Illegal Immigrants Attend Paul Ryan’s Immigration Town Hall


Arrest the illegals and throw them in jail.
Check it out:

Illegal immigrants attended the town hall event in Racine, WI, where House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) openly discussed the strategy by which he and House GOP leadership plan to pass an immigration reform package.

“One young immigrant, a ‘dreamer,’ voiced frustration with Ryan over a 15-year path to citizenship,” the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. “Another ‘dreamer,’ Valeria Ruiz, 17, of Racine, prodded the congressman on deportations that divide families.”

Ryan received praise from a pro-amnesty group leader in attendance.

“It is encouraging that he is really taking leadership on this issue to try move a bill this year,” Christine Neumann-Ortiz, the executive director of Voces de la Frontera, said, according to the newspaper. “I feel it’s important for someone in his position to continue to articulate the economic benefits of immigration reform for everyone and the moral imperative to do this.”

On the homepage of its website, Voces de la Frontera says it stands “in solidarity with Trayvon Martin’s family.”



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