New law allows schools to teach gun safety to first-graders


Now if liberals could just figure out that this is a good thing, we might be getting somewhere.
Check it out:

Along with math, science and social studies, gun safety could soon be part of the first-grade curriculum in some Missouri public schools.

A new measure that advocates for such classes for first-graders was signed into law last week. But the idea has prompted worry from some parents and experts about the role and effectiveness of gun safety programs in a classroom setting.

“I don’t have a gun. My family doesn’t have a gun. There is no reason for them to be teaching about gun safety when there are children with parents like me,” Aimee Patton, a Kansas City blogger and mom to a 6-year-old girl, told CNN in a phone interview.

Though her child attends school in Kansas, Patton has been openly critical of the bill in her blog, Pleasantly Eccentric, since the legislation was introduced one day before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December. Twenty children — all of them first-graders — and six adults were killed at the Newtown, Connecticut, school by a lone gunman.



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