In SFO Air Disaster, Citizens Lead Networks in Breaking News

plane, airplane

This is for sure. Social media is the way to go for breaking news.
Check it out:

When it comes to breaking news on stories like Saturday’s tragic Asiana jet crash at San Francisco airport, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we’ve moved into a new era for journalism. A few years ago, the only real option for news viewers to try and keep on top of urgent stories was to go to one of the cable networks such as CNN, FOX News or MSNBC and watch stories unfold. Today, social media like Twitter, and Internet access to local news and scanner feeds, are getting the jump on the networks.

Covering a breaking disaster story is simply a difficult job. There’s a flurry of information, rumors, conflicting witness reports and separating facts from noise is always difficult. The networks used to have exclusive access to the raw materials of news; they could dispatch camera crews or pick or satellite feeds that ordinary citizens had no access to.



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