How is this not racist? Racism today is how liberals deal with practically everything.
Check it out:

One of the biggest of many falsehoods circulating in the mainstream media about immigration reform is that House Republicans feel no pressure to pass a bill because they represent predominantly “white” districts–as if opposition to the “Gang of Eight” legislation were based on racial prejudice, not policy or principle.

The Associated Press took things further Wednesday in an article about Paul Ryan’s immigration stance: “…House Republicans in gerrymandered districts with few Hispanic voters,” it argued, “have shown little inclination for addressing a path to citizenship, let alone an urgency to deal with immigration at all.”

The implication is that Republicans–who controlled most of the redistricting processes at the state level after the 2010 midterm wave–gerrymandered “white” districts for themselves, excluding Hispanic voters and thus ensuring their perpetual re-election regardless of their positions on immigration reform.

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