.

  • panam60

    it’s not over! but not the way you think harry. white people are sick and tired of walking on eggshells for these lazy, worthless, sub-human baby machines! we want our country back! you are nothing but a white jesse jackson. you have your nose burried so far up obamas butt, you can see what he had for breakfast. why wasn’t O.J. hounded after his verdict? if he was a white man who killed his black wife and black friend, the outcome would be different. well no he is where he belongs, in prison. no he belongs in hell, along side rodney king, trayvon martin, and all the other gang bangers, and rappers who promote hatred for whites, society, and authority. ENOUGH!!!

  • Steve Sommers

    Hmm. Sounds a lot like the old days when the KKK was running around: “Linch him first and then give him a fair trial.” It seams a lot of politicians and lame stream media believe the only true justice is mob justice. How far we have come…

  • servant1jkb

    Right after I sent you an Email PRINCE HARRY, complimenting you on finding your conscience, you come up with this B.S! Why is it that when a White man get shot to hell by blacks NOTHING IS SAID NOR HEARD Even when 530 Blacks are murdered each year by blacks in Chicago, nothing is dome nothing is said about it?
    How do we in America spell HYPOCRITE? d
    Democrate! that how!

  • RandyRose

    We tried to git rid of Reid here in NV but we did not know he would steal the election. Reid brought in union members from CA during early voting. He gave them names and addresses of recently departed (dead people) still on the voter rolls and those people who lost their homes by foreclosure. The CA union members were bussed to the voter polls. They voted for Reid illegally and then did it again under other names. That is why Reid is against voter ID because he would have lost. I know that real life actions sometimes are more bizarre than fiction, you couldn’t make this stuff up because it is the truth.

    • Nana

      Same thing (and more) happened in the presidential elections!

  • popham

    It is precisely because of people like Harry Reid that the “system” has worsened.
    Since the announcement of Zimmerman’s aquittal almost 48 hours ago, the liberal
    race-mongering politicians, pundits, columnists and celebrities of every ilk have
    subjected us, via the airwaves, to the loudest and most reviling racist remarks.
    How in the world can we ever expect to even begin healing racism in America with
    people like this, including the DoJ and the White House making remarks that
    only inflame the issue? As one columnist in the Boston Herald said today……
    what we are looking for is “moral leadership”. Moral leadership does not seem
    to be forthcoming from anyone in Washington or elsewhere.
    Good luck, America.

    • caskinner


  • fsa0033

    Why is anyone from our top government looking into this case? Do they look into all the murder cases? Do they look into any of the black on white crimes where the blacks are exonerated? Any further trial on this case must be hailed as a mistrial because there is an agenda going and it’s not justice. Justice was served already. It’s done. Appeasement of the black community is the only thing going now. So, further inquiry is racist.

  • David I Nelson

    Is this the “Creepy Old Cracker” Trayvon was talking about???

    I hope Mr. Zimmerman files suit against the state!!!

  • rabrooks

    Now that he’s found innocent, will he get the “OJ” treatment? That’s when they use a civil court to totally destroy the poor bastard.

  • caskinner

    This is none of the old bastard from Nevadas business. I would like to see someone go after him and charge him with the illegal things he has done.

  • James Andrews

    Harry Reid is a commie, and he should be arrested, and tried for treason, along with M.Holder. This case should have never even made it to trial in the first place, as it was clearly a completely necessary shooting in self defense. Treyvon viciously attacked Mr. Zimmerman, broke his nose, slamming his head repeatedly onto the concrete. Mr. Zimmerman had to shoot him, as his own life was then in danger.

  • Abob

    Is our Senate allowed to determine what the Judicial system does or doesn’t do? Isn’t our system of Legislative, Executive , and Judicial branches to have their own responsibilities? Our Judicial branch is not to legislate from the bench and our legislative branch is not to judge trials ( as Reid is insinuating). Our Executive branch also should not be allowed to , at will, legislate by Executive order.

