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  • Freedom?


    That being Commiefornia helps explain them thinking our rights are bad.

    • blessedtruth

      Ignore the commode residue F. Brainless sheep from Hussein Obama herd!

  • koolnightes


    Lets see what you have done….




    now you want to do away with


    Minimum wage



    Social Security

    collective bargaining.

    you people are jewels..



    You learn by asking questions and paying attention.

    1) Why do away with NLB? Is it bad for the workers of America?

    2) Why break the unions? They make too much money? Have too many

    3) Why do away with minimum age? So they
    can pay you less?

    4) Why push the RTW law? Who does it protect, the worker or the CEO?

    When Unions were strong, we had a strong middle class. Now that unions are going away so are your
    wages, so are your benefits. The same
    people that went after the Unions, are now pushing RTW and cutting minimum

    Everybody brags on Texas having most jobs… and also they
    have the most people working at minimum wage.
    They have the most uninsured.
    They cashed in their $20 an hour job and got a $7.25 an hour job! By the way who pays the most into Social Security,
    the person making $20 or the person making $7.25 an hour? And then these very
    same people… are also bitchin’ about SS going broke and want to privatize
    it. Another question. If it is going broke, why do they
    want to privatize it?
    there is money to be made! They simply
    cut your benefits and raise the cost.. now the CEO is making MILLIONS off your
    money! The government does not have a CEO
    to pay millions to!

    Come on folks…. not all of you own your own business…
    not all of you are making over $250,000.
    We need regulations and laws to keep the corporations taking over… do
    you like the Citizens Unite?

    • blessedtruth

      Your mom missed her opportunity to have an abortion cretin. Now all of us are suffering the consequences! You are truly a miserable troll. A boil on the butt of humanity!

      • ABO

        He doesn’t mean it, blessedtruth, he’s just completely brain dead and incapable of thinking for himself. You can explain it to him but you can’t understand it for him. He’s just too stupid to get it.

      • blessedtruth

        I understand. Nonsense ramblings. Follows in footsteps of his gay lover wannabe Hussein Obama. Likes that Kenyan cuisine! Best always. :)

    • monacall

      unions r ok for private companies not for the tax payer………no unions in government offices….period.

      • koolnightes

        I might be able to agree with that statement.
        But everyone has the right to bargain with their employer, everyone has the right to be protected from their employer.
        The unions and labor laws would not be necessary, if corporations would see workers as humans and not machines.

      • NM Leon

        Even FDR realized that public employees shouldn’t be allowed, Dipwad.

      • monacall

        Not public servants. Not when tax money is used. Government employees shouldn’t be paid any better than the military. And the military doesn’t have a union.
        The reason we have these fracking politicians stay for life is because they get paid well. They r suppose to be public servants. Not the other way around.

      • monacall

        The only thing an employer owes that employee is a pay check nothing more. If that’s not good enough go get another job. Or start your own business.

      • koolnightes

        Sorry but your employer owes you a lot more than just your wage… ask the people of Bangladesh if working conditions play into their job at all?.

      • monacall

        first of all we are not in Bangladesh second old wise one……what does that employer OWE an employee…..other than a wage? other than a safe environment? what does that employer owe his employees?

      • NM Leon

        Ask the people of Bangladesh if they work where they do voluntarily, Dipwad.

      • NM Leon

        Everyone should have the right to bargain with their employer, but unions take that right away from the worker, Dipwad.

      • koolnightes

        Dumbo you are clueless what a union is and what it does for the workers.
        A union is your voice.. your advocate… only instead of just one squeaky voice (yours) going before the CEO.. you have a roaring lion in your corner.

      • NM Leon

        No, Dipwad, unions take away my ability to negotiate and force me to give money to a limousine liberal union thug/boss. Unions are nothing more than vehicles for worker extortion and Dumbocrap campaign funds.

      • koolnightes

        Like I said.. You are clueless…

      • NM Leon

        Give it up, Dipwad, you are fighting a hopeless battle. You are in disagreement with 88.8% of American workers, and if we banned public employee unions, as even FDR realized was necessary, you would be in disagreement with 93.4% of us.

      • John

        “PRINCETON, NJ — A slim majority of Americans, 52%, approve of labor unions, unchanged from 2010 and 2011, and up only slightly from the all-time low of 48% in 2009. Americans had been far more approving of unions before 2009 than they have in the last few years.”

      • Patriot

        That only makes sense! Outlaw Public Sector Unions. Not everyone has a right to bargain. If you don’t like your job quit and move on and find another more to your liking. Most can’t because they are not worth anything. That’s why they’re are public sector unions. That, as well as they are used to win elections.

    • ABO

      Does your mom know you’re playing with the computer, moron?

      • Patriot

        Remove a-holes like him from society and most problems would immediately go away! :)

    • NM Leon

      1) Yes

      2) If a private industry union company can compete with their non union competition, more power to them. Public unions should be illegal, as even FDR realized.

      3) Because the minimum wage means fewer jobs for young inexperienced entry level workers. Raising MW means more jobs replaced with machines and more jobs sent overseas.

      4) RTW gives the worker the right to choose.

      TX is rated as the 4th best state to make a living in, Dipwad.

      We want to privatize SS because it’s going broke, idiot. A mandated personal retirement fund (privatization) would pay retirees better benefits. We know that because 30 countries have privatized their SS and every one of them has been an overwhelming success. The question is why you Dumbocraps want to keep retirees struggling to live.

      “We need regulations and laws to keep the corporations taking over.

      You want corporations to take over, Dipwad? I thought you were a Marxian socialist.

      I imagine just about everybody here likes Citizens United, Dipwad. Look at the banner on this page. You are on a conservative website.

      • koolnightes

        TX is rated as the 4th best state to make a living in, Dipwad.
        That is because all the states that surrounds your border are doing worse…. even go further East of you to the grand ole state of Mississippi.
        And you got to think what you have done to our manufacturing states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Philadelphia, Indiana… you see.. you don’t strive to get ahead to better yourself… you bring those down that are making it better than you… then you can brag about how well you are doing..

      • NM Leon

        So let’s review, Dipwad. You agree that the NLRB is bad for workers, that public employee unions should be outlawed, that minimum wage laws hurt young inexperienced entry level workers, that we should privatize SS, and you want corporations to take over.

        As far as the one thing you disagree with, the ranking is nationwide, not of the surrounding states, Just what do you think the great state of TX has “done” to Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Philadelphia, Indiana, and when did Philidelphia gain statehood?

      • koolnightes

        I have never agreed to any part of the bullshit of your first paragraph.

        And as for what Texas has done….. absolutely nothing… use to be an old saying went something like this… only two things come from Texas… Steers and Queers and I don’t see any horns on you… hahaha… sorry about the lack of sensitivity to the homosexuals.

        But it is YOUR people…. RSP’s… that have drove those states in the ground.. you want every one to be like Texas.. no insurance.. work for minimum wage.. and collect welfare

      • NM Leon

        46 of the 50 states would love to be like TX, Dipwad.

  • GailWehling

    Signing for impeachment would make more sense!

  • Sonshine

    Here is the plain truth about the bill of rights. Who ever came up with the term Bill of Rights was both a lousy lawyer and didn’t understand the English language. They are not rights granted by the Constitution but limitation as to what government can define as rights. I hope that the petition to repeal gains strength for one reason; to repeal the Bill of Rights the states would have to vote on it and that would open Pandora’s box for this federal government because, there could be calls by the states to form a Constitutional Convention. That my friend would put and end to most of the federal government we have come to fear. Don’t you just love it?

  • mikeledo

    I remember as a kid, when they cut out the center of the Declaration of Independence which included the part about the right of the people to overthrow their government and asked people to sign their name to it. As it turned out Americans wouldn’t sign the Declaration of Independence. I wonder how many Tea Party people would sign the preamble to the Constitution which states the function of the government is to promote the general welfare of the people? I would be the first to agree voters are ignorant. I would also agree that the Bill of Rights needs an overhaul. Had Thomas Jefferson’s children been gun down in school with a semi-automatic, there wouldn’t be a second amendment.

    • Veteranasm

      You are a total fool , go back to your mommies basement !!!

      • Patriot

        Dittos! Looks like another liberturd has found his way here or one of the regular trolls using yet another alias.

      • Patriot

        I strongly suspect that numb-nut troll knows exactly what he is. I also suspect he is a hateful, uneducated, self-loathing jerk!

    • johnpd

      The function of the gov’t should be to promote the general welfare of ALL the people. Not just the moochers. Is it fair to take from the producers in order to give to the moochers, just because they are willing to work.
      Why do the national parks prohibit feeding animals? To prevent them from becoming dependent on others. Why do you think the dimwitocrats want to keep moocers dependent on gov’t? So they can be guaranteed the moocher vote.

      • mikeledo

        I have no idea what “moocers” or “dimwitocrats” are. I do know that for capitalism to work, money must flow from both the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom. If money gets concentrated at the top, the system no longer benefits society or the workers. This has nothing to do with dependency.

      • johnpd

        Moochers are those who want producers to provide for them all their wants, because they are too lazy to provide for themselves. Dimwitocrats are democrats who want moochers to become even more dependent on producers in order to receive the support of moochers. The more moochers the more votes for dimwitocrats. But I am sure you already know that.

      • mikeledo

        I prefer to have intelligent conversations with unemotional people who don’t name call. I know a lot of “moochers” who vote Republican.

      • Patriot

        Care to name them? What’s your source to back you up?

      • Patriot

        I think we have another troll or one back using an alias.
        Do you really believe anyone with a brain doesn’t understand what a moocher is or a Dimwitocrat?

      • Patriot

        Perhaps a look in a mirror might give you your answer. Just saying…

    • billyg

      More people die from HAMMERS and cars than guns. Gun violence is cause by CRIMINALS, not law abiding citizens. You call 911 and HOPE a cop comes BEFORE he has to fill out the crime report about the rape or death of YOUR family member. I’ll handle it myself thank you very much. This country needs to go back to being self relient instead of feeding at the government trough..

