Obama plans August assault on ‘climate deniers,’ Obamacare ‘liars’


More lies from the radical left coming. If they start telling us how they’re going to deal with MARS also warming up, they might have a little credibility.
Check it out:

House and Senate foes of President Obama’s agenda on abortion, health care, immigration reform and global warming will be assailed during their summer recess as thousands in the president’s support network will confront them during “Action August.”

The president’s Organizing for Action outfit, the successor to his 2012 reelection campaign network, has issued orders to supporters to track down lawmakers who disagree with the president. Their targets are lawmakers who are telling Obamacare “lies,” those they dub “climate deniers” for resisting global warming rules, and foes of immigration reform and abortion.

“Their recess is our opportunity to speak with our elected officials directly about the issues we care about,” said an OFA email.

The group is also planning its own rallies to build support for the president to challenge congressional critics.



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