Pelosi: Dems may try to force House vote on Senate immigration bill

Nancy Pelosi

I’d like to force a vote on Pelosi.
Check it out:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told donors at an Organizing for Action event Monday night that Democratic leadership in the House was weighing a discharge petition that would bring the Senate immigration bill directly to the floor for a vote.

Pelosi was asked about the legislative strategy during a dinner with about 70 supporters of the advocacy group, which grew out of the president’s re-election campaign. She said leadership was still deciding to press forward with the legislative maneuver, noting that doing so would take 30 legislative days.

With a discharge petition, Pelosi could force a House vote on the Senate bill by gathering 218 signatures — meaning she’d need just 18 Republicans to sign on. That proposition has many Democrats who see the odds of a comprehensive immigration bill with a pathway to citizenship emerging organically from the House as low.



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