Obama Says It’s About Race


Just when it seemed like the press was about to let the story go away, Obama decides to inject himself and bring it back to the forefront. How is it ok that some teenage punk can attack someone, beat them up and the person being beat is not supposed to defend them self? Liberals never want to talk about Trayvon being the attacker and getting what he deserved. The only thing racist going on here is the response from racists like Obama trying to say that it’s ok for a black person to beat on another race.
Check it out:

The FBI says it wasn’t about race, but the president disagrees.

President Obama surprised reporters by showing up at the daily White House press briefing to comment on the George Zimmerman case and made some bold assertions as well as candid admissions.

Obama said Trayvon Martin might still be alive if he were white.

“If a white male teen would have been involved in this scenario,” he said, “both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different.”

That suggests Zimmerman racially profiled Martin, but that’s not what the FBI or the lead detective in the case found.

After interviewing almost three dozen people, the FBI concluded racial bias was not a motivating factor in the shooting death of Martin.

Lead Sanford Det. Chris Serino told agents Zimmerman profiled Martin because of what he was wearing and the circumstances, not because of race.

But almost all of Obama’s comments were on race.



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