People Aren’t Signing up for Obamacare


Go figure.
Check it out:

Now, listen told this from the Washington Post article on selling Obamacare. “In Connecticut, selling Obamacare involves airplanes flying banners across beaches. Oregon may reel in hipsters with branded coffee cups for their lattes. And in neighboring Washington, the effort could get quite intimate: The state is interested in sponsoring portable toilets at concerts.

“The advertisements, developed with political consultants and communications firms, illustrate the ability of the health-care law’s supporters to pinpoint the precise group they want to sign up for Obamacare,” people that use Porta Potties. Stop and think of that. Anyway, they’re having trouble getting people to sign up. Frankly, when I saw this Forbes story, I was surprised. I really was. I feared…

You know, Obama’s been out there telling people it’s free. We’ve had people call here who heard the same thing. I’m sure you’ve talked to people who have regaled you with stories about people in their offices who are all excited that health care’s free, and that Obama’s making it happen. Obama said that your premium’s gonna go down $2500 if it isn’t free. You keep your doctor; you keep your policy.

None of that turns out to be true, but enacted people are not signing up in droves actually does make sense when you compare that to the polling data which says anywhere (depending on the poll) from 55 to 63% of the people do not want this. Fifty-five to 63% of the people polled don’t want Obamacare — and, as such, suspect something. So they’re not signing up for it. Now, the exchanges are not actually officially open.

But nevertheless this guy at Forbes has done the research and found out that people are just not signing up — young people particularly, and that’s who the regime really wants. They need them to pay the freight! They need young people who are not gonna be pulling much out of the system in terms of health care treatment, paying the freight for the elderly who need all the care.

That’s not happening, and that’s why Obama’s hitting the pavement and running around out there selling it now and they’re taking all these measures to convince people to sign up. They need a bunch of things here. They not only need people to sign up for Obamacare to protect it… I mean, the more people who sign up, the tougher it’s ever gonna be to repeal it, for example.

But they also want people to use Obamacare as a gateway to more government dependence. So the more people that sign up for Obamacare, the more they’re signing up to be lifelong Democrats. But millions of people are turning down Medicaid health insurance, even though it’s free. One in three workers under 30 is not signing up for Obamacare. No wonder they’re going to these lengths to get people to sign up.



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