It’s Up to You to Take Back Washington


If you’re not involved locally, you’re not helping to solve the problem.
Check it out:

There are countless grassroots organizations that exist. You said something that sounds correct, and it probably is in the context that you meant. You said you can’t change Washington. Well, you can’t go to Washington and change it. One person can’t go to Washington. Even presidents, they make a good shot at it if they’re the right guy, Reagan — I take it back. You can go to Washington and you can advance damage. You can do damage, but fixing it, as you mean, you know where that’s done? Exactly what you’re talking about. Fixing Washington is a local political effort.

I can’t remember where I read this piece. It was in the past month or so, but it’s dead-on right. And it’s actually very simple. It’s a saying: “He who controls the precincts controls the party.” And that is true. Because there’s a saying, “All politics is local.” And it’s been bastardized over the years, but it really does have some truth to it. But the precinct level, precinct captain, precincts running the voting facilities, being in charge of party politics at the precinct level ’cause it all bubbles up from there. The precinct level is going to determine the kind of people who are gonna get nominated, win primaries and this kind of thing.

So what you’re doing is exactly right. You’re getting involved at the precinct level. The problem is there’s no glamour there and it’s not attractive to people. It is the town council. It is the school board. It is the PTA. What’s the fun in that? You know, everybody wants to debut in the big leagues. Everybody wants to be in Washington. If you’re in politics, or a lobbyist, everybody wants to be in Washington. Everybody wants to be… well, it used to be the McLaughlin Group and Crossfire. I don’t know what it is now because there’s so many of those kinds of shows. But it is at the precinct level where the foundation and the control of the party, any party, and therefore the identity and the issues it stands for and so forth, that’s where it has its roots.



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