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  • Joeblk

    The greedy Unions helped install the very crushing blow that they are lamenting about…how ironic!!

    • notfooled

      Yep! What goes around, comes around – sometimes to bite you in the a$$!!! LOL

  • mickey

    Do we have to IMPEACH an Illegal/Muslim? He’s Illegal, why does he have to be IMPEACHED, just throw his Muslim ass in JAIL, with a heavy fine, for him and Holder, and put Holder in the cell right next to Obozo, so they can go over what what wrong with the United States takeover?

  • ste1021

    Obama’s Amerika: lower wages, less full time jobs, shrinking standard of living, more and more on public assistance, higher gas prices. And of course, the biggest division among Americans in years, done of course for political purposes. Perhaps we should physically divide the country. Those who want to exist under government control and those who want individual freedom. Why not? I would think the dems and MSM would be happy to e rid of the latter.

  • jong

    What did you expect he is a black marxist that has pattern himself after the radical black panthers of the 1960’s. I expect him to go total nuts when he does not regain the House and loses the Senate.

  • ARMYOF69

    “”” Obama’s Economy is Crushing America “””
    Too late, it’s already done.