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  • sgt.greywolf

    Oh Puuuleeeeeease! The first lady of racial prejudice is dictating what our kids eat so they won’t get fat????? Have you watched her walk away from a camera lately? It’s like to pigs in a gunny sack fightin’ to get out! What a hypocrite….

    • AttMore

      I’ll add,”FAT MOUTH HYPOCRITE”

    • wfwilson6

      looks like Hillary, from behind.

  • Palin ECoalition

    Keeping the kids hungry can also weaken their resistance to indoctrination. Perhaps that’s the ulterior motive.

  • wfwilson6

    from Queen Moochelle–Let them Eat Yogurt.
    PS–with help from chuckie schumer

  • Docs357

    More has been said about the size of her six then anything else she has done . She eats and spends money like their will be no tomorrow . She is also smart enough to now a hungry child can’t learn as well or concentrate as well as one that’s content. Another attack at America destroying the youth. Shame on them both

  • rukidding?

    This is what the majority (with the help of the IRS-Chicago-style) of people voted for. A massive, revenue consuming (and wasting) behemoth government with a “one size fits all” mentally towards We, the People…while the Gods on Mount Olympus (The President and Congress) live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, courtesy of WE, the TAXPAYERS! WE MUST STOP THIS INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY for the sake of our children!

  • paco12348

    While Queen Michelle hides on vacations eating ribs and hamburgers she puts America’s children on starvation diets.

    • AttMore

      The evil mooch is a “PIG”along with her evil husband!

      • Rich516

        Just think, this vacation whore probably never had to eat the crap they put in the schools, and to this piece of sh!t president ( nothing more to say ), but I have to. He is the most useless scumbag that ever was in the White House. He and she has to go, can’t wait for 2016.

      • AttMore

        I’m praying to God they are gone before 2016,but I get your point…God Bless!!!:)

    • Mary

      Paco, you took the words right out of my mouth….BTW, Moochels does not look like she has missed a meal.

  • VanceJ

    Well, that’s one way to lose weight, LOL

  • Barbaracvm

    Having worked in the school lunch room I can tell you if the kids don’t like it they won’t eat it! ! ! We can make them have three items on their trays when they swipe the lunch card but we can not make them eat it. They will go hungry just so they can go play with their friends they just don’t care. That is why we have 4 trash cans full of food for about 500 students. Some days more food is thrown away than is eaten.

    • Lari

      I work in the school system and you’re right. I watch kids get their food and walk right over to the trash can and throw it out without even touching it. They won’t even drink the milk because it’s like water, how much nutrition can someone get out of 1% milk? One of the things that they put on the school menu is bean soup, what kid is going to eat that?

      • Barbaracvm

        I watched one 6th grader pour his milk down the drain and dump all the food in the trash can. I asked him why did he take a meal if he was not going to eat the food; “Because I have to”! He took off to the play ground. I wanted to ask why but he was gone. I happen to know this kid got his meal for free.

      • Lari

        I see and hear the same thing, the kids have to take at least three things on their tray, it doesn’t matter if they eat it or not as long as they take it. Out of 523 kids eating lunch, I dump six 44lb trash cans with each lunch and there’s three lunch periods. All I see is my tax dollars going into the dumpster every day.

      • Barbaracvm

        If we made the kids sit until they ate the food their parents would at the our throats for making their little darlings do something they did not want to.

  • geneww1938

    If the kids are starving, then why are they over weight! Because de bama card gets em chinken flys and dat wheat belly tasten stuff.

  • SSG

    ugly michelle and her ELEPHANR BUT wonts oure kids to starve ,nut they still wont all the money fore vacations.

  • SSG

    MY kids carry there peanut butter & JELLY SAND WATCHES at least they like it and its good fore them , and no there not over weight .

  • relayman

    Just exactly what is Mrs. Soetoro’s expertise on human nutrition? Does she have a degree as a Dietitian or in Nutrition? No, she is just a damned lawyer and a suspended one at that. So unless it has to do with corruption, lying, stealing, stirring up trouble etc. which they do have expertise, them shut the “F” up

  • MARY

    HEY Michele, get out of my lunch bag. You have enough bags of your own! Watch your kids, not mine,

  • Jim28thReg

    Guess nobody remembers when the great MOOOO said she knows what it’s like to be A SINGLE MOTHER !!! How would she know what a mother would feed her kids they were pretty young when slithered to the front of the line and they’ve been Nannyed ever since. With the exception of photo-shoots.
    Does anyone really believe the great MOOO cares. THHUUUUUUUBBBBB.

  • jong

    I love it. The great wookie with a ever spreading south forty tries to tell others what to eat while munching on fried chicken and they vote the only way they can. They dump both the food and her in the trash.

  • marys1000

    This is what they get for putting the federal government in charge of something that should be done by the states, and they have done nothing to stop the purchasing of high-sugar sodas and similar items with SNAP dollars. All the more reason for using vouchers to go elsewhere. Add in the liberal teachings, no wonder so many are doing it or homeschooling.

  • bull57

    I bet her little brats are not eating this stuff for lunch, BET????

    • AttMore


      • bull57

        Sure I will bet. You sound like a know all, see all type person, now prove it! Show me the proof the Moochelle walks the walk!!!!!!

      • AttMore

        I was saying,I bet her brats did not eat the same type food the rest of the kids ate,In other words I agree with you…It was late so I’ll put it under lazy typing…sorry….p.s.and no she does not walk the walk!!…God Bless!!!