I call these hustlers racists.
Check it out:

Race has been the topic over the last couple weeks, but if we’re going to do this right, if we’re going to have an honest discussion among people who care about the problems inside the black community, we have to be dealing with honest brokers. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the so- called civil rights community are frauds, outright hucksters.

Two of the worst: Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson. Their goal: demonized white people, especially conservatives like Bill O’Reilly, so they don’t have to deal with the real problems that continue, continue to plague the black community. Making an older conservative white guy like O’Reilly a boogie man is easy for the hustlers.

Confronting real problems and threats in the minority community — no. High murder rates? How about that? High dropout rates? Family breakdown?

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