      • mikeledo

        Hammers? Seriously? You don’t need an AK-47 to defend your family. You don’t need to carry a concealed firearm to McDonalds to defend yourself from a home invasion. Criminals are law abiding citizens who misuse guns. There are many accidental shootings and suicides that could be prevented with sensible gun laws. I live in the country. I have been robbed. I own a gun. I have never used it except when I initially bought it to see if it worked. White people in my neighborhood break into homes when people are out to steal their firearms. Go figure.

      • Martin Shell

        Sadly this is a concept that liberals do not understand. “Self sufficiency”? Any thing that happens…its someone elses fault. If they need something….they call someone else. They are crippled by modern technology and their own stupidity. Totally ungrateful for those before them that sacrificed everything so they could live in freedom. They need a taste of NON freedom to wake them up !! God bless our founding fathers and our VETERANS!!

      • Patriot

        The FBI annual crime report indicates that more people are killed with hammers than with sidearms. Most numb-nut liberals don’t have a clue.

    • Patriot

      I suspect the second amendment was written as a protection against people such as yourself!

  • bbyank

    Very sad that this country wants to throw all the hard work that our founding fathers created and died for. Like I said before this country has a lot of dumb stupid people who think that having a dictatorship is a better way of life. Then I wish these idiots would go to these countries and ask them which is better , go to Cuba, Russia, Europe, South America, ect ……. why do you think they come here to live to get away from all that and now the “DUMB” Americans want to support that type of Government. I am so disgusted with most American’s today.

    • Charles

      I agree with your post except for the last sentence.
      I think it would say it better if it read “I am so disgusted with most American citizens”.

      • bbyank

        I agree most Americans, My ancestors died and fought in the Civil War, WW l and WWll to give America the Freedom, Rights, Liberty ect… to a Great Nation like no other and this is the thanks that they get by dumb, retarded, most Americans. I am so disgusted by most Americans attitudes today. If these people want dictatorship then go to Russia and Cuba and China were there is no freedom of speech or protesting just look at North Korea; a lot of people are in hard labor camps for speaking up. If these moron’s want this type of life then get the hell out of this country.!!!!!! Even my ancestor’s fought to protect their way of life to keep the land that they knew (Blackfoot) Indians. I find most Americans are ungrateful and unappreciated of what they have in front them.

      • Charles

        We have our educational system to think for a lot of this.
        Our kids are not taught history (American), and they have been subjected to all this Liberal crap and video games all their life.

      • bbyank

        I agree with you, that’s why I am so glad I have no children. I wouldn’t want them to be brain washed to their Liberal thinking.

      • Patriot

        The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality – And how effective they’ve been!

      • GramE

        “If these moron’s want this type of life then get the hell out of this country.!!!!!! ”
        I will modify your statement to “get . . . out of MY country”. My parents came to this country in 1910 so I don’t have the long heritage that you have – but my father was in WWI and so very proud to have served. This country belongs to many – but if each of us personalized it to MY country perhaps we will get out of that “let Joe do it”. (Not Joe Biden)

    • 7papa7

      I doubt that those who signed this even know what the Bill of Rights are. obama doesn’t abide by the Constitution anyways, so if it were repealed it would not make any difference to obama. The sad part is that these idiots vote. It should be required to support America and Constitution before you have the great privilege of voting. None of the morons who signed this should be allowed to vote.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        Birther nuts who think the Supreme Court ignored evidence that Obama is not qualified to be President should not be allowed to vote.

  • wdcraftr

    Can I start a petition to Impeach, or Remove Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, Soros, etc?

  • ryandist


    • Janis Richie

      liberalism is a MENTAL disorder…..and the LOW INFORMATION VOTERS have that disease…

      • Patriot

        All you need to confirm it is look around this board for the mindless dribble from the leftist trolls that post here!

  • chuck

    Lets make it easy. We will pay these nuts to move to a country that does not have a bill of rights or even human righta. Then That is a Win, Win move.

  • Emmi

    Nuttier than fruitcakes! It is frightening how these people think!

    • SuperDave2

      These people don’t think! Thanks to our school system, they don’t know how to think!

  • robinswebnest

    Dang, ignorance is running rampant. I just don’t get it. I know that our so called public education has been dumbing people down for years, but this is just unbelievable.


    The one person to deny signing, a veteran……. On behalf of Californians that stand against tyrrany, I apologize to the rest of you.
    The moral/governmental ignorance of people is BEYOND astounding. All they see is, whats in it for them? They either have NO CLUE or they are a “special kind of stupid”. I vote for the latter.
    Let’s pray it never comes to this in reality. God bless.

  • FloridaJim

    When the worm turns they will want those rights back.

    • ABO

      Absolutely Jim, these incredible morons apparently haven’t given any thought to the fact that if the Bill of Rights goes away, their rights as well as everyone else’s are gone. Of course they’ve always shown that their attitude is that as long as the government takes care of them and gives them “free stuff” they don’t need rights. It is undeniable that it is pure, abject stupidity that is killing this country.

  • Timothy W. Lucas

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • CaptTurbo

    Morons, Traitors.

  • Madmax1450

    The main problem with liberal wackos is if their brains were made of gasoline they would not have enough fuel to power an ant’s motorcycle around a track inside of a cheerio.

    Also you can take a liberals mind, multiply it 10,000 times,shove it up an ant’s ass and it would still roll around like a b-b in a box car


    The Presidents supporters don’t understand that the Bill of Rights protects us all, those who support him and those who don’t. Without this protection we all would be in a lot of trouble.

  • avenham

    What do you expect from beach goers in CA?

  • NymRod

    What a bunch of idiots.

  • mwood13

    treason, all should be tried and exicuted

  • Denise Harrison

    I just can’t believe how stupid people are today!

  • warrenpeace

    Liberalism is a “special” mental health disorder and needs special treatment. Let’s start with denying your right to vote. How stupid are people these day? You saw the video- Have they watched to much TV, drank one to many big gulps- what is it (other than stupid people have too many kids just like themselves) It’s just hard to watch these idiots become empowered to destroy a great nation. They just should not be in any position to make any decisions what so ever until they pass a minimum IQ standard test.

    • Patriot

      I don’t think an IQ test is necessary.

      If they wish to vote, I don’t think it unreasonable for them to know the following:

      Name of President/Vice President

      Who is the Speaker of the House?

      What are the three branches of government? (this would clean out half of them I bet)

      Who do our inalienable rights come from? (This might clean out the other half)

      Simple and effective?

      After all, If they are going to vote for people to govern, shouldn’t they know something about our government?

      • warrenpeace

        That is a good point- what will keep the Libs from busing in illegal voters, handing out cards with answers to your questions and the preferred candidates as they did in the last election? Home ownership is a good measure of whether someone should be able to vote- especially on measures that only tax home owners. I tell you that water always finds its way to the LOWEST point just like politicians- term limits would clean house of some of the scum and corruption in office.

  • Cottagemist

    All who sign the petition,are SEDITIONIST..TREASONISTS..and should be held accountable..It is time Patriots to lay the wrath upon of Marxist,COMMIES..Our Republic..complacent attitudes be DAMNED..You are either with us,or against us.WE ARE AT WAR. ENEMY WITHIN,EVIL INCARNATE..

  • kvf

    If Obama supporters are willing to give THEIR rights away it’s okay with me. Their lives, their choice. But when they’re willing to give MINE and YOURS away to please themselves, I’ll put my Marine hat back on…

  • Sgt. York

    these people are doing there best to provoke a Civil War and if they keep it up there will be one.

    • Patriot

      I think if we wait long enough they are making themselves extinct.

      They engage in abortions which are diminishing their numbers. They are sissfied which again is diminishing their ranks. They are dems which is already making them a hated species in America.

      They are scared to death of guns which will make it easier to take them out if necessary!

  • mrbp

    Its amazing that they found someone who could write. These are the people who will destroy this country from within. The politicians don’t seem to care anymore. WE in the Bay Area, are screwed as we have the likes of Honda, and Lofgren who will vote for anything that obama puts our there. They don’t care that most of us who voted against them are even alive. It all starts in the public school system.

  • Fred_K

    These idiots are petitioning to take away the right to sign the petition they are putting their names to. When you are dealing with idiots, you get things like this. They should all loose the right granted by the Bill of Rights. Maybe they would like to live in Cuba or North Korea. Then they would not have to worry about petitioning the government to give up their rights.

  • PatCindyCunningham

    Paid Political Mindless Goons, is what an Obama Supporter is. They go out mindlessly, doing Obama’s bidding like the spineless Puppets they are. Hardly any different than the Brown Shirts of Adolf Hitler.

    Now in our corner we have many willing to sign petitions but, when it comes to the foot work, they pass. If we want to compete against the hard Left, and all it encompuses, we will have to do the sweat equity as well.

    Think about it! Why would Barack Obama stop doing what most Americans don’t want? They aren’t actually fighting hard to make him rethink his strategy.

    Talking there feelings and signing petitions ain’t going to cut the mustard. We need millions of very mad Americans to show there feelings by being there.

    • fedup

      You saw how obama handles dissent. The gleaning of info on all your communications, then putting the IRS onto those he sees as enemies. Tough to fight against the most powerful gov’t office in existence…the IRS. obama isn’t fighting a war on terror, he’s waging a war of terror on the American people.

      • PatCindyCunningham

        Yes! And the American Public is sitting back bitching and moaning and doing absolutely nothing to stop him. Do you realise Obama has implemented a Coup on America? He has gone through every Agency of the Federal Government implementing his brand of Law. Of course America didn’t realise all that this encompassed until the second term but, here it is now, smacking us in the face. So I guess a little writing campaign and Petitions galore is supposed to mean something to him? Think again, if we want our Country back we are going to have to fight for it.

  • ronneeh

    How sad for this once great country. We are in deep, deep trouble, the worst of which could come at anytime and it won’t be pretty. How sad too for our children and grandchildren, they will never know what this country used to be and how grateful I am that I do know.

    • fedup

      Right on the money! This country is doomed and on its last gasp of breath.

