Palin: ‘Ring leader’ Obama doing nothing about IRS circus


Palin is always fun.
Check it out:

PALIN: Well, I would say that it is. If Lois is going to return, if she is call back, and with her counsel decide that she will claim the fifth yet again. We need to make sure that we’re getting the bottom of this, and if it’s not Congress able to get to the bottom of it via questioning her in front of the panel or committee, then, yes, special investigation needs to ensue.

But look, this is such a circus, and the ring leader of the circus, our president, Barack Obama, has an opportunity to do something about IRS corruption. He promises that he would, and yet we haven’t heard word one from him since that promise of getting to the bottom of corruption. We haven’t heard from Nancy Pelosi who had promised she would drain the swamp if she and some of her colleagues got re-elected and wanting to clean up the corruption in Washington, D.C. All of those broken promises give us fewer and fewer reasons to trust our government.



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