Paul hits back at Christie


Rand Paul has logic and truth on his side.
Check it out:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul hit back at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday night, attacking him for demanding money for Sandy aid, after Christie called Paul’s libertarian views on national security “dangerous” last week.

The Associated Press reported that after a fundraiser in Tennessee on Sunday, Paul told reporters that Christie’s views would harm Republicans chances in a national election, and said that Christie’s requests for federal aid funding after Hurricane Sandy was damaging to national security.

“They’re precisely the same people who are unwilling to cut the spending,” Paul said, referring to Christie and New York Rep. Peter King, another Republican who has criticized Paul, “and their ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme — give me all my Sandy money now.’ Those are the people who are bankrupting the government and not letting enough money be left over for national defense.”



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