  • brucefandrews







    Bruce F. Andrews

    • loomis

      if there is no God, to -give us god given rights,,, then the constitution is powerless to declare all are (created equal) thus a dictatorship could be implemented in the void of a higher power

    • Patriot

      Very good, informative flick wasn’t it?

      Best explanation for what we are experiencing.
      Old Niketa told us “We will bury you from within”!Well, here we are.

  • just_reality

    Very disappointing. This survey should be done in more locations and everyone who fails needs to be immediately pulled aside and educated on what it means to be a citizen. If they fail again, then deport them.

    Proactively, we should not allow people to immigrate here if they are only coming to make more money than they could in their own country.

    • armydadtexas

      This survey must have been done in places like California or New York. That is where the far left, radical extremist apparently spawn their idiot ideas and ideals. Brain dead leftist ideologues and Animal Farm suck A$$es run amuck in these areas. Reality being these two regions are filled with self absorbed left wing MORONS

      • just_reality

        Reality is a lot of “left wingers” are not hopenotized by BO and are
        just as pissed about NSA surveillance and NDAA as right wingers are.
        Example: this Saturday a group called Coalition for grassroots progress
        (a lefty name if there ever was one) is protesting at a Pelosi
        fundraiser in California because of her support of NSA — details are

        If we drop the artificial divisions and work just on issues everyone agrees on, we might get something done about it. If we don’t, we are doomed to watching our
        rights disappear and ranting about it on internet blogs.

  • RoseBrownlee

    I realize this was done as a joke,but each of these stupid people should have their citizenship taken away from them and deported to a country,like China or North Korea.Crazy People do crazy things

  • rchguns

    I do believe that it has been said that for the Republic to continue to exist the citizens must be educated and at least partially intelligent.
    With this video shows his reality of how stupid many Americans have become. I must say that had I been involved with this petition signing I would’ve thrown it in the ocean. Then I would’ve thought of throwing the individual in the ocean before he had a chance to explain himself.

    Maybe it’s time that Americans before they can vote must have certification that they at least meet certain standards to look. Requirement number one, have a rudimentary knowledge of American history as to why American became a nation and why it’s important for every citizen to vote sensibly and knowing what they’re voting about. Requirement number two photo ID. Requirement number three the ability to see able to write their name and read the ballot presented in English.

    • MN_in_CA

      I agree that rudimentary knowledge is the first tool in the tool box for acting like an adult. Along with the self-realization that you can take care of yourself and do not need a nanny any more.

    • Patriot

      1St Order of business: Beat the crap out of them with the clipboard! :)

  • CQQL33

    What the hell is happening to the minds of these people ? They cannot seem to think for themselves on any level. Baaaa, Baaaa, a bunch of sheep just following along no knowing where the hell they are going. Why don’t they just sign up to be slaves to the government and the rest of us will let them go. But leave the rest of us alone as we still want to be free from any government over-look. This should show you just how over grown the government has become, controlling the media, most all of the news, and doing everything behind closed doors……What happened to the promised transparency of government Mr. Obummer ???

  • noob

    Isn’t California falling off into the ocean soon?

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      I hope so!

    • Patriot

      Not soon enough!

  • IHateLibs

    Now THERES an Act of TREASON if there Ever WAS One

  • IHateLibs

    And people call me Nuts when I say, WE NEED A REVOLUTION to Restore this Country to what it Should Be

  • skepttico

    ? we are domed.


    This just goes to show that very few people have a clue as to the civil liberties and freedoms they are blessed with and take them for granted every day. This just solidified to me that you should have to pass an IQ test to be able to vote.

  • Skip

    Commie Son’s of bitches come and try to take any of my rights, damn right I carry a gun with a lot of ammo, hope folks are getting the idea that other folks are getting up set the direction this country is going.

  • MadmaxUSA

    The dumbasses who signed this petition don’t even know what the Bill of Rights is!!

    • Patriot

      I would also add, I doubt they even care!

  • JAL

    Ignorance can be fixed, but stupid is forever!!!!

  • Old1946vet

    “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF LARGE GROUPS OF STUPID PEOPLE” , a qoute from a t-shirt………If ever there is TRUTH to this, just observe California and New York City, Chicago, and Illinois………

  • armydadtexas

    Apparently “ANIMAL FARM” has taken complete control of America’s far left, radical extremist, democ-RAT IDIOTS. The only way for our Republic to remain free is for REAL AMERICANS to stand up and tell the far left radical idiots trying to destroy our nation to shove it. And then educate them that this nation SHALL REMAIN free. The far left radical has either willfully turned STUPID or they have given up their ability to think for themselves. I call that a mental illness (political correctness) The idiots have forgotten what our forefathers sacrificed to ensure our nation remains FREE. If we have to go through another 1776 moment in our nations History to maintain that freedom, then so be it. The far left radical extremist, are diluted morons and must be treated as such. Try and usurp MY nations Bill of Rights, be ready for the consequences that SHALL immediately follow

  • Common Sense 101

    I suggest everyone buy the Constitutional Literacy DVD series by Michael Farris. Hillsdale College also has a free online Constitution class, Rick Green has a “Constitutional Alive” DVD series. I suggest reading Joseph Story’s “A Familiar Exposition of The Constitution of the United States”, Meese’s “The Heritage Guide to the Constitution”, Holler’s “The Constitution Made Easy”, and the Federalist papers. The choice is get educated or give away our liberty. What is it going to be? I have a Constitutional Literacy small group discussion class starting this fall. Start your own classes. Do something about the prevailing ignorance of the people and of our leaders! Do not elect ignorant leaders! Invite them to your small group classes.

  • Crashaxe

    People like those signing this petition deserve what they get.

    • Brama

      But we don’t. That’s the problem. It is people like this in large numbers that can change the course of this country for extremely worse, as in the case of an ineligible president.

  • William 1

    time for arrests and firing squads for infinging on our Constitution period!

  • BILL W


  • scpatriot

    And we allow these people to vote?

    • Patriot

      Vote? Hell, we’re allowing them to breed. I wonder if they were asked that if we paid them 50.00 if they would submit to chemical castration. They would be doing their part in saving the planet! :)

  • Ben Dover

    What do you expect from Marxist-Islamists-Obamaites ?

  • darylj46

    This is a total outrage and Americans better realize that if this were to happen that our constitution would be worthless. This is a communist move and a severe push for a communist take over. Americans, where are your brains and you better get off your buts and let some air in cause America will be gone if this gets pushed

  • Edith

    If Obama and his hand picked Communist and Muslims and Gays get there way we will be destroyed. And not only am I sure that Obama was not legal to run but the Democrat hid this fact from the American people and the Republican party did nothing to stop it or expose it. Obama and his hand picked thugs will keep going until we loose our constitution and all our Laws and our Freedom. It is time right now to stop this destruction of our country . We either stand up and say no more, or we will go down under the weight of Communism and Muslim control. We will be no better than China after all Obama has given land and minerals and gasses to china. Did the American Legal citizen have a say so in this. No we did not, But we did let Obama and our politicians and judges, get away with murder., by selling out from under us our constitution, law of the land our freedom bit by bit and land in Alaska, oil ,precious medals to China. I thought that the Senate and Congress were the ones that worked for the people and kept the White House and our Military under control. But no Obama was allowed to run and win by fraud presidency of the United States of America. The Senate was part of that process and so was the Republicans because they did nothing to stop it and the same with our judges. They added and abetted Obama in his fraud against ht Legal citizens of America. When will it stop, never if we do nothing nothing will change. what say you are you going to stand up and do something, will we band together to save our country from tyranny?

  • f8crusader

    They don’t seem to realize or care that this will affect them also….big time

    • Patriot

      Good! I’d like to see the expressions on their little Marxist faces when it hits them! :)

  • f8crusader

    Bunch of marxist idiots.

  • Edith

    The bill of rights is the foundation of the United States of America we can not let this illegal get what he wants to take over this country and inundate it with perversions that are against man and God. We have to take a stand or Parrish. NO REPEAL OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS OR OF THE CONSTITUTION OR OUR LAWS OF THE LAND. In my opinion the vast majority of foreign citizens are no longer the same as before and are not GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY. All they want is to change this country and not for the better, we are LOOSING OUT COUNTRY TO FOREIGN INFLUENCE AND THAT IS A FACT.

  • docfjs

    After these sheep signed they should have been arrested by two guys dressed as Gestapo agents. After all, the cook should eat his own meals, right.
    Never underestimate the stupidity of the average Obama supporter. Almost all of these people voted for a guy who looked good and spoke well. They voted for a black man who did not look or act like most “media Blacks”. It made them feel good to vote for him and assuaged their guilt.

    • Patriot

      Since many of these numb-nuts are being educated at taxpayers expense, perhaps it’s time before the loan proceeds are dispersed they should have to take a loyalty oath. If they engage in any of this obvious anti-American crap, they automatically get a judgement against them for the full amount along with 6 months of community service. Like cleaning the bed pans of our returning injured heroes.

  • TERBE39

    Where are our leaders who swore to uphold the constitution. After swearing that oath the President, all officers of our United States Military, and the US Supreme Court, should be impeached for breaking that oath. Otherwise why do we have it. It is time to get off your butts and get rid of the morons in Washington DC. If our voted officials can’t stop this regime, then it’s time for our Generals to honor their oath and stop this bunch of idiots from destroying our country.

    • a loomis

      I agree with the impeachment of those who swear their oath to up hold the constitution and then to go against it,,,as well to have been required by requirement to be eligilable to take on the seat of presidentcie is to have both parents U.S. citizens, it does not say (a parent ), it has an (s) at the end of that requirement, thus, in my opinion, we have an elligal president

  • jlucas45

    Once again testing whether this nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining
    before us—that from the honored dead we take increased devotion to
    that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we
    here highly resolve that the dead shall not have died in vain—that
    this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that
    government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not
    perish from the earth.



    • Patriot

      Here’s a video that explains it.

    • Patriot

      Heather has two daddies, Sexual orientation, gay pride, etc.

  • mathchopper

    Only CW2 will fix stupid.

    • JAL

      Nothing fixes stupid!!!!

