Obama’s Packing of NLRB Reminiscent of FDR


Obama puts most liberals to shame.
Check it out:

Way back in 1937, Democrat hero and Republican villain, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, proposed the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill. Essentially, Roosevelt was having trouble getting the Supreme Court to rule his New Deal as constitutional so, being the “reformer” he was, he decided to pack the court by expanding it to as many as 15 justices. Of course as president, Roosevelt would then have the duty to appoint 6 new justices to fill the roles and totally coincidentally, they’d all be friendly to his ideas.

After revealing the plan in February during one of his “Fireside chats,” Roosevelt was saved from having to make the court “more efficient” when a little over a month later, Justice Owen Roberts moved to the left in what has been called “the switch in time to save the nine.”

Fast forward to January of 2012.

President Obama, not having to contest with lifetime appointments on the National Labor Relations Board, the powerful government agency charged with overseeing fair union elections and making decisions about labor disputes, packed the agency with more success than FDR by simply openly defying the constitution.



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