Mom: That Was Trayvon’s Screams


It’s sad that her son is dead. But the evidence is showing that he did punch Zimmerman and has a history of being a violent and drug use.
Check it out:

Trayvon Martin’s mother and brother testified Friday that they heard the unarmed teen screaming for help on 911 calls recorded during a fight he had with George Zimmerman last year before the neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot him.

Sybrina Fulton was called to the stand after two weeks and roughly three dozen witnesses in the case. She told jurors that her 17-year-old son can be clearly heard on 911 calls recorded during a fight Martin had with Zimmerman on Feb. 26, 2012. Fulton’s testimony preceded that of Trayvon’s brother and Shiping Bao, the doctor who performed Martin’s autopsy and told jurors on Friday that the teenager was in pain and suffered after he was shot by Zimmerman.



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