      • mathchopper

        Yes-s-s… you’re right. Change the word “fix” to “stop”.

      • patriot2

        bullets do.send those that signed to chicago,give them an education on how “successful” gun control works.

    • 1LTLos

      you caught me short this morning….what is CW2?

      • Washington22

        Me, too. I guess I’m dense. What is CW2?

      • jlucas45

        Of course China, Russia, N.Korea, Iran would just patiently stand by while we resolve our differences. November 2008 was a fateful if not fatal election. The evil that stalked Europe in 1939 is alive and well in the U.S.A.”The nations, standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, Alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city, for in one hour is your judgment come.” – Rev 18 “In one hour such wealth has been brought to ruin.”

      • patriot2

        civil war 2.

      • mathchopper

        Civil War II

    • Stacee Pini Porter

      “Civil War II”
      I hope it doesn’t come to that, but my family would be some of the first to sign up if it does…

      • mathchopper

        “Signing up” isn’t required. If you are a “prepper”, you’ve already done all the homework that others have not. As such, with plenty of the “essentials”, all you need to do is “show up” where you think you would like to help fix the country.

  • The Bob

    That scares the hell out of me, they really don’t know is going on, and these people vote?

  • Listening

    We need the Bill of Rights to help protect us…replace with patriot bill // I watched the tape and can believe those dummies would sign such a paper ..when was the last time they ever looked at HISTORY ??? WW 2 events are happening now. ”


  • TexasfedupGramma

    Here’s your typical low-information, Obama supporter! A product of our failing public school system. These morons don’t have a clue…..scary and sad!

    • hagar2935

      You are ABSOLUTELY correct!

    • Patriot

      And this is how it comes about:

      The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality

  • michael lawless

    democrats gone wild

  • Joseph Dragovic

    This could only happen in cailfornia , nothing that happens there surprises me ! All you have to do is to look at the fiscal situation the state is in, to understand the amount of stupid people that live there !!!!! If someone in state government said the moon was made of cheese, they would say it was true!!!!!

    • pissed off conservative

      no i think it could happen most anyplace now with the low information voter

      • patriot2

        yep,it’s been proven that the liv’s are stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.doesn’t look good for the rest of us.

  • David Matthews

    This was a joke on a TV you are doing what liberals do..Twisting the should be ashamed of yourselves for this!!!! I no longer will be associated with you if you are dishonest to your readers like this again !!!!Dave Matthews Atlantic Beach Florida

    • Patriot

      Depends on your definition of what a joke is. These are real people who would gladly sell their country down the toilet in support of a commie agenda. What truth is it you see as being twisted ala the left? What dishonesty are you seeing here? Just curious.

    • patriot2

      it’s not a joke,the people that actually sign s h i t like this are the low information voters that made obamas illegal terms possible.they’re disgusting,as are all his supporters.

      • Patriot

        Hi Patriot2! Perhaps it was so outrageous he thought it was a joke!
        When I first saw it, it was my reaction that obviously they were left-wing obama supporters who else would be willing to destroy their country.

      • patriot2

        if you really want to see how far down people go on the IQ ladder there is an ignorant “person” called “liberal chick” unfortunately she is a real liberal & she is seriously ignorant.every so often she’s on one of these sites,does the petition’s like Mark Dice only she is actually SERIOUS .but only if you want to see how stupid liberals can get!! I’m not sure if liberal stupidity is a communicable disease.

      • Patriot

        Are you sure she’s a liberal? Some one wrote me and said she was a conservative making fun of liberals.

      • patriot2

        if she’s making fun of liberals she does a bang up job.I’ll have to watch some more,they put her on conservative videos sometimes.I thought she was being normal(for one of them anyway).

  • sbruce1154

    Wow, just what kind of people have we raised in this country? I am getting sick while watching this video.

    • Patriot

      Then you should watch this full legnth video. It will tell you what you need to know to understand what’s been happening and what to do to combat it!

    • patriot2

      lucky you.if you didn’t understand or wanted to know where you could sign up,you would have been an obama voter.but it made you sick so that means you have enough going for you that you weren’t fooled by obamas now all you need is to go out & pick up another gun with lots of ammo for the day when the petition becomes a reality.

  • klee

    Seems a bit far fetched

    • pissed off conservative

      no MARK DICE a great american does this kind of stuff all the time he is a true some research on him,before you say dumb things

      • Patriot


    • patriot2

      far fetched is what I thought when they reinstalled the head illegal.I used to have to deal with the public on a daily basis & you could tell real fast who voted for obama.the ignorance I dealt with was incredible.

      • Patriot

        Same here! Like a flash-mob fast!

  • pennysca

    My God these are the people who voted for Obama . This is how we got stuck with Obama and I’m praying we can make it thru the next 3 years

  • M. Fazio

    This is Stupidity in it’s truest Form.

  • JungleCogs

    We know Obama is a Marxist; he was raised that way (maybe even conceived for that special purpose too). It’s the dumb-ass people who voted for him that really bug me.

    • fliteking

      Liberals have lost all ability to think independently.

      For the liberal trolls- in·de·pend·ent·ly: without aid or support

    • ThomPaineJr12

      “(maybe even conceived for that special purpose too)” HAHAHAHA… You’re as stupid as the people signing the petition.

      • JungleCogs

        Maybe you have a better theory to explain the Little Nazi Boy?

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I have a theory to explain your stupidity. You are an abortion survivor.. Your birth certificate says you were found in a gas station toilet with a coat hanger stuck in your forehead.. sort of an in utero lobotomy.

      • JungleCogs

        And you prove yourself to be just another worthless anti-America Democrat.

  • Edward Rambo

    This is what happens when you offer Ghetto Rats the Moon for free the Rats will follow you anywhere. They don’t care what they sign or have to do as long as it’s free for them this is what I call true Morons or as we now know them Democrats…

    • Patriot

      It’s that free moon cheese! :)

  • Lloyd Revalee

    The essence of evil in the Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave, where true patriots are ridiculed and traitors are praised. We The People have allowed our country, and our government, to be taken over by those who are enemies to anything good and decent, in favor of an evil, power hungry individual, who sees himself as supreme ruler. Our Congress, the very same group that took an oath to uphold, support, and protect our Constitution, and the rights of the American people have sat idly by and allowed him to violate the very laws he is supposed to enforce. We need to do something about this man, and do it very soon, or we will lose all that we hold dear in life. Ifl he is allowed to continue on the path he has taken, our great country will be no more. We should replace him, and clean out Congress at the same time.

    • Patriot

      Hey Lloyd, well said!

  • hagar2935

    The great uneducated & unwashed masses of idiots & morons have taken over our Country!

    • Patriot

      I suspect, since they are bunch of gutless wonders, once the Kenyan is out of office and our government is once again entrusted to adults, the vermin will return to their sub-terrainian holes from whence the came.

  • jime1

    OMG!!! We have lost!

    • Washington22

      Jime……….If you need inspiration, renewal……….go to utube and watch the IRS Tea Party rally. Among the speakers are Michelle Bachmann and Glen Beck…………..It has done me good to see the Americans who care and who are fighting with us and for us…………..I swear, it was the best thing I’ve done in weeks to get me back on the FIGHT road………………..after you watch it, please post and share. I’ll be watching…………….

  • jhforsythe

    What idiots! There is no wonder our country is in danger of destruction from within.

  • babbott

    Is there any doubt about what has happened to this nation?

    • Washington22


  • Dave

    Never! , never!, never! Ever Touch the Bill of Rights or the Constitution! It will be protected and you will be ejected from this Great Country!

  • bowtonoone2

    It’s California. Most likely the respondents were illegals. Next?

  • paulrph1

    Why don’t these minions just move? Oh, that is right they want to impose their stupid ideas on everyone else. People fought and died for those rights and they just want Obama to take them away. And Obama says he is not a socialist. That is right he is a communist.

  • Sonnyjelly1

    California, the state of illegals, queers, idiots and liberals, what do you expect.

  • Burton

    If they want to start a real revolution this is one way to get it on. Not a good idea, even if it comes from the far left. Folks just don’t know when they have it better than any nation on earth.

    • Washington22

      And this is due to poor education and the dumbing down of our schools. If you are a parent, have school age children and can’t homeschool and are STUCK with public schools, let me suggest what I’d do……………..spend every minute with your child that you can and make every minute count. Instruct them on Christian values, teach them American History, make it fun. When you go to parks or picnics, continue the education. Your children are our future. I do this with my grandchildren and they love it. They love me for the fun that I give that NONE of the other relatives do with them. It is rewarding and who knows? I may be instructing the next political leader………………Blessings and prayers to all of you.

  • APC12

    What that video demonstrates is the effect of generations now, of the liberal “dumbing down” of educational curriculum. While it is easy to laugh at those captured on the video, their ignorance is evidence of having been victimized by a corrupt school administrations. The obvious and intended result is not only the hedonism in our culture, but the erosion of self sufficiency. All of which, I think, has inspired Obama and his transformation of America with his Socialist agenda.

    • Patriot

      Unfortunately, they are allowed to VOTE & BREED!

      • APC12

        …which also further defines “natural selection.”

  • Foxyjosh

    I would sign my name as “go pound salt” with a birthday of July 4, 1776, but it might have been counted as a valid signature.

    • patriot2

      worse,they would have you enrolled as a new democrat voter.

  • Patriot

    Result of commie indoctrination in our Colleges since the 60’s!

    Watch “The Grinding Down of America” for background.

    • Mary

      commies and foreigners…..

  • 83footsailor

    If this goes into effect – WE JOHN Q. PUBLIC – need to oil up our weapons – taking out these LIBERAL LEFT WING SOCIALIST SCUM BAGS COMMIES – who are out to destroy our great FREE NATION.- that our FOREFATHERS left EUROPE in 1776 to escape.

  • Patriot

    These are the same numb-nuts who say that we fought the Revolutionary War against the Canadians. Just can’t fix stupid!

    • mcw

      Stupid can be fixed! But I would end up in prison! But if we can convince them to take all the laws off the books. We will have a window of time to educate the stupid permanent! LOL!

