Now Obama is throwing ‘Granny off a cliff’


Obama is such a phony.
Check it out:

The White House budget strategy to avoid spending cuts likely will be to shut down the government, according to the Washington Post.


One sentence tells the whole story: “The White House is likely to frame any government shutdown as a consequence of Republicans protecting the wealthy at the expense of the nation’s economy and poor.”

In other words, President Obama believes he can cause a government shutdown and make Republicans take the blame.

It would not be the first time Democrats have accused the GOP of hurting the poor in an effort to increase spending.

In fact, conservatives have long charged it is the No. 1 tactic in the liberal playbook, often citing a political ad claiming the GOP wanted to push “Granny off the cliff.”

That was the graphic charge liberals made when Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Minn., proposed to help save Medicare in 2012 “by giving beneficiaries a set amount of money every year to buy coverage from competing health plans,” as described by Kaiser Health News.



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