Obama Cancels July 4th


The things they are canceling are ridiculous. How about one of Obama’s vacations instead?
Check it out:

Two years ago, a humor website called The Washington Fancy presented the headline “Obama Cancels July 4th Because of Budget Cuts.” The fake article in the middle of debt-ceiling battles insisted “President Obama sees the cancellation of the holiday as due punishment for Congress’s recent behavior.”

It continued: “Canceling the July 4th holiday will save states and cities billions of dollars in money that would have normally been spent on Chinese fireworks and large brass bands.”

It’s not funny anymore. Now, with what AP falsely calls the “congressionally mandated” sequester cuts, military bases have done just that. They have cancelled Fourth of July events.

Let’s look at the timeline of some news accounts. Remember that these “massive” cuts total four day’s funding of the federal government. You decide if these cuts were necessary or dramatic, a la White House tour cancellations, designated to foster public opinion against them:



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