      • Patriot

        You have that right! Even a very small window would work! :)

  • allamerican

    Are these petitioners crazy???

    • patriot2

      they’re obama voters,that’s it.

    • steve51

      Yes, yes they are. Stupid, ignorant, apathetic, pathetic, dumbasses & did I mention stupid. The sad thing is, some were likely college grads!

  • BrotherPatriot

    Hooyah my fellow Veterans…! So very proud of that man at the end…though he was much more in control of his anger than I would have been. This is a great example of the apathy & lack of education within our Nation.
    We need to do so many common sense things to fix our Nation but one obvious one is to get government OUT of our public education. Now this mentality can be repeated with the rest of what our government has their tentacles into that they shouldn’t have.
    If We the People want to truly take back control of our country then we simply need to abolish the outdated & unnecessary departments and the people attached to them that are financially draining and damaging our Nation as a whole. Two key such as the IRS and obviously the illegal Federal Reserve (never Ratified by the States!) If we allow someone (and I mean SOMEONE specifically like the people tied to the Rothschild dynasty) if we allow them to control our money supply then their mentality dominates & influences everything within our society because through control of our money that influence touches everything. If you learn who these people are & who their ancestor’s were any true God loving person recoils in horror and these are the people influencing everything!
    This is simple math people that even I can figure out. But I never did until I took the steps to self educate into History & the truth that it speaks. I hope all my brothers & sisters out there get up to speed before “they” implement their plan of culling the masses.
    Hooyah & God Bless.

  • Doc

    This leaves no doubt the “dumbing of America” is a complete success. As for the “signers” I am convinced they are such sheep they don’t need the Bill of Rights; just sheepdogs.

  • Liberty1776

    Ummm, is this a bad dream? Am I in a nightmare? How,why, who could even think this was a good idea?
    Im really beginning to think there is government ‘koolaid’ out there in the water or some sort of subliminal brainwashing going on, because this makes no sense at all!

  • Cody McCormick

    I guess most of those dumbasses never even read the preamble to the Bill of Rights, let alone actaully read any of the first 10 Amendents or the Constitution.
    Then again they voted for Obama, wich is becoming the politically correct way of saying they are “ignorant, illiterate, moronic, uninformed, idiot followers lacking any trace of original thought and relying on the government for their very existence due to the fact they lack the intelligence to keep themselves alive”. I could keep going all day.
    I actaully have the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the rest of the Amendments downloaded to my cell phone. They put a quick end to any arguments posed by “Obama Supporters”.

    • patriot2

      how will they learn when they’re teaching obamas view in schools & not the truth? the schools all over are being run by liberals.obama want’s to dumb down the people so it’s easier to retain control & further screw up the country.

      • steve51

        Obama is Orwells’ leader in “1984”. that is one scaryass movie/book.

      • patriot2

        I’m afraid that obama 2016 might be worse.

      • steve51

        Sadly, quite possible. Real life ‘1984’ would be way worse than a book or movie!

      • patriot2

        of course,they’ve been collecting info on all of us forever.anyone that thought j edgar hoover only collected on bad guys is only fooling themselves.wonder how obama would have fared with him on his trail?

      • steve51

        Hell, they collect it as fast as technology grows. The BlTCH is they’ve never really tried to hide it. Just dance around it & break out the minions as they chant “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.”

      • patriot2

        even the cameras at stop lights are recording where you go.then it all goes into a data bank somewhere.

      • Cody McCormick

        Which really makes the Bill of Rights that much more important.

  • Sleeping Bear

    Mark has proved many times over Americans are stupid and there is just know way it can be fixed. These stupid/idiots are the one that got BO elected and they just do not care where this country is headed. Ban pressure cookers, ban fireworks, ban this ban that, idiots idiots idiots all.

    • steve51

      You forgot to ban idiots! The Department of (un)Education needs to be the first & foremost of all the bureaucracies to go. This really is a national disaster of Biblical proportions. You’re right, they don’t where it’s going because they no not from whence it came! The hole gets deeper every day.

  • Take 2

    Sure, THE 2/3 DEM Party and their scrup a’ less President Obama will also remove founders ideology of law under God.

  • southernmom169

    Low information voters!!

    • SEBtopdog

      More like “no information voters”….. I am fearful to my very core of what these morons would allow to happen to our country and her citizens.

  • jabe

    Dumb Dumb and dumber and then one with intelligence. Scary. Those people just live in their own little world. They are clueless as to what they are doing.

  • Nikita63

    iS THE OBAMA REGIME DRUGGING THE WATER AND FOOD SUPPLY? This is also the direct result of allowing the left to indoctrinate rather than educate. American History is being revised on an at need and essentially totally pragmatic basis to advance the idiocy of insanity. Those stupid enough to sign these things are not even smart enough to realize that in doing so, they are sowing the deeds of their own destruction. A government big enough to do whatever it wants WILL kill all opposition and end all chioces. You will do as you are told, live where they tell you to and have NO FREEDOMS whatsoever. FOOLS!

  • Jason

    I used to think that there was no way Obama actually won the election, but after seeing how incredibly stupid these sheeple are, I now see how he won! Pathetic citizens! You throw your freedoms in the garbage, as long as you don’t have to think. Just sign here please.

    • Robert James

      stupid is much to nice a word to use for these buffoons

  • Val

    STUPID IGNORANT PEOPLE. These people would sign their own death warrant ,they just sign ,sign, sign. FOOLS.!

    • Patriot

      Good one Val! I’d like to see a petition like that. I suspect most liberal numb-nuts would sign it.

  • Robert James

    They can sign and do whatever they want, I don’t care. The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights will guide my Freedom from now until the day I die and Jesus Christ will guide me Spiritually until the day I die.
    So, being a 5th Generation Native Texan will Alamo Attitude and Audie Murphy fearlessness, all I can say is:
    God Bless Texas!

    • old sarge

      Spent part of my childhood in Texas. Remember the motto then and hope it still is the same. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS. God bless all Texans and we will stand with you as Col Travis stooled at the Alamo even when he knew he and those with him would die. He did it for freedon of all Texans and in the long run for all American. REMEMBER THE ALAMO

      • Robert James

        It’s still the same sarge. It has been passed down from generation to generation to generation, and is still a requirement in Texas schools for them to teach Texas history. But the Alamo isn’t all of, just a part. There was Goliad, Gonzales, where the first shots for Freedom was fired and the COME AND TAKE IT flag came from. And all the way up the most decorated and B.A. of them all “Audie Murph”y. Every kid in Texas wants to be Audie Murphy growing up, and as some of us say, if he would have been at the Alamo, we wouldn’t have lost that battle, but we still won the war in San Jacinto! Thus, the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS was born. Still proud, still loud, and still obnoxious.

  • IdolHanz

    California? YouTube = Sewer Soon City

  • Sxeptomaniac

    Meh. These things where someone gets people to sign stupid petitions are moderately entertaining, but never mean anything. People rarely pay attention to the bulk of what they see or hear, and it’s very obvious many of them are not remotely paying attention to the guy as he drones on and on. (edited for omitted word)

    • steve51

      But these same people vote. The most recent people to become U.S. citizens know more about the Declaration of Independence,the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. We really are in trouble here.

      • Sxeptomaniac

        True, but context matters. Hand someone a petition in a busy, public place, and they will rarely pay any serious attention to it, or what’s said about it, before signing. It’s such a small thing, people will tend to just sign. The same is true of any public signs; there is so much going on, many people tend to filter them out.

        While there are some who certainly are as careless with voting, it’s not the same context, so people tend to pay a little closer attention.

      • dontjst

        You’re describing the typical democrat, low-information voter.

      • Sxeptomaniac

        I’m describing most people. Period. People do not listen to or read most of what’s right in front of them, especially in public places.

      • Johnnygard

        You have to be extremely stupid to sign something without reading and understanding it. Don’t they teach that in school? Never mind, of course they don’t teach anything useful in school anymore.

      • Sxeptomaniac

        Perhaps if it were something legally binding, yes, but it’s a petition. It really doesn’t mean all that much, which is why people pay so little attention to them. It’s low commitment, low responsibility.

        It’s still stupid to sign without reading and understanding, but the kind of stupid just about anyone can commit.

      • Johnnygard

        If they don’t read it, how do they know it really is just a petition and not a contract disguised as a petition?

      • Sxeptomaniac

        Because legally binding contracts don’t work that way; you can’t just trick people into signing something (such as saying it’s a petition) and expect it to stick.

      • Johnnygard

        That may be true, but how much time and money is it going to cost you to prove you were tricked?

      • Sxeptomaniac

        If the document looks like a petition, not a whole lot. If a scam like that had any possible chance of succeeding, someone would be doing it already.

  • patc

    Just because we have B. H. Obama and so called elected Congress in D. C. right now, we need to remind all elected officials that the Constitution has served us well for longer than any of them will ever serve or live. So let’s love our Constitution and its Bill of Rights and stand up to D.C. Term limits for all elected officials ought to be in our future and theirs! What laws are passed should be for all citizens. Elected officials excluded themselves from Healthcare, so we are entitled to that also. What is good for the goose (Us) is good for the Gander (Congress). They should abide the laws they pass! We have no kings, queens, princes, or princesses! Last I checked, they put pants on, should they be blessed with two legs, as we all do if we, too, have been blessed to have two legs! Now they are attacking our 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Parents need to be well aware of what they call CORE education! Be sure that all of it is what you want your child to receive. Most will be okay, but you may want to check philosophies and watch for bias! Hopefully, there will be plenty of teachers are patriots of the USA and its Constitution and abide this in their teaching sessions. Universities might not do this as well as our grade schools!

  • SEBtopdog

    Oh – my – God!!!!! These people are even dumber than I thought. We are in such trouble.

  • HachikoLove

    And these animals have not been arrested???

    • ThomPaineJr12

      It’s not illegal to be stupid.. or all the birther nuts would be arrested.

  • Maggietish

    They are just mimicking what he thinks that he is the Monarch of these United States. How many more years do we have with the guy?

  • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

    People, This is downright sad! I realize that Mark Dice is doing a kind of Jay Leno shtick / Candid Camera gig but, it’s simply amazing how ignorant some people are. The last person that he talks to is the only one who questions him, and says, “No”. Friends, Fellow Veterans, Defenders of the Second Amendment, Brothers in Arms, Patriots Alike, Barack Hussein Obama and his Syndicate are leading us down the primrose path to Hades in a hand-basket, and the Obamanites, Hopium Smokers, and Kool-Aid Drinkers are satisfied to allow it to happen. How much more are WE going to let this ne’er do well “Pretender to the Throne” Pinocchiobama dump on us before WE do something. Enough is enough, and too much smells bad. Pray For President Obama~Psalm 109:8.

    • mathchopper

      Pray for President Obama??? How about praying for his victims?

      • oleinwi

        Look up Psalm 109:8 before you leap to a conclusion…”May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.”

      • mathchopper

        Oops! Ya got me.

      • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

        You tell him “oleinmi”! Good job.

      • Anne Roberts

        Do you know WHO is NEXT in line? God have mercy on the U.S.A.

      • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

        You “mathchopper” must be lazy or lame. Did you bother to read Psalm 109:8? It is a prayer for the victims; i.e.,

        Psalm 109:8

        New King James Version (NKJV)

        8 Let his days be few,
        And let another take his office.

      • Patriot


      • sandraleesmith46

        We are commanded to pray for our leaders; best I can come up with on the subject is for God’s will to be done in the matter, to keep from asking some evil to befall him.

    • old sarge

      Thank you for the post. I was in shock when I saw this yesterday on a post. Can anyone believe that an American (true American) would even think of doing away with the Bill of Rights. I would have punched him out. Dam rat.

      • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

        old sarge, Please calm down before you blow a gasket. Mark Dice does this type of thing as a joke simply to show how gullible and uninformed some peole are, and especially Obama supporters. He’s done this before asking to repeal,the 1st Amendment alone; now he took it one step further to the complete Bill of Rights. He wasn’t really supporting the repeal of the Bill of Rights. I don’t know if you watched the video all the way through, but at the end when he asks the last guy it’s apparent as to what’s going on. Keep the faith; Pinocchiobama will be gone.
        “You may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time”.
        Abraham Lincoln

      • Thinking gal


  • Sxeptomaniac

    I find it very odd that the guy in the video talks about the Patriot Act as if Obama came up with it. Where was this outrage from conservatives, regarding the Patriot Act, when Bush first signed it into law?

    • Cody McCormick

      I’ve been fighting the Patriot Act from day one. I didn’t vote for the Great Blunderer, but I did hope he would repeal it, if not out of patriotism (which he lacks) then at least out of spite. Instead, he’s taken it as his own.

      • Sxeptomaniac

        Glad you and I agree the Patriot Act has always been poor legislation.

        I find the claim that Obama “lacks patriotism” very odd. Nearly everything he’s done has been pretty consistent with his predecessors, so on what basis would someone make any claim, either way, about his patriotism?

      • Cody McCormick

        He seens to be very intent on disassembling the Bill of Rights amendment by amendment and then destroying the Constitution. The fact that he refuse to in any way salute the flag, by placing his hand over his heart, is proof to me that he considers himself to be above the country and not really a part of it. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Sxeptomaniac

        “He seems” appears to be slang for “I think he will, even though he hasn’t actually done anything I can cite”. Let’s see some specific examples of Obama “disassembling the Bill of Rights”, then. Keep in mind that the Patriot act and NSA spying were all begun under Bush, so, while Obama has certainly done nothing to change the loss of rights under Bush, it would mean that Bush is at least equally lacking in Patriotism.

        As for the claim that he “refuses to salute the flag”, that is bogus information out of chain emails. He has consistently saluted the flag during the pledge of allegiance, and been photographed doing so a number of times (ironically, a Google search for those is cluttered with many of them that have been photoshopped to make it look like he’s saluting with his left hand).

        So, you’ve got nothing for the “tip of the iceberg”, which really doesn’t suggest there’s much under the water, either.

    • Patriot

      You sure weren’t listing to the outrage at the time from conservative were you?

      • Sxeptomaniac

        I saw some, but not nearly as much as there is now that a Democrat is president.

        Like I said, the weird part is that the man in the video talks about the Patriot Act as if it’s Obama’s legislation.

  • MIKE6080

    They dont believe in the bill of rights? Well revoke their citizenship and send them to a colony like devils island where they can have their own little kingdom , no aid of course.

  • james baxter

    leave the bill of rights alone you retarded s o b,,put obama behind bars, where he belongs, for treason

  • Shane

    These aholes will do anything Obama asks them to do. Liberal twits!

  • cdegler1

    Obama has people that are blind, not eyes, and would follow Obama over the cliff if he asked. They just would do this just to say they were his friend. Now would you rather be known as a patriot or a traitor because revoking our bill of rights which has stood as long as the Constitution which has been the back bone of our country. I just can’t believe that an American could do such a thing and call themselves Americans. I do not call you an American, nor do I call Obama an American. All he has done since he has been in office is tear down all that America stands for. If that is the America you want God have mercy on you when all comes tumbling down and you get covered up with the rest of us.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Those aren’t Americans; to be an American requires possession of the spirit that is America, which has never been conferred merely by birth, but must be learned and individually embraced. Those never did either.

  • dontjst

    Most intelligent people understand that Obama voters aren’t too bright or are too lazy to get the facts and think through them.

    • Patriot

      Case in point is the low-life troll posting here! ThomPainInTheButt was it?

      • dontjst

        You’re referring to ThomPaineJr12? He sounds as though he’s 12!

      • Patriot

        Yes, you are correct. The Turd floating in the community punch bowl! :)

        He’s a real argumentative and contrarian a-hole!

  • jenniewalsh

    What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? The blonde replies, “I don’t know and I don’t care!”

    • dontjst

      And spoken by a true liberal, progressive democrat!

  • jenniewalsh

    With government by the people, I would say that America is in BIG TROUBLE.

  • Charley

    will that mean we the people will rule over the government and politicians will be things of the past and DC will be closed down and all politicians will be made farm laborers and the people will again rain over the politicians

  • wfwilson6

    Dear Mr. Obama, with regard to your request for us to keep a watchful eye out for unethical behavior, I would like to report that there are 535-government employees in Washington, some of them employees of me and my friends, taking fist-fulls of money under the table illegally, for favorable legislation that is almost always opposed to what me and my friends, and our country, sent them there for. Please investigate and fire them all.

    PS–I believe many of them are also having extra-marital secks, both hetro- and homo-secksual.

    • boone1

      Who going to investigate obama?

      • Thinking gal

        Well now, maybe that outstanding patriot of transparency, our AG Eric (the can’t remember) Holder.

      • Patriot

        That would be obama’s main homosexual squeeze no?
        Oh, did I mention racists as well?

      • Thinking gal

        That I’ll let lie. But, the rumors are so, so similar of deaths in Chicago akin to that still very-dead (in more ways than one) case of Vince Foster’s, (Hillary’s friend — and goodness knows with Bill she needed someone) shall we say, demise (murder?’).

        Kind of gives new meaning to ’til death do us part’.

  • Rocky Scott

    If the Bill Of Rights is repealed than you might as well say the name of this country needs to be USSA as communism has just aken over.

  • jong

    I can readily believe it . Just remember in the revolution that about 10% of the population at max at anytime fought for freedom and they were always outnumbered by those supporting the British. I would ask these morons if that if you wish to remain neutral and stupid kindly step out of the way of the rest of us.

    • old sarge

      Jong, I am with you. I have not been happy with Ovomit since his so called wife said at his first oath of office “first time in my life I am proud of America”. Her ideas are his so now we have a non American in office dictating to the folks in the US his agenda and it is not the American agenda. Lock and Loaded. Learned my trade in the US Army. Hoora

      • jong

        Sarge I have for the last thirty years put on my resume that I am University Educated and Military Trained. A one two punch that can not be beat.

  • jimcrowe08

    Stupid Socialist Muslim a**h***s

  • Sonny

    You wonder who was out voting, this proves my point over and over, the most ignorant group of people ever on earth were the ones who put a man like Obama in the WH. This would be funny if it didn’t make me cry.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Just like these same fools have thrown away all protection against rape, pedphilia, and even incest by embracing one sexual deviance in the form of homosexuality, thus leaving NO moral or legal ground on which to deny the rest, so they now seek to discard the rest of humanity’s centuries-fought-for and hard-won rights, freedoms, and protections against tyrannical and despotic regimes, with NO thought for the consequences to themselves or those of us who don’t want that.

  • rabrooks

    Grow up! This is serious! We have to get away from name calling and snickering under the table. Obama’s followers are in some kind of a trans. They don’t address issues, they are emotionally attached to everything he does. Just like muzzy’s lose it while talking about allah, the O’s zombies jump inline and defend his agenda, no matter how ridiculous or pointless. This is a prime example.

  • Shawn Barnett

    You people are dilusional!!

    • steve51

      In what way princess?

  • Tim

    NEVER underestimate the power of STUPID People!

  • Mr Lucky

    I would say you people raised these Socialists Muslims! You should have raised your kids better!

  • Chuck

    You have to realize that a very large number of Californians live in an alternate universe. They come here to the beach to vacation, in order to escape the Gulag universe in which they live. Normally people (and after considerable genetic and DNA analysis it has been determined that they actually are people. I know it’s difficult to believe, but….) seek to bring others to their own level, whether it’s a higher or lower level and this is the only explanation I can come up with for these ass-clowns.

    • MOE

      Well, here’s another possible explanation: Wonder just how much these useful idiots were PAID for their signatures? (Which NEW FREEBIE was dangled before their faces?)

      • Patriot

        A sex filled homosexual fantasy with Numb-nut ThomPaineJr12! I don’t know if 12 refers to his age or his IQ! :) Perhaps it’s the total of the two.

  • JC

    Have greater morons ever lived?

    • ThomPaineJr12

      What about the rightwing morons who think the Supreme Court ignored evidence that Obama is not qualified to be President?

