I’m Not the One Hoping for Trayvon Riots!


You can know the racists are hoping for riots.
Check it out:

There’s gonna be an interesting verdict in this sense. A guy named William Jacobson runs a blog called the Legal Insurrection. He does a fabulous job. It’s a great blog on legal matters, Legal Insurrection. Let me synthesize this. There’s a short analysis here, closing arguments in this case. He says that the defense presented evidence and fact and common sense, lots of evidence. The defense made the point that they don’t have to prove anything, but that they almost could, but they don’t have to prove anything. The closing arguments, in fact the whole case, on the defense side was fully substantive.

On the other side, the prosecution went strictly on emotion in their appeals to the jury. And we got six women on the jury. They appealed straight to their emotions. They appealed to the hearts. Be nice. It’s terrible what happened. Trayvon’s parents are not going to have their son anymore, and all this kind of thing, that kind of approach. And the judge did a little of the same in parts of her closing.

Now, to be fair, I did hear the judge just remind the jury that the defense doesn’t have to prove anything. Zimmerman doesn’t have to prove anything, and she told them to use their common sense, so forth and so on. I didn’t hear all of her instructions, so it really is not appropriate for me to comment on what she said; I didn’t hear enough of it. But it will be interesting to see, because the blog, Legal Insurrection, is right. We got six women on the jury, and they’re gonna decide this case based on either the facts and a bunch of evidence or the emotional tug on their heartstrings. We will see.

Now, if things run true to course, the way things are in America today, the facts won’t matter, the evidence won’t matter, the substance won’t make a smithereen bit of difference. It will be all about the feelings. It will be all about the heart and how sad. So we’ll see. Keep a sharp eye. And again the media, I’m telling you, the media is conflicted. I mean, they want a verdict. They want a guilty verdict, and they want the max. But do they want it today or do they want it Monday? Riots that happen this afternoon into tomorrow, ah, not a whole lot of coverage. Riots that happen on Monday into Tuesday and Wednesday get covered around the clock. But if a bunch of people are rioting on Florida on Saturday, who cares? Monday or Tuesday, you won’t be able to escape it.



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