These liberal conferences seem to all be the same.
Check it out:

At its 2013 national convention in Atlanta last week, the National Education Association encouraged teachers to dance to a sexually explicit rap song that featured the “N”-word and declared, “When it’s over you ain’t gon need ya vibrator.”

The NEA, a nationwide labor union that represents public school teachers, played the song titled, “Wobble,” by V.I.C. at its “Raise Your Hand” conference – which was publicized as an event focused on “empowering educators to lead.”

In a video of the incident posted by EAG News, dozens of union delegates – mostly women – can be seen enthusiastically boogying and shaking their backsides to the lewd rap lyrics.

At the same conference, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel asked a massive crowd, “Do you believe that our 3 million members know how to improve student success? Do you?! Do you?!

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