  • dcartmill

    Am I somehow being singled out for moderation /deletion. I tried to post this same small opinion 5 times last night and again today. Cannot understand why it has NOT been allowed to post. No ranting and calling names. I merely stated a fact i.e. This is none of Reid’s business

  • dcartmill

    I then suggested if he were to continue in the same vane he could prove what nearly everyone is already aware.

  • dcartmill

    Finally ,I continued by saying ,if he were to continue along this line it would be good ,if by chance there were still persons out there who were not completely convinced of his mental genius and impeccable ethics . LOL

  • dcartmill

    I really don’t know why I had to go thru such mental gymnastics to call a corrupt, ignorant ,buttinsky…a corrupt, ignorant ,buttinsky.

  • Tree Top flyer

    Why do you feel you have to get involved and make this a political issue?? Zimmerman had a trial and was found innocent! Butt out, you miserable, sniveling ignorant old fool!! Between you and Obama, every time you get your demented, sorry old Keester, or Obama’s imbecilic comments involved in anything, you SCREW IT UP!! Just shut the @#$%$ UP and let it go!!!!

  • Tree Top flyer

    While we are at it. I want to tell that moron in the White House to stay the hell out of it too. He is the main reason this whole episode got so far out of hand. He is such an incredible ego-maniac, he feels compelled to speak on virtually any issue that arises in this country, believing his input is needed. Little does he know what an over exposed clown everyone knows he is!! I swear, this phony, feckless Butt head would open a “McDonalds” if he was asked. What a “Perfect Storm” of bafoons, fools and morons we have running the country!!!

  • Larry Cowden

    Drop dead Reid! You’re irrelevant as politician and the best thing you could do is fall under the nearest bus! Where was you’re fracking sense of justice when Obamass and Holder were illegally running guns across the border? Answer=NO WHERE! Where was it when Obamass let Americans be massacered at Benhgazi? Answer=NO WHERE! So for you to start crying for justice now is just plain asinine!

  • usluv

    This is just plain disgusting. We have the absolute worst idiots in the highest places in this country and I’ve about had it. I do not care that they are unhappy with the legal verdict in this case…it is over and he was acquitted. Grown men inciting riots…even paying people to riot…and ordering the lame street media to help incite is the lowest form of humanity. They are acting like spoiled children that didn’t get their way (as usual) and using another tragedy to boost their cause. Grow up O/D, Holder, Reid and the rest of you losers. You will fail in the end. Your little gestapo is falling apart already. You belong to the devil.

  • bynbel

    Reid is determined to undermine our entire legal system again. A jury has spoken, (the FBI has investigated this for over a year on behalf of the DOJ,) but he doesn’t like the outcome so he will thumb his nose at their verdict and continue the sham charges of racism. This man needs to be recalled. One only can wonder how many illegal aliens were bused in to get him re-elected. He is so despicable it is hard to believe he was able to win legitimately. People of Nevada, the country prays you will take action. The Democrats are not the only ones that can try to recall an elected official.

  • mzlavender1

    This national uproar is terrific for Reid, Holder, and Obama. It takes everyone’s attention away from all the atrocities committed by this corrupt administration.

    • Jorge Lopiano

      That is the truth,

  • Jorge Lopiano

    Get over it Harry, GZ is not guilty. HR needs his lips cut off and glued to Obama and Holder A–.

  • The Patriot

    Reid can’t even run his own department of responsibility… why is he sticking his nose into the justice departments. If he was doing his job, he would be producing 47 million jobs so not one of his constituents would have to commit a crime of theft or self defense. He has been a total failure in producing jobs in the eight years the Democrats have held the Senate. Get smart America before it is too late… if not too late already.

  • Neal Avery

    Hello, Harry! All fifty states have some kind of concealed carry permits, now. Wake up and smell the coffee. Do you really think the American People will give up our guns?