Obama on Track to Break His Annual Golf Record


Between golf and vacations it is a wonder Obama has time for anything.
Check it out:

The economy still barely growing, the world is in chaos, and the sequester is hampering government functioning, but one thing is rolling along more smoothly than ever: President Obama is on track this year to play a record number of rounds of golf.

Safely reelected, Obama is golfing like never before. He’s played in Hawaii with his buddies and in Florida with Tiger Woods. He roars out of the White House every weekend with a motorcade in tow to play at either Andrews Air Force Base or Fort Belvoir. Apologies, of course, to any service members who were planning a round.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 9.06.18 AMThere’s no money for Secret Service agents to staff the White House tours, but there’s plenty to send them out to the links with Obama, week after week. As of the six-month point of the year on June 30, Obama had shot 18 rounds of golf, putting him on pace to play 36 times this year, which would be a new annual record.



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