      • JC

        You must be referring to the faked birth certificate, multiple SS numbers from states he’s never lived in, the student loans as a foreign exchange student, statements from his own grandmother, the fact that his American mother was too young to confer citizenship…is that the evidence the Supreme Court ignored?

      • ThomPaineJr12

        YES!! The Supremes refused to even hear oral arguments! They must be secret Muslim Marxists too! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • JC

        Suggest you see your “health provider” your meds are way off.

      • kris littlefield

        I have two opinions of you Thomas. The first is that you are just making these statements to get people fired up and the second is that you have been brainwashed. You remind me of the children in the book 1984, who are trained from birth to do Big Brothers bidding. Nobody can get this stupid on their own. Who helped you?

      • ThomPaineJr12

        Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

      • Patriot

        Right out of the lefties commie handbook. Take a contrarian position on every point, when you get you ass handed to you, start name calling. It’s not that difficult to point out.

        Don’t feed the fricken troll!

      • rwduncan

        ThomPaineJr12, Your like a tape recorder that plays over and over when it comes to your statement on the Supreme Court ignoring evidence about Obama not being qualified to be President!! Your like all those leftwing nuts on the main media and Obama who feel if they say something enough times, we will believe it. Yet you have not once answered the questions on why Obama has hidden his college records and all his other secrets. We know all this about other Presidents!!!! Could it be????? that his college records show he was a foreign student????????????? Could it be so?????? He spent a lot of money to hide this from the American people. Your so smart Thom ( HAHAHA in your words) explain why we know nothing about Obama and why he won’t show his records. Come on we all want to hear your answer!!!!!!!!!

  • paulyz

    Newsflash Obama & Liberals, the Bill of Rights (can’t) be repealed because they were part of the ORIGINAL Constitution, put in to get waivering States to support a limited Federal Government. They are our RIGHTS, and can’t be taken away, even though Obama & the socialists sure want them out of their way…..

    • ThomPaineJr12

      Technically, the Bill of Rights are amendments, just like all the others.. We passed an amendment to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages, and later repealed it.

  • larsinkima

    They should keep it going to actually hand it to Obama just to expose to him and all how stupid they really are.

    • CelticRune

      ……and you can’t fix stupid

      • ThomPaineJr12

        So true! There are still birther nut idiots who think the Supreme Court ignored evidence that Obama is not qualified to be President

  • Higherstandard13

    This petition needs to go national… then publish the names etc.. of all those that signed it on the internet. Expose them as idiots willing to do anything as ling as Obama’s name is on it. Those willing to sell their freedom for other people’s stuff.

    • steve51

      Those dumbasses would probably just say ‘wow, that guy has the same name as me.’

  • sovereigntyofone

    I have a problem with these people, you see I took an oath, and by the way so did every stinking one of the politicians, including Obama. That oath was to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Now, back to these dunderheads that wants to sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights which is part of the Constitution. That makes them my and everyone that took the same Oath that I did, OUR ENEMY. They are attacking our Constitution even though it may be by a petition just the same it is an attack. IF these people do not want the Bill of Rights, then may I suggest they move to a country that doesn’t have any, such as China, or the middle east. But.. it’s a one way ticket, once you leave you aren’t coming back to raise hell in our Republic.
    Like the saying goes, love it or leave it. This is nothing more than a communist take over agenda and the Democommies having their ” useful idiots ” do the work for them. How much more are we willing to accept before we demand that it stops….or…else.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Johnnygard

    Notice the key to reeling these people in was to ask “Do you agree with President Obama’s plan…..?” They were reaching for the pen before he even finished the statement. But then to show without a doubt that they had to understand they were signing to abolish the Bill of Rights, he said it at least three times to every one of them. If Republicans are just as stupid, is someone doing “man on the street” interviews to prove it? Tell me where to find one.

    • ThomPaineJr12

      You don’t need “man on the street” interviews to find stupid Republicans.. just look at all the birther nuts who think the Supreme Court ignored evidence that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be President, look at the ones who think Obama is a Muslim.. supporting terrorists and trying to destroy the country.

      • rwduncan

        ThomPaineJr12, Your the idiot! Obama is an illegal president! Why has he felt the need to hide all his information and pay lawyers millions of dollars to do so. He is also a muslim, His father was a muslim and he is a muslim. He said that to everyone in a speech he gave to the muslims “my father was a muslim and I am a muslim.” He was raised by his grandparents who were communist. All of this birther evidence would be put to rest and would prove Obama is a fraud if he would release his college records his secret service card and social security card————-all proving he is a fraud, but he won’t because he is hiding all this evidence from the American people. Other presidents all have shown these records, why not him??????? Your the fool who believes in this man who is going to destroy this country and everyone in it!!!

      • ThomPaineJr12

        It is a fact that the Supreme Court rejected several appeals to reinstate lawsuits challenging Obama’s birth certificate/ citizenship, and they refused to even hear oral arguments. OH, MY GOD! They must be secret Muslim Marxists too! Why else would they ignore this man “who is going to destroy this country and everyone in it!!” HAHA.. You hysterical rightwing nut.

      • jimmimac

        only because they are afraid they will start a revolution

      • ThomPaineJr12

        And you can blame Bush too.. the birther nut nonsense started before Obama even got the nomination. Why didn’t Bush have the FBI investigate to see if Obama and officials in Hawaii were perpetrating a fraud about his birth certificate?

      • jimmimac

        according to a news item you must not have read the fact is his nomination was added illegally and there you go again with the bush bull, it was the election commission that did this because they were paid off by Soros, and further proof is on you tube where michelle O said at a NAACP conferrence that her beloved husband was from Kenya, OK get it now the demorats have been lying to the American public as have the media so what now? The whole thing has been a scam and if he were a Republican the left would be in full attack mode with the media leading the charge, he is still an illegal president and a muslim who hates Christians, how about you? do you hate Christians to?

      • ThomPaineJr12

        There you go with the Soros bull! .. And the FEC only regulates/ enforces campaign finance law, nothing about qualification for office.. state Secretaries of State enforce that. Bush could have directed the FBI to investigate Obama long before he got the nomination. Maybe he did. I hate rightwing nuts who spew lies.

      • Johnnygard

        The Clintons actually are the ones that started it in 2008 (or was it 2007?)

      • rwduncan

        ThomPaineJr12, The only nut here is you!! Just because the Supreme Court won’t hear the case doesn’t make it not true. Why doesn’t Obama unlock his college records and other secrets he has to the public???? None of you leftwing nuts on here ever answer that question, nor does the leftwing media. I wonder why??? Because Obama is an illegal and we all know it. The only reason that you and nuts like you and the media try to claim we are all nuts is because you know we are right and you try to make the truth a lie. When your socialist communism doesn’t work ( like it hasn’t worked in any country that has tryed it ) you will see how misguilded you have been, when there is no more money from the middle class to pay all your sorry bills and cell phones and on and on and on!! Once we the middle class are destroyed financially, there will be no more money coming in! The middle class it the largest tax paying group and you all are too stupid to see this. Obama isn’t paying for your “STUFF”, the middle class is.

      • jimmimac

        I know they were rejected by the Supreme court that is not all that matters they are ignoring the Constitution and that is what matters!

      • Scott

        You are an disinfo agent. AZ judge said “there is no doubt the birth certificate is fraudulent” and they cannot present his draft card…. Move along, traitor

      • ThomPaineJr12

        Yeah.. I’m a traitor.. along with the justices of the Supreme Court.

      • kris littlefield

        You’re probably right……Our Supreme court doesn’t uphold the Constitution. They do Obama’s bidding.

      • monacall

        Yep u them to

      • jimmimac

        and you can prove Obama was born here right? he has a Kenyan birth certificate and refuses to show his records

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I can prove the Supreme Court refused to even hear oral arguments from the birther nuts filing lawsuits.. that’s all that matters.

      • monacall

        Supreme Court bought a d paid for by the obozo Muslims.

      • Johnnygard

        If you go out on the street and approach people, and ask those that voted for Romney, there won’t be 10% in the birther category. When they ask simple questions of the libs, about 80 – 90% are clueless. Jay Leno does it, Jesse Waters does it, and so does this guy, but on the other side, we have your statement – guess we wouldn’t want to look any further than that.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        So you think the interviews selected for airing by Leno and Waters are a scientific survey?? HAHAHA That’s hilarious! According to exit polls, Romney and Obama had a fairly even split of the vote of high school graduates, people with some college or associate degree, and college graduates. Obama had a significant advantage with people with postgraduate study– 55% – 42%. So a big majority of really smart people voted for Obama.

      • Johnnygard

        I never claimed it was scientific. I’m just saying the average joe on the street knows less about current political events if they are Democrats. Education has nothing to do with keeping up on politics, as is shown when they interview college kids.
        ANYONE that voted for BHO in 2012 is either getting money from the government or totally lacks common sense and the ability to use logic. In case you didn’t notice, in Nov of 2012, no part of the economy was better than when he took office, and almost everything was WORSE. If that isn’t failure as a leader, what is?

      • ThomPaineJr12

        Now you have posted some false nonsense.. saying no part of the economy was better in Nov 2012 than when Obama took office. The stock market was way up.. more than 90% from the low point of the Bush recession about 6 months after Obama took office. And 5.5+ million private sector jobs had been restored or created. The facts make a failure of your and other Repubs’ demagoguery.

      • monacall

        Well I say Clinton caused the 9. 11. Attack. It was residue that caused over 3000 to be murdered by obozos relatives.

      • Johnnygard

        The stock market was up, yet people’s 401’s were still worth a lot less than they were in 2009. If we got all those jobs, why was the unemployment rate still about 8%. That doesn’t even take into account the millions of people (like housewives) that gave up looking and just dropped out of the job market. The average family net worth was down by thousands (I think it was about -$29,000). Conservatives tried to point out that no Nation, State, or City has ever taxed and/or spent its way to prosperity, yet BHO still tried it with the stimulus, and proved us correct.
        You have just proved my point about lack of logic and common sense.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        The average 401(k) balance reached $75,900 at the end of the third quarter on September 30, 2012, up 18 percent from $64,300 a year ago. This is the highest average 401(k) balance Fidelity Investments has recorded since it began tracking this number more than 12 years ago.

