This is the sick kind of people we are fighting with in the war on terror.
Check it out:

A video posted online by an 11-year-old Yemeni girl has gained worldwide attention after she claimed she ran away from her family to escape an arranged marriage.

Nada al-Ahdal said she was saved from the arrangement only after her uncle intervened, the Daily Mail reported.

“Go ahead and marry me off. I’ll kill myself,” she says in the video, dated July 8, and posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“Don’t they have any compassion?’ I’m better off dead. I’d rather die,” she continued. “It’s not [the kids’] fault. I’m not the only one. It can happen to any child. … They have killed our dreams, they have killed everything inside us. There’s nothing left. There is no upbringing. This is criminal, this is simply criminal.”

The little girl laments having to leave her family, saying she “would have had no life, no education.”

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