Jimmy Carter: Christianity Mistreats Women as Much as Islam


So the mountain of problems that Islam has with treating woman somehow is equal to the molehill of issues that Christianity has? I’d like to say age was getting to him, but liberals say stupid things throughout their lives.
Check it out:

Former President Jimmy Carter said on June 28 that both Christian and Islamic religious leaders share the blame for mistreating women across the world.

During an international conference on women and religion, Carter’s examples of religious authorities continuing doctrines of male superiority included the Catholic Church’s practice of banning women from the priesthood and some African cultures’ mutilation of the genitalia of young girls.

Describing these doctrines as theologically indefensible, Carter said they contribute to an environment in which political leaders passively accept violence against women, sex-trafficking, and inequality in the workplace.

“There is a great aversion among men leaders and some women leaders to admit that this is something that exists, that it’s serious and that it’s it troubling and should be addressed courageously,” Carter said at The Carter Center, the human rights organization he founded in 1982 after he left the White House.



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