        I’m happy to educate you.

      • Anne Roberts

        re: ” 5/5+ million private sector jobs had been restored or created….” What percentage of that figure were hiring government jobs; ie, protestors to Florida to stir up a race riot? Employees to track personal info on American citizens’ phone records?

      • ThomPaineJr12

        You’ve blown the fuse in the Wacko-meter.. thinking government would hire protestors. Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?

      • anoesis

        A big majority of really dead people voted for the muslim (admitted by himself) also. A big majority of illegals voted for him too. Neither of these groups is legal but a liberal such as yourself doesn’t care if things are RIGHT just as long as they get the desired results. Photo IDs would stop this crooked, cheating crap but liberals don’t want to be held accountable for their actions, they want to hide behind violating someone’s rights. You and your ilk are not going to have any rights when you wind up in HELL for your stupidity in helping destroy this nation.

      • kris littlefield

        I don’t think so. Why do you call yourself Thomas Paine?

      • monacall

        No only the ones that couldn’t count past 5 trillion voted for obozo.

      • kris littlefield

        Well duh….. You suppose that is because he is supporting terrorists?

      • monacall

        Lol. Keep yapping to hear yourself yap. It’s all your fault. You and everyone else who voted for this traitor twice. Not just once but twice. Whose to stupid to see a country In Debt of over 17 trillion and still fell for his bs of hope. And this after he started another crisis in Afghanistan. Another in Syria Another in Libya. And on and on. Oh but u say it must have been his white side that did all of those things. Lol.

  • ThomPaineJr12

    There are plenty of idiots on the right… morons who think the Supreme Court ignored evidence that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be President.

    • kap2002

      He is

    • anoesis

      There are more idiots on the left…morons who are too stupid to understand that IF that ineligible illegal gets his way ‘you’ won’t have ANY rights, much less just the ones that are enumerated in the Bill of Rights. But all of us will have to pay the price for YOUR stupidity.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        Obama’s big victory in 2012 = rejection of the idiotic BS spewed by you and other rightwing nuts

      • monacall

        I’m laughing at you thom. Mainly because us right wingers have known for 5 years u lefties elected a traitor much because of his black side. Not knowing that he sold u a big bill of sale cause of his black side not because u thought he could actually make this country better but because of his black side. Well. I’m gonna laugh and laugh when the preverbal poop hits the fan and u all realize u helped this black man to destroy this country. And I want to be present when u tell your kids what u did. Lol.

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I’m laughing at you monacall. Calling Obama a traitor is pure bullsh*t. Obama won not because he’s black but because he supports traditional Democrat policies- an increase in the minimum wage instead of more tax cuts that favor the rich and an even more extreme disparity in the distribution of wealth, erring on the side of generosity in helping the needy, including the tens of millions who lost their job in recent years due to offshoring, automation, or Bush’s economic collapse, investment in renewable energy while conspiracy nut Repubs say global warming is a hoax being promoted by vast majority of scientists. That’s why you rightwing nuts are reactionary losers.

      • monacall

        his not black his a half breed, that means in your terms half white half black….oh I am sorry you probably forgot because he hasn’t mentioned his white side sine 2008 to GET elected. but he is the first mulatto president not the first black president….also, dip poop…..redistribution of wealth how’s that working for you? and the other 48 million out of work…..the rich aren’t giving their money away…..that’s why they are rich….ask the half breed he has accounts in the cay man islands…..too……oh you probably didn’t know that…..sorry to be the bearer of that glad tiding…his a lair,, his a traitor…..he will tell you lies upon lies to do his tidings….just like your doing….your to stupid to see he is not ruining your life now, his ruining your grand children’s life’s…but you can see the white for the black issue…..get over it…….your kind are the racist your racist because you want something for nothing……go to Africa…..that’s where you and he belong back in Kenya…..

      • ThomPaineJr12

        It’s going to be a verrrrrry long 3 years 5 months for racist a-holes like you who call Obama derogatory things like “half-breed” and call him a traitor.. I’ll enjoy watching your kind suffer. Go to a sewage treatment plant.. that’s where you belong.

      • monacall

        Already there thanks to slime like u. And the traitor in the “white house”. Ur grand children will thank u also.

      • monacall

        Also the truth does hurt. Doesn’t it?

      • dontjst

        Do you work for a living? Do you believe you are accountable for your own actions? Do you feel you should be self-suficient and responsible for yourself and your family? If the answer to any of these is “yes” then you qualify as a “rightwing nut” also.

    • kris littlefield

      Obama is not qualified to be President. Obama is a socialist or communist, take your pick. He is a liar and a fraud and he has no business being President. His mission is to destroy everything this country is about. Before you start worshipping this imposter spend a little time and go back and study up on the remarkable men who founded this country and how hard they tried to protect us from people like Obama. What kind of a stupid fool are you that you would support someone who keeps his past a secret and won’t release records? He has no problem spying on you. It’s amazing to me that the people in other countries who live with socialist and communist policies have no problem seeing who Obama is. So you are either blind or just stupid. The Supreme court doesn’t uphold the Constitution. They’re like Obama, they make up they’re own rules as they go along. They should all be removed…….

      • ThomPaineJr12

        I’m a stupid fool like the 53% of voters who voted for Obama.. like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. You’re just a rightwing nut and a sore loser.

  • kfromaz

    YOU, the foolish, ignorant,
    apathetic and/or plain stupid AmeriKAN electorate, are responsible for this
    EVIL! YOU’ve “sown the wind, now reap the whirlwind”!

    ps. NSA, if you’re reading this ‘Up Yours’!

    • donl

      Thank You, there are a lot of us that feel the same way.

  • Cry, wolf

    Luckily, they ignore our petitions….

  • Rick

    A nation of lambs and ignorants we are becoming. And we are getting ready to legalize millions more of the same type of imbecils.

  • David

    People tend to normalize their leaders to their own situation, so it’s no surprise that the folks in the video see Obama as an unmitigated ‘good’ and would support anything he wants to do. It’s a sad commentary on our population these days that low-information voters are so easy to find.

  • JBKonya104

    Let’s not give them any more crazy ideas like this. They have been doing enough damage already.

  • keri

    I liked the Last man standing, He was smart enough to know what Repeal means, What’s that saying, “Some people you just can’t Reach”!!!

  • USAmerican

    What a bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!!

    • tdrag

      Yeah, maybe in the next video he should shock these dolts with a 50,000 volt taser after they sign then explain to them what they have done. What a bunch of dumbasses.

      • USAmerican

        At least one additional person believes as I do.

  • v steve

    Cowards and traitors exist now as in Samuel Adams’ day; cowards willing to surrender their liberty to a tyrannical state and traitors willing to surrender the rights of other Americans.

    But the rest of us will overcome these individuals and resist the efforts of a corrupt government to enslave the American public.

  • Guest

    This article kicks off with the REAL PROBLEM…………..”people’s complete ignorance”! It’s really at a point where the INFORMED progressives in America, know that they can count on this ignorance to revamp The US Constitution, The Bill of Rights……….pretty much ANYTHING that the liberal agenda needs to have carried out in order to realize that agenda to its fullest. They know that they can approach citizens who know nothing about current events, policies, the administration, or their own freakin’ constitutional rights, tell them a petition is simply a piece of paper that is in “support of Obama”………..and BAM – these ignoramuses will sign it!!! SOOoooooooooooooo, so scary and disturbing. It is inexcusable laziness and stupidity on the part of these citizens, and it is pure EVIL on the part of the wolves who exploit that ignorance – at every turn. This is why I have absolutely no faith or belief that a legitimate two party system even exists anymore – because WHY is there absolutely NO OPPOSITION from any officials whom supposedly think differently…… these treasonous acts that are happening at such a rapid fire pace?

    • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

      Saul Alinsky tactics all the way. Ignorance is Pinocchiobama’s weapon. People need to wake up and smell the coffee, and do everything within their legal power to rid ourselves of Sheikh Barack Hussein Obama.

  • golface12949

    How can they over turn God given rights? It’s always been Obama’s agenda to destroy this country and our Constitution, which he swore to uphold. He needs to be IMPEACHED before it’s too late

    • Patriot

      Perhaps he needs to join his little imaginary son Trayvon where he is presently vacationing!

  • ccannon

    These people need a one way ticket to North Korea where they can find out what it is like to live without any rights at all! Seems like not a day goes by without someone rasing the bar of insanity and stupidity ever higher and higher!

  • halhowell

    There ought to be a test of intelligence before being allowed to vote!

  • Moe

    Our Bill of Rights stands absolute. It cannot be ameded, increased, decreased, or repealed as the as our Consrtitutional Articles can be. Our Bill of Rights has Amendments, not Articles. It supports our very basic foundation of government and freedoms, all our freedoms.
    If our Bill of Rights was repealed, those who sign the petition will have signed the very last petition, becuase those Rights specifically addressed in our Bill of sRights would no longer exist. THose are Natural Rights and each one was debated for months before inclusion to be adopted as one unit. If repealed all Americans would lose all rights of property ownership, rights to peacefully assemble, rights to openly disagree with and speak out against the government, rights to protection against double jeopardy, seizure of personal items such as clothing and family pictures, their rights to a trial, and their rights to any privacy in their own homes.
    This is a fool’s endevor. Only a person seeking to be absolute dictator would ever desire such a movement.

  • Shell

    It appears the supporters of Obama are determined to destroy this NATION, or the make it the nation of THEIR DREAMS changing all the good to suit their agenda. Sometimes it seems the worst that has happened to the country was “SLAVERY” because it will never die. No one living, black or white, was owned nor owned, but we are still paying the price for something an overwhelming number of our ancestors did not do. It counts for naught that there were 3,000 black slave owners according to National Geographic, but even that has no baring on slavery TODAY! Blacks in this country have the very best opportunity to achieve their goals, but the odds are that most will not take advantage and will sit back and blame the WHITE POPULATION for their plight .