We do have co equal parts of government, but when all three are pretty liberal, that worldview tends to shine.
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Supreme Court decisions are crucial, but they are not the final word. It’s our duty as American citizens to keep pushing back, through all three branches of government, against any proposal that violates the Constitution. That’s the way to make sure our union can endure for another 225 years.

Recently, the country marked the 225th anniversary of New Hampshire’s ratification of the Constitution, which made the document the law of the land. “Happy Birthday Constitution! Americans Still Don’t Get You,” National Journal’s headline proclaimed.

“In 2011, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a survey to see how familiar Americans were with their legal foundations,” the story noted. “The results were, well … we’ll just have to study harder for the next survey.” And indeed, it’s a bit depressing that a third of Americans couldn’t name a single one of the three (legislative, executive, judicial) branches of the federal government.

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