Obama’s Trayvon Speech Shows He’s No Different Than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton


Just as racist.
Check it out:

This is a blatant attempt. It’s exactly what Dr. Shelby Steele is talking about. Why are these people so invested in Trayvon Martin? Here’s the president talking about how this could have been him 34 years ago. It could be him tonight if he’s in Chicago. If he’s a kid in Chicago today, it could have been him. What is this “Trayvon Martin could have been me 34 years ago”? It is countless black kids today, except the perps are not George Zimmerman.

So why this investment in Trayvon Martin?

Dr. Steele has it exactly right. It is to perpetuate the myth within the black community that all blacks remain helpless victims of white supremacy, white racism — when George Zimmerman isn’t a Caucasian to begin with, and there was no white racism involved here. If anything (and Rachel Jeantel let the cat out of the bag), this was homophobia. Trayvon Martin… You notice people still haven’t gone there?

You notice that that aspect of what she told Piers Morgan still has not been picked up? At least I haven’t seen it. Now, this coulda happened over the weekend and I didn’t see it, but Trayvon thought that he was being pursued by a gay predator and took actions to stop that right there, here and now. That’s why I played the clip for you of me from 2008 saying that Obama is no different than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, and with this comment… Making a point to go to the White House pressroom, pointing out it could have been him 35 years ago?

I don’t know. That’s the kind of… I just think that’s utterly irresponsible. It is certainly not healing. It’s not even emotionally honest. But it is exactly who I’ve always thought Obama is.



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