Interview: James O’Keefe, the Special Forces of the Conservative Movement


Pretty neat interview that Rush did today.
Check it out:

Slate is not necessarily one of the most friendly of publications to our mission — had this to say. Quote, “Project Veritas had more of an impact on the 2012 election than any other journalist,” unquote. And for example, our voter fraud exposes prompted six states to change their voter ID laws. It prompted resignations in the Organizing for America campaign. It prompted offices to shut down because they were telling us to vote twice and forge ballots. And it’s the results. We got no media coverage. No one in the mainstream media wanted to talk about this.

But now we’re getting results. Laws are changing. Just two weeks ago the Lifeline program, known as Obama phones, they fired all the workers we caught on tape telling us to sell the phones and get drugs and handbags, and they retrained all the workers. So we’re getting real tangible results. And my vision is that if I just film — we call it cinema verite, because we show a time slice of reality. If I’m just filming 1%, or .1% of all the people out there with government — imagine if I was filming 50% of them? It’s just a confidence interval. Obviously there’s hundreds of these people committing fraud and then we go to the top. We’ve established the low-level employees, but we go to the top of it and they have to take responsibility if we get enough instances.



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