Obamacare is a Disaster, So Obama’s Making It Whatever Irrational Thing He Wants on Any Given Day


Repealing would be the best thing.
Check it out:

So what happens is that Obama says it was last Tuesday that the employer mandate is gone, for a year. But then on Friday there was another announcement. You know what that announcement was? That since the employer mandate has gone vamanos, essentially anybody can show up at an exchange and say, “I qualify.” It’s the honor system. And all that happened and I had people over the weekend say, “Boy, Rush, it’s really great, Obamacare, falling apart, isn’t it great?” It’s not falling apart, folks!

It’s not falling apart. Obamacare is whatever Obama wants it be to from day to day, from hour to hour. Let me tell you something. I’m gonna cut to the chase real quick on this. And then I’m gonna spend some time later on, because we’re loaded here today, but I want to make sure you understand this right off the bat. The personal mandate stands. You still have to have insurance or pay the fine, dude. Hee-hee. There is no outta that. The boss doesn’t have to cover you next year or this year or what have you. The boss is totally out, but you still have to be covered.

Now, one of the reasons for the employer mandate — and I don’t think this is ever gonna work because I don’t think they’ve got the computer system that can handle it. But, on paper, the employer mandate, in addition to being an employer mandate, was also a way that they could tell who’s covered and who isn’t. So if somebody walked into an exchange and tried to get insurance and already had it at work, “Sorry, you don’t get it here because you already got it.” They’d be turned away. There was to be a record of who was covered by virtue of having the benefit at work and who wasn’t. Well, that’s gone! There’s no way to verify who has insurance now.

So on Friday the regime said you could walk into an exchange and simply say you’re eligible, and they have to take you. That’s the key. Subsidy. To get a subsidized insurance policy, meaning your neighbor pays for it, or pays for a portion of it. All you have to do to get a subsidized health insurance policy is to walk into a state exchange and say, “I’m here, and I’m eligible.” It’s the honor system. Now, why? Why? Obama knows that this thing is imploding. Obama knows that it cannot be properly administered. But he doesn’t care.



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